Today brings an update on the issues regarding the clasps of the new Pandora Essence range, with the latest statement from Pandora – I’ll also be suggesting a potential solution for those who are still worried about their bracelet opening unintentionally.

Since the debut of the Pandora Essence range last November, while the majority of people have not had problems, there have been numerous complaints about the clasps of Pandora Essence bracelets accidentally coming undone while they were being worn.

However, Pandora have now issued a statement regarding the issues with Pandora Essence, stating that the problems are only associated with a few production batches and not all of the bracelets:
pandora essence bracelet issues

Consequently, you should be safe from further issues if you purchase a Pandora Essence bracelet from now on. It does also sound like there is support put in place for those who have a faulty Essence bracelet.

However, if you are still feeling unconfident and would prefer the security of a safety chain, there is another option. This image was very kindly provided by a reader, Dave, and shows how the safety chains from the Thomas Sabo Karma range can be used with the Pandora Essence bracelet:

thomas sabo safety chain pandora essence bOf course, using the Sabo safety chain does technically invalidate the Pandora warranty, which states that only Pandora products can be used with their bracelets. On the other hand, it will stop the bracelet from just falling from your wrist if the clasp should open!

There are currently two options in the Karma safety chain, which cost £21.95 or $31:

thomas sabo safety chains

Hopefully the issues with the Essence bracelets should now be resolved. However, I do still hope to see Pandora produce a safety chain for the Essence bracelet in future! In the meantime, the Karma safety chains appear to be an option, should you wish to use them.

Are you a Pandora Essence fan? Would you like to see a safety chain produced for the range?

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  1. Hahaha! I really need to get the safety chain for my Karma bracelet :D Pertaining to the design of the safety chain, I still prefer Pandora’s design. Thus, would be good if Pandora can produce some for the Essence collection. Perhaps I may then consider getting the Essence otherwise will just keep indulging both Pandora Moments and Thomas Sabo Karma bracelets :)) tee~hee :))

    • I have to say, I love safety chains just because they look so pretty, regardless of the security aspect, and I tend to get them for all my bracelets. ;) I prefer Pandora’s too; hopefully they’ll produce one for Essence fans. :D However, in the meantime, I’d be tempted to get the Sabo one if I did get an Essence bracelet, just as I’d be so gutted to lose it!

  2. I love my Pandora Essence bracelet & I haven’t had any problems with mine. It would be good if I could buy a Pandora safety chain for my bracelet as I would not use any other brand on the I wouldn’t like to loose the Pandora warranty.

    • Hi Gwendoline, the majority of people haven’t; it’s been an unfortunate minority of people who have reported the bracelet just coming undone while they’re wearing it. :/ Ideally Pandora would come out with their own safety chain for Essence and, hopefully, they will do soon!

    • It looks amazing! The little pendant looks really good with the Essence, as it’s so delicate… you’ve totally made me want it now for my bangle haha. I’d be interested to see how you add to it, although I do really like the simplicity of how it is now. :)

      • Yeah I like it like this too, I have looked at all the pendant charms and nothing I like at the mo that’s as dainty as this. There will be more essence charms added at some point in time – birthday coming up in a couple of months, maybe I will put a reminder and a list on hubby’s phone! ;)

  3. I just bought mine feb 2015 and the clasp has opened and fallen off my arm 3 times in less than a month. So the issue is not fixed. Very dissapointed

    • Oh nooo. So sorry to hear that. This shouldn’t be happening still with the new clasp – does your bracelet clasp look like this?
      This is the new clasp, which shouldn’t still be failing.

      • That makes me worried, since I plan on getting one soon. Was the problem resolved for all Pandora locations or only particular ones?

        • It should be resolved for all Pandora locations now – it’s a little worrying to hear that people are still getting the old clasp, though. If you want to be sure before you buy, you should check the clasp of the bracelet – if it looks like mine, then you don’t need to worry. If it doesn’t, then you should avoid and try and get one elsewhere :)

  4. still waiting for an essence safety chain – haven’t had a problem with my bracelet – yet – but by the time i do it’s be too late won’t it?

    • Hi Debbie – if you have the new Essence clasp, you shouldn’t need to worry too much. The problems are with the older version of the clasp I think :) I’m hoping that they will come out with a safety chain soon, though!

  5. I lost my essence bracelet in October and my daughter has lost hers today. Luckily we retraced our steps and found hers. These bracelets both have the new style catch so proof that a safety chain is neede

  6. I received the Essence bracelet for Christmas 2015 with a gold charm, and it has fallen off my wrist twice now! Luckily I have found it both times. What on earth???

  7. I received a Essence Bracelet for christmas 2015, and it has fallen off twice. I am very worried that i will loose it again, so far i have been lucky to find it, but with $400 worth of charms on it, i am reluctant to wear it.

  8. I received a Essence Bracelet for christmas 2015, and it has fallen off twice. I am very worried that i will loose it again, so far i have been lucky to find it, but with $400 worth of charms on it, i am reluctant to wear it. I am very disappointed, as would like to know what to do.

  9. I had the essence bracelet and necklace bought me for my birthday Jan 2016 this year yesterday the clasp came undone and I lost it for a while but thankfully I found it so I think there may be still a few out there with the problems. It would be nice to have a safety chain in the essence range. I am a bit worried now that it may happen again.

  10. I have purchased four of the Pandora essence bracelets and every single class won’t stay shut! I appreciate the advice on purchasing the safety chain however, I would like to have a bracelet that works!

  11. I just found these reviews by inquiring online, I am sick to say I have lost mine too :( My daughters gave me the essence bracelet and charms for special moments and I treasured it! I noticed several times it randomly coming unclasped and then one day I looked down and it was gone. I have gotten new beads from friends and have not had the heart to tell anyone its missing! I checked with our local store and they gave me your consumer affairs number to call but the voicemail is full and it hangs right up.

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