UPDATED – Rose gold charms are confirmed – see the collection here. After all the exciting news regarding the LE Pandora Rose collection on Monday, we now have a report of another possible new rose gold collection from Pandora! A UK retailer has informed an enquiring customer that, while they will not be receiving the Pandora Rose collection as far as they are aware, what they will be receiving instead is a collection of pure 14ct rose gold Pandora charms in the summer.

pandora rose gold

The Statement

This statement is from UK retailer Beadazzle, stating that they will be receiving a collection of rose gold Pandora charms at the end of July. However, this collection is entirely separate from the rose-gold-plated Pandora Rose collection:

What is TRUE is that we ARE getting Pandora rose gold in July, a small collection of pavé set charms etc in pure 14k rose. Our order has been placed, we have confirmation and a launch date of 31st July.
What we are NOT getting is what we discovered yesterday, there is a test launch in 3 uk stores of a small selection of standard pandora items in rose gold PLATE . We had NO prior knowledge of this or we would have been honest and told you. 

I’ll stress that I don’t have any more concrete information on this, but I thought it was interesting enough to share! I know that many people have requested a rose gold collection from Pandora and it would certainly be right on trend.


Many people originally thought that Beadazzle meant that they were going to be receiving the Pandora Rose collection. This has proven not to be the case and, consequently, this news also means that we don’t have any confirmation of a wider release for the plated Pandora Rose collection as of right now. :/ Demand for this collection has been high and many of the stores carrying the collection have already sold out of many items.

Would you be interested in a pure rose gold collection from Pandora? Does this appeal more or less to you than the plated Pandora Rose collection?

6 Comments on Rumoured Pure 14ct Rose Gold Collection from Pandora

  1. I would love a couple of small pieces, just 2 spacers, gold charms are too expensive for me but if had to choose rose gold or yellow gold I would probably opt for the rose!

    • Me too, even though I love my two tone pieces, rose gold is my favourite. I couldn’t afford to buy pure 14 ct gold pieces, but like you say, spacers might not be too bad!

  2. Hmm.. I wonder. If it’s pure 14 ct rose gold, the price should be almost the same as the pure 14 ct yellow gold. Reputable branded jewelry like Cartier, the price is the same for both yellow and pink (rose) gold bracelets/rings. Well, if Pandora can produce pure solid rose gold charms, I am sold! :)) hope it’s not just a rumour though…

    • Yes, I would expect them to be similarly priced to the regular yellow gold collection. Beadazzle are a very reputable official UK stockist, so hopefully this rose gold collection will materialise! :)

  3. Love the look of rose gold, but Pandora’s silver charms are so well made I would certainly buy the rose silver. I’m all for the look without the escalating cost of gold!

    • I’m with you – I’m hoping to be able to get hold of some rose silver, as I doubt I’d be able to indulge much in this rose gold collection. Although, what I’d really like is for them to offer some two tone rose gold charms. That would be great!

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