Today I’m having a look at the new LE Pandora Rose collection! I obtained my Pandora Rose thanks to a very lovely lady who purchased them from the flagship store in London for me – ever since the news broke, I’ve been eager to see it in person, being a real fan of rose gold jewellery. In this post,  I’ll be giving my first impressions of the jewellery and showcasing the products I chose.

About the Pandora Rose Collection

For those who are unaware, Pandora Rose is a new test product from Pandora: a collection of rose-gold-plated charms and jewellery. Beneath the plating, the charms themselves are 92.5% silver, but mixed with copper to give a pink sheen. The product is currently very exclusive – it was only released in 10 stores worldwide, and for a limited time only. You can read more about it here!

Image by Angela Hull
Image by Angela Hull

We do not yet have any official confirmation on whether these charms will see general production. Pandora’s official statement remains thus:

It is important to stress that we are testing this type of jewellery to get your feedback, and it is still too early to say if they will ever go into production.

However, the reports continue to come in of a pure 14 ct rose gold collection for the summer – so, we might be seeing a rose gold collection from Pandora in some form or another!

First impressions!

From the collection, I chose the Pandora Rose bracelet and puffy heart charm. While I love the pavé ranges from Pandora, I wanted to choose something simple and classic from Pandora Rose – I have to say, from first impressions, I love the way it looks:

pandora rose bracelet edit

The finish is wonderfully shiny, and the rose colour looks beautiful. Pandora states that this collection is, ‘luminous beauty expressed in pink’ but, of course, it’s not exactly pink in shade. Here’s a comparison shot of the new Pandora Rose bracelet with the original Pandora two tone bracelet – there’s quite a difference between the yellow gold and the rose gold:

pandora rose yellow gold comparison

Reports state that none of the Pandora Rose charms are threaded – this is true of the puffy heart charm that I chose.

pandora rose heart close up edit

As a result, I’ve opted to wear my Darling Daisy clip with it to stop the heart slipping right off the bracelet whenever I undo it.

pandora rose with daisy clip edit

I will mention that, if you compare the Pandora Rose version of the puffy heart to the silver versions, you’ll notice a difference. The Rose charm is much lighter and less substantial in comparison to the traditional silver charm. It does not have threads inside it and it is thinner than the silver version.

pandora rose puffy heart close up

The charms and bracelet are stamped with ‘ALE R’. There is no 585 stamp for gold or 925 stamp for silver. I suppose it does get a bit complex when the charms are silver, but also plated with gold!

pandora rose hallmarks 2

Obviously, I can’t comment yet on how well these charms will wear. However, I will say that the finish seem very good on these charms; both bracelet and charms look shiny and polished. From initial observations, they seem as well-finished as any of Pandora’s other products. I’ll be keeping an eye on the bracelet clasp especially, as I imagine that will be most prone to wear, what with being opened and closed all the time.

pandora rose bracelet close up


From my initial impressions, I’m in love. I’ve lusted after rose gold for quite some time, and I’m thrilled that Pandora are exploring offering it. The fact that it’s plated does give me pause, as you want longevity from expensive jewellery; however, I know that I could certainly not have afforded to go out and buy a pure rose gold bracelet and charm off the bat. I’ll be interested to see how these products wear, and what kind of finish you can ultimately expect from it.

My ideal solution to this would, of course, be rose gold two tone charms – I would love that!

pandora rose wrist shot marka

As you can see, however, I haven’t bought the Pandora Rose clips. Consequently, I’m not certain which clips will suit my bracelet best. I love the Darling Daisy clip with it, but ultimately I have that in mind for another bracelet. I was thinking of getting two of the Steady Heart clips from the Mother’s Day 2014 collection to complement the Rose heart, but I’m not sure… Suggestions are welcome! ;)

Do you like the Pandora Rose collection? If so, have you managed to obtain any of it?

34 Comments on Pandora Rose Collection: First Impressions!

  1. Aha! You truly cannot resist rose gold even though it’s plated! Hahaha! Anyways, why is the rose bracelet shinier and yellower than the solid yellow gold bracelet? Can it be due to the fact that the rose bracelet is still new?

    • Haha, what can I say… I just couldn’t resist! ;) I’m not sure what you mean by ‘yellower’, but the chain on the Pandora Rose bracelet is much shinier because it’s brand new! My two tone has seen a lot of wear, and it’s one of the older pre-2009-style bracelets – they don’t shine up quite as much as the newer ones. :) I do clean my bracelets pretty meticulously, though. ^^

  2. Hahaha! Yellower means the rose gold plated is shinier :D Apologies for my confusing comment :P your existing silver and two tone bracelets are well maintained ;) let’s just hope the rose gold plated can be well maintained in time to come. I truly hope to see the solid rose gold since I won’t get the chance to see the plated version in person. You lucky lucky girl! :)) xoxo, Ann

    • Ah, I see! ;) I’m hoping that the Pandora Rose will hold up, as I love mine so much – if not, Pandora in the UK have said that you can return it for a full refund. So that’s something! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a proper rose gold collection too ;) xxxx

  3. Beautiful!!! Love the detail about the markings, I was curious about how they were marked. Please could you show a photo of the inside of the clasp too? Or even let me know how it’s marked? I have one on its way and I’m eager to know what’s inside the clasp lol. Thank uuuuu xx

    • Sorry! :( You never know, Pandora might decide to release it properly soon… Ideally I’d like to be able to get more charms to match these pieces eventually!

      • I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad!! :( Just that looking at pictures of Pandora Rose is making me drool…so much. Haha… But you know, a lot of other brands have been releasing rose gold-plated charms that fit Pandora’s bracelets so I might start buying some of those while I wait for Pandora to (hopefully one day) release rose gold charms internationally. Pandora had better get on that before I spend all my money! ;-)

        • Oh no, don’t worry – you didn’t – I just understand that it’s frustrating that it’s so limited haha. You’re right, there are good alternatives – and this collection may well see a wider release. There are also the rumours of a pure 14 ct gold collection, which would be an option (although much more expensive!).

  4. Looks so pretty, I’m thinking about getting the bracelet since it’s cheaper than the 2 tone in yellow gold! I called the store and the lady explained the combination of materials in it..which reminded me of Tiffanys “Rubedo” which is unaffordable and it’s basically the same thing..( Components )

    • Yes it’s a great alternative to two tone and it’s wonderful to finally have some rose gold options from Pandora! I am a little concerned about the silver copper alloy however, as someone recently posted a picture of a Rose piece on Facebook with the plating wearing off – the metal underneath looked distinctly silver in colour :/ . I was hoping it would indeed be like the Tiffany rubedo!

  5. hi I recently purchase my pandora rose bracelet online and I’m worried it’s not authentic it’s has the ALE R marking inside but as I was reading comments above does it really have the +sign? I’m from the Philippines and the rose line is not available here. Hope mine is real?

    • Hi Cathy! The original test run of Pandora does not have the + sign – it’s just marked ‘ALE R’. However when it was officially released in North America, the + sign was added. What does yours have? :)

  6. hi there
    I just bought the rose gold plain heart charm but I’m a little worried mine has a little square then ALR R is this a fake!

  7. Just wondering if this bracelet is still good even though it is rose gold plated! I was thinking of getting this one instead of the regular silver one! :)

    • Hi Marina, I’m not sure if I replied to you elsewhere or why this comment was missed – yes, my Pandora Rose bracelet still looks great to this day. :)

  8. Hi I bought a few Pandora rose gold charms online and I suspect they are fake they seem a lighter weight then my other charms . Could you send me a pic of where the marking is on the charm .

  9. Hi!
    I bought a rose gold pandora bracelet and I was wondering if it is normal that inside the clasp it has a +ALE R ????

  10. I have a beautiful ring, necklace and earring set all marked ALE R, the ring is marked ALE R 54. the design is a delicate bow set with stones of some kind. can you tell me anything about them. thanks

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