Good news for Pandora fans in the UK – discount shopping site ACHICA is hosting an impromptu sale on Pandora items!

pandora sale

Deals include discounts on the two tone LE Dragon pendant, murano charms and the two tone oxidised bracelet. You can find the sale by searching ‘PANDORA’ on the site.

pandora two tone dragon
The two tone version of the 2012 Dragon dangle

Much like Rue La La, ACHICA is a shopping website that specialises in discounts on designer products. You can expect to see discounted stocks of retired Pandora charms and pieces in the sale.

ACHICA is members-only, but you don’t need an invite to join. If you sign up with my code, however, you’ll get a £10 voucher from ACHICA. You can simply sign up with your e-mail address and get shopping!

Delivery Restrictions

Buyers should bear in mind that ACHICA does not ship to the following countries: the USA, Switzerland, Norway Romania, Greece or the Canary Islands.

Happy shopping!

21 Comments on Promotion Alert: ACHICA Pandora Sale for the UK

  1. In the picture you posted can you tell me what the reddish murano charm is, I don’t recognize it

  2. Oh ok, I liked it but since it’s retired I guess I’ll keep focused on my orange and teal charms lol

  3. I really wanted a purple macrame bracelet but sold out my size, I also would love a watch, but they look so big! The once that wrap twice are nice but the face has no numbers… I need numbers.

      • I went for a watch! I didn’t plan on spending any more money, but it’s was down to £75, even second hand they are more than that.! I just need to be really careful for a while. I won’t get the ring promo as I am away for most of it, that would have been at least £70!

        • Oh no, are the straps not very long!? I have to wait till the end of the month to get it…

        • Oh, sorry, Sarah! I thought you were talking about the watch straps – realise you now meant the bezel.The watch straps are totally normal as far as I’m aware haha.

      • I also tried on my husbands watch for bezel size, wasn’t too bad, I wear a 21cm bracelet / 20cm essence, so think my wrists can take it!

  4. Wow. Very good for my wallet because they don’t ship worldwide but certain countries only. Hahahahaha! :D

  5. You ought to save some for the coming summer collection :D because you just bought the rose gold plated babies :P hahaha!

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