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Exciting news today as images have emerged from an Italian fashion website detailing a second summer/pre-autumn release from Pandora. This collection is heavily-based around cubic zirconia pendants – it also includes some rose gold pieces and a couple of bracelets!

This collection will probably follow the first instalment of the Pandora Summer 2014 collection, which is due to be released at the end of this month on the 28th of May. We don’t have any definite confirmation on the release date for this second part, but I would expect these charms to be released at the end of July. The collection is slated to debut on the 31st of July.

 The Collection

A little while ago, I posted some rumours concerning an upcoming collection from Pandora in rose gold – we now have pictures of rose gold versions of the new cubic zirconia pendants. These are not plated, but are solid 14kt rose gold.

pandora summer 2014 rose gold pendants
We will also have new additions to the cubic zirconia pendant range that’s being released with the first Summer 2014 collection. These include the mystery Eye pendant that we saw in the live Summer 2014 shots published a little while back.
pandora summer 2014 part 2 symbol pendantsTo accompany the alphabet charms that were released with the Spring 2014 collection, we have matching number pendants.

pandora summer 2014 part 2 number pendants mark

There will also be two new versions of the popular pavé heart bracelet that debuted with the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 collection. These are also modeled on the symbol pendant range  – one bracelet features the hand of protection, while the other features another heart design.

pandora summer 2014 part 2 pavé bracelet hand pandora summer 2014 part 2 pavé bracelet heart


I have since found pictures of two more pavé bracelets:

pandora pre-autumn 2014

pandora pre-autumn 2014

My Comment

I am very excited to see Pandora starting to dabble in rose gold – I recently purchased the plated Pandora Rose bracelet, and I’d love to be able to add some more rose gold to it. Ideally, however, I’d see some charms and spacers released in rose gold, and not just these pendants.

Of the other pieces revealed here, I really quite like the cubic zirconia key pendant – it reminds me of one of my favourite charms, the Key to My Heart charm. I especially like it in rose gold, haha.

What do you think of this collection? Are any pieces going on your wish list?

16 Comments on Sneak Peek: Second Summer 2014 Release from Pandora

  1. I really am not liking any of these new charms, are they coming out with any new murano charms ?

    • Mm, it’s very heavily focused on this new range of pendants, which probably won’t be for me – although I’m keen to look at the rose stuff. There’s no news of any muranos with this particular release, but there will almost certainly be new ones in the autumn. :)

  2. Hi dear,
    Just want to double check with you,
    So the rose pendant will come out end of July?
    What about the symbol pendant? Is it coming out end of May or also end of July?
    Any news about the price for the second summer release?
    Thank you!!
    I think I like the rose pendant more ^^

    • Hi Isabelle, I don’t have any concrete information on a release date for these – July is just when I’d predict all the pieces shown here to come out, based on a few bits and pieces of info from retailers. :) No news either on pricing, but I’d imagine that the silver pendants will cost the same amount as the alphabet pendants – £25 or $35 USD.
      I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the rose pieces in person!

  3. Ohhhh I like the dangly rose gold heart, I liked the silver one too though, depends how much they are really. If they are solid gold they will probably be out of my price range.
    I like that pavé heart bracelet too!

  4. Hahaha! You and your rose gold :p hmmm..the rose gold cross looks enticing…hope it looks good in person :D

    • :P I don’t know why I’m excited – if it’s pure rose gold, it’ll probably be too expensive anyway haha. I guess I think it’s a good move from Pandora regardless of whether I can indulge ;)

  5. I really wish theyd bring out more silver animals and characters. The fall collection last year was great. And I really want a wolf!

    • I do, too! While I love the more decorative or floral pieces, my favourites are the character charms – the Fairy Tale collection from Spring 2013 remains my favourite, with the Frog Prince and the fairy tale book, etc. A wolf would be perfect for a Fall/Autumn release, when they tend to have slightly edgier and darker tones…

  6. The rose gold two tone bracelet is not available yet? in the US?
    I hope they have those Hamsa hand bracelets, I love it! The hand offers protection against evil, especially from jealous envious people.

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