The release date for the Pandora Summer 2014 collection is creeping ever closer, and today I’m looking at a collection of gorgeous live images of the Pandora Summer 2014 collection – these are collated from the Pandora magazine and blogger Fashion Seine!

The Pandora Summer 2014 collection is scheduled to debut on the 28th of May. There has been some confusion as to the exact date, with social media sources from Pandora naming both the 27th and the 28th as the release date. However, I contacted Pandora directly and they informed me that the official release date is, in fact the 28th!

pandora summer 2014 tropical paradise

The Pandora Magazine preview also revealed some more details about the new Essence bracelet and Zodiac collection, which, according to the Pandora magazine, will also debut on the 28th of May.

pandora essence bead bracelet

Live Shots

In this first shot from the Pandora magazine, I find myself surprisingly drawn to the combination of the new teal fabric cord bracelet and the Spring 2014 pink cord bracelet. Similarly striking is the choic eto put the soft pink enamel Rose Garden charms on the teal cord bracelet.

Image by Pandora
Image by Pandora

The orange murano glass here offers a bright pop of colour against the softer pink and lilac tones of the pink Butterfly Kisses from Spring 2014.

pandora summer 2014 magazine 2
Image by Pandora

These beautiful shots are from a Pandora preview hosted in Germany and are published with kind permission of blogger Fashion Seine. The new Lucky in Love clover charm and Symbol of Love pendants look adorable on the LE Circle of Love Bangle.

pandora tropical paradise
Image by Fashion Seine

The preview focused on the bright teal and orange that characterise the Summer 2014 collection.

pandora tropical paradise
Image by Fashion Seine

In this gorgeous image, we have a live shot at one of the campaign bracelets from the Summer 2014 lookbook, offering the interesting combination of orange murano glass and warm gold tones.

pandora tropical paradise
Image by Fashion Seine

pandora summer 2014

Finally, we have a shot of the beautiful teal collection. I really love the teal faceted muranos from Summer 2013, and they look pretty paired with the new Teal Lattice murano from Summer 2014.

pandora tropical paradise
Image by Fashion Seine

My Comment

The days are finally (sort of) starting to get warmer here in England, and I’m beginning to get in the mood for the fun and vibrancy of this collection!

Are you excited for the Summer 2014 collection?

13 Comments on More Pandora Summer 2014 Live Shots

  1. Hahaha! Am still going to get the orange and teal muranos :D Methinks the orange murano can be styled with your rose gold charms!! hahaha! xoxo ;)

      • Hahaha! In less than 2 weeks’ time we will have more charms ;)) Yes indeed. You should bring the Rose bracelet with you to the store and play with it :D Tee hee!~ xoxo :))

    • Stores in various regions (including the US and Australia) often receive stock and sell a couple of weeks before the release date – I’ve got a post ready to go for later ;) Unfortunately in the UK they are very strict and stick to the release date rigidly. Did you get anything? :D

  2. Yeah I called last weekend and I was told they had the summer collection. I asked about the orange and teal charms and they told me they had them. The same store had the Mothers Day collection early too

    • @Linda, Omigosh! That’s earlier than the announced launching date! (face palm) thanks for updating us here Linda! :D will you be going there this weekend? :))

  3. Lol , I’m not sure when I’m going but my sister gave me money to get the orange charm for Mother’s Day

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