Today brings both exciting (and sad?!) Pandora news, after a copy of the second Pandora retirement for 2014 was leaked on the Pandora Facebook page yesterday morning (it has since been removed). This list details charms that are due to be retired from the Pandora Moments collection in September this year – and, once again, it’s pretty extensive with a lot of silver charms, murano glass and the smooth triple leather bracelets leaving the collection.

There is some variation between regions as to what items are retired and when, so it may be that some of these pieces were already retired in your region.

To download a document of the list itself, click here. Otherwise, scroll on for images of all the charms that will be leaving the Moments collection in September!

Second Pandora Retirement 2014

pandora retirement september 2014 gold charms

pandora retirement september 2014 two tone charms

pandora retirement september 2014 silver charms

pandora retirement september 2014 charms accents

pandora retirement september 2014 murano wood

pandora retirement september 2014 dangles

pandora retirement september 2014 spacers and clipspandora retirement september 2014 bracelets

My Comment

I am surprised to see so much of Pandora’s murano glass being retired, and am also sad to see so many of the plain silver animal charms being retired. I love character charms, and I feel like these plain silver charms are a staple of Pandora’s collection. I have to admit that I prefer them to some of the cubic zirconia designs that have been released recently! So much of the range that existed when I first started collecting is being retired, so I can’t help but feel a little bit sad to see some of these go.

I’d be tempted to get myself the Clock charm, the Fleur de Lis pendant and the adorable Hippo if they end up in the UK’s Pandora summer sale – otherwise I don’t think there’s too much on this list that I have to run out and get.

How do you feel about this latest retirement from Pandora?

15 Comments on Pandora Retirement September 2014

  1. Awwww…so many retired gold charms :(( I was thinking to buy myself the Bear with gold heart but already out of stock everywhere here and Singapore :( I like the Clock charm too ;)) thanks for updating us xoxo :D

    • I know, gold collectors are a little hard done by these days :/. Heh, the Bear My Heart is still pretty readily available here in the UK – many retailers still have it in stock even a year later! It’s quite expensive here, though, at £60…
      You are welcome! ^^ xxxx

    • You can actually brought it from yanting spree. Look out from them from facebook, they may still have the stock to ship the bear my heart from the US to Singapore.

  2. When is the UK pandora summer sale ?
    I so can’t wait!! I need the bird charm and the silver monkey :))

    • Hi! The summer sale usually runs in June in the UK. :) I’m hoping that some of these pieces make their way into it – the prices in the sale are usually pretty good!

      • Brilliant, really looking forward to it now :)
        Ive been collecting since October when I got my paycheck from my first part time job :)
        I currently have 11 charms on my bracelet and one in my box ready to start my next one :) xx Love your site btw :)

        • Ah, how exciting that you have another bracelet to fill ;) Hope you manage to get some bargains when the sale comes around!
          Thank you – I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy it! :) Xx

  3. I lost my pandora bracelet and I was so heartbroken. It was given to me for my 18th birthday. I’m planning to buy back all my charms but the pig head is in the retirement list. There isn’t any more in my home country. I even asked my friend in US to check at her nearby pandora store but they don’t have it anymore :( Do you know where I can get it?

    • Hi, I’m very sorry to hear about your bracelet :( I can’t find any online stores that ship internationally which have the pig head still in stock, but I always recommend that people try the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page, which is a fantastic buying and selling page for Pandora. I’m sure you’d be able to find one there in the near future. There are also plenty still in stock here in the UK, so I might be able to help you, too – just drop me an e-mail at if you’d like. :)

  4. Aww… I’m sad to see that they are retiring
    all those gold murano beads. :-(
    I have been wanting to get at least 2 but i haven’t
    been able to because they are so expensive. I will
    have to save up to get them before they are gone.
    I have noticed they are retiring a lot of beautiful
    gold charms. Do you know if they are making new
    ones to replace them? I sure hope they are not
    planning to get rid of their gold pieces altogether.

    • I know, they’re lovely – but, as you say, very expensive! The only upside for us is that they might be available later for discounted prices on Rue La La etc. :)
      I’m not sure what Pandora’s plans are long-term for their gold collections. It’s certainly apparent that they are retiring far more than they are releasing – we still usually get one or two new gold pieces per collection, so they aren’t ceasing to produce them just yet. I think we’ll just have to wait and see. :)

  5. Is there a website I can get genuine, retired Pandora charms? or Pandora charms in general? I’m from Malta by the way

  6. I need to extend my gold pandora bracelet. I already have the pandora safety chain on the bracelet but I’m sure your not supposed to wear it open ?
    I have asked Pandora if they extend. Apparently not.


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