Happy news for UK Pandora shoppers again, as UK stockists Victoria Highfield Jewellers are having a stock clearance sale on Pandora. Their physical store in Stockport is listed by Pandora as an official stockist (check them on Pandora.net’s store locator), which would seem to confirm their authenticity:

pandora victoria highfield

The Sale

The sale includes pieces from latest Spring & Mother’s Day 2014 collections, plus some of the new Summer 2014 stock, which is available before the official release date (although with the bank holiday it probably won’t make it to you before the 28th)!

According to their Facebook page, the online store is updated with new Pandora stock and deals every day, so check back to see what’s available on each day!

My Comment

UK sales are always a welcome relief for UK shoppers, where Pandora is really very expensive compared to regions such as the US. I’ve ordered myself the adorable Bicycle dangle, and will be checking back to see what else is available in the upcoming days!

However, I’m aware that many US shoppers are keenly awaiting the next Rue La La sale – unfortunately there is no news as to when exactly that will happen as of yet, as they refuse to even confirm that there will be another when contacted. Rest assured that should I hear of any discounts for US shoppers, I’ll let you all know asap!

In any case, happy shopping!

19 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Stock Clearance Sale in the UK

  1. Yay thank you I got £ off the limited edition teddy very happy as I seen he
    Was to retire :-D so getting him before then with money off even better x

  2. Omigosh! My dear gorgeous Ellie! You are the best!! I just found out that this jeweller ships to Singapore and Malaysia!! Tee~hee!! :D xoxo I hope you like the bicycle charm. I truly love how detailed the charm is you know! Truly amazing ;)) I may place order tomorrow for the Teddy charm! :)))

    • Haha, I’m so glad that you can get your Teddy! He’s such a cute little charm. I love the bicycle – it is so detailed, and I like all quirky vintage things like that haha. xxxx

  3. I just ordered some moonstone charms! Waiting for some others to arrive too, my oxy bracelet will almost be finished then ?.

      • When did you order?
        My other bits are coming from Australia so won’t be till next week now :( I ordered 2 more daisy clips for my bangle so I will have 3 spaced out across the top, cherry blossom dangle for my multi string, and various for my oxy…. Oops! Haha

        • Last Friday, so it came pretty quickly, considering the bank holiday!
          Haha, waiting for Pandora post is hard, isn’t it? I’ve just bought the retired perfume bottle, too, so I’m waiting on that to arrive ;) Sounds like a very good haul; the Cherry Blossom dangle is one of my favourites! At least you have it all to look forward to, haha.

        • Yeah it kind of feels like I am completing 3 bracelets – been pondering over how I was going to style them for a while, especially the oxy.

  4. Just curious, where did you find the retired perfume bottle? I have only seen it on ebay for lots of money. I am in the states so I can’t take advantage of the sale you talked about above. Thanks for the info. I have been hunting the perfume bottle for quite awhile. :)

  5. I got my bear & field of daisies through today very pleased website was great
    Fast delivery and lovely packaging ?

    Is there a part of this site you can share your bracelet designs?? Ive completed 3 and would love to share my story & also get inspiration ?

  6. Hi Ellie, I have added a few photos to Instagram – had all my items delivered today!! My oxi bracelet is still in need of 2 white muranos to sit with the grey moonstones. I also indulged in a Thomas sabo bracelet… Eek!!! Here is a link to my bangle which now homes 3 clips… I’m sure you can find the other pics from there…

    • Oh my gosh what a haul! It all looks amazing! The daisies are very striking on the bangle, and I absolutely LOVE your fabric string bracelet – the cherry blossom pendant looks perfect. <3 Your oxidised bracelet is looking great, too – where are you planning on putting the muranos? I think the white looking glass would look great on it.
      And a Thomas Sabo too, haha! How are you liking it compared to the Essence?

      • Yes I’m enjoying the daisies on the bangle, it feels complete for me now.

        I have moved the oxi bracelet around a few times, lol, currently the black cherry blossom muranos are in the middle and the BHF sparkling hearts have moved outside the clips….I was thinking the white looking glass would be best, probably 2 charms in from the clasp, I also want to look at some spacers to finish it off. Maybe the clear CZ hearts spacer?

        I have been toying with the idea of a karma bracelet, but I also want the silver ball bracelet lol. I saw a photo of the white pearl charm carrier bracelet and I really liked it, I also liked it in rose quartz and the black… Haha! I think it’s a good stacker :-) it only holds 3 charms but I just want to keep to one for now, I have the infinity heart.

        • I like the sound of the muranos in the middle, with the white muranos on the outside – that would give a good balance to it! The CZ heart spacers would look very nice, I think… the grey Floral Vintage spacers might look good, too, but they’re not easy available in the UK sadly! :/
          I hadn’t seen the Sabo pearl bracelet before – it looks really good stacked with your daisies! I am actually quite tempted by that haha.

        • I know the one you mean, the same as the one I have in purple on my multi strand bracelet?
          The sabo also comes in a teal colour which is also nice… Think they are new? They are just under £30 so a good price for a stacker!

        • Actually I could have all the colours thomas sabo do – black to stack with my oxi, pink with my purples… Haha!

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