Today brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, with new shots and information regarding upcoming collections, plus some clarification on what exactly is up with the promo scheduling for the UK. ;) Summer is really beginning to kick in here in the UK, with some lovely sunny weather – I never used to be a summer kind of person, but nowadays I really relish the heat and sun, and the uplifting effect it has on my mood.

Pandora-wise, the majority of July will be pretty quiet, with the exception of a couple of leather bracelet promotions for the US and the UK – the big news is the release of the Pandora Pre-Autumn collection at the end of the month. Read on for full details!

Pandora Late Summer / Pre-Autumn 2014 Release

pandora pre fall 2014

The biggest news for this month has to be the release of Pandora’s Pre-Autumn mini collection! The collection features the first ever rose gold pieces from Pandora, and is due out globally on the 31st of July – see the whole collection with details on US pricing here. However, some stores in the US have already been receiving their stocks of the collection, and consequently there are now some gorgeous live shots of the new charms!

Pandora ‘Corno’ charm from Autumn 2014 sees limited release in Italy

While, for most regions, the Pandora Corno dangle is due out with the Autumn 2014 collection in August, the charm has already been launched as a special release in Naples, Italy. It is being sold for 35 euros.

Pandora-corno autumn 2014

I’m also glad that Pandora aren’t marketing this in Italy as an exclusive charm to Naples – they’ve been quite clear that it is an exclusive ‘preview’ of the charm, and not an exclusive charm full-stop.

Instagram user flaviadesp uploaded this lovely live shot of the charm, giving us a good idea of how it looks in person:

Image by flaviadesp
Image by flaviadesp

Pandora Autumn 2014 Live Shots

A couple of new live shots of the upcoming Pandora Autumn 2014 collection have emerged on social media, from various media previews. We’ve not had any extensive pictures released yet, but hopefully more live images of the charms will be released soon!

In the subsequent picture, you can see pieces from the popular Shimmering Leaves collection, plus the top of the Floral Heart Padlock, which looks chunkier than I anticipated.

pandora autumn 2014
Image by Grazia NL

There are also more shots of the rings due to be released with the Autumn 2014 collection, plus one shot of the new blue leather bracelet and some charms! Click any image to enlarge it.

US Leather Bracelet Promotion

pandora us leather bracelet promo 2014

From the July 10 to 20, Pandora in the US and Canada are offering customers the opportunity to obtain either a single strand leather bracelet or a multi-strand colour cord bracelet with every purchase of $100 USD or $125 CAD. This is a great little promotion for summer, when many collectors eschew their traditional silver bracelets for something lighter.

UK Leather Bracelet Promotion

As some of you may already be aware, there have been some major changes in the scheduling for Pandora promotions in the UK. While the UK’s bracelet promo this month was originally scheduled to be a silver barrel clasp bracelet GWP at the beginning of the month, this has now been changed. In the new schedule, the silver bracelet promotion has been pushed back to October, and there will instead be a leather bracelet GWP which is scheduled for the 24th – 27th of July. Additionally, the Pandora UK summer sale is scheduled to last until the 6th of July, so there are only a few more days left to grab those bargains!

I’ll confess myself a little disappointed, as this leather bracelet promotion was originally due to be run in October – which would have been a perfect opportunity to snap up the new midnight blue leather bracelet that will be released in August with the Autumn 2014 collection. I may still participate, however, and get myself a purple leather bracelet instead of the midnight blue!

My Comment

There’s definitely some stuff to look forward to this month, with the debut of the Pre-Autumn collection and some great leather bracelet promos for the UK and the US. I’m so curious to see what the new pieces from Pre-Autumn will look like in person, and I’m also hoping that we’ll be seeing more previews of the upcoming Autumn and Winter 2014 collections. :D

What are you looking forward to for July? Will you be participating in any of the bracelet promotions? Which upcoming collections most appeal to you?

22 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for July 2014

  1. Love your website. I feel like I relate to your pandora blog much more than some of the other more popular ones.

  2. LOL! I cannot wait to see your Purple leather bracelet! :D No bracelet promotion here in Singapore my dear! But there’s a Mid-Year sale going on here in Singapore which is 50% discount on selected PANDORA items from 1 to 31 July 2014 at all stores! LOL!! Didn’t see anything I want at the moment :P xoxo <3

    • Ooh, thanks for letting me know about that! I’ll update my Promotions post. :D Haha, you’ve done better than I did… I kept coming back for more in the sales here! :P There was so much that I wanted!! xxxx

      • LOL! You are most welcome my dear! xoxo :D Well, ironically, last weekend I was told there was a special 2 days promotion of 45% discounts on all Gold charms and bracelets in Malaysia! LOL! Fortunately, I did not misbehave recently with my wallet :D LOL!! xoxo <3 But of course I don't mind if it's another graduation gift, however, I am contented with whatever gifts I received so far :D tee~hee!! All so equally precious to me no matter what :D

        • Oh wow! You were very well behaved indeed! ;) I don’t think I own a single solid gold piece – I never have the will power to save up for the higher ticket items haha.
          Mmm, the charms that we get are gifts are always going to have something extra special about them! I got my results recently, and I’ve had a couple of lovely Pandora presents to celebrate those – those charms are already very special to me, too. :D xxxx

  3. Hi, for the free leather bracelet in UK will it include all colours for the triple? really like the Grey one.

    • Hi Amy, as far as I’m aware, all colours of the leather bracelets will be included in the promotion. I have the triple wrap in grey, which I got in last year’s promo – it’s beautiful!

  4. When is the new date for the silver bracelet promotion and is it still spend over £125? I love your blog it is so interesting :)

    • Hi Amy, I’m pretty sure that the new silver bracelet promo is scheduled for October now. I don’t have any confirmation as to the exact dates, however. It should still be a spend of £125, too!
      That’s so nice to hear – I’m really glad that you enjoy it :) thanks for letting me know! <3

  5. I got a double purple earlier in the year as the base for a memorial butterfly bracelet for my daughter’s best friend. I’m not sure I would get a double again. I’m planning to get a pink single in this promo. Hopefully by the time they do next year’s leather promo, there will be a single blue as I definitely “need” one!

    • Ah, that sounds lovely – the double purple is what I’m thinking of getting. Did you not like the double? I own a single and a triple, and I want the double to complete the set.
      It’s odd that they’re only releasing the double wrap blue leather initially – none of the other bracelet colours are only available in double wrap. Perhaps single and triple wrap will follow if it sells well!

  6. Omigosh!! You have gotten your results? How is it my dear?! Full distinctions right? xoxo Tee~hee! :D

    • Aha, I did, and I will be graduating with a first class degree which is our equivalent of a distinction! I am extremely happy and more than a little relieved, haha. Thanks for asking!! <3 xxxx

      • Tee~hee! So happy for you! You see~ Prayers work!! Lol ! You are most welcome! Congrats dear!! xoxoxoxo <3 <3 :D hooray! :D I am just too overjoyed! :D

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