Despite the fact that its official release date is still almost a month off, it seems that some retailers in the US (at least) are already receiving stocks of the upcoming Pandora Pre-Autumn collection!

This mini-release features the debut of rose gold pieces from Pandora, and its official release date remains the 31st of July. Stores often receive their stock prior to the official date – however, this is more in advance than usual! Retailers in some regions such as the UK, however, are not allowed to sell before the official date, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to purchase the new collection. Be sure to call your store to see if they have the new charms in before visiting!

pandora late summer pre autumn 2014 crop

To see an overview of all the pieces being released in this collection, and their pricing for the US market, check out my full preview here.

Live Shots

As usual, some amazing live shots of the new pieces are beginning to emerge! In them, we get a glimpse of some of the new rose gold pendants, plus the new pavé symbol bracelets.

My favourite so far is this stunning image by Smyth Jewelers Timonium, which gives a nicely-crisp shot of the rose gold pieces. To me, they look very striking – I’d love to see a shot of the back of them, to get more of a feel for the exact tone of the rose gold!

pandora pre-autumn
Image by Smyth Jewelers Timonium

(UPDATED) This subsequent shot also gives a beautiful close-up of the rose gold:

Image by Pandora Stony Point
Image by Pandora Stony Point

In the following images, you can see more of the rose gold and the new pavé bracelets. Click on any of the following images to enlarge them.

My Comment

I’m a little amazed to see the pieces debuting so early, and I wonder if the release date has been pushed forward at all. That aside, while I’m not a huge fan of the pendant designs, I love the look of these initial shots of the rose gold editions of them – they have to be the highlight of this release, for me! If the release date is still set for the end of July, there’s still something of a wait to see them here in the UK where stores stick strictly to the official dates.

Are you exciting for this mini-release? What do you think of the early live shots emerging?

4 Comments on Pandora Late Summer / Pre-Autumn 2014 collection starts to hit stores in some regions!

  1. Omigosh! The Rose gold pendants are so beautiful!! I cannot wait to see it in person end of this month!! LOL! I heard it’s solid rose gold, not plated though :D thanks for updating with such beautiful pictures!! Love the Yellow leather bracelet with those rose gold pendants xoxo xoxo <3 <3

    • :D I agree, I think they look much prettier than the original silver versions – the contrast between the rose gold and the cubic zirconia works better, I think. <3
      You heard right! They are solid 14kt rose gold – I wrote about it here: :D Which I am pleased about, as I do prefer pure metals to plated, even if it means that I probably won't be able to afford one straightaway. I'd like to see how the tone of the rose gold compares to the plated Pandora Rose collection, though!
      Mm, the leather and the rose gold is not a combination I'd have thought to try, but it creates such a pretty casual look! xxxx

  2. :D Hahaha! Totally agree with you that the contrast works better :D Hahaha! Yes I heard from you and then gotten confirmation from the SA at the Pandora shop here :D Yes, it looks casual. Tee~hee~! xoxo <3 :D

    • Haha, well done on getting the info from your SA – the SAs at my stores are pretty tight-lipped. If I ask about an upcoming collection date or promotion, you can see that their manager has just told them to deny everything! ;) xxxx

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