This feature seems to get later and later each month, but today’s post is my June 2014 haul! For the uninitiated, this is a regular blog feature wherein I share what Pandora I’ve acquired across the last month and encourage you to share your new purchases! I have a larger haul this month than I would normally – mainly due to the amazing bargains that were available in the sales during June, and also because I got my degree results, which resulted in some lovely Pandora gifts. ^^

Sale stuff!

So, as you’re probably aware, here in the UK we had our big summer sale last month – and I may have got a little too enthusiastic when buying stuff. ;)

My best bargain of the sale has got to be the Stella charm. It was listed for £25 on The Jewel Hut, down from £130! I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, but luckily my fingers were already adding it to my basket. ;) I was half-expecting it to be a mistake, and that they wouldn’t fulfill my order, but they did! It came the next day. It’s an absolutely stunning charm, with two tone detailing and five little diamonds.

pandora haul 2014 stella b markc

The lovely new oxidised bracelet that I’m using to model this stunning charm is also a sale purchase. I indulged not once, but three times (!), in the ROJ (Republic of Jewels) sale. I couldn’t resist the oxidised bracelet in my first order, and I’m planning on creating a pretty teal theme for summer with it.

pandora haul 2014 stella 2 markb

In my first order, I also picked up a Pandora classic – the two tone Queen Bee. I’ve wanted this charm for a long time, and she always strikes me as one of the ‘classic’ Pandora charms – a charm that many long-term collectors have, and one of the more iconic charms of Pandora’s original collections. I have to say that all my items from ROJ arrived beautifully shiny, and she put the rest of my collection to shame a little bit. ;)

pandora haul 2014 queen bee mark d

My second order, however, was not for me. My friend had a big birthday recently and so I took the opportunity with the sale to start her with a ‘dora bracelet! The darker detail on the crown is perfectly offset by the dramatic look of the oxidised bracelet chain. I never really looked at the crown charm before, but it is surprisingly beautiful in person!

pandora oxidised bracelet

However, the oxidised bracelet I received to fulfill this order was quite different to the first, as you’ll see in the subsequent picture. This is because ROJ obviously had to run right through their stock to meet all their orders, and the second bracelet I had was of much older provenance – and consequently had a slightly different design. Pandora have changed the way they make their bracelets a few times over the years, and the two bracelets I received demonstrate the difference between bracelets made before 2013 and those made afterwards.

The easiest way to tell which kind of bracelet you have is to look at the hinges in the picture. The newer bracelet, on the left, has a wider hinge compared to the older style, which is narrower. The bracelet chains on the newer bracelets are also much stiffer, like a bangle, whereas the older bracelet chains are more supple and flexible. This new bracelet style was introduced in 2013. I think I do prefer the newer style in terms of look at least, as it makes the bracelet look much… neater, I suppose.

pandora bracelet different clasps

The last thing I got from ROJ was the adorable Pig zodiac dangle. This is one of my favourites from the 2013 Zodiac Collection – however, he arrived with quite a few oxidised spots on him, which I wasn’t expecting, and he’s also very thin from the front on, despite how fat he looks from the side. I just started a new part-time job and I thought he represented this nicely, as he reminds me a lot of a piggy bank! ;)

haul pandora piggy b mark


Finally, I graduated with a first class BA in English Lit this summer, and I got two charms as gifts to celebrate. My OH got me the gorgeous Study Books charm, which has the cutest detailing on it – including a little heart on its side, which you can just about see in this picture. I’m not sure why Pandora don’t have a plain book charm, one which isn’t fairy tales or study books – I’d love one of those, too!

pandora haul 2014 study books mark

Finally, my parents got me the gorgeous castle charm. This again is stunning, and full of those exquisite little details that Pandora are known for. I’ve wanted this charm ever since it came out with the Spring 2013 collection, and it’s finally finished off what I want from the fairy-tale-themed pieces! <3 I am thinking about doing a little retrospective review of Pandora’s Fairy Tale collection, as it’s just so lovely.

pandora haul 2014 castle 1 mark


I’ve focused on the charms themselves for this haul, rather than how I’ve used them in designs – with the leather bracelet promo for the UK coming up later this month, I’m planning on getting some pieces to kickstart my new oxidised bracelet. Until then, I’m not entirely sure where everything is going, as I’m going to shuffle some things around, but I’m excited to see how all my designs will work out! :D Consequently my haul for next month should be focused more on styling.

What have you indulged in recently? Did get any bargains of your own in the various sales – or have you taken part in the leather bracelet promo? :D

10 Comments on June 2014 Haul: New to my Pandora Collection

  1. I’m so jealous that you got the Stella! :) It looks so great on an oxidized bracelet. I really think I would have gotten it in the Rue La La sale but I was out for the first couple of hours and it sold out… :( The crown charm looks really nice too.
    I got the Study Books for my birthday in May; the owl on it is really cute.
    I did indulge in the Rue La La sale here in the US and got the Midnight Blossom clip, the Orange Primrose Path, Orange Zen, and the plain Pineapple (It’s going to be a Christmas gift so I can’t have it yet, haha). My mom got the blue and green ladybug Muranos for future Christmas gifts.
    I have not indulged yet in the leather bracelet promotion but I’ve been meaning to. On my wish list (I actually did like the first Summer collection) are the enamel seahorse dangle, the tropical flower Murano, an orange multi-cord bracelet, and possibly another clip. I thought the orange flower Murano and the two orange charms I just got would look really great on the orange multi-cord. Congrats on your graduation and your June haul!

    • Yes, I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw the Stella listed for that price! I was very happy, haha. It may well crop up again in the next Rue La La, so I hope you manage to find it! :) It does look good on the oxi, but I’m planning on doing a teal theme for that, so I’m not sure whether the Stella would look good with teal…?
      Haha, my parents got me the Windmill from Summer 2014 for Christmas, too – I managed to snaffle it for review pictures, but it’s been put away since then. ^^
      Yes, the Summer collection has been kind of love-it-or-hate-it with collectors – luckily, I rather fell in love with it when I saw it in person! I love your choices from it, too. The tropical flower murano is SO pretty in person, and the Seahorse is adorable. Someone else I know went for orange muranos on the orange cord bracelet, and it looks amazing – so fun and bright, especially on these hot summer days we’re having here!
      Thanks, and congrats on your amazing haul, too. ;) Thank you, too, for leaving such a lovely long comment! <3 It's so much fun hearing about what everyone else has being getting, haha.

  2. LOL!! Finally you have that Castle charm! :D Tee~hee! I have the Queen Bee, the Crown and the Study books charm too! (hi5 hi5) LOL!! :D Now I am waiting for you to style your teal charms on your oxidised bracelet :P Congratulations again on your graduation! So happy for you!! Tee~hee!! xoxo <3 :D

    • I do! Only a year and a half since it first came out, too. :P I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get around to purchasing it, especially as I love it so much.
      I know, you’ve been waiting very patiently for that teal design, too. ;) I promise that I’ll instagram it as soon as I get some teal in the promo – I’ve still got to decide which pieces I want, too. ^^
      Thank you, sweetie! <3 xxxx

  3. I used the leather bracelet promo to start my collection, and one for my youngest daughter (12 yo) for a Christmas gift. So, one silver bracelet (for me), one double purple leather bracelet (for dd), one brown leather single (me), one grey leather single (best friend’s birthday), 2 teddy bear silver charms, the Life Saver, the horse (dd), 2 Forget me Knots, 2 open heart spacers, one Butterfly Garden charm (for my friend’s bracelet), and 2 Beaded Beauty spacers (dd). I think we’ve started off with a bang, lol! It all started because I wanted to buy myself something special for my anniversary of working as a hospice RN for 15 years (7/15). I got myself a bracelet with my Life Saver charm and 2 Forget Me Knots. It went downhill from there, lol.
    I’m loving the castle charm. I was thinking of using an upcoming trip to Disney World as an excuse to get that one. :-)

    • Oh my, that’s an amazing start to your collection! I guess you already know how addictive collecting Pandora can be, lol – it’s nice that you and your daughter will be collecting. I love the charms you’ve chosen, too. <3
      I think Disney is a great excuse for the castle charm! ;) One of the reasons I first wanted the castle was because it reminded me of an amazing Disney castle toy that I used to adore when I was little – it takes me back to when all I wanted to do was play at being a princess, haha.
      Congrats on your anniversary, and on starting your Pandora collection! ^^

  4. Hello! :)

    I work in a Pandora Shop-in-Shop, and the 2014 fall retirement set has just been set out. I was so sad to see that most of my favorites will not be available anymore. :( So, I couldn’t just let them leave without aquiring a few myself, you know? :) Employees have a very nice discount on the retired charms, so bought myself two! I got the Rock Star (oxidized) clip, and the Sun Hat dangle charm. :) Along with those two, I got myself the Lucky Cat charm, due to the fact that I had to put my beloved kitty down a few weeks ago. (The Lucky Cat looks like a diva to me, and my cat totally was. So it was only fitting.) These charms are going on my 2nd sterling bracelet.

    So, that was my haul. Your June haul is lovely. :)

    Best wishes!

    • Hi Sydney!
      Wow, I am extremely jealous that you get to work with Pandora – both for the job itself and the discount! ;) Although now that I run this blog, I don’t imagine that I’d be allowed to work for them haha. The retirement lists have been absolutely brutal this year – I can’t believe either of the beautiful charms you got are retiring, for example. :/ I’ve tried to get a few of my favourites, too, but there are so many going!
      I’m so sorry to hear about your cat – my own beloved spaniel is very old and I don’t have long left with him, so I’m beginning to imagine how you feel. :) The Lucky Cat is adorable, though – definitely a diva!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment – I love the charms you chose, and your tumblr blog is gorgeous, too. ^^

  5. I went to the Pandora outlet in Delaware and got a few things. ;) I got the soon to be retired Happy Little Bird. It reminds me of how my little girl always looks for a pair of nesting ospreys that we pass on our way to school. She calks them Birdie Man and Mrs. Birdieman. Lol. I also got the Angel of Hope, the tiny Bible, and a heart ring with a rhodolite garnet in it all for Christmas gifts. They were giving out a free macrame bracelet with every $100 spent; so I did well!

    • Ah, the Happy Little Bird is so cute, even down to its name haha. I’m surprised that it’s retiring. I love the meaning behind it for you, too – that’s too funny! ^^I like your other choices too, especially the heart ring! If it’s the one I think you mean, I have the matching heart pendant – it’s one of my favourite pieces!
      Thanks so much for sharing, it was great to hear what you picked up. ;) I need to pay a visit to our outlet in Bicester in the uk, apparently there are some amazing pieces hidden away there haha.

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