*UPDATED with new image* Today’s post offers a sneak peek at an upcoming re-design of the Pandora Essence Balance charm! You may or may not recall the delays in getting the Balance charm in some regions when the Essence range first launched, due to production issues with the moonstone it was crafted from. Well, as a result of continuing difficulties in sourcing the moonstone, the charm is now getting a complete makeover. This is the original charm design that represented ‘Balance’, as it was first conceptualised:

pandora essence moonstone

However, it is reportedly soon going to look quite different. And, while it may only be a low-res shot as of right now, I have a little sneak peek of the re-designed charm! The original grey moonstone has been transformed into a yin and yang design, complete with black and white cubic zirconia. This is set to retail for $75 USD, as opposed to the original charm’s price of $40.

pandora essence redesigned balance

I do not have a release date for this new version of the charm yet. However, it has been suggested to me that stores cannot order any more stock of the original Balance charm, implying that the new charm may be out soon. I will update the blog when more details about this come through!

*UPDATED* I now have official confirmation of this re-design, plus another stock image, which might give you a slightly clearer look at the charm:

pandora essence balance charm re-design

My Comment

I quite liked the look of the original moonstone version, so I’m sad that it will be retiring from production. On the other hand, the idea of yin and yang is a good representation of the idea of balance, and a concept that probably fits quite well with the spiritual ideas behind Pandora Essence.

What do you think of the Balance charm’s new look?

13 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Essence ‘Balance’ Re-Design

  1. I think the new one is nice but I personally wouldn’t go for it.. I was debating on whether to get an essence bracelet or not, might put the current balance on deposit until I get a bracelet as I quite like the moonstone.. it really is beautiful. I think Pandora are leaning too much towards the Crystal encrusted look and it can look a bit cheap in my opinion. I much prefer the older designs!

    • I really like the original moonstone charm – I was admiring it in the store yesterday! It has a beautiful simplicity that is missing from the new version (although I do like that one, too).
      Yours is a common complaint, and one that I share to some extent too! :( I’m a bit dismayed to see so many of the original lovely plain silver designs going – I do like many of the new cubic or enamel pieces, but I don’t want them to be the majority of what’s available. I guess it must be what’s selling, though. :/

    • I like the new design, but I think I prefer the look of the original. :/ From what I can see, most places still have stock of the moonstone (I was looking at it in my store yesterday), so it seems to still be easy to obtain for the moment!

      • I saw john greed has them online too, I can’t buy at the moment, went mad in thea’s few weeks. Plus I’m not wearing my essence at the mo as it’s got a major kink in it and I havnt been able to change it yet because my store doesn’t have any bracelets at all! They all got recalled because of the clasp and are still waiting the new ones. So annoying.

        • Oh no! That’s extremely annoying, and you haven’t even had it that long! :( At least you’ll know that you’ll be getting the one with the re-designed clasp. And it’s good that they’re swapping it all, I suppose – when my oxidised bracelet kinked massively, they were adamant that they wouldn’t exchange it. They just sent it off for repair instead. I’m still not sure that it’s very strong, even though they did straighten it out. :/

        • Really? I thought they just swapped them over, didn’t know they repaired kinks – that’s even more annoying!

    • I agree with you – I think the yin and yang design fits very well with the ideas behind the range, but less so with the overall look of it! However, it might be good to expand the range’s scope a little bit and offer some more variety in the kinds of beads available, I suppose!

  2. Wow. The Yin and Yang design looks good :D That said, I quite like the Karma beads from TS LOL! :D Will get that when there’s a promotion :D Have long neglected my TS bracelet for months now LOL! xoxo :D <3

    • Mmm, I’d like to see a better quality shot of it really! Yeah, the TS karma seems to be doing quite well, and I love some of the designs – I kind of share the same problem as you though, in that I have enough pandora on my wish list that I really shouldn’t throw another brand into the mix haha! Xxxx

  3. It looks to me like an encrusted version of the Yin and Yang charm. I think I would have preferred to see something more simple and minimalist, or at least not a knock off of a preexisting design. The moonstone is pretty, but the redesign isn’t one that I think would coordinate with the other pieces I like from the line.

    • You make some really good points – I can see where they were coming from with this one, in that the concept of yin and yang seems perfect for Essence, but the execution of the charm itself doesn’t really match the rest of the collection! However, you never know, perhaps this re-design is indicative of what we can expect from Essence in the future – it’s possible that they’re going to introduce a greater variety of styles into the collection.

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