It’s an exciting day for Pandora fans in the UK, as one of the UK’s best promotions starts today! From the 24th of June until the 27th of June, Pandora will be offering free leather bracelets with spends of over £75.

pandora uk promo

The specifics are these: spend £75 in a single transaction, and you will qualify for a free single leather bracelet; spend £85 in a single transaction, and you will qualify for a free double leather bracelet; spend £95 or more in a single transaction and you will qualify for a free triple leather bracelet! The promotion is offered both in store and online with most authorised retailers.

This is always a really great promotion, and is even more so as it is one of the few that still runs in the UK. If you’re looking for more information about the leathers, or just want some inspiration, I recently posted a review encompassing my thoughts on them!

I’m actually really excited to be taking part this time around, as it’s my first bracelet promo ever, believe it or not! My OH was actually the one to get me my other leather bracelets in this promotion in previous years, as it is usually scheduled soon before my birthday.

*UPDATE* I thought I’d share a picture of my haul! ;) I got myself the camera and the teal and white faceted muranos to kick-start my summer bracelet, and received the double purple leather free:

pandora leather bracelet promo haul

In any case, happy shopping! <3

14 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Leather Bracelet Promo for the UK starts today!

  1. That is a wonderful promotion! In the US last week I ended up spending $120 and received only a single wrap. And if I wanted pink or purple there was an additional $5 charge! Must say it left a bad impression with me, considering what I’ve spent with Pandora over the years!

    • Yes, it’s great! The US usually get the best promos, so I’m surprised that they don’t offer the upgrade to double and triple leathers like we have here. Wow, they charged you extra for specific colours? :S I thought it was meant to include all of them for the $100 – that’s strange. Not surprised you were unimpressed!

    • The black, brown, gray, red, pink, and champagne single leather bracelets are $40. The pink shimmer and purple shimmer single leather bracelets are $45, so that’s why they charge $5 more for the promo. I’m not sure why they have 2 pink single leather bracelets, the shimmer pink is much prettier than the regular pink.

      • Ah, thanks very much for informing us! All the colours are the same price here in the UK… I wonder why the ones with the more metallic finish are more in the US. They only sell one version of the pink here, too, although I’ve seen pictures of the matte pink – I like the shimmery pink better, too.

    • Lol, it is a lot but unfortunately I could so easily spend that! I just did our promo and spent £110. Maybe you’ll see some others you might like in the meantime?

  2. Well, you were a totally bad influence! The two tone seashell and 2 x ocean breeze open works got me the triple silver; a much needed safety chain and the topaz starfish got me the single pink; and my son’s girlfriend got lucky as I got a teal pave and the duck to get her a pearl single for her birthday next month. I’m now set up to start my water bracelet for my own birthday in just over a week!

    • Aha, should I be sorry? ;) I maintain that the triple silver was a great choice, though, and I really like the choices you’ve made for your water bracelet so far – I hope you manage to find some genuine sea glass for it soon. :) Happy birthday for next week, too!
      I just posted a pic of my own haul – I got myself the double purple leather free, which I’ve wanted for ages, and I bought a couple of muranos, plus the cute little camera charm! ^^

      • Slight setback on the birthday bracelet. When I put the new safety chain onto my second silver bracelet it wouldn’t screw snugly into the clasp end. Subsequently tried it on other bracelets and it screwed onto them fine so I was left thinking I have a faulty bracelet. Couldn’t have known as it was the first time I had tried to fit a safety chain to it since I got it last December. Thankfully I got both the bracelet and the safety chain from The Jewel Hut (could have been a problem if they were from different retailers) so both have gone back today but I may not have a base bracelet to make my design next week now :(

        • Aww, that’s such a shame. :( It’s not an uncommon problem with Pandora bracelets – I’ve had it happen with one of my new ones, but they exchanged it for me. I’ve bought from The Jewel Hut before (and when I was at uni they owned my local concept store) and I’ve found them to be pretty good when sorting problems. Hopefully you’ll get your bracelet in time! <3

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