Today sees the last of my coverage of Pandora Summer 2014 (just before the new Pre-Autumn collection comes out this Thursday), with a review of the collection’s quirky Windmill charm! Thematically, the Windmill fits well with the travel themes of the Summer 2014 collection, as it would make a great souvenir of a holiday to the country. In fact, my parents got me this charm from their own trip to Amsterdam this year. ^^

pandora summer 2014 windmill

This charm and the Lucky Penny were my two buys of the Pandora Summer 2014 collection. While I enjoyed the bright oranges and teal hues that characterised many of the release’s designs, I found that I was most attracted to the all-silver designs, which reminded me of some of Pandora’s older collections and styles.

pandora summer 2014

The Charm

For this review, I’ve tried to capture the charm from all its various angles, as it has some really lovely oxidised detailing. As the design of the charm is actually quite detailed and looks pretty substantial from its stock image, I was expecting it to be slightly larger. However, it is really quite petite, as you can see in my ‘styling’ shots below – it’s no bigger than, say, the Darling Daisy clip or any of the standard silver charms. It’s not overly chunky at all.

There were rumours before it came out that the blades of the windmill actually moved, but unfortunately the blades are static. That would have been adorable, though! ;)

pandora windmill summer 2014 collage

It reminds me in style of some of the older Pandora charms, but with perhaps a dash more sophistication. It has the same cute simplicity, and yet it has more realism in its details.


It has a rather sweet, whimsical look to it, so I instinctively wanted to style it in a more feminine design. The Windmill fits with delicate charms such as the Rose or the Cherry Blossom murano, but its quirkiness also adds a bit of interest. I liked the contrast of the its burnished silver look against the Pandora Rose bracelet’s clasp, too!

pandora summer 2014

It isn’t the most summery of stylings, but then I don’t think the Windmill itself is necessarily that evocative of the summer season. I had to pair it with the gorgeous Pandora Bicycle charm, too, which also reminds me of Holland!

pandora summer 2014


This was probably my favourite charm of the Summer 2014 release. It may be small, but it packs in plenty of Pandora’s beautiful trademark details. Its all-silver design also makes it more versatile than the rest of the collection’s offerings, with their bright hues and more overt seasonal motifs. It works well as a travel charm, but also just as a cute charm in its own right!

It’s priced very reasonably, too, at £25 in the UK – it retails for $40 in the US.

Did the Windmill go on your wish list? Did you buy anything else from the Summer 2014 collection?

9 Comments on Review: Pandora Windmill from Summer 2014

  1. LOL! Finally you have posted the Windmill charm! :D Omigosh! You have also added the Clock charm you bought recently? I am so jealous here!! lol I haven’t been styling my bracelet lately because I received some funny weird Direct Messages from some haters :( I know I can ignore them but I just felt a tad uncomfortable :( Nevertheless, I always feel better after reading your updates here :D Thanks so much and appreciate all your lovely updates here. Tee-hee~! xoxo <3

    • Haha, I know – some posts lately have just taken me ages to publish! I did add the clock, yes… I wasn’t happy with the original pictures I took of the Windmill, so I persuaded my parents to dig it out again for me. :P
      Oh no, that’s horrible! :( I have been missing your gorgeous pictures, and I really hope that you will post some again. I don’t know why a select few feel the need to send such pointlessly mean messages, but you should remember that we all love you and your pictures! :D I completely understand you feeling uncomfortable, though. Poor you! <3
      Thank you! <3 Hope to see some more 'dora pictures from you, too. ^^ xxxx

      • Thank you my dear! I also love you, your blog and your pictures a lot :D don’t worry I ain’t lesbian Lol :D yes, hopefully more ‘dora pictures especially during Christmas as I can’t wait to see the Christmas collection! :D thanks for always being here reading and listening to me too. Appreciate it to bits~ xoxo <3

        • Haha, I can’t wait to see a Christmas design from you! My own Christmassy bracelet that I built last year was a slight cheat, as I just added all my Christmas charms to an existing purple design, to make it a little more versatile. ^^ I might have to rearrange it into something a bit more special for this year!
          Thank you, too, for your lovely comments! :D They’re a pleasure to read. xxxx

    • Yes, I love it with the bike! They look so cute together. I really love it when Pandora do more specific charm designs; this works so well as a reminder of Holland and just as a quirky design in its own right. ^^

  2. I love the bicycle and windmill together, both are on my wish list! haha, I’m planning to get them both for the bracelet promo in october. The silver charms look lovely against the rose gold, heres hoping they bring out a rose gold bracelet permanently! x

    • Yay, they’re such cute charms! They’re both very sweet and understated, in contrast to a lot of recent Pandora pieces. I keep hearing various things on whether they are bringing out the plated rose gold or not. Right now I’m more inclined to think that there aren’t plans to bring it out right now :( I’d still love to see a solid rose gold two tone bracelet, even if I couldn’t afford it! x

  3. I have a question about this charm – mine has an additional mark under the hall mark – a little cross! It’s the same style as the Red Cross symbol. I bought it from a concept store in the UK so it is genuine, but I can’t find anything about this extra mark. Does yours have this??

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