Following on from my preview of the Pandora Winter 2014 collection and jewellery, I now have a sneak peek of a new limited edition pavé bangle that will be accompanying the collection! The bangle features a new pavé star design on one side of its clasp, and will be the second LE bangle from Pandora this year.

The bangle is due out with the Winter 2014 pieces on the 30th of October.

The Star Bangle

The bangle is a limited edition piece, featuring a special clasp with a pavé star design in clear cubic zirconia stones. The star motif complements both the dramatic cosmic motifs of the Winter 2014 collection and its more festive pieces, and offers a cute LE piece in time for the holidays!

This is set to retail for $75 in the USI don’t have news on pricing in other currencies, or how exactly this bangle will be made available in other regions.

pandora winter 2014 LE pavé star bangle

This LE bangle will be the second that Pandora have produced, following on from the Circle of Love bangle (as it was known in the US), which featured a special pavé heart design on one side of its clasp:

pandora pink pave heart bangle 2nd take mark
This bangle was released with the Mother’s Day 2014 collection, and only a limited number were produced (although it is still quite widely available to buy).

pandora circle of love bangle

When the Circle of Love bangle was released back in April, it was available in varying ways depending on your region – for example, it was available to buy on its own in the US, while the UK sold it only as part of a gift set. It was only offered as a GWP in Australia, too. Consequently, I can’t predict exactly how this new starry version of the bangle will be obtainable in different regions.

My Comment

When I first heard about this new bangle I was a little unsure, as, when I got my Circle of Love bangle, I was thinking that it was a special one-off LE bangle from Pandora. Does it reduce the exclusivity of my original pavé heart bangle if they continue to release multiple LE bangles? Yes, it probably does. However, I’ve since come to the conclusion that I don’t really mind.

This new version of the bangle will most probably look great in person, and it would make an amazing gift for the holidays. The clear cubic zirconia of the star may not be as striking as the original pink pavé heart bangle, but it does make it slightly more versatile.

The idea of having a range of LE bangles also admittedly seems a sweet idea, and I like the concept of themed exclusive pieces for each special season. However, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more potential versions beyond the original Circle of Love bangle, as I just adore it – it has such a lovely soft pastel shade. I want to keep it as a special piece in my collection. Of course, they may not produce any more than these two, anyway.

What do you think of the new pavé star bangle? Will it be going on your wish list?

9 Comments on Preview: Pandora LE Pavé Star Bangle for Winter 2014

  1. I love the look of the new bangle coming out. It would make a beautiful festive gift.
    I also love the look of the openworks charm on your pink pave heart bangle. I must start collecting the openworks charms!

    • Yes, I’d love to see it in person or even just a live shot! I bet it’s gorgeous – the only reason I wouldn’t go for it would be because I have the original pave heart bangle.
      Thank you! The openwork charms are just lovely, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re cheaper as we’ll. ;) I find that they’re great for adding cohesion to a design, and pulling it all together, too.
      Thanks so much for commenting! <3

      • I have the pave heart bangle too and love it! I really love the look of the bangles and how light weight they are. I think they would look great together.
        I’m hoping to get a couple of openworks charms for my birthday. Maybe the hearts and butterflies :)

        • Yes, I love how light and easy to wear they are! I’m wearing mine all the time now that it’s got so hot here in the UK, and I absolutely love it. The two stacked together would look gorgeous, too! <3
          The heart and the butterfly ones are so pretty – I have the butterflies and the daisies. I'd love to get more. I hope your birthday will bring you them! :)

  2. I did not buy the LE bangle with the heart, but will purchase the Star one as I love stars ! The two tone bangle is stunning, need to save up so I can wear that with the star one or on it´s own.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to show us / tell us about all these news, always a pleasure to read you !

    • I love stars, too, and I’m really looking forward to the Winter collection as a whole! I think this bangle is a really gorgeous release for the holidays, too.
      That’s so lovely to hear – thank you for reading! :D

      • I got the LE star bangle in a small jewelry shop today. What a surprise! Can $85 + 13% tax. I just returned the mother day heart paved gift set, this is a good replacement, comfortable on my waist and easy to open and close. At least I got a LE bangle now.

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