Today’s post sees my (slightly late!) monthly round-up of all Pandora news and rumours for August! This encompasses all the key dates for the upcoming month, but also includes little bits and pieces of news that didn’t necessarily merit their own post.

The big news for August 2014 is the release of the much-anticipated Autumn 2014 collection. This collection has met with some really positive reactions from Pandora fans, and I personally can’t wait to see it in person. Aside from that, there’s not an awful lot to include this month, as there aren’t any big promotions coming up. In the meantime, the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2014 collection just launched at the end of July, so you have a month to ponder any purchases from that collection before the Autumn collection itself hits!

Pandora Autumn/Fall 2014 Collection

The biggest event for Pandora collectors in August has to be the release of the brand’s Autumn 2014 collection, right at the end of the month. The collection is set to debut on the 28th of August, and is once again a very seasonal offering from Pandora, drawing on autumnal motifs for colour scheme and designs.

pandora autumn winter 2014

Honey-coloured muranos complement shimmering leaf designs, while contrastingly cool midnight blue pieces offer a representation of the transition into longer nights and cooler days. For those who aren’t as interested in those more decorative pieces, there are also some fabulous individual charms, including majestic animals and new Japanese and Korean Doll pendants. I am personally really excited for this collection in particular, as it seems to me have a little more character and flair than previous offerings so far this year. While Pandora have kept to their current trend of mirroring the seasons in their collections, the Autumn 2014 release seems to have some more unique pieces that don’t just draw on autumnal themes. It offers the best of both worlds, perhaps.

I’ve also found a couple more live shots from the collection, including one of the sweet Rocking Horse. What I wouldn’t give to go to one of these events! ;)

Pandora Essence Autumn 2014

pandora essence autumn winter 2014

Also making its debut on the 28th of August is the Pandora Essence Fall 2014 collection. I particularly love this release, and it’s another reason that I am increasingly tempted to get an Essence bracelet. There’s so much scope contained with the collection’s twelve new charms, with a variety of styles and textures offered – the charms include four new stone charms, four new silvers, and, most excitingly, four new two-tone designs! The designs themselves are stunning and serve to enrich the Essence line in a way that I feel the Summer 2014 Zodiac collection couldn’t.

If you want to have a look at the new charms in detail, check out my full preview of the collection here! There are also some live shots of the charms available, too.

Pandora September Bracelet Promo for the US

While the next US silver bracelet promotion is not scheduled until later in September, I found a sneak peek of a poster for the event that reveals something worth noting, I think. Interestingly, this poster includes the Essence bracelet, suggesting that it will be included in the promotion:

pandora essence bracelet promotion

The inclusion of the Pandora Essence bracelet in the US’s extremely popular silver bracelet promotion has been a consistent request from fans, and this seems like the perfect way to get people to make the leap and try the Essence range. This poster looks pretty promising, so fingers crossed! ;)

My Comment

As I’ve said, I’m eager to see the Autumn 2014 collections in person, particularly the new Essence pieces. The latter half of 2014 is set to be a really strong one for Pandora, and I love what they’ve come up with. There are some truly exciting pieces coming up this year, what with a new two-tone bangle and a two-tone Essence bracelet set to be released (although there is no exact confirmation on when exactly that will be), too!

Are you excited for the upcoming Autumn 2014 collections? Would you be interested in an Essence bracelet GWP?

12 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up For August 2014

  1. Honey Pave light charm is coming.
    Finally we can create rainbow theme from pave light charms.
    Happy with this :)

  2. I was in a Pandora store this weekend, buying a wood bead to add to my double leather bracelet before they’re gone, and the salesperson confirmed that the Essence bracelet will be part of the upcoming promotion. Not something I’m planning on this time out. I normally like minimalist detailing, and I do like that these charms are supposed to not slide around, but they lack personality for me. Maybe once the collection has had a chance to grow, I might be more interested.
    I am planning a few upcoming purchases when the new designs come out. I just NEED the wing and heart dangle (your photo helped me to get an idea of it’s size – thanks!) and will likely buy myself the treble clef also. I’m planning to take advantage of the promotion to get one of my daughters started on a Pandora bracelet also. Her birthday is in December, so I’ll be getting her birthday present early!

    • Ah, thank you so much for that confirmation! It really does make sense for them to include it, considering that a lot of people were annoyed that you had to buy a whole separate bracelet for the Essence charms.
      I understand what you mean completely regarding the Essence line, though. I initially didn’t find it anywhere near as interesting or appealing as my traditional Pandora bracelets. However, it has grown on me since – whenever I see people wearing the Essence bracelets, I really am struck by how delicate and pretty they look. Consequently, I’m still pondering getting one, especially as I like the upcoming collection so much!
      You’re welcome! The wing and heart dangle is really beautiful – and you’re right, it does look great styled more casually on the leather bracelet I think. <3 I just remembered that I did post this live shot of it ages ago – that also gives you a pretty good idea of its size and what it looks like in person:

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Essence being included in this upcoming promo. It gives me time to save for some of the charms from the upcoming collection- specially the gold ones. Do you know if the 2 tone bangle andEssence bracelet will be included in this promo?

    • You’re welcome! I think that the two-tone bangle and Essence bracelet will be out for Winter 2014 at the end of October, so not until after the promo. :(

  4. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the great post! I feel the same as you…I didn’t find the essence range that appealing but now I am drawn to the colours…the only thing I don’t really like is the wording on the bead like “passion” etc…
    Do you know if the free bracelet promo will be available in Australia? :) If so I might be tempted to wait until then to buy an essence bracelet!
    With the Fall range I am really looking forward to the Mystic Floral padlock design charm! Have you seen any live shots of that charm?


    • Hi Liz! I’ve never been keen on the Essence ‘values’, either – I find them a bit much. However, if I get one, I’ll probably just get the charms that I like, irrespective of what concept they’re meant to represent.
      This bracelet promo will only run in the US and Canada – I’m not aware of any equivalent for Australia right now. :( Sorry about that! You could always try and get a friend in America to try and help you with the promo, though. :)
      Ah, that’s one of my favourites, too! As for live shots, I just found this one.

  5. Oh so pretty the yellow ones!! :D LOL Thanks for updating us my dear!! xoxo :D Having said that, I still need to take a look at it in person especially the Honey coloured murano and pave :D I saw some very nice new Karma beads from Thomas Sabo! LOL! I will have a look this weekend :D LOL By the way, I have recently received some birthday presents and I have gotten the one Rose Gold Pendants :P It’s the Lucky in Love and it’s SO PRETTY :D I will upload it soon on my IG. Tee~hee! :D xoxo <3

    • I am really growing to love the citrine murano! It does look like such a lovely warm colour in all the pictures that are emerging of it. Very sunshine-y, just like your username!
      Ooooh, lovely!! Lucky you. So has your birthday been and gone, or are these some early presents? I bet it’s gorgeous, I can’t wait to see some of your pictures of it! I’ll keep checking in on your IG haha.
      Heh, you’ve been neglecting your Sabo lately… maybe it’s time to indulge a little? xxxx

  6. Hi dear! xoxo Lol! I have been so busy with lunch and dinner treats lately thus the delay in replying you. Apologies xoxo Lol! Yes indeed. I am very excited to see the honey citrine murano too! :D actual bird day you will see my Pandora birthday pressie on my IG :D I have received a bangle and 3 charms. Lol. Yes, I think I may indulge a little after my birthday month :D muacks~! xoxo <3

    • Haha, well, I have been enjoying seeing all your mouthwatering food pics on IG ;) Wow, lucky you! ^^ I didn’t get a bangle for ages after it came out, but I love mine now. xxxx

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