Today’s post takes a look at what’s upcoming for the Pandora Essence Winter 2014 collection! Having said that, this isn’t strictly speaking a ‘collection’, as it only appears to comprise a couple of pieces – a new Pandora Essence necklace, and a two-tone bracelet, both of which are set to debut on the 31st of October. In this way, it makes a nice complement to the Pandora Essence Autumn 2014 collection, which consists entirely of new charms for the Essence range.

Pandora Essence Winter 2014

The new Essence necklace is all-silver, and will be available in two sizes: 45cm, at a price of $80 USD; and 70cm, at a price of $100 USD.

pandora essence necklace

Also being released is the new two-tone Essence bracelet, which features the traditional silver Essence chain with a 14kt gold clasp. It will reportedly be priced at $320 in the US, so it will be something of an investment!

pandora essence two-tone bracelet

My Comment

When considered in combination with the stunning Essence Autumn 2014 collection, I can only continue to be far more impressed with Pandora’s offerings for Essence in the latter half of 2014 – they seem fully dedicated to strengthening and diversifying the range! The two-tone bracelet makes perfect sense, considering the new two-tone charms that are due out with the Essence Autumn collection this year. The elegance of two-tone also suits the Essence’s more understated, delicate look. On the other hand, I have never been too keen on the Pandora charm necklaces, but the more delicate Essence chain might work better as a necklace than the traditional Moments snake chain.

What do you think of these new pieces? Would you invest in a two-tone Essence bracelet?

12 Comments on Preview: Pandora Essence for Winter 2014

  1. I really like the Essence collection. And I really like both of these pieces. I would buy the necklace and hope and pray Pandora one day includes the two-tone Essence bracelet in the GWP promo.

    As much as I like Essence I, like many others, wish they made a safety chain. For now I use the Double Bubble clip to secure it to my bangle. I figure the bangle isn’t likely to fall off.

    • Hmm, I think that the bracelet’s cost is just too prohibitive for most. I certainly couldn’t afford to spend that much – and then I’d have to get some two-tone charms to go with it, which would make it further out of reach. Seeing as they’re including the silver bracelet in the upcoming US $100 promo, maybe they’ll include the two-tone Essence at some point in the future?
      So many people have requested a safety chain – I would be surprised if it wasn’t in the pipeline at some point. I know that it perhaps doesn’t suit the more minimalist aesthetic of the Essence collection (no dangles, etc) but after all the problems with the original clasp, I think it would be good to at least offer one.

    • That seems to be the reaction in general! I expected the two-tone bracelet to be more popular, but I suppose it’s just too expensive to be truly exciting haha.

  2. I love the necklace! I always wanted the snake necklace but thought it was too think and bold. This is the perfect solution! I will definitely be putting this on my wish list and I will be dropping some not at all subtle hints to hubby lol I can see myself enjoying the essence collection on a necklace much more that a bracelet.

    • Yay! :D I agree – the traditional snake chain necklace has never looked quite right to me, and I think the slimmer Essence chain will probably work much better. Haha, I hope those hints are heard and that you get your necklace! ;)

      • I had purchased the Pandora traditional snake chain necklace and eventually gave it away. I added the clips and a few charms and with the length and the weight of the silver, it got too heavy for comfort. Last year, I purchased the Essence 27.6″ snake chain necklace thinking it would be better and I placed 5 essence charms on it and I found it kept moving around my neck making the beads look uneven. I have now come to the conclusion the shorter necklace would be better I think because of the difference in weight and length.
        I do like the 2 tone essence bracelet and have it on my wish list. I am putting the short essence necklace on my wish list also. As for my 27.6″ necklace, I am retiring it.
        Thank you very much for all your interesting and informative articles. I love them:D

        • Yes, I always thought that the traditional Moments necklace looked very heavy to wear, so I’ve never been tempted. The shorter Essence does sound like a good alternative – and it’s cheaper! ;)
          I have the two-tone Essence bracelet and it is gorgeous. :D You don’t need to add two-tone beads to it for it to look good either. I have just a few of the new Autumn Essence beads and it looks lovely. <3
          Thank you so much Cheryl! I'm so pleased that you enjoy them – I do enjoy hearing from you too :D

  3. Great, I was hoping that they would include an Essence necklace!! I was already collecting Essence silver bracelets to combine them into a necklace. I know what will be on my next Christmas wish list (if I am not tempted to buy it on the 31th of October :-) )

    • I’m glad you got your wish! :D I’m really pleased to see Pandora invest in expanding and developing the options offered for Pandora Essence – the delicate look of the Essence chain and beads will work perfectly as a necklace, I think!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

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