Today’s post finally sees a preview of the upcoming Pandora Disney collection for North America! The collection is scheduled to make its debut in early November and features an array of two-tone and silver charms, plus some clips and murano glass. The contract between Pandora and Disney will last for ten years, so this will be the first of a number of collections over the years – so don’t be too disappointed if your favourite Disney characters aren’t here!

This post previews the pieces that will be sold in Pandora concept stores – there will be an additional collection of 16 charms that will be sold exclusively in Disney park locations. Additionally, there were supposed to be 25 pieces in this collection and I only have images of 23, so I might be missing a couple. As a couple of readers have now pointed out, the two enamel dangles in the campaign image look to make up the missing two! Thanks, guys!

Pandora Disney

I am waiting on the names and prices of these charms, so hopefully I will update with those later!

Pandora Disney Collection

The collection is heavily decorative, and the majority of the charms feature traditional Disney motifs such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I particularly love the little Cupcake in this selection!

Prices are as follows (from left to right, top row to bottom row):

Mickey Silhouettes – $70 USD; Mickey All Around Spacer – $45 USD; Minnie and Mickey, Infinity – $60 USD

Sparkling Mickey & Hearts – $85 USD; Minnie Cupcake – $50 USD; Mickey & Hearts – $60 USD

Pandora Disney collection 2014 decorative mark

 There will be a couple of two-tone charms, modelled on the same design as the upcoming two-tone Love charm for the Valentine’s Day 2015 collection. I think the charm on the left says ‘Dream’ , while the two-tone charm on the right reads, ‘Believe’.

Prices are as follows:

Dream – $80 USD; Heart of Mickey – $55 USD; Believe – $80 USD

Mickey & Minnie Kiss – $55 USD; Be Magical – $55 USD

Pandora Disney collection 2014 hearts mark

A nice surprise is to see a small selection of murano glass charms and pavé clips, which again feature the traditional Disney colours of red, black and white. The Minnie murano reminds me a lot of the original Pandora Ladybird muranos, funnily enough. I love the Minnie clip with its little bow! <3

Prices are as follows:

Muranos – $45 USD

Clips – $65 USDPandora Disney collection 2014 clips and muranos markFinally, we have a selection of Disney dangle charms! Of these, the stand-out for me is the blue pavé Cinderella shoe, which is just lovely. I also like the snowflake design, which undoubtedly taps into the current vogue for Disney’s Frozen.

Prices are as follows:

Sparkling Mickey Icon – $50 USD; Mickey & Minnie $85 USD; Solid Mickey Icon – $50 USD; Sparkling Minnie Icon – $50 USD

Mickey Sparkling Snowflake – $55 USD; LOVE Mickey – $55 USD; Cinderella Sparkling Shoe – $65 USD

Pandora Disney collection 2014 dangles mark

My Comment

I know that we have all been waiting very patiently for a glimpse of these charms and it’s fantastic to finally see what’s in store. I have my favourites from this collection, including the Cinderella pavé shoe and the Minnie cupcake and clip; however, I’m a little sad not to see a greater variety of character charms. I’d have loved to see an appearance from the adorable Winnie the Pooh characters – however, there is always, of course, the promise of future collections. The other thing that’s slightly grating is the fact that many of these charms are modelled on existing Pandora designs, with the Disney Mickey logo replacing the previous stars or hearts.

It remains a shame that these charms are North-American-exclusives right now, but I would be very surprised if we didn’t see them make it to other regions eventually. Disney is so universally popular that I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be a big seller.

What do you think of the Disney collection? Does it live up to expectation?

27 Comments on Preview: Pandora Disney Collection 2014

  1. So sad that these are only for America… I do hope they bring them to the uk eventually as they are beautiful.. I’d definitely pick up a couple as I love disney.. Would have loved to see more characters though as there is more to disney than Minnie and Mickey Mouse..
    Great post :) x

    • Me too! I would be so, so surprised if they didn’t make it here eventually – the Chamilia Disney range was available here for one thing, and there’s definitely the market for it. Hopefully more characters will follow in future collections! :) xx

  2. LOVE!!!! That’s all I can say. I’m a huge mickey fan and I just love these. I would love to see more characters like Pluto, Goofy, Belle, Ariel etc… Excited though!!! Thanks for the post!!!

    • Aha, yay! So glad you’re a fan. I’m also hoping to see some more characters in future collections, and some more iconic symbols from Disney films – like the rose from Beauty in the Beast. :D

  3. I’m like you- I was hoping for individual character charms. A Tangled lantern or sun, a Genie lamp, the shell that held Ariel’s voice! I won’t be buying from this first batch I don’t think, but I have hope for the next set, or the set after!

    • Yes, I’d have liked to see more characters to start with! Love your ideas for iconic motifs – my favourite would be the rose from Beauty and the Beast. <3 You never know, maybe the missing sixteen will have a little more variety! I'm not sure as to whether I'll be trying to obtain any of these, although I do really love the Cinderella Slipper.

  4. I like the two-tone open works with the mouse ears. I think they’re subtle yet still Disney. I also adore that snowflake pendant, even just for a winter bracelet.

    I really like it. I hope they introduce more characters in the future but I think it’s a good basis :) The glass look to be well executed too.

    Definitely a hit for me but those of us outside of the specified regions need to hope they expand the distribution :< It's crazy considering both Euro Disney Paris and Tokyo Disney have been ignored! I know some people think Euro Disney has been neglected by Disney for years but Tokyo is meant to be their shiny new toy!


    • I love the Snowflake, too! It’s great for Frozen-lovers, although it does have that little Mickey Mouse in its centre again. The Slipper is my favourite, though, I think. ^^
      I agree with you – I think that more characters are a must, but that this is a solid start. There are some really pretty pieces, and Mickey and Minnie are pretty iconic of Disney so a big focus on them is perhaps to be expected. I also don’t understand the US-only decision on distribution – I just went to Disneyland Paris and I’d have loved to be able to get one of these to remember it :( I would be absolutely amazed if they didn’t expand its availability in future – how can it be anything other than profitable for them?

      • Pandora are pretty business savvy, I just can’t imagine they’d miss an opportunity to sell Disney globally. There could always be something in their contract that restricts it I suppose? But that would see really weird as Chamilia and Thomas Sabo both sold globally. I wondered at first if there was some sort of issue with Thomas Sabo still having Disney licensing and them being so active in the European market… but if that was the case, surely Sabo wouldn’t be permitted to ship their range globally?

        I think this first release should be viewed as like a “core” collection. The contract runs for years so they’re obviously going to build on it. If you needed a starting point with Disney, Mickey and Minnie are it I guess :D

        I made a new Frozen bracelet using Elfbeads glass and Pandora silvers. I’m really in love with it :D


        • Yes, I wondered that – but then again, I can’t see why Disney wouldn’t want the charms available globally either! The fact that TS and Chamilia sell their Disney ranges globally further confuses the issue :S I also wondered if restrictions on licensing have possibly limited the number of characters they can utilise in this initial collection? I don’t know haha. But as you say, Minnie and Mickey are the obvious place to start!
          Oooh sounds lovely! I’d love to see that – hopefully it’ll be on your blog soon? ^^ I have to say that I’m loving your Elfbeads showcases, they are just beautiful :D

  5. These are a lot more tasteful than I imagined.
    They may be modelled on the current collection but they are a lot nicer than the chamilia Disney collection.
    I really like the spotty glass charm.

  6. Can’t wait to purchase some of these. Received an email that some stores have them already. Are these the set prices for these charms? Thanks!

    • I’m very jealous! :D I’d love to get a couple of the Minnie pieces. And yes, that’s right, the prices listed here are the fixed US RRP for the Disney charms. :)

      • Aww don’t be. They’ll be by you very soon :) and awesome!! I’m excited haha. These pieces are perfect but they do need to come out with a few more like the princesses and such but it’s a start. Thanks again!! Have a great day!!

        • I totally agree! The cinderella shoe is a start, but more princesses would be great. My most wished for is definitely winnie the Pooh, though, haha. You’re welcome! Have a great day too.

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