*UPDATED* Today’s post takes a look at the upcoming Pandora Winter gift sets for North America! These gift sets will only be sold in the US and Canada, and will be available from November this year. I only have low-res images of the sets as of right now (and none are out yet of the Black Friday charm for this year), but they do give you an idea of what you can expect!

cosmic pandora

The Stargazer and Starlight gift sets will be available from the 1st of November until December the 31st.

Stargazer Bracelet Set

This bracelet set is set to retail for $200 USD/$230 CAD (RRP $260 USD) and consists of two of the clear Cosmic clips, the new Winter 2014 silver Galaxy charm and the traditional silver barrel clasp bracelet. The gift set will be presented in a leatherette box.

pandora winter 2014 starlight bracelet gift set

Starlight Jewellery Set

This set includes the clear Pavé Lights charm on a necklace chain (590412-45) and the clear cubic zirconia Legacy earrings, retailing for $125 USD/$150 CAD (RRP $175 USD). This will again be sold with a leatherette jewellery box.

pandora winter 2014 starlight jewelry gift set

Wish Upon a Star Set

There’s also a third bracelet set option, which includes the 2014 Black Friday charm, plus both the Starlight Bracelet set and the Starlight Jewellery set – this will be sold for $350 USD, representing a saving of $160 USD. This promotion will only be available from the 28th to the 30th of November.

winter 2014 pandora wish upon a star

Of course, there are no pictures out of the 2014 Black Friday charm yet! However I have heard that it is modelled on the Winter 2014 Christmas Ornament charm.

*UPDATED 6/10/14*  I now have a picture of the Pandora Black Friday 2014 charm for this year! I think it is rather lovely, and I’ll definitely be getting one of these this November. There is no sign of the date being written on it from this picture, however.

pandora black friday 2014
It is also confirmed that it will retail for $75 in the US.

My Comment

As ever, these Christmas gift sets are a great opportunity to start off a Pandora collection, or to begin a starry-themed bracelet based on the Winter 2014 collection. However I do think that they pale a little in comparison with last year’s Twelve Days of Christmas promotion, which was a really fun festive promo.

Will you be asking for any of these gift sets? What do you think of the rumours concerning of the Black Friday charm?

11 Comments on Pandora Winter 2014 Gift Sets for the US & Canada

  1. I wish Pandora would stop making the Black Friday Charm based on the Christmas Theme, the original “Black Friday” Charm 2011 is my favorite because it can be worn on any bracelet theme where as the others although I do have them don’t really fit in on lets say a summer based theme bracelet.

    • That’s a really good point! I guess they’re looking to tap into the excitement of the holiday season, but it would be nice to have some more versatile designs that could be enjoyed all year round. I really like the Midnight Hearts 2011 charm, too – it’s on my wish list. It’s very classic-looking and elegant. <3

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