Today is an exciting day in the Pandora world, as the fantastic September bracelet promotion for the US and Canada starts today! The bracelet promotion includes more options and opportunities than ever this time around. Plus, with the lovely Pandora Autumn 2014 collection just out, there are plenty of beautiful new pieces available to tempt you into hitting those spends. ^^

pandora us bracelet promo

Readers outside the US should note that retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions – if you want to take part, you will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help you out!

The Promotion

The bracelet promotion is bigger and better than ever this time around! It’s available from today until the 21st of September (or the 22nd if your store is closed on a Sunday) and the qualifying spends are as follows:

  • spend $100 USD ($125 CAD) and receive your choice of the Pandora silver barrel clasp bracelet, the Pandora silver bangle or the Pandora Essence bracelet
  • spend $500 USD ($550 CAD) and receive the Pandora two-tone bracelet
  • spend $3,000 USD ($3,300 CAD) and receive the 14kt gold Pandora barrel clasp bracelet

Consequently this is a fantastic opportunity to try out the new Pandora Essence range, or to upgrade and go for a two-tone or even gold bracelet. If you’re looking to substitute any of these bracelets for another option such as the oxidised bracelet, you should double-check with your store first.

Pandora Two-Tone Bracelets

Moreover, Pandora NA has pushed forward the release of both the new two-tone Essence bracelet and the two-tone bangle, meaning that they will be available in many stores in time for the promotion! I have to say that they look beautiful to me – the bigger circular clasp looks stunning in gold.

Image by Pandora Westfield Citrus Park
Image by Pandora Westfield Citrus Park

Once again, you should double-check with your store to see if they have these lovely pieces in for the promo.

My Comment

This is always such an exciting promo, and it’s made even more so this time around by the incredible range of options on offer. I don’t think there’s another promo that can compare to it! I’m really looking forward to seeing what people get, both in terms of their qualifying items and in terms of which bracelet they go for. ^^

Will you be taking part? If so, which charms and bracelets have you gone for?

16 Comments on Free bracelet promotion for North America starts today!

  1. I went for it! Although, hubby wasn’t going for the free gold bracelet. But its a great deal! He tuned me out as soon as I said spend $3000. So I got the two-tone instead. I got a NY Giants football helmet charm, 2 Lazy Daisy clips, the hearts two-tone safety chain, an Essence charm and the leather cord. I really wanted the Bouquet safety chain but it was out of stock. I tried to pick items that are a little more expensive (the helmet is $160) to reach the $500 amount. I was able to call the store last week and they put everything aside for me. Next Monday they’ll mail it so hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have it. I can’t wait to be stationed back in the states so I can actually go in the store for the promo.

    • Haha, I like that you gave the gold bracelet a go! ;) But the two-tone bracelet is gorgeous, too, how exciting! It is always tempting to get lots and lots of small items to make up the spend, as it feels so exciting that way, but I think it is worthwhile going for the higher ticket items! Lovely choices, you’ve picked a nice variety of pieces. And I have to say that I adore the TT hearts safety chain – it’s my favourite of them all!
      Ah, it must be frustrating having to wait for it all to arrive! I’m so impatient; it’s one of the reasons that I haven’t yet tried to get someone in the US to help me with one of these promos haha. But at least it will draw out the excitement for a little longer. Hope it gets there speedily! :D

  2. I wanted another silver barrel clasp bracelet to use for only holidays, as I have clips and charms to go on it. I bought the openwork leaves charm for my everyday bracelet (I love fall) and the snowflake with aqua stone for the holiday bracelet. I took advantage of the presale, and hubby is going to pick it up for me tonight. I can’t wait to put it together for Halloween.

    • Oh lovely! I love that snowflake charm, it’s a Pandora classic. ^^ Holiday bracelets are always fun, especially as there are so many festive charms to choose from! I do wish that they had more Halloween charms, however, so hopefully they will release some more for next year. Have fun putting it together – I would love to see what it looks like! <3

      • I would love more Halloween charms because it’s my favorite holiday. The leaves openwork is beautiful, but it doesn’t twist over the threads. I moved it closest to the barrel because it will slide right off the bracelet.

        • Yes, I still find it a weird decision to retire all the original Halloween charms. :/ No, that’s right – none of the openworks will thread on the bracelet. It’s a great idea to put it next to the barrel as it will go right over the thread and give you a little bit more room for charms on the bracelet!

  3. Today I went into my local shop-in-shop here in Canada for the promotion! I finally got Evening floral, and the Vino charm to commemorate a wonderful wine and cheese girl’s night I hosted the past weekend. I was just under the $125, so I got another heart spacer to match the one I had. My store was out of oxidized bracelets, so I just got the standard. I added the floral padlock, two floral spacers, two of the retired leaves spacers, and two of those lovely retired two tone heart clips- the vintage looking ones! My bracelet has a really lovely oxidized, vintage floral theme and I am absolutely in love!

    • Oh, your bracelet sounds perfect – that’s exactly the kind of design I love. It’s kind of what I want to do for my next bracelet, a vintage-looking oxidised theme with some two-tone thrown in. The Evening Floral is especially pretty – it reminds me a lot of some of the more classic Pandora designs, it’s so understated and elegant. Do you mean the double heart clips with stones in them? I just got the black Mystic Floral and it is gorgeous – it definitely has that oxidised floral look to it, too. :)

      • Yes that’s the ones- a peridot and a ruby. And oh yes! The black mystic floral is beautiful! That’s on my next list too- I’m not fond of the cubic zirconia in most styles but I love the twisting leaves on the mystic floral. I wish the two-tone clover bead (the old one, all solid) and the two-tone leaves bead (same story) were more affordable! I truly enjoy your site- thanks for everything you do!

        • Ah lovely, I have two of them in pink and they are beautiful! Oh good, I do think the black mystic looks perfect with the floral heart padlock – I don’t like cubics either really, but they’re very subtly done on this one and they are beautiful against the black enamel. It’s hard to avoid cubic zirconia in Pandora’s latest collections. ;)
          Oh yes, those would be great styled with the Evening Floral, and they have that lovely vintage look, too – it is a shame that they are so much!
          That is so nice to hear! Thank you very much for commenting <3

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