Exciting news today as we have a sneak peek at a few of the Pandora Disney charms that will be sold exclusively at Disney Park locations! While I previously shared a preview of the Disney charms that will be sold at Pandora concept stores, the Disney Parks blog has updated with a look at some of the charms which will be sold exclusively at Disney Park locations in North America.


For those who are unaware, the Pandora world has been extremely excited for the last month or so after the announcement of a 10-year-long collaboration between Pandora and Disney. The three designs previewed in this post are part of the 16-charm collection that will be exclusively sold in Disney Parks; there will also be a 25-charm collection that will be sold exclusively in Pandora concept stores. Unfortunately both these collections are limited to the US for now. :( The Pandora Disney collection is due out in early November.

I did previously preview the 25-charm concept store collection, but I was asked to remove those images by Pandora – these images were published by the Disney Park blog itself, so I’m assuming that I am okay to share them! :)

Pandora Disney Park Sneak Peek

Perhaps most excitingly, while there is no picture of it yet, the Disney Parks blog mentions an exclusive Pandora Disney charm bracelet:

We are thrilled to release a sterling silver Disney Parks bracelet, featuring PANDORA’s unique threading system and a ball clasp engraved with our castle logo.

However, in terms of charms, we get a glimpse of a new dangle, enamel openwork and silver charm. The Minnie Sparkling Ear Hat dangle features cubic zirconia pavé detailing in black and red stones.

pandora minnie sparkling ear dangle

The Mickey Mania charm, on the other hand, lives up to its name with some fun bright yellow and red enamel detailing. pandora mickey mania

Finally, we have a simple silver Disneyland charm with some delicate starry cubic zirconia detailing.pandora disneyland charm

My Comment

This is only a small sneak peek, but I’d still love to see charms based on more specific character designs! Of course, the contract between Pandora and Disney is set to last for ten years, so there is plenty of time for them to explore different designs and styles! I would love to see an image of the Pandora Disney charm bracelet too, which sounds very cute.

It’s also a shame that these charms are exclusive to the US right now, but I’m still hopeful that they will eventually make it to other regions.

What do you make of this sneak peek? Do you like any of these designs?

18 Comments on Sneak Peek at Pandora Disney Park Exclusive Charms

  1. I like that second one too, though it doesn’t go with anything I have. My 12 year old pointed out that it would look cute all by itself on a red leather bracelet, though. Smart kid! I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Disney exclusive charms for the parks. I wonder if they’ll eventually do anything special for the cruise line? (And I still REALLY need a Pooh charm!)

    • Yes, red and yellow aren’t exactly big in Pandora’s existing collections – but a red leather bracelet is a great idea! ;) I’m really looking forward to more sneak peeks, too, and it’s kind of fun that we will probably get them in dribs and drabs. Chamilia had the Disney contract before Pandora, and I’m pretty sure they did some cruise exclusives – so it’s very possible!
      I will never be 100% satisfied with the Disney line until Winnie the Pooh makes an appearance! ;)

      • Do you happen to know where I can find these at Walt Disney World? Is there a listing anywhere of specific shops where they’ll be sold anywhere that you’ve seen?

  2. ok is pandora gonna make a tinkerbell charm or charms???????????
    i am pandora addict & already previewed valentines day 2015 already
    i hope they make ones of my pixie dust girl!!!

  3. Has there been a conformed date as to when the charms as Disney World or the Pandora concept stores will be released? I am going to Disney soon and would love to be able to get a bracelet and charm to start a Disney themed bracelet.

    • Yep, it’s the 1st of November for the concept store collection – we don’t have a date yet for the Disney Parks exclusives, but they’re also expected to be available from early November. :)

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