Happy news for Pandora fans in the US, as US shopping discount website Rue La La have just announced their next Pandora sample will start on Monday (the 20th of October)! The sale will offer significant discounts on retired Pandora products, and usually includes charms, jewellery and watches. These sales seem to come around pretty regularly at the moment, although I’m sure people won’t be complaining!

pandora rue la la sale

The sale is due to start at 11am EDT on Monday! If you log on to the Rue La La website, you will notice that ‘PANDORA’ is listed under Monday’s sales. The best discounts tend to get snapped up pretty quickly, so it’s recommended that you go for the items you want as quickly as possible.

pandora rue la la

For the uninitiated, Rue La La is a US shopping website, which specialises in offering discounts from designer products. International readers should bear in mind that Rue La La is a US website, and will only ship to the continental US. If you want to participate in this sale, then you’ll have to get a friend from the US to help you! They do, however, now accept international credit cards.

Rue La La is an invite-only website, but you can use my invite code to access the website. Happy shopping!

Are you looking forward to the sale? Have you got any great deals from previous Rue La La Pandora boutiques?

26 Comments on Promotion Alert: Rue La La Pandora Sale on Monday!

  1. Hi there! I made my purchase today using your invite code- I have wanted Perfect Posies for so long now, and two of the black ‘vintage enamel’ spacers! (I have two of the copper and two of the purple… I’m out of control but I really like the look of them….) I think I must go back for another charm. I had to purchase an ‘online’ prepaid card, and of course they only ship to the states. Thank goodness for family! Thanks for the invite, again!

    • Hi! :D Lovely choices – I totally understand your thing for the Vintage spacers, they are absolutely stunning! I have the purple, too, but they don’t sell the black here. I thought there was so much good stuff in this sale – I tried to buy a couple of things myself, as the website said it took international credit cards now but it wouldn’t go through! :( In the end I gave up as all the things I wanted kept selling out haha. Couldn’t believe that the Black Friday charms and the Club charm were on there.
      You’re very welcome! Glad you managed to get some pieces. :D

      • Yes! I can’t believe they ‘accept international credit cards’ YET they need an american billing address??? That doesn’t make any sense to me. I must say that the customer service team (email and phone) were of very little help. I really went a bit out of my way this morning, but I’ve been seeking the pieces for a while and they were so well priced. I was amazed to see the exclusive charms too! What were you looking to buy yourself?

        • I know! I think that was my problem, too! I don’t understand it either – how can you have an international credit card with a US address? I wanted two amethyst cabochons and a gold murano, which have gone now – plus, the BF 2012 charm and the Morning Butterfly pendant. So quite a lot, haha. The prices on the gold muranos were so good!

  2. Well I lost my mind and bought everything! Slight exaggeration but its pretty close to the truth. I was looking for some gold clips but all they had were the Hypnotize clips that they’ve had forever. I decided instead to get the gold Starlight charm, then decided to get the clip anyway. In between those 2 purchases I bought 3 necklaces, the brown smooth triple leather bracelet and 2 each of Leaf and Bow spacers. I also got the Heart safety chain, Life’s Rhythm charm and Flow pendant. Crazy!

    I wonder why the Heart safety chain and silver triple leather bracelet were part of the sale. The 2 BF charms and Club charm were weird too. I wonder if stores have so much inventory on those items that they went ahead and sent them back (or whatever it is that they do with them). The Pandora in Heidelberg that I go to has about 20 Club charms sitting by the register seemingly untouched.

    • Aha that is awesome! If my credit card had worked, I think I would have gone a little crazy too… there was so much that I wanted! :( The prices on gold were amazing, congrats on your purchases!
      I was surprised to see the triple leather, too, but didn’t notice the safety chain until you said! I’m surprised that it’s on there as I always thought that it was popular. It may be that they both are up for retirement in the near future, perhaps? Usually the charms on Rue La La are recently-retired or expired limited edition pieces. As for the Club charm, it’s the same here in the UK – whichever store you go into, they have stacks of them just out on display. I love mine, but they clearly have not sold well at all! I guess they’ve just accepted that they won’t sell and are sticking them up on Rue La La already.

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know about this sale! If it wasn’t for your
    blog I would never know about these events! I finally was able to get a gold
    murano that I have been wanting for such a long time!

    I did want to ask you if you have heard anything about Pandora going out
    of business. I heard a rumor that they have not been doing too well with their
    sales. Have you heard anything? Or is this false?

    • You’re welcome! I would have loved one of the gold muranos, which did you get? :D
      I haven’t heard anything like that – from what I understand of their sales figures, they’re doing really pretty well. :) Especially when they’re making contracts with Disney that are set to last ten years – I think they’re not expecting to be going anywhere any time soon. So I wouldn’t worry just yet! :)

      • whew! I’m glad to hear it was just a rumor! I love Pandora and would
        be sad to see it go!

        I got the white mystic gold murano. =D
        I have a two tone bracelet with all white silver muranos and I think
        the gold and white murano would look amazing on there! I had been
        wanting it since I first started collecting Pandora but I was hesitant
        to pay the full price. I was very happy to see it on Rue La La!
        Thanks again for the heads up about the sale!!

        • Aha, absolutely… plus, I’d have nothing to report on haha.
          Ah, lovely! :D I was wanting that one or maybe the White Spirals – maybe they’ll have sorted out international payments next time around. ^^ Your bracelet sounds just beautiful, I absolutely love white and gold together! :D No problem, thanks for reading!

  4. I had a sneaky look at what they had to offer, there was so much that I wanted I wish they would ship to the uk :(.

  5. It has been two weeks since I placed my order (the first day of the Pandora sale) and my order hasn’t shipped…do they typically take *this* long to get Pandora charms out? I just was curious to see what their normal ship time was on items like this since this was my first purchase from them. One of the charms I got was the 2013 Black Friday charm, so I’m hoping it doesn’t end up being unavailable :( Thanks!

    • Not to worry, that’s completely normal for Rue La La. :) It’s annoying but just the way they do it – from what I understand, they don’t actually have the stock in the warehouse when they run the sale but instead order it in after the sale has finished. I seem to remember that their advertised shipping date for this sale was not until around the 10th of November (I think), so there’s still a little while to wait. Lucky you getting the Black Friday, though! I really wanted the 2012 BF charm, but I couldn’t get it to process an international payment. Maybe next time! :)

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