Today’s post brings a review of the new Pandora Wildflower Tribute murano, plus a little update regarding its availability! The charm first appeared on the UK version of earlier this month, but stores in the UK are only just now receiving their stocks of this charm. It’s also now available at numerous online retailers, including Argento, Beadazzle and Acotis. I happily received my murano in the post yesterday and have now got some thoughts and live shots to share with you!

The charm’s poppy motif makes the perfect charm to honour Remembrance Day in November; Pandora UK will be pledging £50,000 of the profits from this charm to the Soldiers Trading Limited, which pays all its taxable profits to the Soldiers’ Charity (registered charity number 1146420 in England and Wales).

pandora wildflower soldier's charity

Availability Update

First up are some updates on the availability of this charm! I contacted Pandora UK to ask them about this charm, and they have told me that it is not limited edition, and that it will not be exclusive to the UK. Stores in Australia have stated that they will be receiving this charm at the end of October – however, I don’t know whether it will be sold in aid of charity as it is here in the UK. I’ve not heard anything more regarding availability in other regions.


The Wildflower Tribute charm, released in the UK as a tribute to the Soldier’s Charity, features a poppy design that evokes the classic symbol of remembrance for those soldiers killed in war.

pandora poppy murano

The glass itself is clear, with red petals painted on it and a black bubble in the glass to represent the heart of the poppy.

pandora soldier's charity

Essentially, it is crafted in the same style as the existing Cherry Blossom muranos. This charm has only four petals, whereas the existing Cherry Blossom muranos have five – the petals are also a little less delicate, better representing the boldness of the poppy.

pandora wildflower tribute review 3

I absolutely love this style of floral glass from Pandora, as it creates such a delicate, pretty effect – and the three-dimensional aspect gives a lovely depth to it. The Wildflower murano features the smaller silver core, with lettering on just one side of the charm.

pandora wildflower tribute review 4

As with most muranos, there is quite a lot of variation in the flower detailing of each charm, and I can see a significant difference just in the individual flowers on my murano. Consequently I’d advise that you pick it out in person if that could be a problem for you. :)

I’m not sure at all regarding how I want to wear this charm as red is not a colour that features much in my collection. I was planning to wear it with the Japanese Doll charm, but I didn’t like how they looked together in person. So, for now, I’m wearing it in a very simple openwork flower design on my bangle. I love how the delicacy of the petal detailing looks with the intricate Mystic Floral charm.

pandora soldier's charity charm

Having two of these on a bracelet would look absolutely stunning, especially as a focal point – I only have the one for now, but I am definitely considering getting another one and starting (another) new design!

My Comment

While, to me, the Wildflower Tribute is not quite as beautiful as the original cherry blossom muranos, it is nonetheless a lovely design in its own right. It’s not overly bold and bright, but offers instead a delicate prettiness that works really well as a symbol of remembrance, I think. It’s a very sweet design, and I do prefer it to Pandora’s original enamel British Rose as a commemoration charm.

It is retailing for £30 in the UK, with a portion of each sale going to the Solider’s Charity.

Do you like the Wildflower murano? Have you bought one, or are you trying to obtain one?

16 Comments on Pandora Wildflower Tribute Murano Update & Review

  1. I absolutely love this and plan on getting two. It will represent my dad who fought in Vietnam and also my parents wedding anniversary which is on Remembrance Day in Australia. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I heard it was going to be sold in Australia. I just bought s black and White cherry blossom murano which I think it will look lovely with. I love your arrangement with the mystic floral and openworks.

    • Ah, that’s lovely and so exciting – I’m so glad that you’re going to be able to get one, especially when it has all that meaning for you! The black and white blossom would look particularly beautiful with it, I think; it really does look nice with other black pieces, such as the Mystic Floral. It makes the red in it look that bit more subtle, it's really pretty. :)

  2. I am happy to report that Acotis Jewellery in the UK will ship the charm to the US! They accepted my shipping address and payment, but they have not shipped the item yet. I will follow up if it is declined after the fact.

  3. Your bracelet looks lovely. I love the spacers on each side of the murano. Do you recall the name of that particular spacer? Thanks again for such great Pandora info.

  4. Wow! I missed out a lot here! This is indeed a very sweet charm! :D I have the ‘Twice as Nice’ spacer too in purple! :D Have a lovely Tuesday there my dear lovely friend! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 muacks~! :D

    • Hehe, not too much – I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t been blogging enough! I love those spacers, they instantly pretty up a design… I’d like to get them in purple too. Hope you had a great Tuesday too lovely! Xxxxxx

  5. I am late for this but when i see the picture of cherry blossom murano and wildflower murano, i can’t wait to get them to match with my piggy bank charm released recently.
    I will share the picture with you in Facebook soon.

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