Exciting news as today sees the official release of the highly-anticipated first Disney collection from Pandora! The collection features some sparkling pavé designs, muranos and more, mostly detailed in Disney’s iconic colours of black and red.

Today’s release only includes the charms which will be sold in Pandora concept stores; there will be a separate collection of jewellery sold exclusively at Disney Park locations, which is set to be released on the 3rd of November. Unfortunately both collections are limited to North America for now, with no official news on an international release. :(

pandora disney 2014

To celebrate, I’m looking at some live shots of the new charms and some HQ stock images! If you have bought any of the Disney collection or have any live shots to share, please feel free to link to them in the comments or to share them on the blog’s Facebook page – I’d really love to see them!

Live Shots

While the collection’s official release date is today, Pandora stores have been receiving the collection over the last week or so, and consequently we haven some great pictures of the collection. I absolutely love this first one of these – the red leather bracelet sets off the collection perfectly!

pandora disney 2014
Image by Pandora Chinook
pandora disney 2014
Image by Pandora Chinook
Image by Pandora Somerset
pandora perimeter disney charms
Image by Pandora Perimeter

Pandora Disney 2014 Concept Store Collection

There are two pavé clips available in the collection, one representing Mickey, and the other, Minnie. These are priced at $65 USD.

pandora disney mickey pavé clip

I particularly like this Minnie clip – the bow detailing is really cute!pandora disney minnie pavé clip

Included in the collection are three muranos. My favourite of the three is the Minnie’s Signature Look, which features the classic Minnie Mouse red and white polka dot design. It’s priced at $45 USD.

pandora disney collection 2014

The Classic Mickey and Minnie muranos are also priced at $45 USD.pandora disney collection 2014 pandora disney collection 2014

The Mickey All Around cubic zirconia spacer is priced at $45 USD.pandora disney collection 2014

The two openwork two-tone options are also pretty, one detailing the word ‘Believe’ and the other ‘Dream’. They feature a cute cluster of Mickey and heart silhouettes, with striking yellow gold lettering – both of these are retailing for $80 USD.

pandora disney collection 2014

pandora disney collection 2014

The Minnie Cupcake, priced at $50 USD, is possibly my favourite of the collection, with its iconic Minnie polka dot ribbon!.

pandora disney minnie cupcake

The Be Magical and Heart of Mickey heart charms are priced at $55 USD.

pandora disney collection 2014

pandora disney heart of mickeyl

The Mickey and Minnie Kiss charm is destined to be popular, with its iconic silhouette detailing, and will cost $55 USD.

pandora disney collection 2014

The Mickey Silhouette charm offers a Disney-twist on the classic Pandora pavé range! It’s slightly more expensive at $70 USD.pandora disney collection 2014

The Sparkling Mickey & Hearts pavé ball charm is fairly similar, but with the addition of some pretty red hearts for a lick of colour. It’s more expensive again at $85 USD.pandora disney collection 2014

The Mickey & Minnie Infinity charm is priced at $60 USD.
pandora disney collection 2014

The smooth black enamel finish of the Mickey & Hearts charm is quite striking, I think; this charm is set to cost $60 USD.

pandora disney collection 2014

Next up, we have a selection of ‘icon’ pendants. The enamel pendants, detailing Mickey and Minnie in black and red enamel, are priced at $40 USD each.

pandora disney collection 2014pandora disney collection 2014

The cubic zirconia versions of the pendants are slightly pricier, at $50 USD.

pandora disney collection 2014

pandora disney collection 2014

The LOVE Mickey charm is very similar to the LOVE dangle from this year’s Valentine’s Day collection, but features a special Disney twist! It is $55 USD.

pandora disney collection 2014

The Mickey & Minnie dangle also bears a close resemblance to the Me & You dangle from the Valentine’s Day 2014 collection – it’s $85 USD.pandora disney collection 2014

The only Disney Princess charm of the collection, the Cinderella Sparkling Slipper pendant is another of my favourites! It features a refreshing change in colour scheme, too, with some delicate blue pavé detailing. It is priced at $65 USD.

pandora disney collection 2014

Finally, we have the Mickey’s Sparkling Snowflake pendant, priced at $55 USD. I can’t quite decide whether I like the little Mickey face hidden at the centre of the snowflake – in any case, I imagine that this charm will be popular with fans of the film Frozen!

pandora disney collection 2014

My Comment

While I was initially disappointed that we didn’t see a great variety of Disney characters in this initial collection from Pandora, I do have my favourites from this collection, including the cute Minnie Cupcake and the Minnie Pavé clip. <3 We should always bear in mind, too, that Disney’s contract with Pandora is set to last for ten years, so we’ll have plenty of new collections to potentially explore other characters and concepts! While there are definitely a couple of these charms that I would like to get my hands on, I’ve bought way too much Pandora of late and so I’m going to be sitting this one out for now. ;)

Of course, the biggest drawback for me would be this collection’s limited availability. I have heard rumours online that the UK might see the Disney charms released next year, and my concept store manager mentioned the same possibility, but obviously we don’t have any concrete news on that yet. :(

What do you think of the Disney collection? Will you be purchasing or trying to obtain any of these pieces?

13 Comments on Pandora Disney Collection 2014 is released!

  1. :-) I am already in love with this collection! Looks like I will have to book a flight to Florida or California to go to Disneyland or – world, in order to get my Micky ando Minnie charms :-)

    How do you add your name to your pictures? Does wordpress do that? Thank you for your advice!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

    • Yay, I’m glad you like it! I’m hoping that the collection might make its way over here, haha – I’m sure that Pandora will make it happen eventually!
      I add my name and logo through photo editing programs on my computer, like photoshop :) it’s very easy to do! WordPress doesn’t offer anything like that, as far as I’m aware.
      You too – thanks very much for commenting! :D

    • The shoe is one of my favourites too – I love the colour! I’m afraid that this collection is only available in North America for now. :/ It seems a real shame, and I can’t believe that it won’t be available in the UK eventually, however. :)

  2. Hi there, I have a question. On the Mickey/Minnie icon charms, the picture looks as if the clasp breaks apart to attach to the bracelet. Does it in fact come apart or does the circle link just simply slip on over the bracelet? Perhaps the picture just makes it look that way?

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