*UPDATED with my own live shots and impressions* It’s an exciting day for Pandora fans worldwide as the starry Winter 2014 collection officially makes its way into stores today! This release features some beautiful star-themed charms, in cool blue shades, and, in contrast, some brightly coloured festive offerings in time for the holidays. For a full overview of the Pandora Winter 2014 collection with stock images, live shots and pricing, please have a look through the Winter 2014 tag!

pandora winter 2014

To celebrate the collection’s debut, I’m taking a look at some lovely live shots of its highlights!

Live Shots

As stores have been getting in their new stock for Christmas, some beautiful live shots have been popping up on social media!

pandora christmas 2014
Image by Pandora Freehold

I still love the starry pieces, and I love the look of the new blue Effervescent/Fizzle murano – I hadn’t given it much thought from the stock image, but it looks beautiful in these live shots.

The selection of Christmas charms are also looking sweet, detailed in festive red. You can also spy a glimpse at the new Midnight Effervescent/Fizzle murano in the second image, which is one of the pieces I’m most keen to see in person!

*UPDATED* I’m now finally home, and I had a great time in the Pandora store today. ;) I thought this winter collection just lovely in person, and I’ve come away with a few pretties and some pictures to share with you.

pandora winter 2014 live shot 1

My absolute favourite from this collection was the Midnight Fizzle murano. I was really looking forward to seeing this one anyway, but the depth of colour was just breathtaking in person. It isn’t actually all that black when the light shines on it; the blue iridescent shimmers just come to life. My SA told me that it’s meant to represent the night sky, and it really is a beautiful effect… so I bought two, haha.

pandora christmas 2014

I also loved the new Galaxy openwork, and I don’t think this styling from my store quite does it justice! I have one on its way to me already, and I’m planning on wearing it on a leather bracelet with my two Midnight muranos.

pandora christmas 2014

And, ah, the two-tone bangle. You can’t really see it all that well in this picture, but it looked just stunning in person – simple and elegant. I’d love to style it with a couple of the new Midnight Fizzle/Effervescence muranos.

pandora winter 2014 live shot 3

I’ve included a couple of shots of all the charms in general. My favourites of the Christmas charms were undoubtedly the beautiful Christmas Ornament dangle and the new Christmas Teddy, with his adorably festive little red hat. I’d have bought the Christmas Ornament today, if not for its similarity to this year’s Black Friday charm.

Pandora Fascinating Aventurescent Murano Delayed

pandora winter 2014

Due to apparent issues with production, the official release of this murano with the Winter 2014 collection appears to have been delayed for now. It’s a shame, as I’m aware that a lot of people, myself included, were really looking forward to seeing this one in person. Hopefully it will make its way to stores in the near future!

Pandora Starry Heart Bundle for the UK

For those in the UK, the Starry Heart charm from the collection will not be available on its own just yet, but will instead be sold as part of a £99 starter bracelet set. However, I will note that, when it is available on its own, the Starry Heart is set to retail for £35 – compared to the $25 RRP in the US, this seems disappointingly expensive!

pandora starry heart bundle

My Comment

I’ll be going to see the collection in person later today, and I am incredibly excited to see it – especially the new muranos! I’m planning on getting (provided I like them in person) two of the new Midnight Fizzle muranos and possibly the new Galaxy openwork. I do very much like the new Christmas charms, especially the cute Christmas Bear, but I think I’ll leave them to my Christmas list this year.

If you’re in the UK, you can purchase the Pandora Christmas collection online from authorised stockist John Greed Jewellery.

Which pieces are you most excited for? Will you be buying anything?

12 Comments on The Pandora Winter 2014 collection is released!

  1. Loving the Xmas charms,disappointed about one of the murano not being released can’t wait to see this collection in person. I also think the starry heart charm is quiet expensive at £35 for what it is.

    • This collection is absolutely beautiful – I’m sure you’ll love it when you see it! <3 I was really disappointed that the aventurescent murano isn't out yet, too – hope it's out soon. I'm really curious to see what the goldstone effect is like in person!

  2. I’ve seen the Winter collection a couple of weeks ago at a press event. LOVE it! I’m such a huge fan of stars…I think I need to go shopping :-D I’ll do a Pandora post in the next 3 days.
    Have a very HAPPY day! :-)

  3. I really want to make a Christmas theme bracelet, also white looking through the collection it seems that pandora have put the pricies up seeing as there are a lot of charms for £60.

    • Ooh yes, I love Christmas bracelets! :D I keep wanting to make one myself, I have a design in mind with some white muranos and blue pavé charms.
      I completely agree with you regarding Pandora UK’s pricing; I was considering writing a slightly grumpy paragraph about it in this post, haha. The prices are getting really steep – the Starry Heart is a case in point! £35 here, for a silver openwork, when it’s only $25 in the US? It’s a little hard not to feel ripped off. :(

  4. Omigosh!! The Midnight Fizzle is so pretty!!! <3 <3 <3 I didn't see anything at the store yet today though. I cannot wait to see your updates on your IG! LOL :D have a lovely Friday my dear gorgeous friend!! xoxoxo mmmmuahhh! <3 <3 <3

    • It is, it’s really pretty to see how the colour changes depending on how the light hits it! :D aw, did you not like anything from the new collection? I’ll update my Instagram soon, haha ;) Have a good day, too, lovely! <3 xxxxxx

      • Apologies my dear lovely. Last Friday I was saying that the Pandora here only release the Winter collection on 1st November and I did not get the chance to go to the stores last weekend. I went to take a look yesterday evening after work. I wanted to get a few charms but due to the fact that they don’t have the Starry Heart yet (as well as the Fascinating Aventurescent Murano, I was not eligible for the promotion. Oh well, due to the inconsistent promotions here, it does really affect my purchase decision :( Not a good marketing team they have I would say. Have a lovely week my dear gorgeous. Hugs xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

        • Oh I see haha. That does sound extremely annoying – what promotion were you going to take part in? I really wanted to see the Fascinating Aventurescent as well; it’s a shame that they’re having production issues again. Apparently there are limited supplies of the Midnight Fizzle/Effervescent charm, too. :S
          Have a great week, too, lovely! Thanks very much for stopping by to comment, it’s always nice to see your name pop up <3 xxxxxx

  5. I went to see the new collection yesterday and I am in love I didn’t see everything but what I did see I am impressed. I love the red fizzle murano,the Santa and the Christmas pudding. I really like the snow man which I didn’t think I would because I didn’t like it in the pictures. I like the silent night charm on the website but haven’t seen it in person. I also like the starry night piece and also the new bangle. My only problem now is how to fund it. My birthday is at the end of the month so if I get any money I may get the Santa and the Christmas pudding.????

    • Yay, I’m really glad you liked it! :D I loved it in person; the contrast between the starry pieces and the cuter Christmas charms is really fun. That sounds lovely – those would make a great start to your Christmas bracelet! I much prefer this year’s Santa to last year’s, and the red is really beautiful. You could put them on the starry bangle perhaps :)

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