*UPDATED 28/11/14* It’s out! See live shots and details here. I first offered a sneak peek of the Pandora 2014 Black Friday charm a month ago in my post on this year’s winter gift sets for North America, but today’s post brings a dedicated preview of this year’s charm! This will be the fourth year that Pandora has offered a limited edition charm to celebrate Black Friday in North America, and it’s a tradition that I personally really enjoy. <3 This charm is set to be released on the 28th of November.

pandora black friday 2014 christmas-wish

Pandora Black Friday 2014: Christmas Wish

This year’s charm, entitled Christmas Wish, is similar to the Winter 2014 Christmas Ornament charm. It’s an ornament dangle, featuring pavé detailing and some little Christmas trees inset into the bauble itself. The date, while not visible in the picture, is inscribed on the base of the dangle.

pandora black friday 2014 charm b

It will retail for $75 in the US, and will also be available as part of a special Black Friday gift set – you can read the details in my original post here! This charm, as always, is limited edition, but retailers do tend to get plenty of stock in – the Black Friday 2013 charm is still available in many stores, while the 2012 charm was offered last month at a discounted price in a Rue La La sale!

The charm will be sold with a white leatherette gift box, much the same as in previous years.

My Comment

Reaction from fans when I first published my sneak peek of this charm was a bit mixed, which surprised me a little. I know that the use of pavé detailing has become somewhat controversial among Pandora collectors, and I share those concerns, but its utilisation really does appeal to me in this case. This charm is definitely on my wish list, and I’d love to see what it looks like in person! :)

What do you think of this year’s Black Friday charm? Will you be purchasing it?

31 Comments on Preview: Pandora Black Friday Charm 2014

    • To be honest I’m not sure! I was initially positive that it was, as I stumbled across a listing for it on the UK version of the Pandora e-Store on Google. The link was quickly taken down but I screenshotted it here:
      However I’ve not heard anything about it since. So I’m not sure! If it was, I’d certainly be very happy! ;)

    • Yes, and lots of people don’t like dangles – I was a little surprised when I first heard it was going to be a pendant charm. It definitely has less universal appeal I think.

    • I really like them both, but I think I’ll get this one, seeing as it’s limited edition. Seeing some live images of it would be really useful, and I’d love to see how the pavé effect works in person, but we’re unlikely to get any until launch. :/

      • I also heard that it was going to have a bell inside it. But not sure if there is any truth to that or not. I think I will wait to see it in person before deciding.

      • I was looking at this charm again and trying to decide if I like it or not. Am I crazy in thinking that this looks like the back of the charm and not the front? Shouldn’t there be tails to the bow?

        • Hmm you could be right, I hadn’t noticed that before! If you look closely at the top of the pavé bauble, you can just make out the edges of the tails of the bow – it does look like this picture might be the back of it. Interesting!

  1. However the winter colection ornament does look better but I am a Pandora fan to my heart and a collector of 3 full bracelets and a almost full bangle so if I don’t wear it I could always give it away to my daughter or just have it. I’m so sure I will find a place for it. It would always look good with the Disney collection. I just love Pandora so much!!!

  2. Hi, I have been looking for the 2013 black friday charm after missed it last year (actually a local retailer put me on a waitlist and I never heard from them…). I was wondering if you happen to know which stores still have this in stock? would I be able to purchase it by mail/phone/online from them? thank you!

    • Heh, I totally understand that! My OH’s little cousins always go for my bracelets. I have too many dangles that just pull my jumpers to shreds, too – although at least that shouldn’t be an issue with this one. ;)

  3. i have the christmas dangle bauble bow its simliar not fair keep bringing neq out i like this also wil not be buying ..

  4. I have the other annuals charms, and I will buy this one. I happen to love a couple of dangle charms on each of my bracelets.

  5. :-) After my last comment here I went into my local Pandora store and asked, but they said it wouldn’t be available in Austria :-( what a shame! I think it’s beautiful and I’d buy it if I could :-)
    Instead I walked out with the Jolly Santa charm on my bracelet :-D
    Greetings from Vienna and have a lovely day! :-)

    • It is a shame that it’s exclusive to North America – I hope that the Black Friday release will be made more widely available in the future. :( The US market are getting a lot of exclusives at the moment… it’s a little bit frustrating, haha. It’s a lovely charm, though, and I’m glad you like it :) I really can’t wait for mine to arrive and I’ll share some photos and thoughts when it does.
      Ooh that’s exciting! The Jolly Santa makes a lovely alternative, haha. He’s definitely my favourite Pandora Father Christmas to date! :)
      Have a lovely day, too, and thank you for commenting! <3

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