Today’s post sees the start of my reviews of the Pandora Winter 2014 collection, with an in-depth look at the stunning new Midnight Effervescence murano (or Midnight Blue Fizzle, if you’re in the UK like me). This murano was one of the charms I most wanted to see in person when the first Winter stock images came out, and it didn’t disappoint! It’s the first time I’ve ever bought two of the same charm, so I suppose that speaks for itself…

pandora midnight fizzle review 10a

This charm is perfect to be worn in conjunction with the other cosmic pieces from this collection, such as the Galaxy openworks or the Wishing Star. However, when worn with a little gold or two-tone, it also works really well as an opulent festive piece!

The Charm

pandora midnight effervescence winter 2014

Predictably, the charm in person looks quite different to the stock image. The flecks in the glass are not turquoise, but rather a deep midnight blue. It makes its colour look much richer, a dark blue more akin to a night sky.

pandora midnight fizzle review 7c

My two examples are very similar, and there doesn’t seem to be much difference between them, even in size. (I didn’t pick them out to be the same; my store had a very limited quantity of them, so my SA had to grab one from the displays for me!) As you can see from the pictures, the glass itself is clear, while the shimmering colours are wrapped around the core. This murano does not have any bubbles inset into the glass, unlike the other Fizzle/Effervescent muranos.

pandora midnight fizzle review 3a

The really special thing about this murano is the way its colour changes depending on the light, and the angle you’re viewing it from. It can be matte black; it can display an iridescent blue shimmer; sometimes, it takes on a gorgeous red glitter. Pandora explains:

The effect is achieved by using dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is a special coating treatment that is done to the glass and it was originally invented by NASA for use in satellite mirrors and it is also used on space shuttles.

pandora midnight fizzle review 4

In low light, this murano does turn a fairly matte black colour – however, as soon as the light touches it, the effervescent effect starts to show. In certain lights, too, the glass takes on a beautiful red/pink shimmer. The comparison with the Northern Lights is a good one!

The murano has the newer, smaller Pandora silver core, with hallmarks on one side.

pandora midnight fizzle review 8


I am going to wear my muranos with the new Winter 2014 Galaxy openwork on my silver leather bracelet. I adore the starry look, but I don’t have enough of the new star charms on my wish list to create a full bracelet – so this is perfect for me. I did originally want to wear a couple of red charms on my silver leather, but this works much better!

pandora midnight fizzle review 13a

The muranos do look stunning against the silver snake chain, too, however. Combining them with the Galaxy charm is just perfect.

pandora winter 2014

However, these charms are actually quite versatile. As I mentioned previously, if you mix them with a little gold, they take on a wonderfully rich look – perfect for Christmas! I know it’s a little early, but I added a few festive charms to this two-tone design, including the Carousel, the Dashing through the Snow sleigh and the Jewellery Box.

pandora midnight fizzle review 6e

The Midnight Effervescence perhaps look most beautiful in combination with white muranos. The white creates a lovely contrast, and really sets off their dramatic colour. I’ve put together a variation on the design I made for my Ballerina review; the clear glitter of the cubic zirconia add to the effect, too.

pandora winter 2014 review

In contrast, you can always pretty them up a bit with a more feminine colour scheme. I think they look lovely stacked with delicate pinks, too.

pandora midnight fizzle review 11b

pandora midnight fizzle review 9


While I was intrigued by this murano from its stock picture, it wasn’t until I saw it in person that I appreciated just how beautiful it was. This is a murano bead that definitely stands out amongst their glass catalogue and I’d love to see more like it. The shimmering effect is stunning, and I love the way it changes depending on the light.

I really hope that I’ve managed to capture how pretty this charm is. The depth of colour is lovely, and all the examples of this murano that I’ve seen have been remarkably consistent. I have heard rumour, however, that Pandora are experiencing production issues with this murano, too, and it is true that my store didn’t seem to have very many. :/

Is this design on your wish list? How does it compare to the rest of the Winter collection?

30 Comments on Review: Midnight Effervescence Murano from Pandora Winter 2014

  1. I’m glad to see this review! I have 2 on their way to me!
    I was struggling with what muranos (if any) I would use with my Christmas bracelet. I love the red muranos (fizzle and faceted) but red itsnt a colour I really would wear a lot of, so wasn’t convinced it was the right move. Anyway after seeing these in store I decided to use these with my Christmas bracelet, and the star spacers… Maybe some other silver stars. I’m not keen on all the blue stars and blingy winter collection (except the galaxy), so going to stick with silver. And actually seeing the white muranos with them on your review I may go for a blue and whitemurano Christmas bracelet this year!

    • Oooh that’s exciting! Pairing them with the white muranos is definitely my favourite way to wear them, and that would be a nice twist on the usual Christmas bracelet designs, too. I’m the same as you; I love red, but I don’t think that I’d wear bright red muranos very often. These muranos are a lot more versatile, and they’re so pretty. :D
      I’ll be honest and admit that, while I love how the star collection looks overall, the Galaxy and these muranos are the only starry pieces I’ll be getting. However, from the xmas charms, I have my eye on the lovely Christmas Ornament dangle and the cute little Christmas Bear… they might be going on my Christmas list! ;)

      • I love the traditional red, green & gold Christmas colours so I shocked myself when I ordered them haha! But I agree, far more versatile.
        Is like to see more plain silver designs… I like a little pavé but there is just too much of it for me in the new collection. I love the galaxy and starry heart, and these muranos. I love the letter to Santa which I bought last week, I was tempted with the teddy bear too but just got the one.

        • I completely agree! I’m gutted to see so many of the classic silver designs retiring, too. It’s like they’re completely changing directions. Pavé is nice, but not on everything!
          Oh yes, I forgot about the Letter to Santa! I’d like that one, too, lol. I wanted the Starry Heart, but was kind of annoyed that it’s going to be £35 on its own. :/

  2. Thank you for clearing up what a fizzle was. I was wondering what charm people were talking about lol. I never took notice of this charm because I had my eye on the fascinating adventurescent. Hopefully I can get one of those. Why is it in some of your pictures however the charm looks clear on the top? Once again love your posts.

    • Aha, yeah, it’s only the Effervescent murano in the US! I usually call it Fizzle if only because that’s less complicated to type. ;) The top of the murano looks clear in some shots because the colour is at the core of the murano; the glass itself is clear. Consequently, when I take a picture at a slight angle, you see the glass without the colour. :) It’s kind of annoying when taking pictures actually haha.
      It’s such a shame about the Aventurescent. I was dying to see it in person! I’ve heard contradicting stories about how bad the issues are; some are saying that Pandora are going to pull it completely. This one is lovely as well though if the Aventurescent doesn’t make wider release.
      Glad you enjoyed it; the Dove should be my next review!

      • Is there a chance the Aventurescent is not coming out? I have been calling around about it for a long time and no one seems to have it. Have you heard anything new? I’m in the US, I wonder if that helps or hurts me…

        • I’m going to try and find out more about what is going on with the Aventurescent, as I’ve had conflicting information of late. Rumour has it that they might recall it due to quality control issues, which I want to double-check on. :/ On the plus side, apparently a few stores in the US have started to receive some shipments of this charm, so you might get lucky. Here in the UK it is not available at all! Good luck finding it.

  3. I live in New York and some stores received the Aventurescent so I’m not sure what is going on with it being recalled or not. Hopefully I can pick one up soon. I’m looking forward to the post on the dove. It’s on my wish list and my sister just picked it up for herself lol

    • Ah, that’s interesting. No one has received any stock of it in the UK as far as I’m aware, it’s not even printed in our catalogues. :S I’m going to try and find out exactly what’s going on with it, but in the meantime I hope you manage to get one!
      Haha, the dove is really sweet! One of my favourites from the autumn collection :D

    • Here’s a preliminary statement from Pandora, posted in response to a question on their Facebook page:

      the material used for the Aventurescent Stardust Glass charm – product no. 791628 – is very hard to source so we have only been able to produce small quantities. I hope you will manage to obtain one.

      I have e-mailed them to follow up on it but it doesn’t look too good for this murano.

  4. I’ve just seen this charm today and I look it I also saw the blue fizzle as well and they are both really nice and on my wish list. Also do you how long the new limited edition star bangle is out for?

    • Yay I’m glad you like it! The Blue Fizzle is also stunning, but I love the iridescent effect of this one.
      Judging from recent limited edition releases, the star bangle will be available while stocks last – I don’t think there’s a time limit on it. They tend to make pretty large quantities of LE pieces, too, so it probably won’t be selling out fast! :)

  5. Thanks for the info. I’m hoping they are still around on my birthday in the beginning of December ( wishful thinking)

  6. LOVE your arm candies dear!! So awesomely gorgeous!! ^_^ Oh well, I was told that the Starry Hearts will only be here end of this month though. Hopefully it’s nice in person. By the way, the SA at the stores here told me that there were too many leftover of Golden muranos! Looks like I am not alone for not loving it when I first saw it in person (muahhahahaha!)-evil Ann~ LOL! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

    • Yay, thank you! <3 That's good news I suppose, I hope it gets there soon! The Starry Heart is pretty in person, it's just quite expensive for what it is I think. I would have got it if it had been available on its own, and priced similarly to the US… I'm still annoyed that it's so much more over here haha. Hmmph. ;)
      Ahaha! You're validated! ;) I'll remember to keep an eye on what you don't like in future :P xxxxxx

  7. Your blog is so great. Nice attention to detail. I have several red & black Disney charms. And the Minnie red dot murano. While black muranos would match best.,, I find them boring. Would midnight eff. Work?

  8. Thanks so much for posting the picture. I agree that it works. They did not do any black on here, which I have on mine (the mickey and hearts enamel is pretty bold, among other charms I have with black in them). I’m wondering when Pandora will release more Disney. I wish the Pandora stores had what the parks and online store released. I like how those charms were a mix of colors and not just red, black, and white. There are too many charms I want right now (essence, galaxy, etc.)! Maybe cupid will swing by Pandora for Valentine’s Day.

    • Glad you like it! I’ve heard that Pandora is set to release a new Disney collection this Spring/Summer – and that the collection might be princess-themed. I will update if I get any confirmation on that. :)
      The Disney Parks exclusives are frustrating, as they are so hard to get hold of! It’s a shame that people buy them up to sell on. :( Hopefully Pandora and Disney will put more restrictions on that kind of practice in the future, as it does spoil it for collectors.

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