Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring details on upcoming releases for the month! This month’s round-up is heavily focused on Pandora’s festive promotions and gift sets, which is really getting me in the mood for the holidays! ;) The Disney and Winter 2014 collections have now been released, and the next big thing in the Pandora world has to be the release of the 2014 Black Friday charm later this month.

In terms of blog news, I have a number of fun posts coming up, including reviews of the Pandora Essence bracelet and some of the new winter charms. I’m also going to be finishing off my Autumn 2014 reviews with a quick look at the Dove of Peace and Mystic Floral charms. :)

Pandora Disney Parks Collection Released

Today sees the release of the Pandora Disney Parks exclusive collection, which will be sold exclusively at Disney Park locations across North America. The collection features a special Pandora Disney charm bracelet (pictured below), and a number of other Mickey-and-Minnie-themed pieces!

pandora disney parks charms

It’s worth noting too that the online Disney Store has now updated with a selection of the charms, including the Pandora Disney charm bracelet, which is great for anyone who can’t easily make it to one of the parks. The exciting news for readers outside North America is that some of the concept store collection is available there, too, including the Cinderella Sparkling Slipper and the Mickey’s Sparkling Snowflake charm – and they offer international shipping.

The caveat, however, is that their international shipping charges are frankly astronomical. I just experimentally added two of the charms to my basket to see how much shipping would come to – it turns out, $77 USD! It was almost double the price of the charms again. So you might be better off asking someone in the US to help you!

Pandora Winter 2014 Gift Sets for North America

As ever, Pandora in North America have gone all-out for the holiday season with some pretty gift sets. These are available from now until the 31st of December, and each will come with a white leatherette Pandora gift box.

pandora winter 2014 gift sets

There are currently two gift sets available: the Stargazer bracelet gift set and the Starlight jewellery gift set. For all the details on the gift sets, please see my post here!

Pandora Black Friday 2014 charm

The highlight of the month for Pandora collectors has to be the release of the limited edition Black Friday charm on the 28th of November. This year’s charm features a Christmas ornament pendant design, which has so far received somewhat mixed reviews from Pandora collectors. You can view a dedicated preview of this charm here. Personally I am excited for this charm, and I’m very curious to see it in person!

pandora black friday 2014 poster

Pandora Christmas 2014 Gift Bag

Pandora usually offers special gift packaging to celebrate the holiday season, and stores are starting to offer this year’s! This year’s special Christmas gift packaging features a beautiful navy blue design, with a little star tag.

Pandora Christmas Ornament GWP

pandora christmas ornament 2014

The highlight of the holiday promotions has to be the annual Pandora Christmas ornament gift with purchase! Every year over the holiday season, Pandora offers a free Christmas ornament if you spend a certain amount in store – this year’s ornament features a cute porcelain sleigh design, and we have a beautiful live image of it, thanks to Magda Toruj. It will be available in a variety of regions, although the qualifying spends will vary.

Image by Magda Toruj - please do not reproduce
Image by Magda Toruj – please do not reproduce
  • In the UK, this promotion has already started in some stores and will be available until the 1st of January 2015 or while stocks last. The spend is officially £175, the same as last year, but some people have reported that their store is offering it for £125 instead (a tad more reasonable!).
  • In Australia, this GWP will run from the 27th of November until the 9th of December – the required spend will be $150 AUD ($180 NZD).
  • However, in North America, it will not be offered until the 1st of December.

My Comment

This month I’m most excited for this year’s Black Friday charm, not just because it’s pretty, but also because I love the excitement of the tradition each year. I associate it a lot with Christmas in general now. ^^

The Christmas ornament tradition is also great fun, and this year’s sleigh looks adorable in person – I love the way you can pop your charms into the fabric sack to give as a gift! Unfortunately the UK spends for the Christmas ornament once again unbelievably expensive, and I’m a bit disappointed, as I’d like to be able to participate! On the other hand, the navy blue Christmas gift packaging is sweet and that will at least be more obtainable! ^^

What are you looking forward to this month? Are you going to be getting any of the Disney Parks charms?

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    • I know :( I guess it’s because they include insurance in the price. And that’s before you add on any customs charges when it gets here, too! At least I’m not too desperate for any of them just yet ;)

  1. Hi :-) I wonder whether the Pandora Christmas sleigh Ornament will be available in Poland. Do you know perhaps something about it?
    Your fan, Ania

  2. Wow! Thanks for updating my dear! You are always the best!! LOL! :D I went to take a look at the Winter collection at the nearest Pandora store here. Unfortunately, I did not get any charms because they have yet to release the Starry Heart charm here. It’s truly disappointing that Pandora here often manage the promotions inconsistently country wide :( Anyways, will look at it again when I go back to Singapore end of this month ;) I am sorry that I have been too busy at work that I did not get the chance to comment here as well as delayed response on my IG, please forgive me xoxoxo Hope you are doing well there. Hugs~ xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

    • Aha, thank you! :P Ah, that’s such a shame – they haven’t released the Starry Heart on its own here either (it’s part of a bracelet bundle :/), which is obviously frustrating :( I wonder why they haven’t released there, as I can’t think of any reason why they wouldn’t. It’s really pretty! Hope you manage to get it soon – the winter collection is lovely, and I’d love to see how you’d style it! :D
      Of course, I’m always happy to hear from you, no matter how often! <3 I've been super busy lately as well, but I will hopefully have a little more time to relax after my deadlines are up this week. ^^ I hope you can take it a little easier soon too! Don't work too hard ;) <3 xxxxxx

    • Hi, as far as I’m aware there aren’t any more bracelet promotions scheduled for the rest of the year. In North America they usually run in March and September. :) If that changes, I will update the blog! Hope that helps.

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