Every year over the holiday season, Pandora offers a fun little festive promotion wherein you receive a free Christmas ornament if you spend a certain amount in store, and today’s post brings a showcase of this year’s porcelain sleigh ornament! You can see an overview of ornaments offered in previous years here.

pandora xmas ornament 2014

I didn’t think that I would be getting this ornament, but happily for me Pandora have reduced the UK’s qualifying spend from £175 to £125 – and my OH bought my Christmas present already, receiving this cute little ornament at the same time. Although the present is justly off limits, I was allowed the ornament early. ;)

Pandora Christmas Ornament 2014

This year’s ornament is a cute porcelain sleigh, with a cream ribbon attached to allow you to hang your ornament on your Christmas tree. The little fabric bag is separate from the ornament itself, and lifts out of the sleigh – it’s perfect for presenting some charms as a Christmas present.

pandora christmas ornament 2014 5

The sleigh ornament is nicely presented in a small card box. It has ‘made in China’ written on the box, so clearly Pandora outsource the production of these ornaments, as their jewellery is made in Thailand.

pandora christmas ornament 2014 3

I’ve never even seen one of the Pandora Christmas ornaments in person before, and my OH and I were surprised at how small the sleigh is in real life. This is no bad thing, however, as it makes it a good size for hanging on your tree – it’s not too heavy. Overall the design is beautiful; it’s simple, but the details are lovely, especially the quilted design on the side of the sleigh!

pandora sleigh ornament

The front of the sleigh features the Pandora logo:

pandora christmas ornament 2014 6

While the back has ‘PANDORA 2014’ written on the back of it. I love to collect things (it’s half the appeal of Pandora itself) so having the date inscribed makes it seem more collectable, and therefore all the more appealing to me! ;)

pandora sleigh ornament


The following list denotes the ornament’s availability in a variety of regions:

  • In the UK, this promotion has already started in some stores and will be available until the 1st of January 2015 or while stocks last. The qualifying spend is now set at £125. For those of us in the UK, stores do not seem to be getting many of these ornaments – the first store my OH tried was sold out already, and the second had only two left (and had only been given eight of them in total).
  • In Australia, this GWP will run from the 27th of November until the 9th of December – the required spend will be $150 AUD or $180 NZD.
  • In North America, it will be offered for a short period only, from the 1st until the 7th of December. The required spend will be $125 USD or $150 CAD.

A reader asked me about its availability in Poland, but unfortunately I’ve not been able to find any specifics on that. If anyone knows about the ornament’s availability in any regions not mentioned here, please do feel free to share. :)


I admittedly love everything Christmas, and so this is a promotion that really appeals to me – the collectable aspect is fun, too! I like this year’s ornament in particular; the quilted detail on the side of the sleigh is beautiful, and overall I prefer it to last year’s Father Christmas ornament. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try and collect every ornament, or to hit that spend every year, but it’s exciting to have got at least one. I’m also dying to know what my Christmas present is. ;)

Do you collect the Pandora Christmas ornaments? Is this one on your wish list?

8 Comments on Feature: Pandora Christmas Sleigh Ornament 2014

  1. Do you know if it is only available in Pandora Concept Stores or will shop in shops have them? We only have a shop in shop here where I live.

  2. I do want this ornament…My birthday is coming up on the 3rd of Dec so plan on buying the Black Friday Charm and the jewelry box then to qualify for the ornament. Hopefully I will get some money for my birthday :-)

    • Sounds lovely! :D I’m planning on getting the Black Friday as well – it’s really cute, and would look lovely with the Christmas ornament charm, too. Hope you get what you’re hoping for! :)
      Thanks for commenting <3

  3. Wow! Very pretty Christmas Ornament indeed! Your OH is so loving indeed! I am so happy for you my dear gorgeous!! ^_^ xoxoxo In Singapore the promotion started on 15th Nov with a minimum spend of S$500 nett and S$450 nett for Citibank Cardmembers :D LOL! By the way, on the Christmas ornament, I truly wish that Pandora could come up with an anti-tarnish pouch. You know how lazy I can be to polish the charms now that it’s mushrooming two huge jewellery boxes (eeekkkksss) Talk to you soon my dear! Have a lovely Tuesday there! Hugs~ <3 <3 xoxoxo

    • Thank you – he is a sweetheart, for sure! ^^ Pandora definitely need to make some anti-tarnish boxes and pouches! Too many people make the mistake of leaving the bracelet and charms in the gift boxes they are originally packed in, too, which makes them tarnish faster :( When I first got my Viola Bloom pendant my OH had bought it months in advance and it was just black when I opened it! I had to get my store to polish it back up for me, which was a bit of a shame for him. Aha your collection sounds like it has grown a lot! I get really lazy about cleaning my charms, too… like you say, there are just too many lol.
      Thanks for letting me know about the Singapore promo lovely! Hope you had a lovely day, too, and thanks for your lovely comments as ever! <3 xxxxxx

  4. I asked personally about the sleigh in Pandora store in Poznań, Poland. Here is what the assistant said: ”the ornament will be available only on one (it’s not a mistake: just ONE) day: 24th December, on condition that you buy a silver bracelet and charms for minimum 1000zl (about £190)”. So it’s much better to do the shopping in the UK or other countries. It’s cheaper and the period is much longer.

    • Ah that’s brilliant – thanks so much for taking the time to share that information. :) You’re right that other countries seem to get a much better deal, but at least the option is there, I suppose. Thanks again!

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