In addition to the release of the limited edition Black Friday charm this week, Pandora fans in the US have even more to be happy about: US shopping discount website Rue La La will be running a Pandora sale for Black Friday (the 28th of November)! The sale will offer significant discounts on retired Pandora products, and usually includes charms, jewellery and watches.

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The sale is due to start at 11am EDT on Black Friday (aka, this Friday)! If you log on to the Rue La La website, you will notice that ‘PANDORA’ is listed under Friday’s sales. There were some absolutely fab bargains in the last sale, including retired Black Friday charms and some other limited edition pieces – but a word of warning: the best deals tend to go fast!

For the uninitiated, Rue La La is a US shopping website, which specialises in offering discounts from designer products. International readers should bear in mind that Rue La La is a US website, and will only ship to the continental US. If you want to participate in this sale, then you’ll have to get a friend from the US to help you! They do, however, now accept international credit cards with a US-based shipping address.

Rue La La is an invite-only website, but you can use my invite code to access the website. Happy shopping!

25 Comments on Promotion Alert: Rue La La Pandora Sale for Black Friday

  1. Pandora is killing me right now! I still want to get the ornament, which starts on the 1st, and now this sale. On the 6th we are going to Heidelberg so I can use up my stamp card: buy 2 more charms and I get a free charm. I can’t put that off because we’re moving back to the States in January so this is my only time to go. I have no idea if Germany has the ornament or not. I guess if they do I can try to get it here instead of ordering from the States. I went crazy for the Rue sale in October. Then they had the Pandora watch sale a few weeks ago. I bought the watch set. I don’t even wear a watch! I love you Pandora but you are seriously killing me.

    • Aha, the sales and promotions do seem to be coming around super fast at the moment! Although you never know, maybe this sale won’t be as good as last month’s… You should definitely go for the ornament, though – it’s really cute in person (although I’m terrified of actually putting it on my tree. I’d be so gutted if it smashed!).There’s also the Black Friday charm, if you’re interested in that… ;)
      I’m really envious of that loyalty card system- it would be great if they rolled out that out in other regions, too!

  2. Hey Ellie, I just went on Rue La La’s website and noticed that all mention of the Pandora sale for Friday is gone! (It doesn’t show up under upcoming events.) Any idea if it’s been cancelled or is still on? I was just on the site yesterday and it was showing up fine.

    • Hi Steph, sorry for the delay in reply! I just logged on to their website and Pandora is listed again now under Friday’s sales, just a little further down the list. :D So it looks like it’s still all set for Friday!

      • Hi, thanks for checking! I see it now again too. Weird.
        I won’t be able to shop until 11:30am :( This is my first time participating in a Rue La La Pandora sale. Would you say everything would be sold out by that time in your past experience?

        • No problem! The Rue website can act up sometimes. :)
          No, not at all! Judging by previous sales, the very best deals will probably be gone by then, especially those on gold charms. However, most of the stock should still be there, and there is usually stock left at the end of the sale – retired muranos, clips, gemstones, that kind of thing!

      • Thanks for the tip! The gold charms aren’t quite within my budget but hopefully there will be some cute silver and murano beads left :)

    • Thank you! I’m in the UK and I couldn’t get the site to accept my credit card last time, but I’m hoping this time I can make it work somehow. ;) There were some amazing bargains in October!

  3. When I logged into Rue LA LA on Friday, there was a pop up that stated that if you make a purchase through Google Wallet with them, you will receive a $25 credit within 24 hours to use on Rue LA LA merchandise. So, I used it. I bought a blue oval lights bead. Now the time has run out, and no credit has posted. I contacted them via email, and got a return stating, Good news!/You qualify for the $25 credit! This will be posted on or before December 5!

    Well, yippee. But I want to use it TODAY, as promised. On Pandora items. My reply to them has not yet been answered.

    • Oh no, that’s ridiculous! :( If it’s an online offer, why can’t it clear immediately anyway?
      Hope they sort it out for you! If not, does the credit have an expiry date? You could always put it towards the next Pandora sale they host. They seem to be pretty regular at the moment.

      • They do, and I would probably be agreeable to that, except that I’ve got the shipping paid for for 30 days. It’s hard to say if the next Pandora sale will be held before it expires. I was also hoping to use this for Christmas. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be automatic. As of this writing, still no reply from Rue La La about the issue. I recognize that it’s a weekend, but with it being the first official Christmas shopping weekend, there has to be staff available to solve an issue. It’s not speaking well of their customer service.

        • Ah I see. That is really frustrating :( hopefully they’ll compensate you for messing you around. They shouldn’t be offering deals that they can’t fulfil! Any update? Have they got back to you?

        • I had to call last night in order to get anywhere. They did compensate me the $25 credit, and I was able to use it. I later got an email that denied it was supposed to be credited within 24 hours. I’m sure of what I read, so I’m not sure what their deal is. It seemed very much like the right hand didn’t know what the left was doing. I’m hoping it’s only due to the chaos of a busy holiday shopping weekend, and not their norm.

        • Oh good, I’m very happy to hear you got it sorted! Hopefully you’re right, and it was just due to the high volumes of shoppers. In any case, enjoy your new pieces!

  4. As of today, none of the three Pandora pieces I ordered from this promotion have shipped, even though all three were purchased before the first of the month. They did have it marked as guaranteed delivery by Christmas, and there’s still time for that, but I can’t say this has been a happy transaction with them. Again, I’m hoping this is just due to the holiday season.

    • That’s frustrating to hear – I’m sorry that this has been more stressful than enjoyable for you! There is typically a delay in delivery from Rue La La for any Pandora sale they run, but hopefully they are still on schedule for Christmas delivery, if that’s what they have promised. :)

  5. Rue lala sales again for pandora available for 3 days. but lots of the items are gone. I’m in the UK so the order didn’t go through, but they have charged my card three times. Ive emailed them. I hope it can be resolved.

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