The wait is over, and the limited edition Pandora Black Friday charm for this year is finally here! The charm, named Christmas Wish, is an exclusive Black Friday offering for North America and features a pavé ornament design. Today’s post offers some lovely live shots of the charm, and some further details on its release.

pandora black friday 2014

And, just a reminder – Rue La La’s Pandora sale is also due to start at 11am EDT, if you’re after some additional bargains!

Pandora Black Friday 2014

The Christmas Wish charm is an ornament dangle, similar to the Christmas Ornament charm from the Winter 2014 collection, but with some pavé detailing and little Christmas tree silhouettes set into the bauble. It is retailing for $75 USD or $85 CAD. Sadly it seems that this charm remains a North American exclusive this year – so if you’re an international reader, you will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help you get this one!

As you can see in this image, the charm, as per tradition, has the date inscribed on its bale, and comes in a lovely white leatherette box, with the words ‘Limited edition’ written on it.


The charm is also part of a special Black Friday gift set, available from November 28-30. It comprises the Black Friday charm, the Starlight gift set and the Stargazer gift, retailing at $350 USD:

black friday gift set

Live Shots

As usual, retailers have been uploading some gorgeous shots of the new release on to social media.

Image by Pandora OC Mall
Image by Pandora OC Mall

A nice touch revealed in the live images is the charm’s bow detailing – the tails of the bows reach around the charm and meet at the base. It almost gives the charm a halo effect.

Image by Pandora Chinook
Image by Pandora Chinook
Image by Pandora Westfarms
Image by Pandora West Farms
Image by Pandora White Oaks
Image by Pandora White Oaks

My Comment

This charm’s design has proved a little controversial among collectors, but I will definitely be trying to get hold of one! This is an instance where the pavé effect works for me, and I love the cute little Christmas tree shapes, too. I just got the Christmas Ornament pendant and I’m really curious to see the difference between these two charms in person.

It’s unusual, too, to have opted for a pendant design, as not everyone is a fan, but then again, a little variety in design is also good.

Do you like this year’s design? Will you be adding it to your collection?

6 Comments on Pandora Black Friday 2014 charm is released!

  1. I got this year’s black friday charm online. Thought it was not that nice initially but changed my mind and went for it. I plan to wear it with last year’s Let it Snow charms and my newly added Disney collection. ?

    • Yay! A lovely reader is going to pick one up for me – I can’t wait to see it in person! :D I think it will look perfect with the Let It Snow… The pave detailing should go nicely together. Would love to see it with the Disney charms, too <3

  2. :-) Oh, this is darling! Yes, the Christmas tree shape in the ornament is so cute!
    I’ll check my store here in Vienna – perhaps they have it and if not, maybe they can get it?
    Good luck with your hunt and please do show when you’ve got it.
    Which Christmas ornament have you chosen?
    Have a very HAPPY weekend! :-)

    • I’m glad you like it – I’m so excited to be getting mine! :) I will definitely post pics once it gets here! Unfortunately it’s limited to North America… so it won’t be available in Vienna. :(
      I’ve chosen the Christmas Ornament charm from the Winter 2014 collection! It’s very similar to this charm, actually :) I’ll be posting a little review of it soon – it’s so pretty!
      Have a lovely weekend, too, and thanks very much for commenting! <3

  3. Got mine today with the Stargazer and Starlight gift sets from hubby as an early Christmas gift. Love them all! Will wear the Black Friday charm on my Twelve Days of Christmas bracelet he bought me last year.

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