Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring details on what’s coming up for the month! There are no Pandora collections due out in December; the next release we have to look forward to is the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 collection in mid-January. In a way this is a nice break, as Pandora’s schedule this year has been incredibly full, but I find that I’m already itching to see what the Valentine’s Day charms look like in person, haha. However there are a number of fun winter promotions to enjoy in the run-up to Christmas!

Coming up on the blog, I have some some fun Christmas features planned, plus more Winter 2014 reviews, including those of the Fascinating Aventurescent murano and the Black Friday charm. Apologies for the delay of the former, but it’s taken the scenic route on its way to me from Australia. ;)


The big promotion this month is the Christmas ornament GWP, which is available in numerous regions with varying spends. For some live shots of the ornament and more details on the promotion, please see my feature here!

  • In the US and Canada, this promotion has a very limited run – it starts today and will run until the 7th of December. The required spend is $125 ($150 CAD).
  • In Australia, this promotion started on the 27th of November and will be offered until the 7th of December, with a required spend of $150 AUD ($180 AUD).
  • In the UK, this promotion started with the release of the Winter 2014 collection and will continue whilst stocks last – the spend is £125.

pandora sleigh ornament promo 2014

In other news:

  • In North America, the Starlight and Stargazer gift sets will continue to be offered until the 31st of December.
  • In the UK and Australia, Pandora usually runs their official sales from Boxing Day through January. The sale includes retired jewellery, and usually offers some amazing savings! Keep an eye out for more details. :)

Pandora Unforgettable Moments Cruise

The details for the 2015 Pandora Cruise were announced last month, and registration has now opened! The cruise will run from the 12th – 19th of April, and sail through the Eastern Caribbean – more details are at the cruise’s official website.

pandora cruise 2015

For the uninitiated, Pandora in North America run an annual cruise, with special Pandora events and shopping:

Join PANDORA for their 4th annual cruise onboard Celebrity Silhouette, sailing for 7-nights to the beautiful destinations of San Juan, St. Kitts and St. Maarten. Departing from Ft Lauderdale, Florida, guests will enjoy exclusive shopping experiences and private events designed just for PANDORA lovers.

Most excitingly (in my opinion, haha), Pandora fans who attend the cruise receive a very limited edition charm especially made for the cruise that year! This year’s was a two-tone version of the adorable Pandora shopping bag charm.

pandora cruise 2014 limited edition charm
Image by Pandora_NA

Pandora UK Retirement for 2015

The Pandora UK website has updated with a new wave of retired pieces, including a surprising amount from the Spring 2014 collection. The retired pieces mainly include some of the more obscure or country-specific pieces, such as the Brazil and USA map charms. Please note that Pandora’s retirement lists vary from region to region, and this retirement applies to the UK only.

It might be worth taking note, as these may crop up in the Boxing Day and January sales. (Please note that this is the not the full list – just a few interesting pieces!)

pandora retiring 2015

I myself just bought the gorgeous Chinese Lantern, for example, which is currently being offered at 30% off at ROJ (who, at the time of writing, are allowing me to make orders to the UK). This is a stunning piece in person – such a lovely vibrant red.

pandora red bracelet

My Comment

I have already indulged in the absolutely gorgeous Christmas ornament for this year – it’s a lovely collectable, and a Pandora Christmas tradition that I really look forward to each year.

pandora porcelain sleigh ornament

I am still considering a couple more pieces from the Pandora Winter 2014 collection, but otherwise I am mostly saving up my money for the sales later on in the month! The lack of new pieces is something of a welcome breather, but I’m still hankering for some live shots of the new Valentine’s pieces to tide me over. ;)

What are you looking forward to for the month? Will you be taking part in any promotions?

17 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up For December 2014

  1. Hi there,

    I am an employee at a Pandora store in Ontario, Canada plus a huge Pandora fan for many years. I love your posts and read every one you send out. I’m usually the first to share exciting new Pandora news with my co-workers often with information I receive from your posts. I am stumped about how to get a hold of one charm and I was hoping you may have some advice. I love the murano glass charm in your last post that has the red poppy in it. It’s on your red bracelet with the chinese lantern. I believe it’s exclusive to the UK but I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how I may get one here in Canada. I would be grateful for any tips.

    Thanks so much! Deena

    • Hi Deena, thank you very much for your lovely comment – I am so glad that you enjoy the blog, especially when you have so much experience with Pandora yourself! ^^ The poppy charm is called the Wildflower murano, and it’s currently available in the UK, Australia and Spain, I believe. Of course, retailers aren’t allowed to ship outside their region. :/ However, I’d recommend trying one of the Pandora selling pages on Facebook, such as Pandora’s Tribe – there are some lovely ladies there who help each other to get limited edition and country-specific charms.
      I’d be surprised if the poppy murano didn’t eventually make it to North America, however – perhaps with the Spring 2015 collection, although that’s purely speculation on my part!
      Hope you manage to find one! :) Ellie

  2. HI Ellie, thanks for posting the discount on the lantern, and letting me know that it’s about to be discontinued!
    I was waiting return to Australia for a trip so my mum or sister would gift that to me for Chinese New Year’s (haha – I’ve spent too much on Pandora on such a short amount of time already)
    However with the ROJ discount, I am sold :) Will purchase it shortly and make my mum/sister get me something else
    BTW, how long is the tassel on the lantern? Looks like 1.5cm? It’s perfect, as my bracelet will be a red and silver theme

    • Hi Judie, yay, I’m glad you’re able to take advantage of it! The lantern is such a beautiful charm – I was surprised to see it up for the chop, tbh. You’re pretty much spot on with the lantern’s tassel – the tassel itself is just over 1cm, and with the silver ring included it’s exactly 1.5cm.
      I’m sure you’ll love it in person! The red is really striking and a bit of a departure from Pandora’s usual style, I think :)

  3. Hi. I am new to Pandora. I received my first bracelet for mother’s day and have 12 charms already. My latest is the house charm with “home sweet home” on the bottom of it. I see they have made a car and a taxi charm but being a SUV driver, I would love a truck to put next to my house charm. Have you heard any rumors of a possible truck charm in the works? By the way, I love your blog and look forward to your updates.

    • Hi Shone, unfortunately I haven’t heard of any plans for a truck charm :( as you say, that would be a great complement to the existing car and taxi charms! It would be nice to see some more vocational options in general, too – I’m an aspiring writer and I’d love a typewriter or something like that.
      It’s so nice to hear that you enjoy the blog – thank you for taking the time to let me know! ^^

  4. Thank you for all your great posts. I recently discovered your site. You mentioned sales later this month. Are there Pandora sales or promotions later in December?

    • The updated list is on the UK, if you look on the retired section – unfortunately it doesn’t let you order them by their retirement date, so it’s not easy to pull a complete list from there! There’s not that much from what I can tell – a lot of the Summer 2013 beach charms are also retired, such as the Happy Crab and the Lighthouse. I imagine there will be more to come x

  5. Hi. I love your posts. I read them every time a new one is posted. I love Pandora. Today I bought the Mickey and Minnie kissing charm to represent our trip to Disney in Nov :) I tried to get it from Disney World but it was sold out everywhere! So had to come back to Canada to get it. I want to make a travel bracelet and was wondering if there was ever a Vegas charm of some sort? Our first family overnight trip was to Nigara Falls in Canada so I would love to get a charm for that too. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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