Today brings a round-up of various pieces of information on the Pandora Valentine’s Day and Spring 2015 collections, including some lovely Valentine’s live shots, details on Valentine’s promotions and some more hints at what’s included in the upcoming Spring collection. There is quite a bit in this post, so hopefully it’s not too crowded! ;)

pandora valentine's 2015

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 collection begins to hit the stores!

It’s been an exciting few days in the Pandora world as stores across various regions – including North America, Australia and the UK – have started to sell the new Valentine’s Day collection! The official release date is the 15th of January, but stores often receive their stock prior to the official date. Not all stores are selling before Thursday, though, so be sure to check with your store before visiting.

It’s a pleasant surprise to see stores in the UK  selling the collection early, too! Pandora UK usually keeps strictly to its release date, but I’m quite enjoying the excitement of seeing the charms arrive a little early here. Stores are not allowed to market the collection until the official release date, however, so you won’t see update until then.

Image by Pandora Freehold
Image by Pandora Freehold

As ever, the arrival of the collection means that we get a closer look at the new pieces! I still love the look of the two-tone Message of Love charm, which looks so pretty in person, and I’m also really drawn to the plain silver Together Forever pendant, too. I hadn’t really noticed it before, but it’s lovely!

I already ordered one of the gorgeous Pink Hearts muranos from an online retailer, and it arrived today! :D It’s a beautiful shade of pink, and not peachy in the least.

Pandora LE Sweetheart charm

It is looking increasingly likely that Pandora’s limited edition Sweetheart charm for Valentine’s Day 2015 is going to be another North American exclusive. No other regions seem to have received this charm so far, and reports are suggesting that they are not going to.

pandora limited edition

The other notable thing is how different the charm looks in person. I found these live shots online from Taobao, which reveal the pink CZs around the heart to be in reality more of a shade of pale lavender. However if anyone has found any more pictures, please feel free to share! I do like the look of this charm better from the live images, but it’s still not really to my taste.

Pandora Valentine’s Pink Heart Box GWP

I also have some more details on Pandora’s upcoming jewellery box GWP for Valentine’s Day! This year, it’s a heart jewellery box in a beautifully-soft shade of pink. This is set to be offered in a number of regions this Valentine’s Day, including the UK and Australia, although it will not be available in North America. Collectors in the US & Canada will instead be offered a series of gift sets, each of which will come with its own cream heart-shaped box.

pandora valentine's UK promo

  • In Australia and New Zealand, this GWP will be available from the 29th of January until the 14th of February, with a spend of $120 AUD or $150 NZD.
  •  I’m not sure on the promotion dates for the UK yet, but the spend will be £125.

I really like this box (I love pastel pinks), and so I’m planning on reserving my bigger Valentine’s purchases until I can get it! <3 It would be an absolutely beautiful way to present a Valentine’s Day present.

Pandora Spring 2015 Details

So, I don’t have any more pictures of the collection yet. :( What I do have, however, is the North American list of some of the charms and jewellery coming out for Spring (not Mother’s Day) and so I can share some more tasters of what’s coming next. We have already seen a few of the upcoming pieces in my posts on the Spring 2015 sneak peeks and live shots, and it looks like the themes are going to be really very similar to last year’s: there are a lot of new floral and butterfly pieces.

pandora spring 2015 collection

These will include a new Primrose collection, in addition to the new Daisy pieces we have already seen. Other confirmed charms include the Alligator, the Red Pavé Apple and Ballet Slippers. The two faceted Essence-like charms look to be only available in pink and purple for now.

Completely unseen charms include:

  • Green clover charm
  • Sparkling Ladybug
  • Piano
  • ‘I love Music’ charm
  • ‘Coffee Lovers’ charm
  • ‘I Love Cooking’ charm
  • Mountain Dog
  • Graduate Owl
  • ‘Finish Line’ charm, which I assume will be for runners

The only 14kt charm I have seen listed is a new version of the Inspiration Within pavé spacer. There will also be new silver versions of that spacer, in pink and purple.

Pandora Chinese Doll

Finally, I have a few more details on the international release of the Chinese Doll charm from Pandora’s Chinese New Year 2015 set; it will vary depending on your region. In Australia, it is being released with the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 collection on the 15th of January. In North America, it’s listed with the rest of the Spring 2015 collection, so it looks like it is coming out there in March – it’s priced at $45 USD. I found this live shot of her from Australia on Instagram; she looks so cute!

Image by gennbeauty
Image by gennbeauty

My Comment

I haven’t been to my local store yet to see the new charms, but I am actually much more enthused for the Valentine’s collection having seen all the lovely live shots that have started to appear online. <3 I’m also desperate for the pretty Valentine’s pink heart box; I don’t own any of the official Pandora jewellery boxes, as I use the Stackers boxes, but it would be nice to have a little travel box. :) I’m hoping it’s that kind of size!

In terms of the Spring 2015 listings, I am really curious to see the new coffee charm, the new primrose and butterfly pieces, plus the Mountain dog! Nothing absolutely leaps out to me as a must-have, but hopefully they will be nicely executed. :D They do seem to be sticking to very similar themes for each collection at the moment; primarily seasonal pieces, accompanied by charms representing various hobbies, music and sport in particular.

Are you going to get any of the new Valentine’s charms? What do you think of the listed charms for Spring?

42 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day and Spring 2015 Updates

  1. Oooh that pink heart case is lovely. Just a shame we don’t do Valentine’s Day in our house. I live in hope that the husband may surprise me with the heart clasp bracelet though. I could do with a new one and it looks really cute!

    • Isn’t it just! They did a deep pink version of it last year, but I much prefer this one. Aw, I hope he does, the heart bracelet is lovely! I’m probably just going to go ahead and get the bracelet myself in order to get the box haha. I’m hoping that they’ll start offering it as soon as the collection launches on Thusrday.

  2. Heya, I am quite curious about the Mountain Dog charm. What does that mean? Is it a breed of dog? Good to see some musical instruments on the charm list. Am still waiting for the sewing machine charm though

    • Hi Judie! I’m afraid I don’t know. All I have been given is a written list of the jewellery coming out for Spring with their names. I’m curious to see that one too! I couldn’t agree with you more – my OH’s mother is amazing at sewing, and I’d love to get her one to represent that.

    • Oh I hadn’t thought about it being a dangle. I’m hoping it’s a bit like the existing teacup charm. :) The alligator is a really fun addition, I like that they just popped it in with all the flowers haha.

  3. oOOOo! In love with the new Pink Hearts murano, the Together Forever pendant, the heart clasp moments bracelet and of course the pink box =P (I’m so hooked!)
    The rest seem a little too “blingy” for me, but I do believe when styled well they do look lovely. I also love the new green murano with the white flower detailing in your spring sneak preview, although I don’t have anything to go with that colour scheme.. =/

    Love your posts and updates Ellie! Just wish the UK spend for the GWP was lower… I went all out at Christmas….(oops).

    • Oh your favourites are my favourites! ^^ I’m also keen on the two-tone Love charm, and maybe the With Love gift box, though, haha. I can’t work out whether the With Love is too blingy from the live images I’ve seen.
      I agree with you; the pavé charms can look really pretty when styled right. It would just be nice to see more of a mixture of new and old style Pandora in collections, a little bit of sparkle with more traditional silver and two-tone beads. The murano looks so pretty, but I also don’t really have anything that would match green! I like that they’re getting more creative with their glass though.
      Haha thank you! <3 The GWP spends for the UK are always ridiculously high… I guess the brand is popular enough that people are willing to spend the money. Thanks for commenting! :D

    • As far as I’m aware, it’s not going to be available for purchase in the US – although if I hear otherwise, I will of course update the blog! I’d recommend joining one of the Pandora selling groups on Facebook (such as Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels); there are usually ladies on there who are willing to help others out with things like this. :)

  4. Hi love your post was just wondering if you knew if the chinease new year charm was coming to the uk. I don’t know if I’m going to participate in the jewellery box, I have brought so much pandora over the months I think I need a break I already have a pandora stacker jewellery box but I would like more info on the box.

    • Hi Nicola, I don’t have confirmation on when/if the CNY charms are coming to the UK. Last year they were both released with the Spring 2014 collection, so hopefully the same will happen again!
      Haha, my Pandora breaks never usually last for long. I have bought quite a bit recently but unfortunately I really like the box ;) As soon as I know dates for this promotion I will let you know!

  5. :-) You have no idea how much I am looking forward to seeing this collection in the stores!!! I wouldn’t know which one to buy! :-)
    Thanks for all the pics and the description of these little treasures! :-)

    • Aha glad to hear that you like them! I can’t wait to go and see them either, hopefully I will make it into town this week. :) It feels like ages since a new collection has come out, haha.
      You’re welcome, thanks for commenting! <3

    • Hi Patri, the new collection should be out in Italy on the 15th of January. I’ve not heard anything about promotions for Italy, but I will keep my eyes peeled. If I see anything, I’ll update my promotions page. :)

  6. I saw a few pieces of this collection and they are very quite lovely. The gift set heart box is perfect for travel. I find that it’s not too big. Many for others but I find that it is nice enough. I can’t wait to purchase them. Also can’t wait for the Spring 2015 collection to come out. That ring looks beautiful!!

    • Oh lucky you! I popped into my store today, but they weren’t selling until Thursday so I didn’t get to see them. I already have the pink heart murano, though, which is so lovely in person! <3 Thanks for the tip on the gift box, too!
      Me too, I'm definitely after some more Darling Daisy pieces! We'll see what else when all the pictures are out. ;)

      • Yea the store isn’t selling them until tomorrow either but the girl was super nice enough to show me the 3 gift sets and the few collection pieces they received. The bracelet is as pretty as the pictures. The heart clasp is a perfect little bubbled heart. I didn’t see the murano but in the pictures they look beautiful. And yes! Can’t wait for the Spring collection. That ring has to be added to my ring collection. It’s adorable and pretty.

        Thanks as always for your wonderful posts!!!

      • Also about the Spring collection, I cannot wait to see the Piano and I Love Music charms! I’m a huge music lover and piano player myself! Hopefully they are as pretty as the Treble Clef they have now. Oh I’m excited hehe. Can’t wait for any pics of them.

        • Oh lovely, I’m so excited to see the bracelet! I’m waiting for our GWP to buy it though.
          I used to play the piano but gave it up… oh must be eight years ago now, but if it’s cute I’d definitely be tempted by the piano charm! I do like all the hobby charms -I’m hoping that one day they’ll make a typewriter… or a quill or something like that, as I’m always writing. ^^
          Thanks for reading! :D

  7. The pink murano is absolutely gorgeous! I saw it in person today; but I’ll have to wait until the 29th before I can get one.

    I’m thinking of styling two of the pink muranos with the Flamingo dangle in the middle on my black triple smooth leather bracelet.

    • Yes, it’s so pretty! It’s nice to see a Pandora pink murano that’s actually a true pink haha. And I absolutely love black and pink as a combination, so I love the sound of your bracelet! <3

  8. I can’t wait to see the alligator, mountain dog, and coffee lover’s charms. I’m not a fan of the pave though; I definitely prefer more of the traditional two-tone and silver. Also, do you have a text list of everything that retired?

    • Oh Martha I completely forgot! So sorry. Here it is now. I’ve just uploaded a word document to WordPress so hopefully that should work. :)
      There’s a live shot of the alligator here:
      I also really want to see the coffee charm! ^^

  9. I popped in my concept store today to buy another essence charm for my bracelet and they had all the Valentines Day charms on display. Love the pink murano and the heart bracelet. Very very tempted.

    • Those are my two must-haves, too – although I already have the pink murano. I’m definitely getting the bracelet, but debating a couple of other pieces as well. Hope you decide in favour! ;)

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