It’s an exciting day for Pandora fans worldwide as the glittering Valentine’s Day 2015 collection officially makes its way into stores today! The collection is very much a romantic one, featuring plenty of heart motifs, delicate pinks and sparkling stones. To see a full preview of the collection, please check out my post here, while some other updates and live shots are available if you have a look through the Valentine’s 2015 tag. :)

Image by Pandora West Farms
Image by Pandora West Farms

Read on for some lovely campaign images, details on delayed pieces and a look at the limited edition Valentine’s gift packaging for this year!

Campaign Images

The look book images for Valentine’s are a little different to Pandora’s usual style, featuring a more contemporary feel. You can click to enlarge them!

pandora valentine's 2015

pandora valentine's 2015

pandora valentine's 2015

Their Valentine’s showcase bracelet designs are always very romantic in feel, and show off the collection in some glittering pink and striking two-tone stylings. It does surprise me to see the gorgeous braided heart clips featured so prominently, however, as they are retiring in North America this year.

pandora valentine's day 2015 two tone

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift Bag

Pandora usually release limited edition gift packaging for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and we now have a sneak peek at the bag and gift wrapping for Valentine’s Day 2015! This year’s packaging keeps it pretty but simple, with a white ribbon and bag, adorned with a pink heart motif.

pandora 2015 valentines bag

In previous years, this Valentine’s Day packaging has not been available in North America – I’m not sure whether this is the case for this year’s. Some stores have started to offer this already in the UK, so keep an eye out!

Delayed Pieces

There always seems to be something missing in Pandora’s collection launches at the moment. ;) The release of the Open my Heart clip and Crossing Paths ring with this collection has been delayed, seemingly in all regions.

I have spoken to a couple of stores here in the UK and they have stated that they are expecting these pieces at the end of the month, so it doesn’t look to be another case of the Winter 2014 Fascinating Aventurescent murano, where it was never properly released at all. It’s a shame as I was really keen to see the clip in person; I think two would look great worn together on the oxidised bracelet!

Pandora Valentine’s Promotions

In North America, Pandora will be offering a series of gift sets from now until Valentine’s Day. Each set will come with a lovely cream heart-shaped gift box – please see my Promotions for 2015 page for more details. :)


In the UK, stores are officially allowed to offer the pink heart box GWP from today. This gorgeous pink jewellery box is available with a spend of £125 in a single transaction, and will be available until Valentine’s Day, or while stocks last.

pandora valentine's UK promo

*UPDATED* Live Shots

Although I haven’t managed to see the Valentine’s Day collection in person yet, a lovely reader has sent me some of her own live shots, which give us wonderful close-ups of some of the new pieces. This first one shows off the new pink heart GWP box beautifully:


The rest also offer close-ups of the new Heart to Heart necklace, the Forever in my Heart pendant, the Lock of Love charm and the new heart-clasp bracelet. <3

My Comment

I have not managed to see the collection in person yet, but I am rather dying to! My most wished-for pieces are the stunning new heart-clasp bracelet and the plain silver Forever Together dangle – I’m waiting to see the pink With Love gift box in person, too. I have already bought the Pink Hearts murano, and you can expect a review of that later this week. <3

If you’re in the UK, you can purchase the Pandora Valentines 2015 collection from retailer John Greed Jewellery, who are already offering the pink heart box GWP, too.

Are you excited for this collection? Is anything on your wish list?

28 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 Collection is Released!

  1. I’ve decided to purchase the bracelet. I have a brown and purple themed bracelet that has well outgrown the 9 charm capacity that I’ve been told a double leather bracelet is intended to hold. Since the charms on this bracelet represent my loves, from my hubby, kids and grandkids to close friends who are important to me, the heart clasp bracelet seems appropriate. Are we able to send photos to you by chance?

    You mentioned that the safety chain featured in the photo is due to be discontinued. Any word yet on any new ones that might be released soon? Also, have you had any preference between the screw-on type and the clip on type of safety chain? I’m looking to buy one for the brown and purple bracelet, as I’m pretty sure it will be about full. I’m leaning towards the plain silver heart one, but I’m not completely sure.

    • Oh lovely, that fits perfectly with your theme – and you’re right, you’re not meant to put more than 7-9 charms on the leathers. :) Of course, you can always send photos to me by e-mail at Or, if you want to share them with everyone on the blog (and you are encouraged to!), you can always post a link to a picture in the comment box. :)

      Sorry, I didn’t mean the safety chain – I was referring to the braided heart clips on the bracelet. :) That safety chain is still current. However the two-tone clip-on safety chain is retiring this season. It’s a shame as the current range of safety chains is horribly limited and we haven’t had a new design in two years! I’ve not seen any listed for SS15 either, although I haven’t seen a full listing for everything coming out yet.
      I personally prefer the screw-on safety chains, as the clip-on safety chains take up room on the bracelet – you can’t clip them on to the threads by the clasp, they have to go on the chain. The only issue with the screw-on safety chains is that they can twist themselves off the threads and get in the way, but that shouldn’t be an issue if your bracelet is full. I have all the screw-on safety chains (bar the 14kt gold one!) and I love them.

      • I bought the heart clasp bracelet yesterday, and I love it! I paired it with a silver heart safety chain, and the combo is very pretty. The heart clasp is a little more difficult to open and close. I think this is due to the position of the opening being at the pointed end of the heart. It’s very pretty, though, and I’m glad I decided to get it. I’ll have to take some pictures of it. :-)

        • Oh good, I’ve just got one too. :) I also find it really hard to get open and closed; the clasp isn’t quite the right shape, and it always wants to spring open when you’re trying to do it up! I’m planning a review soon so I’ll write up on my thoughts on it properly then. You’re right, though, it is so lovely – I’m hoping it’ll be easier to put on when the bracelet itself loosens up a bit.
          Please do, I’d love to see what you have done with yours! :)

        • I took a few pictures of the finished bracelet. I thought you had told me how to get them to you, but can’t seem to find that post. Can you tell me again?

    • Haha, I’m glad you like it – I’m waiting until I’ve seen it in person to decide exactly what I want. The murano and the bracelet are a must, though! :D Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. I went to the pandora store tonight to see the new charms. I think they are prettier than in the promotional photos but they lacked the wow factor. Surprisingly, I thought the ‘I love you’ heart charm stood out the most bec that’s not the type of design I would ordinarily like bec it’s quite cliche, I thought all the ‘love’ worded jewellery were so tacky and cheap looking, like ‘Claire’s’ quality – they look much worst than in the photos, but maybe they are targeted to pre-teens.

    • Ah thanks for sharing – I’m really interested in what everyone has to say about the jewellery in person, as I’ve just not had the chance to go and see them in person yet! :( I was starting to quite like the LOVE jewellery from the stock images but it really does depend on how the quality looks in person. I definitely don’t want the ‘Claire’s’ look from Pandora, haha. They are very reasonably priced (here, at least), so I think you could be right about the teen market.

  3. From the collection, I would only buy the ‘I love you’ charm, but then I won’t be getting it because I don’t want to buy an ‘I love you’ charm for myself :)

    • Haha, that’s the inevitable problem with a lot of the Valentine’s charms. I really like the Together Forever dangle, but I’m going to stick to dropping not-so-subtle hints for that one, as I really don’t want to buy it for myself. ;) The ‘I love you’ charm is very pretty, and so much less fussy than most of these pieces!

  4. I love the “Tumbling Hearts” charm; but I can’t find it listed anywhere in NZ or Australia as a single charm. Looks like we can only get it if we buy the gift set with the new Heart-Clasp bracelet.

    • I just had a look and that does appear to be the case. :( It’s so annoying when they bundle popular new pieces; luckily we seem to have escaped that in the uk for this collection. They will be sold separately eventually though, probably later this year.

    • Hi Rochelle,
      Just discovered this today too. So annoying. I really like the bracelet but not the charm. The charm flew off the bracelet and landed on the floor when the Pandora staff member went to put it on my wrist and then it flew off again when I took the bracelet off again. Don’t want to have to buy clips immediately after spending $150AUD on a bracelet charm combo.

  5. I saw the the pink hart jewellery box today and it looks lovely I love the shade of pink and it’s bigger than I thought it would be I am very tempted.

  6. I bought the new pave heart and key dangle along with the “love dangle” last week. they are the center of my bracelet. I also bought the limited edition heart charm. The stones are such a light pink, they almost look white. Today my husband told me to go in my closet and try on a shirt. The Necklace gift set was in there. I did not want to open it, but he insisted. My review: The necklace is gorgeous, but long. So I double it. The earring are so so. Very tiny and hard to put on. But they look cute, but are TINY

    • Ooh thanks for such a detailed review – I still haven’t been able to see them in person so that is really useful! I noticed that the stones in the Sweetheart charm were very light in live shots, and I actually think it looks so much prettier than the stock image suggested. The necklace is lovely – that’s so cute of your husband to surprise you like that! :D

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