Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s post offers some romantic inspiration to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2015, with an in-depth review of the new Pandora With Love charm. This adorable piece is a miniature heart-shaped chocolate box, with light pink pavé ribbon detailing.


While many long-term collectors are not overly-pleased with Pandora’s recent obsession with ‘making it pavé’ (their advertising slogan here in the UK), I’m not at all averse to a little sparkle here and there. I particularly like the With Love charm, as the cubic zirconia themselves are quite a delicate, subtle pink and are not at all garish or too bright.

pandora with love charm

However, this also made it one of the most difficult charms to photograph, haha – the colour of the stones is so delicate and can easily look washed-out in bright light. And bright light is quite essential to a good photo! ;)

The charm

The With Love charm was one of the charms I was most eager to see in person, primarily because I absolutely love this kind of delicate shade of pink; in person, it looks more like a pretty pale lilac colour. The top of the charm I received is quite oxidised (unlike the stock image), and is therefore not very shiny. It’s not my favourite effect on this charm, as it makes it look quite dark in photos.


As you can see, the hallmarks are located at the base of the ribbon ends. One thing worth noting is that this charm is quite chunky, as it’s both wide and quite tall (you can appreciate this better in the bracelet styling images below!). It’s not disproportionately or unattractively so, but it is a bit bigger than your average Pandora charm.


The ribbon detailing is absolutely lovely, and extends right the way around the charm, as you can see here.



The colour of the charm’s cubic zirconia match those of the 2014 LE Circle of Love bangle exactly, and they look really very sweet together. The white Darling Daisy murano sets off the subtle pink shade nicely, too!

pandora with love valentine's 2015 review

This kind of design also looks wonderful on the leather bracelets, too (I’ve been wearing these a lot lately). The purple leather in particular goes well with the pink.

pandora with love valentine's 2015 review


In terms of my own collection, I’m wearing the With Love charm with the new Valentine’s 2015 heart-clasp bracelet. I started out with a delicate pink Valentine’s Day design:


However, I then thought I’d try pink and red as a colour scheme, which does work rather well for Valentine’s Day! I’m now thinking of adding red garnet cabochons, another pink hearts murano and the gorgeous red Sweethearts murano.

pandora valentine's 2015


This is a really fun little offering for Valentine’s Day and the pretty lilac shade of the gemstones is gorgeous in person. It’s not my absolute favourite from the Valentine’s collection in person, but it goes perfectly with other heart charms, and adds a little sparkle to a bracelet design without being too ‘blingy’.

The With Love charm is $65 in the US, or £55 in the UK, where you can purchase it with the rest of the Pandora Valentine’s collection from John Greed Jewellery. It’s worth noting that this charm is exclusive to Jared’s Galleria in the US, and therefore is not available in Canada.

Have you bought this charm, or is it on your wish list? Have you received or treated yourself to anything for Valentine’s today?

15 Comments on Review: With Love from Pandora Valentine’s 2015

  1. I really enjoy your posts!!!! I just got my first Pandora for Christmas ,, but I already have a nice collection! My sweet dad, who is 82, gave me $ for Valentines to buy myself a charm. I immediately thought of the “Butterfly Kisses” Murano. I will always cherish it & it looks very pretty with the other pink charms!

    • Yay thank you, Kathy – that’s so nice to hear! :D Haha, how lovely of your dad – funnily enough I just bought the pink Butterfly Kisses myself! It’s already one of my favourites. I’m also wearing it with other pink charms, but on an oxidised bracelet:
      I’m planning on wearing some of the new Spring 2015 charms with it ^^
      Thanks for commenting, Kathy! <3

      • I love your bracelet design I love how you pair bright murano with the dark oxidised bracelet. I have one oxidised bracelet and that is with two tone and some dark oxidised charms

        • Thank you! :D I’m a real fan of the oxidised bracelet, it looks good with so many different styles. I love to wear pastels on an oxidised chain – it just toughens them up a bit I think. ^^ Yours sounds beautiful, too – two-tone charms and the oxidised bracelet look great together – nice and dramatic! <3

      • OMG, I love how you’ve styled the oxidized bracelet, Ellie!

        Thank you for reviewing the With Love charm – I’ve decided I want one too, haha! I think it will look nice on my oxi bracelet which I should wear more often. I’m thinking about getting the rose looking glass and clear effervescence too.

        With Love is not available here in Canada, but my co-worker will be going to the US soon for a quick business trip so I will ask her to pick this charm up for me. :D

        • Ooh thank you, I’m really glad you like it! I’m planning on adding quite a few of the new Spring pieces to it, so I’m quite excited about it haha. ;)

          Oh exciting! <3 It's a lovely charm – it seems such a silly policy to not release the Jared's charms in Canada. :( The rose looking glass and white effervescence combo sounds like a winner – I love white and pink together! :D

  2. Sorry, but I forgot to tell you how much I appreciate you telling us about the Rue La La sale. I had no idea! I was able to get several of the retired ones that I had wanted! Thanks again! You make owning Pandora much more fun!!!

    • You’re very welcome, glad to hear that you found some things you wanted! I was quite excited to take part for the first time too! ;) Haha, thank you – all your comments make blogging and collecting so much more fun as well, so thank you for that too <3

        • Nothing too interesting – just some odd charms that I’ve wanted for a while! ^^ I got the Russian Doll, the rhodolite Hidden Romance (it’s not available in the UK) and the pearl Bell charm. I wanted more but they had sold out by the time I got there!

  3. I love this charm a lot. I’m hoping money gets better so that I can finally get it. Once again loving your updates. Lol. Will you be reviewing the Chinese Doll since I think the Chinese New Year is coming up ?

    • Thanks Linda! It’s very cute in person – hope you manage to get one.
      Yes, I’m working on a review of it at the moment :) CNY is on the 19th, so I’ll be posting it then! ^^

  4. Hi Mora. Love your site. First place i check with my morning coffee! Loving the Spring collection, Mother’s day collection and summer collections. Oh oh think im in trouble. Will have to feed my obsession. Haha. I have this “with love” charm. It is a beauty. My son picked it up for me in the U.S. Since it is not available in Canada. Keep up the good work and bring on Spring!

    • Hi Cheryle, that is so nice to hear, thank you – I am thrilled to be part of your morning coffee, haha! I’m also in trouble with the new collections; my wish list is about as long as my arm. ;)
      Absolutely, this charm is so lovely in person – it has such a pretty colour! It’s a shame that the Jared charms aren’t available in Canada. I can’t understand why Pandora follow that policy. :(
      Thanks for commenting Cheryle!

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