Today’s post offers another Pandora Disney preview with an overview of the Disney Park exclusive charms for Spring 2015! I previously posted a sneak peek at a set of 50 Disney pieces due out in Pandora concept stores this spring – the pieces listed in this post will be sold exclusively at Disney Parks locations across North America and will not be available from Pandora concept stores.

pandora disney park stores

There are ten new pieces in this collection, so it’s a relatively small set. As with the previous set of Disney Park exclusives, the designs focus almost exclusively on classic Disney Park motifs, including Mickey, Minnie and Disney Park locations.

I am expecting names and pricing for these charms soon, so I will update with those later. :) In terms of release date, I would expect these charms to debut around the same time as the Pandora Spring 2015 – if not on the same day – although I don’t have confirmation on that yet.

Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2015 Exclusives

First up, we have a colourful selection of Disney Park charms, including a new blue version of the Mickey Sparkling Ear Hat charm and a Minnie version of last year’s Mickey Mania. Pandora are sponsoring the Tinker Bell Half Marathon this year, so the pendant supporting runDisney makes sense.

pandora disney parks exclusives spring 2015

I now have pricing for some of these charms (not all of them, sorry!):

Mickey’s Blue Hat – N/A

Minnie Mania – $60

runDisney – N/A

Mickey’s Fun Wheel – $65

60D (silver) – N/A

Spaceship Earth – $50

60D (enamel) – N/A

*UPDATE* The 60th anniversary charms (the Blue Sparkling Mickey Hat, plus the two 60D charms) will not be available until May 22nd, when they will be released in celebration of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary. The Disney Store blog has released a live shot of them too:

pandora disney diamond charms
Image by Disney Parks Blog


There are also some adorable new castle dangles and another new Mickey & Minnie safety chain design! Just to clarify further – there are only two new castle pendants (one for Disneyland and one for Walt Disney World). The images show the front, back and base of each design. :)

pandora disney spring 2015 parks charms

Prices are now available for these charms (in US dollars):

Sleeping Beauty Castle – $60

Safety Chain – $65

Cinderella Castle – $60

My Comment

While most of these designs aren’t for me, as they’re too Disney Park-specific, I prefer this safety chain design to the concept-store version, and I absolutely adore the new castle dangles!

My concern is that these pieces will prove to be rather hard to get – the Disney Parks online store seem to have stopped stocking the Park exclusive charms, and the physical Disney locations often run out of stock quite quickly. :( It’s a shame as I’d really like to add the new safety chain to my collection. I actually have my first two Disney charms on my way to me from Canada, so I’m excited to be joining the Disney club myself haha.

Do you like any of these new Disney Park charms? Will you be trying to obtain any of them?

103 Comments on Preview: Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2015 Collection

  1. First of all, thanks for the images, you are my favorite source of pandora news, regards from Germany! ♡

    I adore the castle charms as they remind me of a vacation to disneyland I took with my mother when I was a child. The safety chain is also really enchanting, too bad there is no way to purchase any of these charms nearby, I would really love to get my hands on these nice charms.
    Maybe one day someone will come up with a petition in order to get them being sold in Europe as well, such a pity.

    Anyways, thank you for the information, kind regards :-)

    • Hi Sara, thank you, that’s so nice to hear! :D I love the castle charms too, aren’t they pretty? I especially like the Disney Word one on the right, it’s a touch more elegant.
      You’re right – it is such a shame that the Disney pieces aren’t more widely available. :( I’d love to get the safety chain to go with my heart-clasp bracelet. I’m hoping that it is just down to licensing issues with Disney, and that eventually they will be resolved. It is a bit frustrating seeing so many North American exclusives atm – Pandora Rose, the Black Friday, Disney. It would be great to see these come to more regions!
      Thanks for commenting Sara <3

  2. Thank you for sharing this exciting news! We have all been waiting in excitement for pictures of this new collection… Don’t forget we ship Disney parks exclusive charms all over the world! Please visit us at http://www.yourpixie.Com or at

  3. I love the monorail/spaceship earth bead, so that will be a definite for me, I am not in love with dangles, but I love Cinderella’s castle.

    • I love the castles too – although I am quite a big fan of dangles ^^ They do look a bit heavy, but the designs are pretty enough that I’d probably get one anyway! <3

  4. Thanks for the post Ellie I quite like the safety chain the rest I’m not to bother about but the collection going into the concept store I really hope I can get my hands on a few pieces. I have been lucky enough to get 4 disney charms from ebay they have all been genuine and in great condition, there are still a few from the old collection I would like so I will keep looking, I would also love the bracelet.
    What disney charms have you got Ellie.

    • You’re welcome! I absolutely love the safety chain and the castle dangles myself :) If the opportunity presents itself, I may try for the Walt Disney World castle and the safety chain – however, like you, I’m not as desperate for those as I am for the concept store collection! Eeyore and some of the Princess charms have to come home with me, haha.
      Ooh lucky you – which four are they? You have a couple of the muranos, don’t you? :) I have the Minnie clip and the Minnie cupcake on their way to me! I think I’m going to add them to my pink and red valentine’s bracelet. Can’t wait for them to arrive! ^^

      • Oh wow those are 2 I would really like also the Micky clip and the glass slipper. I have the Minnie murano,Micky murano and the red spot murano also the sparkly Micky charm.

        • Ah yes, I also really love the slipper! <3 the only reason I didn't get that one too is that it doesn't really match any of my bracelet designs.
          Lovely choices, the Disney muranos are really cute! I'm thinking about getting a couple from the new collection. I'm really excited for it haha.

    • I am sitting in liberty square as l type this. I just bought 3 disney park bracelet from the new Pandora store. I can’t get these new pieces but if you would like some of the old park exclusives or a park bracelet I am more then happy to get you some. Email me and we will talk about what you would like me to get and how to paypal me. I believe in sharing the disney magic.

  5. I’m a big disney fan and I love them castl charms. I really wish I could add some disney stuff to my collection :( been eyeing up the Mickey ear earrings.. :(
    Wher did you order your Disney stuff from?
    Love your posts :) can guarantee when I read one of your posts I add something to my wishlist :D

    • They’re my favourites from this collection too, they have such lovely detail! It is frustrating that we can’t just walk into a store here and buy them :( I’d like to be able to see them in person before I buy for oen thing, but ah well. Hopefully one day it will be more widely released! I managed to get a friend to help me out with the Disney charms, I’ve not tried out any of the personal shoppers or eBay yet. :)
      Haha thanks Tash! ^^ My wish list is ever growing as well, lol.

  6. I like the castle dangles, and the monorail/ Epcot sphere is different, but I was very put off by my inability to purchase much at the parks last November. I was there only 2 weeks after the Pandora parks release, and could not purchase what I had planned. I guess I find myself skeptical that these will be available anywhere other than eBay.

    BTW, my 12 year old divulged that my Hubs has bought me a Sorcerer Mickey charm. It’s didn’t appear for Valentine’s Day, but I have a birthday later this week, so maybe then. No doubt he paid a pretty penny for it on eBay..

    • I like the castles, too, they’re rather wonderfully detailed! Yes, I was remembering your rather frustrating experiences when I was writing this post :/ it’s a shame that the online store has stopped stocking the charms, too, which can only exacerbate the problem. Apparently the stores have lately become better at re-stocking more often, but we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

      Eeek that’s so exciting! How sweet of your husband. :D I’d love to see a picture when you finally get hold of it. I haven’t forgotten about the dog bone review btw – I’ve just been really busy, sorry! However I’ve had inspiration as to how to do it, so I’ll be working on it really soon. :)

      • Awesome. Well, I should know by the end of the week if it’s a birthday present. I’ve debated poking around for it, but I’ve been good. My original bracelet is just shy of being completely full, and has blue muranos and blue swirl clips, so that’s where it’ll go. Here’s hoping! A dog bone dangle would finish it out nicely, I think. :-)

  7. Do you know why some ofvthevcharms that were intended to be park exclusive were indeed available at some Pandora stores and some were not. I inquired at a pandora store and an independent jeweler and they were not available. Then my niece did indeed purchase the Mickey snowflake from her pandora store in New Jersey.

  8. :-) They’re so cute and I think it’s a real shame that they are only available at the Disney parks! What about us, who don’t live near one?
    A very HAPPY week to you! :-)

    • I understand the pain too. Even though I am in the parks right now, I had to buy my 2014 park exclusives on ebay. They were high and I wil not be here the 12th bad timing I guess. Sigh. Really there were no hats but they had everything else.
      I can pick some up and ship. At cost though. I know international shipping can be high. I cant get the new stuff but 2014 is still here.

  9. hoping they might hang in stock till i arrive over easter
    if not i will have to make do with the ones i already own lol

    • On the counter there was a sign that states that people were limited to 3 charms at a time. I have read that some people think that is a great idea because gives everyone a chance to buy, some say it doesn’t do enough because 3 per person means mom, dad, all kids uncle…… Can stand in line together buy their charms go to the back of the line and do it again.
      I have about 4 Pandora stores in my area not to mention the reeds and Jared’s. So I have access to those I just cant get the new park pieces. I am hoping that my willingness to help others will be good karma, so when I go shopping for the 2015 pieces someone will help me without paying a premium.


  10. Does anybody know if they will honor the promotion they are having in March at the Pandora store inside the parks also? I am going on the 20th and heard that if you buy two charms you get a free bracelet??

  11. I am loving the Disney collection but the releases are sooo big! It is really hard to afford all these pieces and then get some of the other collections that are new. I have been cutting corners every week to afford a charm or two and now they are releasing more. And as far as the park exclusives I had to get the ones I wanted on ebay and paying those prices hurts too. I wish they would slow down on some of these releases so it dosnt hurt the bank account so much

    • I know what you mean, it’s pretty hard to keep up with! I just made a list of the charms I wanted from the upcoming Spring collections and it’s ridiculously long haha. I definitely won’t be able to get them all! ;) Having said that, I don’t have anywhere near as much that I want from Mother’s Day and Summer, so I expect I’ll be working my way through the Spring collection until the Autumn collection comes out! :)
      It’s a shame about the Park exclusives. It would be better even if the Disney Store online was still selling them – at least that made it a little more fair for fans who can’t get to a Disney location!

  12. Hi there

    The charms this time look no as good as 2014 collection. But it still look very tempting to get the castle charm!

    But currently i more insterested in getting the disney collection as I love Snow White!

    By the way do you know if they releasing the bracelet again?
    The price on eBay and online is so much more then actual price!

    • Hi Felicity! No, there’s not much included in this collection is there? I’m pretty sure this is all there is for Spring as well. But the castles and safety chain appeal to me more than any of the 2014 Park exclusives :)

      I don’t know if the Disney store online will be re-stocking. I’ve heard that they have permanently stopped selling Disney Pandora, which would be a real shame. It was something of a lifeline for those who couldn’t make it to the Parks themselves. :(

  13. Do you know any prices on these beads? Specifically the Walt Disney World castle dangle?:) I’m going there two weeks after the release date and hoping to get some new charms, definitely a couple from the park exclusive collections!

    • I should be getting the pricing soon, I’ll update the post as soon as I do! :) Oh lucky you, I hope you manage to get hold of some – the safety chain and the castles are beautiful! I’m hoping that I might be able to get them via the Disney store online but they do tend to sell out rather quickly.

  14. Do you know when and IF they are going to be getting more Sorcerer’s hat charms in? Would it be when they get the new collection in (in mid march)??

    • I’m really sorry, I don’t know about that. :( The Sorcerer’s Hat hasn’t been retired as far as I’m aware, so they should be getting more in at some point. I imagine that they will probably get more deliveries of all the Disney line when they get the new pieces in, so it is probably worth trying to obtain one then. :)

      • I’m in Disney World. I will be in the Magic Kingdom Saturday before leaving Sun. When we arrived on Sunday we went straight to the Pandora store they said they were out of the hat and WDW charm. They said they would not be getting in any more hats they were a limited edition item. They had all the other charms.

        Since I am here anyone who wants some charms contact me at and I can pick them up and we will arange for payment through paypal.
        Have a magical day,

  15. Peggy, did I understand you right? Did you mean the Disney stores would not be getting any more hat charms at all? No more shipments? So does that mean that some of the park exclusives charms are retired already? wow what a bummer!! They really are not giving us enough time to get these charms, we all have bills to pay too and I don’t like buying stuff like this on credit, you know things I don’t really need to have.

  16. Hi Peggy,
    Is it possible for you to help me get the the mickey and minnie safety clip and the minnie mania? Will you like to share your email to me?


  17. I need to find someone going to Disney to get me some charms exclusives as well. I did the Disney Princess challenge and wish they had the RunDisney charm last month. I was able to get a Disney Pandora bracelet and two exclusive charms. It was all I could afford at the time.

    • Congrats on doing your Disney Princess challenge, and for managing to get your Disney Pandora bracelet, as they’re really sought after. :) Hope you manage to find your RunDisney charm – I’ll be looking for the safety chain and maybe one of the castles too!

  18. Does anyone know if these charms will be available on the Disney online store? Also I was thinking of trying one the Disney sellers like mouse to your house, does anyone have experience buying from these personal Disney sellers? I know there are a few that have facebook pages and their prices are cheaper then ebay. Just wondering thanks for all information/

    • Tammy, I know personally of a disney personal shopper on Facebook . She is awesome. Her name is April and she charges $ 10 service charge per charm plus shipping. I would recommend her ! Pixie purchases with April is the group name

    • Hi Tammy! The Disney Parks blog says that they will be listed online on the 12th of March. However the online store tends to sell out very very quickly. I haven’t had any personal experiences with the Facebook shoppers but I’ve heard good things about quite a few of them. :) Mockingjay and Your Personal Pixie are meant to be good I think.

  19. Ellie, the Mickey and Minnie safety chain is so adorable! Pandora’s safety chains are never in heart designs so this together with the Heart of Mickey safety chain make a cute add on to the Disney bracelet, or even the Valentine’s Day Heart clasp bracelet.

    • Isn’t it lovely! I want it and the Cinderella Castle from this collection I think! And ooh, yes, that’s exactly how I was planning to wear it Charmaine – I want to add it to my heart-clasp bracelet, to which I’ve also added the heart-shaped clips. They should look really cute together! :D

      • Haha. I added the ‘I Love You ‘ Heart charm from this Valentine’s collection and the other charm with a proposal ring in it. Triple hearts on my Heart clasp bracelet! I had the love red cherry clips to go with it as well cos I want it really filled with Love.

        • Oh that sounds lovely! The heart-clasp bracelet does look nice with lots of hearts added to it :D I now want to add that Asian exclusive heart pendant to mine as well, hehe. Filled with love is the perfect sentiment for it!

  20. I’m not really into the castles and dresses for the upcoming collection. More of a Mickey and Minnie fan. But I would be really excited if Pandora ever decides to launch a Hello Kitty collection. Maybe a collaboration with Tokyo’s Disneyland sounds like a plan.

    • I am not a big fan of really bold enamel detailing in my own bracelet designs, but I do really like the concept of the Disney dresses. I’m actually quite tempted by Anna’s Dress – not because I’m a fan of Frozen, but just because it’s quite a pretty design with more neutral colours! It fits well with my fairy-tale bracelet. But I don’t like the fact that it says ‘Anna’ actually on it, so I’m still undecided on that one haha.
      Aha Hello Kitty would be really fun! It would be great to have it as some kind of Japanese exclusive collection; that would be such a great souvenir.

      • To be honest, I really would consider getting the dresses if they had the princesses face, hands and legs on them, like the Japanese, Chinese And Korean dolls charms. The dresses alone just make me feel like I’m getting dresses for a Barbie.

        • Ooh that’s a fab idea – I’d love to see little stylised versions of the princesses in the style of the Asian dolls. That would be amazingly cute! Someone needs to suggest it to them, haha.

  21. Theres one with mickeys wizard hat… Do you know the price and if they will sell it at the Disney Village in Orlando?

    • That’s part of the original 2014 Pandora Disney Parks collection :)
      It retails for $65 USD. And yes I think they sell it at Downtown Disney :)

  22. Thank you for indicating that today the Spring Disney Park Exclusives would be available online. I was able to get the Epcot Spaceship charm (already sold out) and the Walt Disney World Resort charm (also sold out already).

    • Hi Lavee! You’re welcome :D I managed to get the two I wanted too – the safety chain and the Cinderella Castle – and they came yesterday. They are lovely in person!

  23. Yes thanks a lot for letting us know that the charms would be available online today. I was able to get the ones I wanted and another bracelet without paying high prices on ebay that leaves me money for the free braclet promo thanks sooo much!!1

    • Hey Tammy! You’re so welcome – they do go for ridiculous prices on eBay, so I’m glad you managed to get them for RRP. :D My pieces arrived yesterday, and they are even nicer in person!

  24. Hello, I’m writing to have some information about Pandora Disney collection. I’m from Italy and I know it is not expected to have it here so I would like to buy it from you. I’m wondering wheter it is possible or not to make an order and receive it in Italy. Thanks for your attention.
    Canziani Michele

    • Hi Michele, I’m sorry about I don’t sell Pandora – I just write previews and reviews of the new pieces :) your best bet is try ordering from the Disney store online, or to join one of the Facebook selling pages such as Pandora’s Tribe to see if someone can help you get hold of them :) Hope that helps!

      • I tried to join the tribe but I am still pending request.

        Everyone that is looking for the hat don’t lose faith. I tried the entire week i was there and I was told all week that they were not getting any more. I went back Thursday afternoon and there they were in the case. I bought a couple that night and 5 the next day. When we went back on Saturday they were out. They gentleman behind the counter said they received 1,000 on Thursday (their normal stocking day) and were totally sold out by Friday night. The Jewelry Store in Magic Kingdom is getting them just not the Disney Store online. So they are still getting them and I was misled all week. All I can say is keep the faith and keep trying.

        My offer to get regular concept Pandora pieces is still on the table if anyone overseas wants some. I can’t get Park Exclusives, but I can get the new princesses collections.

  25. Hi there!
    I was just at Disneyland yesterday and I asked about the 60th Anniversary charms and they said they are not getting those until May, just wanted to give you a heads up and ask if you knew anything else about a May release.
    The employee also hinted at some other 60th anniversary charms that haven’t been released yet!

  26. Hi!
    I ordered the Disneyland castle and the 2015 charm on the 12th from the Disney Store online on the 12th. I was really happy to get those two, but I was disappointed that by the time I got to work they had already sold out of the Sorcerer Hat, Mickey’s Fun Wheel and the safety chain. My hubby found the Sorcerer Hat for me from an online seller – so it’s on the way. So excited!!

    I wanted to tell you about a site he found called NowInStock.NET. They have a couple of the Disney charms that you can set up online alerts, and it will send you an email as soon as they see the charm is available online again. They also have alerts for other things, but I know we only care about the charms. :-)

    I think I may need to join a Pandora addict club….

    • Hi Nicole! Oooh thank you for the tip on that website. That looks like it will be very useful – I’ve just signed up! ^^
      Aw, how sweet of your OH to hunt you down a Sorcerer’s Hat – they are very much in demand :D I’ve not managed to get around to tracking down one of those down yet! They sell out so fast online. I did manage to nab a safety chain and Cinderella’s Castle on the 12th, and they arrived yesterday – they’re so pretty in person, especially the safety chain. <3
      Aha being part of a Pandora addict club would probably only make us spend more… we'd relapse all the time, haha. ;)

  27. Hi Yvonne,
    My husband found a seller on Ebay (1970-torino-cobra) that had a 100% positive rating and offered a Buy It Now price rather than subjecting the charm to bidding. The buy it now price was $75, which is $10 more than retail. However, we thought the $10 was worth it after reading about everyone not being able to find it either online or in the parks. I did check the online personal shopping services, but they all wanted much more than retail for the charm.

    The Ebay purchase is supposed to arrive with the Disney Parks Pandora box and the Disney pink sleeve. It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I can photograph the package and contents if you are interested to see before pursuing the eBay route. Just let me know.

    Good luck!

      • Hi Yvonne,
        From what I can tell, it is authentic and the guy at Jared’s also thought so. ?. The charm itself has the ALE stamp, the S925 stamp, the Disney stamp, and the Disney Parks stamp. I don’t have the highest quality camera, but I’m happy to send the pics I took if you want me to send them via email or Facebook. I thought they would be rather large to post via comment.

      • Nicole,
        I have done a few on Ebay too. First thing I look at is do they have a return policy? Second their Rating anything less then 99% I leave. Then I look at their inventory. Do they sell a lot of Pandora? If all three criteria are met then I will buy from them. Then I still take it to Pandora to have it checked. lol I have been lucky with each one.

      • Here are Nicole’s pictures of her Sorcerer’s Hat, for those who are interested :) It looks great to me!


  28. Hello,

    Have you Been able to find out the price of the blue Mickey ear hat? I want to know so bad!


  29. hi Ellie!
    just letting you know I got the silver D60 Mickey Mouse todaê in Disneyland California. Once I got it, I realized it’s shaped like a diamond for the diamond celebrations ;) It’s a great souvenir of my trip there!

    • in the World of Disney store, there’s a sign saying that you can’t puy more than 3 of a same charm. And the sales assistant seemed genuinly surprised that I took only one charm…

      • How funny! I guess they’re just so used to the professional buyers coming in and grabbing everything up. No wonder they put the prices up for the Disney exclusives!

    • Hi Melora! Oh that’s so fun – I hadn’t noticed that his face is a little diamond, too. That is the thing I love about Pandora. They often include really thoughtful little ‘easter egg’ details like that. :D Hope you’re having a lovely time on your Disney trip – I’m very envious! ^^

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