Today’s post finishes off my Pandora Disney previews, with a detailed look at the upcoming Spring 2015 collection for Pandora concept stores! Previous sneak peeks at this collection have been a hit with Disney and Pandora fans alike, with its focus on the Disney princesses and well-loved characters such as Eeyore and Tinkerbell. This preview offers some high-quality images of the new charms, plus US pricing.

pandora disney spring 2015

This collection encompasses the charms which will be sold through Pandora’s concept stores – there is a separate set of charms debuting for Spring 2015 which are exclusive to Disney Park locations. It is due out on the 12th of March with the Pandora Spring 2015 collection – so it should be available in time for the North American bracelet promotion on the 19th of March. :D Readers should bear in mind that Pandora’s Disney collections are currently North American exclusives, and are not sold outside of the US and Canada.

One thing to note is that all the muranos are glow-in-the-dark! They are made from fluorescent glass. Please click on any collage to enlarge it!

Pandora Disney Spring 2015

The colours of the Frozen selection are simply stunning, and this is probably my favourite set of this collection. The muranos feature beautifully cool shades in pink and blue, while Anna’s Dress is my favourite of the princesses’ dress dangles. <3 The Frozen Snowflake pendant is also stunning, and quite universal in its appeal – but it does look like it would catch on everything!

pandora disney spring 2015Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Anna and Elsa’s Signature Colour muranos – $45

Let It Go – $35

Anna and Elsa’s Dresses – $65

Frozen Snowflake pendant – $65

Anna and Elsa’s Crowns – $70

Frozen Snowflakes – $70

There are six new Cinderella charms, which feature a dainty powder-blue colour scheme. Of these, I particularly love the Pumpkin Coach and the Cinderella’s Dream. <3

pandora disney spring 2015

Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach – $90

Cinderella’s Signature Colour murano – $45

Cinderella’s Dream – $55

Cinderella’s Tiara – $55

Cinderella’s Dress – $65

Cinderella’s Wish – $75

The rest of the princess charms offer bright colours that are sorely lacking in Pandora’s current range, including some lovely reds and yellows.

pandora disney spring 2015

Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Tiaras – $55

Signature Colour muranos – $45

Dresses – $65

Belle’s Enchanted Rose – $70

Ariel’s Shell – $70

Snow White’s Apple – $70

Next up, we have a selection of miscellaneous character charms. Of these, Eeyore is my absolute favourite (♥♥♥), with his cute pink bow! The Love Tinkerbell dangle is also nicely done, although I’m not a particular fan of the character itself. The fresh green of the Tinkerbell murano looks very attractive as well, and I’d be really interested to see it in person!

pandora disney spring 2015

Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Eeyore – $50

Winnie the Pooh Portrait – $50

Princess Crown – $70

Love Tinkerbell – $55

Tinkerbell’s Signature Colour – $45

These pieces best complement those that were released last year, as they also feature Mickey and Minnie designs. Most striking for me is the appearance of a new safety chain – although I’m not fond of this particular design, it’s great to see Pandora release some new safety chains. Of the charms, I like the look of the Mickey Americana, and the Mickey & Minnie Forever enamel charm is also rather sweet.

pandora disney spring 2015

Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Mickey & Minnie Portraits – $50

Mickey Americana – $60

Mickey & Minnie Headbands – $50

Mickey & Minnie Forever – $55

Minnie Silhouettes – $70

Heart of Mickey safety chain – $75

Minnie’s Bows spacer – $40

Finally, we have a selection of Mickey and Minnie jewellery.

pandora disney spring 2015

Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Sparkling Minnie Earrings – $60

Minnie’s Sparkling Bow Ring – $70

Minnie’s Sparkling Bow Pendant – $60

Minnie’s Sparkling Bow Earrings – $75

Dazzling Mickey Earrings – $65

Mickey Silhouette Ring – $60

Mickey Silhouette Earrings – $55

Mickey Silhouette Pendant – $45

Mickey Silhouette Bracelet – $65

My Comment

For me, Pandora have excelled themselves with this Disney collection. It’s exactly what I was hoping for when I first heard that they were going to be collaborating with Disney. There are a greater number of original designs and concepts, which are brimming with fun colours, princesses and other popular Disney characters. A lot of the designs are reasonably universal too, including some of the gorgeously-coloured muranos. However, on that note, I do wish that the princesses’ names weren’t written on their dress charms, as I quite liked Anna’s dress just as a charm in itself! I’m not sure that I’m a big enough fan of Frozen to want a charm explicitly dedicated to it. ;)

When I saw the first (rather grainy) images of this collection, I knew immediately that I wanted both Eeyore and the gorgeous Pumpkin Coach charm. However, having now seen the proper stock images and their beautiful colours, I would potentially add the Frozen Snowflake pendant, the Frozen muranos and the Tinkerbell murano to my wish list. :S This depends on how the glow-in-the-dark effect works – I’m not sure that I like the idea of that, not for expensive jewellery.

Are you excited for this collection? Which are your favourite pieces?

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    • Aha, I wasn’t sure about the glow-in-the-dark thing either. But I’m hoping it’s more of a subtle effect – I wouldn’t want to be out in the evening and to have a glowing wrist haha.

      • I went into “my” Pandora store on Friday and I asked about the “glow in the dark” effect. Melissa, the store manager, described it more as a “twinkle”, not at all like a light stick. They don’t have the charms in the store yet but she was at the conference where the new lines were introduced so she has seen them in person.

  1. Looks like a great collection but yes seems more suited to young girls. I personally wouldn’t purchase anything from this collection though I do have quite a few of pandoras own fairytale charms which I love!

    • I love Pandora’s fairy-tale charms too! Spring 2013 is probably my favourite Pandora collection to date. :) I do like these as well, but I’ll probably stick to the more subtly coloured pieces.

  2. Eeyore is definitely my favorite! I love Disney, but out of all the characters, I am most excited to see a charm for him. The little pink bow detail is too cute, and I can’t wait to see it in person. I may have to buy him during the bracelet promotion…

    Some of the princess pieces are definitely targeted more for younger girls, but that may not be a bad thing. While I personally won’t buy most of them, at least it gives age-appropriate options to a larger demographic. Some of the current charms in Pandora’s line are more fancy/grown up so at least this gives kids something more to be excited about.

    • Aw he’s my favourite too! Before I even knew Pandora were going to a Disney line, I was writing about how I wanted an Eeyore charm. My puppy has a way of plonking herself down when she’s interested in something that is just like Eeyore’s, with her feet all akimbo – and I’d really love to get him even just to represent that. ^^ I love the pink bow too.
      I agree that a lot of the bright colours do seem targeted at a younger audience – as are some of the Frozen charms. But I think some of the more generic pieces, like the muranos and the snowflakes, do offer something for everyone. I think it’s a beautiful line!

  3. I am a bit disappointed. None of the princesses or characters that are my favourites have been released yet. I am going to hold back on purchasing any Disney charms until Merida, Tiana and Peter Pan make an appearance.

    • Aw, that’s a shame. Eeyore was the one I really wanted, so I’m thrilled to see him in this collection. Pandora and Disney do have a ten year contract, so there are lots of future opportunities for them to do other characters. :) A Peter Pan range would be fab!

  4. My daughter’s favorite princess is also Merida. We found out at Disney World that Brave is actually Disney Pixar, and this is why you see so little Merida merchandise released. The princess herself was there, and my daughter was able to get a few things, but it was scant at best. I wonder, then, if she’ll make a Panora appearance or not? My little one would be crazy excited. She’s just started collecting Pandora herself.

    My picks are Pooh and Eeyore, and I’ll likely get them with t he bracelet promo. I don’t wear a lot of bright colors, but for Pooh enthusiasts, the Snow White and Belle muranos would pull together a Pooh themed bracelet. Or Cinderella’s murano for an Eeyore bracelet! I haven’t decided how I feel about glowing in the dark. I work night shift and often wear, my bracelets at work. That could either be weird, or could help me find my car keys in the dark. Not sure which! :-)

    • Oh of course, that makes sense. :) Having said that, you see a lot of Toy Story stuff don’t you – is that Pixar? I’m hoping that Pandora will get around to making most of the characters at some point or another, it would make sense and I think every Disney character has its fans!

      Eeyore is my pick as well! I love your idea of putting the yellow and red together for him – I don’t wear bright colours either but that’s a really fun concept. Lol, I’m hoping that the effect won’t be bright enough to let you hunt for stuff in the dark – Tia in another comment mentioned that her glow-in-the-dark Trollbeads just sparkle like fireflies in the dark. That sounds really quite pretty and I’d be more on board with that haha.

  5. I think the charms are very pretty and this is a fab collection, but in reflection, at age 30, I’m too old to be wearing Disney branded items, particularly if they have the princesses’ names on them. Makes me wish that I had a daughter or kid sister whom I could buy these charms for though! I would have purchase the rose if it didn’t have ‘Belle’ on it

    • Having the princesses’ names on the dresses puts me off a little, too. I actually find Anna’s dress quite cute as a generic charm, but I’d rather not have everyone think I’m a massive fan of Frozen haha. I don’t mind wearing Disney branded pieces, but I would want to interweave them with my existing bracelet designs and not just have a whole Disney-themed bracelet!

  6. I am very sad that the collection will not come to Puerto Rico , and many fanatical people are interested pandora charms of this collection .

  7. This collection is gorgeous! So sad that the UK doesn’t have the disney collection.. Makes me lose my faith in them a bit.. Didn’t reslise Americans where only disney fans :( so sad..

    • I think it’s to do with licensing issues unfortunately :( we can only cross our fingers that they will be resolved in the future as it is quite frustrating to see North America get all the exclusives!

  8. I love all the princess charms and really want them all not sure about the Minnie and Micky collection. And I don’t know why they have a separate tiara for each princess when they are not all that different.

    • Yeah, I couldn’t quite see the point of the tiaras! I assume they’re based on the crowns they actually wear in the films – it’s a nice idea, but they do look quite similar in execution.

  9. It’s such a shame they don’t sell these in the UK. I would really love to get Ariel’s shell charm. I’m hoping I might find it through ebay. I’m looking forward to the Spring Collection, I’ve seen a few I like.

    • Completely agree, it is a real shame. My fingers are crossed that the line does make it worldwide eventually. :) I’m so looking forward to Spring too, there’s lots that I like – I have such a long wish list haha.

  10. I would love to get all the Murano and a couple of others charms,(being glow in the dark I wouldn’t wear it at night lol) so my bank balance is sighing with relief that these charms aren’t available in Australia.

    • Lol, I’m also sort of dubious about the glow-in-the-dark. I’m hoping it’s quite a subtle luminescent quality and not full-on fluorescent haha. That’s probably the best way to look at it, in terms of the money you’ll save! ^^

  11. Thanks for another fab update, Ellie!

    I’m not a big fan of Disney and I find all those princesses to be annoying in one way or another, but I’d really like to see those muranos. Like yourself, I’m curious about the Tinkerbell murano; love that green apple color!

    I know that some people might associate glow-in-the-dark with cheap plastic Halloween decorations and find that distasteful. I have a Trollbead that has this effect and I don’t think it looks cheap at all! In the presence of light, it looks like tiny snowflakes are inside the bead, but at night it reminds me of fireflies.

    On another note, I don’t understand why Pandora is making this collection a North American exclusive. It’s like they’re giving all their other customers a big middle finger. :\

    • Aha, I haven’t really rewatched the Disney films since I was quite young but I used to love the princesses when I was younger and I have a very rosy-tinted nostalgia for them. ^^ Having said that, Eeyore is the charm I’m most excited for, and I’m most attracted to the more generic Frozen designs. Cinderella’s coach is a must for me though, as I used to have her castle when I was little and the carriage looked just like that charm! It’s nice that the muranos are more universal in appeal (although they do all have Disney written on them) and I’m really hoping that Tinkerbell’s is that fresh green, and not too fluorescent!

      Oh thank you, I’m more reassured to hear that! I’ll admit I was fearing something like a glow in the dark luminescent wrist band haha. That sounds like an amazing effect, and I’d absolutely love that – if I wore it in the right context! ;)

      No, I think it’s a licensing thing unfortunately. :( Chamilia sells Disney merchandise in Europe – they will no longer do so in America. I only hope they can work it out as there’s no doubt that it would sell well.

      Thanks for commenting Tia! :D

      • I think Cinderella’s coach is absolutely beautiful! But it’s also quite pricey and Cinderella doesn’t have enough oomph in my eyes. I’ll just drool over your pictures when you get it. LOL.. ;-P

        Ahaha, I had some of those glow-in-the-dark wristbands as a teen! I can assure you that my Trollbead doesn’t look like that at all! If you’re interested, look up “Trollbeads Blizzard” and “Trollbeads Inner Glow”. It’s hard to capture the effect in photos, but hopefully that gives you a better idea. :D

        Ah, that makes sense. I didn’t realize that Chamilia is still selling their Disney line in Europe. I also hope they work it out for the sake of all the European Pandora fans – crossing my fingers for you guys!

        • Haha, it is expensive in terms of North American pricing but it still works out quite reasonably compared to UK prices. ;) So that hasn’t put me off yet lol. The only thing I did notice is that it doesn’t look like it’s threaded, which irritates me a little! But you know I’ll end up with it anyway…. :P
          Aha I think we all did! I just googled the ones you mentioned and the effect is quite amazing. Can’t wait to see some pics of the Pandora muranos, hopefully they’ll be something similar!
          Thank you! ^^ I’m not particularly hopeful that Disney will see a global release in the near future but you never know!

  12. Is there anywhere in North America that will post Disney charms to Australia?I would love to get the Cinderella Murano and the Disney website says nothing is available.

    • No official retailers are allowed to ship outside their region unfortunately :(. The Disney website did use to ship internationally but they seem to have stopped stocking the Pandora charms, which is extremely irritating!
      Your best bet would be to try one of the Pandora selling pages on Facebook, where ladies often offer to help out with the American exclusives – you could try Pandora’s Tribe, which is a good one. :)

  13. Hey!!

    I really like this collection! I’m waiting for this one and for the spring one, as well. :) I was curious if I can find the Disney collection in Disneyland Paris(we’re going there in May), because I’m pretty sure it won’t be available in Romania. :)
    Thank you so much! And you’re doing a great job here!

    • Hi Andra! I love these pieces as well – it’s just what I was hoping for when Pandora first announced a Disney collaboration :D Unfortunately Disneyland Paris won’t be stocking the Pandora Disney pieces as they’re North American exclusives. :(
      Thanks for commenting, glad you’re enjoying the blog! <3 <3

      • Great! :(( So…at least I can enjoy the Spring collection, as an unlucky european. :)) Kiddin’! Watching your blog (which is my favourite) and seeing all the reviews…I can tell that it’s the Spring collection the one that I like the most. So thanks! :)

        • I’m in the same boat as you! We don’t have it in the UK either. :( But I’m planning on getting some help to acquire a couple of these anyway! ^^ The spring collection is my favourite overall too and I’m saving most of my spending money for that, haha.
          Thanks for your lovely comment, I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the blog! <3 <3

      • And until the Spring one is realesed, I can enjoy the Mother’s day collection, which has been released today in our country. We celebrate Mother’s day on the 8th of March. And I am a mummy, too! :)

  14. I can just imagine going to a Disney movie in the future and sitting in the cinema and many of the mums and daughters having glow in the dark bracelets! I think alot of cashed up mums will spoil their princesses with this collection…

  15. I think the collection is just ‘ok’ there’s nothing there that I would buy, I suppose girls of about 10 – 12 yrs would love this but honestly who can afford pandora for kids! If I had to pick anything it would be the Minnie sparkling bow collection

    • Aw, at least you can save some more funds for other pieces you like. :) I think that any collection based on Disney is inevitably going to evoke its bright colours and youthful style – but some of the pieces here are more generic too, like the Frozen snowflakes or Ariel’s shell! I much prefer this collection to last year’s. :D Perhaps they’ll experiment with different styles in upcoming collections.

  16. I’m so excited about this stuff! its my favourite pandora stuff so far actually, though Im a pretty big disney fan too, so that helps. and I’m hoping I’ll get a couple charms for my 36th birthday, which I dont think is too old at all to wear disney stuff :)

    • I’m really excited too, it’s a lovely collection! I don’t think that you need to be young to wear these pieces either. if you just mix in a few with your existing collection it won’t even be noticeable anyway! I’m planning on adding my Disney pieces to various bracelets. ^^

  17. Hi!!!I’m Anita and when I saw your blog for the first time I was shocked!!!
    It’s wonderful!!!!…I’m form Italy and I work in a Pandora store so, I’m a Pandora fan!:)…me and my colleagues are fallen in love with the new Disney collection but we haven’t got an american address…is there another possibility to have them?!?

    Thank you so much!

  18. QUESTION!:) Are any of these Spring Line 2015 Disney Beads Clips? There are spacers and a new safety chain, but I was curious as to if any of these are clips? Thank you!

      • I think this line is beautiful! I don’t particularly like the dresses, but I think a lot of the other beads are elegant and sophisticated enough that they can be worn on a bracelet of any age if paired with the right beads!
        I just started my first Pandora bracelet with the Disney beads released in 2014. Hopefully i’ll be able to get a few new beads along with the pave Minnie and Mickey clips when I go to WDW in a few weeks!

        • I completely agree with you – if you pair these beads with other regular charms and designs, they’re not really going to stand out as overtly Disney or childish in appearance :) I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with wearing a Disney-themed bracelet if that’s what floats your boat, anyway ^^ I think the dresses are a really fun concept but the only dress charm that I’d wear is Anna’s – and, even then, I’m not keen on the fact that her name is engraved on it. So I’m still debating that one!
          Have fun building the rest of your Pandora bracelet! :D

  19. I’m a little confused, sorry. Which charms are the Disney World exclusives? And what date should I go to the parks to get them? My wife and I are considering planning a Orlando trip around the release date.

    • // Here is the link to the spring line of the Park Exclusive beads! It’s another great article from Mora Pandora. Personally I like the park exclusive beads from 2014’s fall release found on this article: //

      All of the other beads (including the ones pictures above) are in the regular Disney line and can be bought at the Disney Parks, as well as on Pandora online and in carrier stores such as Jared’s in North America.

      I would plan your trip as close to the release date as possible! Disney beads tend to sell out VERY fast, the fall 2014 release of the disney line sold out online in three days and in the parks the most popular beads were sold out within a week and a half. The online Disney Store still is sold out, they are probably waiting to update it when this line goes on release.

      Have fun on your trip!

    • Tay summed it up perfectly! The Parks charms are the ones listed here:
      and they’ll be available from the 12th of March. Enjoy your trip!

  20. I am so in love with this collection! Thank you so much for this post! :) I don’t care if I’m 21, I want all of those Frozen charms (especially Anna and Elsa’s dresses)! And the other princesses’ dresses and tiaras are super pretty too! Wish I could just get everything!

    • Haha, I’d love to get so many of these charms too. I really like Anna’s dress in particular, but as I’m not planning to do a whole Frozen bracelet, I’m wondering if it will look a little strange to have a random charm that says ‘Anna’ on it? ;) It’s so pretty though! I also don’t think it matters at all what age you are, this collection is lovely!
      Glad you like the collection and thanks for commenting! <3

  21. Will these be available to purchase online? If not where can you purchase them? Only at Disney parks? I’m not familiar with pandora so excuse me if this seems like an ignorant question. Thanks

  22. I will unabashedly say that I embrace my inner princess and I’m pushing 40. :o) So I’m in love with these charms, especially the Cinderella collection as she’s always been my favorite. I’m also a Pandora virgin, but looking to start my collection as a souvenir of my visits to Disney World, which happen almost annually. That said, we were just there last week and of course these charms were not available yet, so I have a clarification question. I know that the park exclusive charms are only available in the parks or on Disney Store online, but I curious as to whether you know if the princess charms pictured above will also be available via Disney Store online? We have Disney gift cards that we’d like to use to get some charms, which of course is not going to work with the Pandora online store.

    My next question also stems from the fact that I’m new to the Pandora world. Will these princess charms continue to be available, or are they limited edition? Say I can’t get them online, would they still be available in the Pandora store at Disney World next spring?

    • Hi Starla! I love these charms too, and I think you should wear what you enjoy, regardless of your age. :D In the latest Disney Parks blog regarding Pandora, it’s stated that the Disney store online should be updated with the new pieces – including this Disney Princess line. So yes, these charms should be sold online at some point too- I’d check on the 12th of March. The only thing is that there is such a high demand for these charms internationally that things sell out on the Disney store online almost instantly so I’d be quick if you want to be sure of getting the things you want! I hope that makes sense!

      The princess charms are part of Pandora’s regular line, which means that they’re not limited edition. Consequently they should still be around next spring, providing that they sell well and are not discontinued (I can’t imagine that they won’t!). Good luck starting your Pandora collection, it’s a lot of fun – especially when combined with Disney! ^^

      • Thanks Ellie! I plan to make a prioritized list and be ready on sale day! Now if Disney store would just do the same bracelet promo that Pandora is doing!! :o)

  23. I want the let it go heart and possibly the snowflake. Does the dress say Anna on both sides, or could you turn it around so Anna isn’t facing out?

    • The Let It Go heart is lovely! The dress has ‘Anna’ written on the top of the bail, so you’ll see it whichever way it faces unfortunately :( I’m still um-ing and ah-ing over it, as I really love the dress in spite of the engraving!

  24. Hello,
    Today is my last day in Disney World. This is my last offer to pick up any park exclusive bracelets or 2014, that is 2014 charms. I have a couple of orders to get today.
    I do not charge a fee, at cost shipping, and I provide all receipts. I wil only do paypal for both your protection and mine.

    Let me know.
    Have a magical day.

  25. I am so excited. I am going back to the mother ship (Pandora store in Magic Kingdom) lol. If you tried to email me and I did not email you back I did not get it. I answered every one I read. If you did try to contact me just email me directly. angels4444@gmail. I need to figure out how to get the 2015 park exclusives myself.

    I am off to spend a lot of money now.
    Have a magical day.

  26. Love that Pandora made the Frozen charms, since the Frozen story was based on a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, who was from Denmark, just like Pandora, round circle! :)

    • Oh that’s such a nice idea Laura! I never thought of that. Based on that idea, it would be really lovely to combine these Frozen charms with Pandora’s Hans Christian Andersen set! <3

      • There’s a Hans Christian Andersen set??? I have never seen it. Was it perchance a Danish or EU exclusive? I am kicking myself that I had not succumbed to Pandora’s wiles when I was on my Baltic cruise in June 2012. Say, I was looking for an excuse to go back to Copenhagen! =;^)

        • There is! :D They’re amongst Pandora’s oldest pieces, and are really nice examples of their original style :)
          The set includes an Ugly Duckling charm, a Princess and the Pea charm and a HCA hat:
          They were released everywhere as far as I’m aware, but they have all been retired now and are pretty hard to get these days – even in Copenhagen, haha! ;) I only have the Ugly Duckling but I’d love the Princess and the Pea, too.

  27. Hi,
    Where can i get the sparkling minnie earings? is it in the park or they will sell it in store? i like the snow white apple too..:P


    • Hi Michelle! The Sparkling Minnie earrings should be available both in Pandora stores and in Disney Parks locations – the same applies for all the pieces listed in this post! I like the Apple too, such a lovely vibrant red :D
      Hope that helps! <3

  28. I love this collection even though I’m 26 this year! I’m extremely happy and excited when I saw the Snow White dress charm! She is my favourite princess! :) but…I’m from Singapore and this collection is not available….Please please bring it into Singapore! :)

    • Me too! I think it’s such a fun, pretty set, and I can’t wait for Eeyore in particular to make his way home to me ^^ The range of colours is really nice to see, too. It is a real shame that the Disney charms aren’t available in more regions, but I’m sure they are working on bringing it to more countries in the future :) my fingers are crossed in any case!

  29. Hi, is Singapore stores going to sell this collection? Otherwise where can we get it? I’m keen in the Cinderella collection. The tiara, heart shapes & pumpkin coach are so attractive. Kindly recommend. Thank you!

    • Hi there! No, this collection is exclusive to North America as per the article. You should try checking the Disney Store online on the 12th – or you can try joining a Pandora selling page such as Pandora’s Tribe. There are often ladies there who are willing to help each other out! :) Hope that helps!

  30. Hello,

    As just say USA and Canada getting them only. Any chance they will be coming to UK because there lot disney fan here too. Little unfair if not because these charms go perfect on my bracelet but unfortunately I can’t get them because I’m from UK.

    So can please provide me with some info on the matter of these collection arriving in the UK or being available to buy online to import.


    • Hi! :) Unfortunately the Disney charms are limited to North America because of licensing issues, so Pandora don’t have permission to sell them in the UK for now. This is because Chamilia (another brand) have the license to sell Disney-branded jewellery in the UK and other territories. However I have heard rumours that their contract with Disney for the UK is up in 2016 and we may see the Pandora Disney collections launch here then. I sincerely hope that’s true as I am also in the UK and frustrated to not to be able to buy them :(
      As for looking online, you should check the Disney Parks store online on the 12th of March – they will be restocking with the new Disney Pandora lines then. :)
      Hope that helps!

  31. Does anyone know if the prior Disney release for concept stores will become available at shop in shop jewelry stores when the new Disney line comes out? I still have to get the muranos and wanted to buy them for the bracelet promo. Just wondering if I have to make a trip to the mall or not. thanks for all the info. I have a jewelry store close to home and it is just easier to get them there.

    • Hi Tammy! From what I understand, both the previous and new Disney collections will be available from the shop-in-shops as well as the concept stores when this collection launches in March. :) Hope that helps!

  32. Hi just to let you all know I’ve seen on ebay today,someone from the U.S. has got in hand and selling the new disney charms. Though they are charging a lot for them. They do have some live pictures of each charm and you can look close up, which is good.
    I think some of the charms are nicer than I thought they would be. Though I am disappointed as I don’t like ariel’s shell, now I’ve seen it up close. On the plus side, it’s one less on my list of pandora charms coming out that I would like to get.
    I’m looking forward to the spring and Mother’s Day releases now. I’m going this weekend, to hopefully get some from the spring collection.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks so much for the heads-up on that! I’ve just gone through all the pictures of the new Disney pieces, it’s great to be able to see them all up close – I’ve been looking for a good picture of Eeyore for ages! I did really quite like the look of Anna’s Dress from the stock image but seeing it in the photo makes me think that the enamel detailing is actually a bit too bright. I do think that Ariel’s Shell might look prettier in different light though :)

      I’m so excited too! I’m hopefully going to be able to pop into my store tomorrow morning :D I’ve tentatively picked out the first charms I’m going to get, but I have a history of changing my mind when I actually see them all in person ^^

  33. Hi, i’m french and living near to Disneyland Paris and i think it’s incredible we don’t have Disney charms !!!!! Do you know why and where can i buy some from Paris, please……. i hope you can understand me…….

    • Hi Corinne! It is a real shame that the Disney charms are limited :( hopefully the licensing issues will be sorted at some point in the future.
      You can’t buy the Disney charms from any official retailer in Paris I’m afraid. However you can order from the Disney store as they ship internationally, or you can try Facebook selling pages such as Pandora’s Tribe, where there are ladies helping international collectors to get hold of the Disney charms. Hope that helps! :)

  34. Hi do you know if these can be ordered online I keep looking as my daughters dad has friends coming over from America and we are trying to order some to be delivered to them and they will then bring them over for me to put away for her birthday. When I go and change the location to United States there’s no basket option. Any help please before it’s too late and they leave for England x

  35. The new Disney charms are so beautiful! I love them all but Cinderella is my favorite. The blue Murano charm is gorgeous. Can’t wait to pick up my bracelets this weekend for the event!!

    • Completely agree! The Frozen set is my favourite, but Cinderella is a close second. Enjoy your new charms :D A friend is kindly helping me out with the promo, but it’ll take a little while for my new Disney charms to make it over here unfortunately ;)

  36. I got the elsa murano and i love the glow effect. Now that i read this blog post i notice that they had tinkerbell murano which i wantnow but i cant at the moment after going to the promo this weekend. But restasure that will go to my wishlist with the frozen snowflake charm.
    I’m glad i found this blog before the presale started for this weekend.

    • Ooh I’m glad to hear that you like the glow in the dark effect. Can’t wait to try it out myself! It’s difficult being in the UK right now, haha. The Tinkerbell murano is also on my wish list – it looks such a pretty fresh green in the live images :)
      Thanks for commenting Arleen!

  37. Do you know whether these charms are limited edition on whether they will become part of the permenant collection? Thank you so much x

  38. Hi, I am keen on purchasing a few charms from the Pandora Disney Spring 2015. May I ask for advice where can I purchase it?

    • Hi Sabrina, I’d advise going to the Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels Facebook pages and asking for help there. There are some very reliable and kind ladies who help out with the Disney charms. :)

  39. Hi! :))

    I do not live in US and I am hoping to ship the beads. However I am puzzled about the Mickey and Minnie forever pandora- I like the one they are in a pair however how come there’s a Seperate mickey and a Seperate minnie? :( is that the design at the back?

    Thanks!! :) really appreciate if you could reply and clear my doubts before I purchase and ship over :)

      • Hello :))

        Thanks for the quick reply! Do you mean the same bead has got the silhouette of mickey+minnie, mickey, and minnie individually? 3 different pictures on a single bead?
        Thanks :)


  40. hi can you please tell me where you can buy the pandora disney bracelet from? i am coming over from the UK to orlando in august and wanted to purchase one but havent seen it on any other sites than the usa disney store, many thanks

    • Hi Delia! I’m afraid that the Disney store are the only online retailer who are authorised to sell the Disney Parks bracelet. :( However they are available to buy in person from various Disney Parks locations in North America, if you are visiting one. Hope that helps!

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