Today also sees the release of the rather magical Pandora Disney Spring 2015 collection, with an array of bright colours and fun designs! The collection focuses on the Disney princesses, including Cinderella, Snow White and Belle, but also includes some appearances from the Winnie the Pooh characters and Mickey & Minnie – for a full preview and prices, please see my post here. :D There’s also an additional ten pieces being released exclusively for Disney Parks locations, which will not be sold in regular Pandora stores!

pandora spring disney campaign

Today’s post celebrates the launch of the Disney charms with lots of live shots and some opinions on the new jewellery! <3 (Just as another reminder – this release is currently limited to North America and is not available in other regions.)

Disney Store

For those looking to acquire the Disney Parks exclusive charms, the Disney Store online has been updated with all the new Pandora line!

disney spring 2015 banner

Pieces have been selling out very quickly, however – but if you missed out, the online store should be updated again in the not-too-distant future. :) For international fans, the Disney Store also offers the regular Pandora Disney line and will ship internationally (make sure that you check out on a computer and not a mobile device, however). The shipping charges are rather high (I was quoted $72 for my two charms!), but they do offer an official way to get hold of the Pandora Disney collections.

Live Shots

Some amazing live shots of the new Disney charms have been popping on to social media, featuring a bright array of colours and themes. Of the Disney princesses, Cinderella seems to be the most popular – but my personal favourite collection is the Frozen set. I love those icy colours!

Pandora Las Vegas have also uploaded some particularly great pictures to their Facebook page, including these two, which show off the glow-in-the-dark muranos very nicely. These are the Ariel muranos:

Image by Pandora Las Vegas
Images by Pandora Las Vegas

And these are the Anna muranos, which look like quite a pleasing hot pink:


The following images are also from Pandora Las Vegas, and they offer some amazing close-up shots of the new pieces! I absolutely love Eeyore and if anyone sees any other close-up pictures of him, please point me in their direction haha.

My Comment

As I’ve said before, I think this is a wonderfully fun release from Pandora, and I absolutely love the range of characters and designs they’ve squeezed into this release. I’m hoping to acquire some of the new Disney charms with the North American bracelet promo, thanks to a kind friend in Canada. Top of my list are Eeyore and Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach – I also really fancy a couple of the Disney muranos, and the Frozen Snowflakes pendant. It never stops! ;) The only thing I’m not sure on is whether I’m a fan of the Disney dress designs from these pictures – in some they look a little too bright, and in some they look absolutely adorable. I’m very tempted by Anna’s Dress, but can’t tell whether the colours are a bit luminous!

I managed to get on to the Disney Store this morning and order the Cinderella Castle dangle and the new Parks exclusive safety chain (with an extortionate shipping price!) – so I am rather happy about that! It’s expensive, but I’ve wanted a new safety chain for just about forever! I’m planning on wearing it with my heart-clasp bracelet, which already has some Mickey and Minnie pieces on it:


What do you think of the new Disney collection? Which charms are on your wish list?

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  1. Great update! I’ve hopefully secured the park exclusive charm I was after. I can’t wait to see future disney releases. Is love to see the hotels represented as we loved holidaying at disney x

    • Oh that’s such great news Gaby! Really glad that you’ve found one :D I imagine they’ll keep doing parks-specific charms, so hopefully they’ll do the hotels for you eventually ^^ x

  2. Lovely new charms and lovely bracelet! For me, I have two things on my wish list: Belle’s Enchanted Rose charm and her tiara dangle! Belle was always my favorite Disney princess. :)

    • Thank you! <3 I loved Belle as well, Beauty and the Beast was always one of my favourites. I'd love to see more characters from it, like Chip and Mrs Potts. ^^ The Enchanted Rose is so pretty, but unfortunately I don't have any bracelets that it could go on!

      • I’d really LOVE to see more characters from it over time, as well! I couldn’t find Enchanted Rose on the site, so is it one of the park/Disney site exclusives?

        We should be going to a Florida Disney park as we usually do most years when we visit where I used to live and family/friends, so I’m looking forward to getting it at that time if I need to! I feel like starting your first bracelet is the most expensive part, so unfortunately I can’t get it at this time, but it should be fine by November/December to treat myself haha!

        • No, the Enchanted Rose is part of the regular line – I just found the link to it on the Pandora site:

          So you can get it from any Pandora store that carries Disney! :)
          Oh that’s exciting! There might even be more Disney Parks charms out by then :D Haha, starting your first bracelet can be expensive – I found that I wanted to fill it up and make it look beautiful straight-away. I’m more patient now about building new designs, haha.

      • Thanks for letting me know! I’ll definitely be adding that to my wish list. :)
        Yeah, I’m hoping there are even more by then so I can maybe pick up some in person! :D
        I made my purchase a few days ago for my first bracelet and I’m very glad for the promo, otherwise, it’d have been even more expensive! xD I didn’t know they literally would set it up and put it aside for me while I was there, so I was so eager to just take it home with me that day!

        • You’re welcome :D Stores in the UK never do pre-sale events but I can imagine it’s rather difficult to have to leave your new charms behind for a few days, haha. At least it’s not too long until Thursday now! ;)

      • Oh really?? I didn’t even know there were pre-sale events at some sellers until someone pointed it out for me because I went to a Pandora location near my boyfriend’s location (there isn’t one near me and although there’s a Pandora seller, I wanted to go to a Pandora first haha) an hour from me, and I wasn’t going to be able to get it this weekend. He’ll be bringing it to me when he visits on Sunday so I have to wait until then! Otherwise, maybe it’d have been better just to go during the promo and take your items home that day! Haha!

        • Aha I guess the good thing about the pre-sales is that they make sure that the pieces you want don’t sell out. I hear loads of stores sold out of lots of the Disney charms, and I’d have been so disappointed not to have been able to get Eeyore and my muranos haha. Not long until Sunday for you now though ^^

      • Oh wow! They must really be super popular if stores are selling out! Hope they start to settle out a bit and have a good supply over time.

        Haha yeah, it was definitely worth the wait to get my bracelet! I’m very happy with it. I can see why so many people love them. :)

        • Yeah, there’s such a craze for the Disney pieces that I’m not that surprised! The promo won’t have helped either. ^^ I expect it’ll settle down soon :)

  3. Hi Ellie I was wondering have you seen show whites apple in person. It says enamel but it almost looks like murano glass. what do you think.

    • Hi! No I’m in the UK, so I haven’t been able to see any of the Disney charms in person unfortunately. I do know what you mean though – the enamel does look really glassy in live shots. I think it’s really beautiful, such a pretty scarlet colour. Do you like it?

      • I went to my store today. I really don’t like it in person to my surprise I was hoping for more of that glass look it doesn’t have it at all. But on the brighter side I did get Eeyore. As soon as I seen it I got so happy. A lot of the charms don’t look the same as the stock images. I ask to see all the spring collection and Disney collection. All the Disney ones met my expectations some of the spring ones not so much. Also my store is doing a pre-sale for the bracelet promo. As soon as she told me that I took Eeyore and we got out of there quick lol!!!!!

        • Ah that’s a shame :( the charms can look so different in real life, it’s why I’m a little tentative about ordering the Disney pieces sight-unseen but I don’t have a lot of choice haha.
          Aw you got Eeyore! <3 He's the charm I'm actually most excited to get for this whole season haha. Which spring ones weren't you so keen on? I found that the pink Primrose Meadows was a bit bright in store and the Mountain Dog also didn't look quite as cute as in the stock picture.
          Aha that was probably very sensible!! I'm impressed that you were actually in the store and managed to resist temptation – I'm all the way across the ocean in the UK and I'm still finding a way to take part lol.

    • I actually love the look of Snow White’s apple! I went into the Pandora store yesterday to get Elsa’s “Let it Go” bead and they all look lovely. I have to say that my favorite bead was Snow White’s apple though! To me it looks like Murano glass. It is quite a pop of color too which I love. It also reflects light beautifully, I can’t wait to get it!

      • Oh lovely, the ‘glassy’ effect was what I liked about seeing the live pictures of it. :D And I really like that vivid shade of scarlet too; it does look beautiful in pictures to me. I like the regular red pavé apple for Spring, too, but the Disney one is more striking I think! Hope you get yours soon!

    • Do you mind me asking how much the postage was, I just added some charms to see how much it would and it said it would be 17 dollars so that’s £10 in the uk which I didn’t think was to bad.

      • That sounds like the rate for US shipping, as international shipping for jewellery from the Disney store is crazy expensive. I had to pay around $70 for two charms – which is ridiculous, but it was early in the morning and I just acted on impulse. Whoops! ;)

      • Hi Nicola,
        Sadly I am sure that Ellie is right. I’m in Canada and I had put an alarming number of items in my basket and it had a shipping charge of around $49 US. I put in the promo code for free shipping and it lopped it right off. Promising, yes? Not so much in actuality. On checkout the moment I put in Canada as the shipping destination I got the real bad news ($99) and the discount disappeared. =8^(
        I bought my items anyway because I was grabbing up the Disney Parks exclusives that I can’t get here. And I will be going back to see when the items I wanted that were sold out are back in stock.
        So the moral of the story is that you will have to take the process through as far as entering a shipping address to get the real bad news. No worries, though, you can always abandon ship if the price is too high.

    • Yay! I love this collection too <3 I'm doing the North American bracelet promo and making my final decisions on which Disney charms to get! So hard to decide haha.

  4. The Murano’s glow so beautifully!:) Much more like fireflies than like tacky glow sticks. Very beautiful!:)

      • Hi Ellie and Tay!

        I went to check out the new Spring and Disney collections today, I even got pictures of the Tinkerbell (light green) murano. I don’t quite know how to describe the Disney muranos… Like, they don’t look very “Pandora-esque” (I just made up that word)…?

        Here are the pics that I took (apologies for the poor quality):

        Hope this helps!



        • Hi Tia! Thanks so much for these pictures, they’re wonderful – not poor quality at all! Your pics of the Tinkerbell murano are particularly fab. I absolutely love how your store styled it with the Darling Daisy pieces; that was the sort of soft, spring-like look I wanted to do with it. I wonder if it would match the green Looking Glass maybe? I regret not going for it now but it’s on my wish list again ;)
          When you say not “Pandora-esque” (it is a very good word), is that a good or a bad thing? Haha! Thanks again :)

      • Hey Ellie,

        Yes, I definitely think the Tinkerbell murano would match well with the Green Looking Glass. It’s very tempting, but I already have a green theme with my Troll bracelet so I’m trying to be good. ;-)

        LOL.. To clarify what I mean, I actually think that the Disney muranos look more like they are from Chamilia than Pandora. It’s kind of weird seeing them displayed at Pandora stores, but I do like Chamilia so I can see myself getting at least the Tinkerbell one. I totally agree that the Darling Daisies go so well with light green – very easy on the eyes and different from the usual spring look which is mostly pink and purple. :-)



        • Hey Tia,
          Yes, I know what you mean about the Chamilia comparison – although that actually hadn’t occurred to me until you said it! I have always liked Chamilia’s glass, more than their silver beads for the most part, so that’s definitely not a bad thing for me, haha.
          Well, for Pandora the usual spring look is pink and purple – I’d love for them to move away from that and do some more green pieces :) the Asian exclusive pavé pear is quite cute, but it would be great to see more green muranos!
          Maybe I’ll have to come back for the Tinkerbell and green looking glass muranos – I’d quite like to put them with the white enamel daisies on a green leather. Perfect for spring! :D

  5. :-) Oh, gosh, there are so many I’m interested in, but I’d love to see them before I’d order online.
    These glow in the dark charms look fun!
    Have a good evening! :-)

    • Yes, it’s really difficult to pick out these charms without having seen yourself. I’m really drawn to the Anna’s Dress charm, but I just can’t work out how bright the enamel is from the pictures so I think I will leave that one. :)
      Have a good evening too! <3

    • Haha, I’m always changing my mind Linda! I’m particularly indecisive about this collection, too, as it’s so hard to decide without seeing them in person… I do think that I want a couple of the muranos now lol.

        • Lol, I quite like the look of the glow-in-the-dark effect from those live pictures – it looks like it’s quite subtle and pretty and not too gaudy. If not, I just won’t wear them out at night haha!

  6. Hi Mora I’m writing you from Italy: no promotion on bracelets here :-((
    And guess what? Today I went To my P shop to get the precious new butterfly pendant and. …….they didn’t have any piece of the spring collection. …problems with the shipping they said. ….awful! !!!kisses from Italy

    • Hi Giorgia! Aw, there’s no bracelet promo in the UK either :( I’m getting some help with the North American promo from a friend abroad though!
      Oh no that’s so disappointing! That really sucks, you’d think they could do better than that. :( The UK stores were missing a couple of pieces, but not the whole thing! Hope they get them in soon, it’s a lovely collection. <3 hugs from the UK!

  7. I was really looking forward to buying the Cinderella Pumpkin Coach but now that I’ve seen it in person and through different live images, I’m not so sure how I feel about it anymore. I bought it regardless as part of the free bracelet deal, but I am thinking of exchanging it for the Royal Carriage instead.

    • Oh really? I’m getting that one on the bracelet deal as well thanks to the help of a friend, but I’d be interested to know why you weren’t keen! Obviously I won’t be able to see it myself before I buy it! :(
      I have the Royal Carriage charm and it is absolutely gorgeous. I really like the look of the Pumpkin Coach from the pictures I’ve seen, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d go for the classic Carriage. The pearl and the gold crown are just beautiful.

      • I love Cinderella coach it’s really beautiful that will be part of my promo purchase. As far as the spring collection I didn’t like the fluttering butterflies with pink enamel like I thought I would and the white daisy charm seem too bright.

        • Oh good, glad to hear you like the coach! <3 I was a bit meh about the Fluttering Butterflies in person, too, but I'm slightly suspicious that the lighting in store made it look a bit brighter than it really was. I've seen some beautiful live shots and bracelet stylings featuring it. :) I'm surprised you didn't like the daisies though!

      • I guess I’ll have to wait until I pick it up next week and put it on a bracelet to really decide! I think it’s because it looked a little hollow and fragile in comparison to the Royal Carriage which gives a sturdier and fuller aspect. I’ll definitely let you know if I decide to keep it or exchange it. :D
        I did not know the Carriage has a pearl in it! I thought it was just two tone with the gold crown. Thanks for letting me know. :) But yes it just looks classic and cute at the same time. Not overly done.

        • Oh yes, please do – I’ll be very interested to hear what you decide! :D
          The other thing I love about the original Royal Carriage is the silhouette of a girl in the window. Such a cute detail! ^^

      • I exchanged it for the Royal Carriage today. :D
        The employee that was helping me today actually felt the same way I do about how hollow the Pumpkin Coach felt. I went to two other Pandora stores and they still haven’t restocked their bracelets and charms yet. I still have to wait a little longer before making any other exchanges.

        • Oh lovely! I think that’s a good choice. I love the Pumpkin Coach (although I haven’t seen it in person) but I’d definitely keep the Royal Carriage if I had to choose. It’s got that classic Pandora style, and it seems more substantial for the price. <3

  8. I got the Snow White dress on a new heart clasp bracelet last Friday when (almost) everything hit the floor at a specific Pandora store up here in Canada. Very excited! Never thought I would love the Disney new collection this much!! Love it!!! I went for the traditional princess first – because that was the very first story book I read when I was a little girl;-). I love Anna’s dress and that’s actually my first charm on the list (the color is actually very nice and you don’t have to worry about it). I had put together a full Disney fairy-tale bracelet at the store with a lady who worked there that day and would love to share the image with you (only I am afraid I will run into the URL problem again..). I left one space open on the bracelet because I may just be able to obtain the Asia exclusive green pave pear at end of month (one of my friends is going to be in Hong Kong on March 27:-)). Hope the luck is on my side!

    Must have pieces from this collection – a few princess dresses, a few murano glasses, Anna’s crown, Cinderella Pumpkin Coach, Cinderella Wish, Winnie The Pooh, Eeyore.

    As for the bracelet promo, the pre-sale started today (Mar 12) actually. We can go to the store and pay for the charms in advance and minimum purchase is CAD 125 you will get a free bracelet. Yup…Tempting, right? The free bracelet and the charms can then be picked up starting Mar 19 through Mar 22 during the event. If you want, I can definitely help you pick out a few more from here to add to your Disney bracelet. Just say the word, since you are so wonderful with the blog.

    Remember, Have Courage and Be Kind. Where there is Kindness, there will be Goodness. Where there is Goodness, there will be Magic:-)

    • Ah thanks so much for the tip on Anna’s dress! I really appreciated your picture as well; the colours looked really pretty, not too bright at all. It’s back on my wish list now! ^^ Your picks are very similar to mine – ultimately I’d love Eeyore, Cinderella’s Coach, the Frozen muranos (and maybe Tinkerbell’s at some point in the future!), Anna’s Dress and the Snowflake pendant. :) Such a great collection, I completely agree with you – there’s loads I could buy from this one! I’m very envious that you can just walk into a store and see it all though haha.
      Is the fairy-tale bracelet the lovely design you shared on Facebook? If so, it’s really very lovely – the Dazzling Daisy clips looked great with the Disney princess charms! <3 If you ever do want to share a photo, just post it on facebook and I can edit it into a comment for you again haha. :)
      I hear that the Asian exclusive charms have been delayed until the Mother's Day launch at the beginning of April though :( maybe your friend will still be able to get hold of one early :)

      Thank you so much for offering Anne, that's so lovely of you! I have managed to secure help with this promo, but I really do appreciate the offer <3

      • No worries – I feel that it’s the least I can do after you’ve given me so much bragging rights (past, present, and future). The offer stands forever and so any time you need assistance please let me know. I have been wearing Snow White dress for a week now and tonight, after watching the Cinderella movie (opening here today), I went and bought the Pumpkin Coach and Anna’s murano. I will test out the glow-in-the-dark effect soon! The two charms were nearly sold out. After my purchase, they only had one each left in the store! I was told the Disney murano glass charms are very popular. The Cinderella ones have been sold out for a few days now. I will have to wait for the next order to come but it does give me some breathing time – LOL! I forgot the glass slipper and so I will add that to the bracelet eventually. Over and all, I heard that this release of Disney has been very popular and it’s pretty crazy! A lot of people (like me) don’t really need another bracelet and so they purchased the charms even before the bracelet event starts next week.

        As for the Disney bracelet I am slowly working on – yes! The image I loaded up on your FB page is the one. Thank you so much for your help again! Thanks also for letting me know about the Asian exclusive charms situation. I may be out of luck then. My friend is only going to be there for a day and so if he walks into the store and they don’t have it, then I will have to wait for the next opportunity. Urgh!

        Sending Pandora love back to you and if you have not watched the movie yet, please go see it. It is so very lovely. It makes us feel like we are all princesses – ones with so much love and determination to share!

        • Haha, thanks so much Anne! That’s so sweet of you – once again I do appreciate it. <3 If you ever need something from the UK, you can always ask me, too!
          Oh gosh I'm not surprised to hear that stores are selling out. The hype for this Disney collection has been incredible, even more so than last year's. I think Pandora have absolutely hit the nail on the head with this one – all the princesses and the other characters are just what you want from a Disney Pandora collection :D I look forward to hearing what you think of the glow-in-the-dark effect, Anna's murano is one of the ones I'm getting :)
          Ah, well it's a beautiful bracelet you've designed! I absolutely love the whimsical, magical feel it has to it :D perfect for the Cinderella film, haha. The slipper would be perfect with what you've already chosen!
          Eugh that's a shame. Sometimes stores do get pieces in a little early so fingers crossed that your friend finds you some. If not, it is possible that they will be released worldwide eventually. Pandora has a history of saying things are limited distribution and then changing their minds!
          I do actually really want to see Cinderella. I might drag my OH along to see it soon haha. Your description of it sounds lovely!

      • Hey Ellie – I just got an email from my friend passing through Hong Kong and yes, you’re right – the Green Pave Pear charm is not going to be there until some time into April, before Mother’s Day. Oh well…:(

        • Aw, I’m sorry Anne! That’s disappointing :( It would have made more sense to release it and the butterfly for Spring – I don’t know why they didn’t. Hope you still manage to get hold of one :) You should try the Facebook pages if you’re stuck!

  9. Hello !
    I’m a french pandora fan’s, could you tell me, if you know, if they have at Dublin, the 4th jewelry box offer when you spend a lot ? Many thanks, it’s always a pleasure to read your post !

    • Hi Isabelle! I’m actually not sure about that, sorry. Do you mean the stackers jewellery box offer? Maybe an Irish Pandora fan could tell us!
      Thanks Isabelle, I’m so glad that you enjoy it :D

      • Thanks Ellie for your answer ! I send my husband there and tell you… I hope so, I really love these box ! In France the store have some, but not so practical. Sorry if my english is not so good.

        • Aw, my fingers crossed that he brings you one back, Isabelle! The stackers boxes are lovely, I agree :D And your English is great, no need to worry about that ^^

  10. the charms are well designed but looking at the live shots, they are not the type of charms i would wear. I think the snowflake charms looks like a weapon (ninja star). I’m undecided about the glow in the dark muranos – i like the glow but i never wear my bracelet at night, thus i will probably hardly ever see it glow.

    Ellie – i think you should add the ‘Fairytale’ book charm to your Disney bracelet

    • Aha now that you say it, the Snowflake does look kind of like a ninja star. I quite like that! ;)
      Hmm, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and try a couple of the muranos – I’ve gone for Anna and Elsa. I’ll be very interested to see the effect in action – I don’t want it to be bright though or I probably won’t wear them at night haha.
      Ah yes I love the Fairytale book, it’s one of my favourite Pandora charms. <3 I have it on a dedicated fairytale bracelet though – but you've made me think, it would be so great if Pandora made a series of Disney fairy-tale books, just like the ones that you get at the beginning of the Disney princess films. That would be lovely!

  11. I really was impressed by the Disney charms in person. I purchased Eeyore, Ariel’s dress, Ariel’s murano and the Mickey/Minnie safety chain yesterday. I wanted to make a few comments about the other pieces. The tinkerbell murano is georgous and is my favorite. I did not purchase because thus far there’s only 1 charm that goes with it and I’m not a big tinkerbell fan. This charm is an all over beautiful green, and the other muranos are more clear with color coming from the core (similar to midnight effervesence). The Frozen charms are beautiful (Anna’s dress, both muranos and the snow flake pendant), but I already have a pink bracelet, so I steered clear. Snow white’s apple seems large, and is rather bright like a candy apple. Someone asked about this vs the spring pave. I believe this is good for Disney and teachers, but I think it’s pretty bright for a regular bracelet (just my opinion). It is very well done as far as the enameling goes though. Pooh is sweet and Cinderella’s coach is lovely. I like all the disney dresses, except Elsa. I find it quite drab. And the tieras are fun. Going forward if I buy more from this collection, I intend to buy more muranos, Cinderella’s coach, Pooh, the snow flake pendant (very lovely). Thank you again for sharing the wonderful updates!

    • I also wanted snow whites apple but decided against it. It seemed too bright and i was looking for a more glass murano look. I got my Eeyore though I cant wait for the bracelet promo. Ellie Im not sure if you mentioned it already did you order any charms yet?

      • I just put in my order for the promo last night :D From Disney I’m getting (hopefully) the Frozen muranos, the Frozen snowflake pendant, Cinderella’s Coach and – of course – Eeyore! That’s my Pandora spending sorted for the next few months, haha.

        • You picked some nice ones. Also Eeyore seemed a little small to me now that I added him to my bracelet. I would be interested in knowing what you think about the size compared to other charms. After the promo no more purchases until the mothers day collection lol.

        • Thanks! Aw, in a bad way? I will definitely let you know when I get hold of him – he will be top of my list to review ^^ Lol I’m also on a ban. I really need to stick to it as well, as I’ve spent so much more than I meant to haha! Luckily there’s not too much from Mother’s Day that I want.

    • Ah, it was so interesting to read your comments on the Tinkerbell murano – it was top of my list for the Disney glass, as I loved that fresh green shade from the stock image. I then decided against it, as it looked quite bright in a couple of the live images I saw. After reading your comment, I may now have to get it at some future point – Pandora doesn’t do enough glass in a nice light green :) The muranos that I did go for in the end were the Frozen ones, so I’m also glad to hear that you liked those, too! Love your first choices, too; Eeyore is the charm I’m most excited for this season, I can’t wait for him to make his way to me over here :D
      Well, thank you too for such a detailed write-up on the new charms! Great read and really very useful <3

      • I didn’t get the coach I ordered the ladybird. and the butterfly dangle instead for the promo. It’s not a lot of things that I want either from that collection thank god. But I will be getting the coach in April I’m on a ban until then. Hopefully they will still have it.

        • Oh lovely, the Ladybird is one of my favourites – its face is so chubby and cute haha! I expect it’ll probably be around April by the time the Coach makes its way to me in the UK. Hope your store still has it in stock for you!

  12. I went crazy just a week before the release a very kind lady from here helped me out whilst in Walt Disney World and got me the Disney bracelet, Mickey mania and the sorcerers hat as I have been wanting to do a Disney only bracelet
    And she has also helped me out with this promo and got me Pooh, and the Mickey and Minnie clips and also got the new Disney exclusives and some others from the Disney store online I shipped them free to my lovely friend who is shipping them on to me much cheaper that way, I went crazy and got both the castles to represent my trips to both parks, Disneyland charm, Minnie mania and the Disney exclusive safety chain and 2 Minnie muranos the White ones all to go with my 2 charms I already have which are the sparkling Minnie hat and red and white Minnie polka murano so that lot will take me a few months of working extra days to pay off my credit card lol very naughty but I wanted it to wear when I visit Disney Land Hong Kong this September am so excited to recieve them will be a few weeks though

    • Haha, I’ve gone a little crazy for these Spring collections too, so I’m absolutely on a ban for the next month or so (although it probably should be longer! :P) >.< Sounds like you went about it a lot more sensibly than I did, I paid the extortionate Disney Store shipping fees to the UK :( What a great haul though, sounds like you will have plenty to fill up your new Disney bracelet! Congrats on getting the Sorcerer's Hat, too! I was really tempted to get one myself, but managed to convince myself to just stick with the Cinderella Castle and the Parks Mickey & Minnie safety chain in the end, haha. I loved both the Disney Parks castles, but I went for the Cinderella one as it looks most like the one at Disneyland Paris, which is where I went with my OH last summer. :) Hope you get yours speedily, I can't wait to get mine!

  13. I went yesterday to the Pandora store to look at all of the new Disney beads and they were absolutely lovely in person! The dresses look less tacky than I thought they would in person and actually have a nice shine to them. I still don’t think I would add them to my bracelet, but they were prettier in person than in the pictures. My Disney bracelet as of right now has the Minnie and Mickey Clips, the Minnie icon dangle, the Mickey icon dangle, Minnie’s classic red polka dot Murano, and Elsa’s “let it go” silver heart. I will be adding Snow White’s Apple, Belle’s Enchanted Rose, Cinderella’s Royal Carriage, Eeyore, the Walt Disney World Exclusive Castle Dangle, and the Park Exclusive Minnie’s Sparkling Bow. I want to make an all Disney bracelet with bold pops of red color, silver, and black and white. I think the color coordinated bracelets are so beautiful, especially with the pops of color and subtle sparkle.

    The beads in person look so much different than the pictures! For the most part I like the beads in person better. Snow White’s Apple had a beautiful pop of red enamel which looks very similar to the Murano glass. It is bright though, which is perfect if you are looking for a pop of red like me. Elsa’s Let it Go heart was one of my least favorite beads from the pictures, but in person it quickly jumped to one of my favorites. It’s smaller and so dainty and subtle if you are looking for a way to incorporate frozen into your bracelet without putting the dresses or Muranos on there. Cinderella’s Royal Carriage is absolutely stunning, but it is more delicate and fancy looking than the princess carriage bead. It’s less sturdy, but in my opinion more princess like and sparkly. The Muranos are beautiful with a firefly glow in the dark and I loved Elsa and Cinderella’s Muranos. I didn’t love Snow White’s Murano though, in person it almost looks like a brown red. Eeyore is adorable and runs on the smaller side. The Tiara’s are all gorgeous as well. My least favorite beads are probably still the dresses, but they are still beautiful. It might just be because they’re too bright and little girlish for me.

    I hope this helps for anyone looking at pictures online that hasn’t seen the beads in person yet!:)

    • I really like the concept of the dresses, but most of them have colours too bright to easily mix in with my existing collection. The softer colours and look of Anna’s Dress is more versatile, so I’ll probably try and get hold of that one in the future – Cinderella’s Dress is really pretty too! ^^ I love the sound of your Disney bracelet, it sounds very co-ordinated and striking, with all the red and black. I always try and do colour co-ordinated bracelets – I don’t stick very strictly to themes for my bracelets, but I love matching colours. ^^
      Glad to hear that you like the new Coach, although I’m a little nervous that all the beads look so different in person, haha. I think I’ve picked some that are probably quite true to the stock images (the Frozen muranos, Eeyore, the Frozen Snowflake pendant and Cinderella Coach!) – touch wood. I’m also really excited to try out the muranos in person, it’s great that the glow-in-the-dark is pretty and not too bright!

      Thank you so much Tay! It was truly very helpful – I’m enjoying reading people’s thoughts on the new Disney charms ^^ Can’t wait to get my beads to see what they look like in person, and I expect I’ll be back for more at some point, haha.

    • Well I wouldn’t say ‘never’ – I hope that the Disney collection will make it out worldwide at some point in the future. But for now – it’s limited to North America, with no current plans to bring it out anywhere else.

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Some updates – The murano glass really glows in the dark! I got the Cinderella dress over the weekend but very limited quantity left and a lot of the charms had been sold out for days at various Pandora locations (pumpkin coach, Cinderella murano, snow white dress, eeyore). I am waiting for the next shipment of Cinderella muranos, which the stores don’t know when exactly that will happen…

    • Hey Anne! Ooh what did you think of the effect in person? Did you like it? :D I did hear that the Cinderella charms are really popular (hardly surprising as the film has just come out, I suppose!), so I’m glad I managed to reserve my Pumpkin Coach! And Eeyore, I’d have been so disappointed not to get him, haha. Thanks so much for the update Anne! :)

      • The effect is actually pretty cool, Ellie. It’s very close to your images of live shot for sure. Thank you! I called one of the Pandora stores yesterday (about an hour drive from where I am) and to my surprise, they had about 12 left for the Cinderella murano (they belong to a different group of companies and so their inventory level’s quite different, I was told). That’s before the bracelet event goes into full swing! I will see how bad I want it or should I say, how discipline I am? Lol. I am very happy with 4 on my bracelet at the moment (Snow White dress, Cinderella dress, Anna’s murano, and Cinderella’s pumpkin coach):-) I would be very disappointed if I can’t get Eeyore on the day I plan to as well.

        Always my pleasure to write here, because I love your blog very much!

        • Yay, I’m so excited to see it myself :) Thanks!
          Aha, my Pandora discipline has been getting worse lately :( I just loved this year’s Spring collections so much that all resolutions not to buy too much have gone right out of the window. ;) At least there’s not too much I need from Mother’s Day or Summer! Hope you manage to get yourself Eeyore, he is my absolute favourite haha!
          Thank you so much Anne! <3 Your lovely comments are always a pleasure to read!

  15. I think the princess beads are nice. I purchased the coach and the apple. I am hoping they bring out beads representing the baddies. I would love to have an “evil” Disney bracelet.

    • Omg, yes, it would really fun if Pandora did their own Disney villains collection! I’d love to see a darker twist on these princess-y charms; you could have some dark green and purple muranos to tie in with it, too. Great idea!

  16. Ellie, I was just wondering if Pandora will be releasing four collections of Disney items annually from now on since it recently released the spring Disney collection.

    • Hey Charmaine – I’m under the impression that there will be two Disney collections each year – one for Spring and one for Autumn. I’m not 100% on that but I’ve not heard anything about a collection for summer. :)

  17. Thanks, Ellie. A tiny part of me wants four collections but a huge part wants only one extensive collection cos four collections only mean one thing – a crying bank account.

    • Yep they are all glow-in-the-dark – however some of the colours glow far more than others. This is a pic from my upcoming review of the Frozen muranos:
      As you can see, Anna’s murano doesn’t glow anywhere near as much as Elsa’s. I also had to leave them both by an electric lamp for the evening to get them to glow as much as this – they don’t seem to glow very much just from everyday wear in daylight. Perhaps try charging it up for a good few hours and then trying? :)

  18. Ellie, when will the Next Disney collection be released? I’m dying to add on Mickey and Minnie charms to my Disney bracelet. Been wearing it to death although I’ve five other bracelets.

    • Hi Charmaine! I’m under the impression that the next Disney drop will be for autumn. I haven’t heard anything concrete though :) Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your Disney charms though – I’ve been wearing my Eeyore charm constantly lately ^^

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