It’s a very exciting day in the Pandora world, as today sees the global launch of the brand’s anticipated Spring 2015 collection! Entitled The Magic of Nature, it features an array of delicate white flowers, butterflies and ladybirds, and some rather delightful hobby charms. This post celebrates the Spring launch with some lovely live shots of the new jewellery! ^^

For a full overview of the Spring 2015 charms and jewellery, plus live shots and other exclusives, please take a look through the Spring 2015 tag. :)

pandora spring 2015 ladybug

The Pandora Disney Spring 2015 collection is also launching today in North America only – and it is lovely! I’ll be following up with a separate post covering the Disney release later on today. :) I will remind you now though to keep checking the Disney Store website if you’re after the new Disney Park exclusives, as it’s meant to be updated with them at some point today!

Pandora Spring 2015 collection

As stores have been getting in their new Spring stock, some beautiful live shots have been popping up on social media!

Image by Pandora Woodlands Mall
Image by Pandora Woodlands Mall

The following pictures offer some floral inspiration, with lots of pinks and purples! The Petite Facets look absolutely beautiful; their depth of colour really gives a pretty, delicate lift to each bracelet design.

The following shots give some great shots of all the charms in their trays:

Finally, you can see some shots of other Spring charms in the following images, including the new Green Lucky Clover and the Graduate Owl!

Pandora Spring 2015 Asian exclusives – *UPDATED

UPDATE: Several readers have confirmed that the Asian exclusive charms will now not be coming out until the 9th of April, with the Mother’s Day 2015 collection. However, the Asian exclusive necklace and the ring are available to buy now :)

Just a reminder that, unusually, there are two Asian exclusive charms coming out for Spring 2015 – a green pavé pear and a purple version of the Fluttering Butterflies charm. You can preview the charms in my post here! The other news is that, additionally, the Petite Butterflies necklace and ring will also be exclusive to Asia:

If anyone comes across any live shots of the Asian-exclusive charms or jewellery, please do let me know! ^^

Pandora Essence Spring 2015 collection

The Pandora Essence Spring 2015 collection is also making its debut today, offering a rainbow of pavé charms – including two new 14kt gold options! There are also four new silver designs, which feature some new core values. For a full overview of the collection, see my post here!

pandora essence spring 2015
Image by Pandora Westfarms

I love this picture by Pandora Bangor, which really shows off all the colours of the new Essence charms. I’m also struck by how gorgeous the new silver charms look in person – the pavé Appreciation charm looks particularly beautiful.

pandora essence spring 2015
Image by Pandora Bangor

My Comment

I am a bit over-excited that the Spring release is finally here, as there’s absolutely tons that I love from this collection! My favourites are the Sparkling Ladybug, the Darling Daisy clip and spacer, Primrose Meadows and the Graduate Owl – to name just a few! ;) The Coffee Lovers charm and the Guard my Heart are also near the top of my list. ^^ I can’t wait to get down to my store (hopefully today!) to see all the new pieces in person. You can expect to see reviews appearing here soon! :D

If you’re in the UK, you can purchase the Pandora Spring collection from authorised retailer John Greed.

Are you excited for this collection? What pieces will you be purchasing?

65 Comments on Pandora Spring 2015 Collection is released!

  1. The new disney charms are on now! I’m gutted that they won’t ship them to the UK. I desperately want the Epcot Spaceship Earth charm as its my little boys favourite place :-(

        • Oh no, I’m so sorry gaby! :( that’s such a shame, they do sell out so fast. I’m sure it will come back in stock in the future though, I’ll keep my eyes peeled :) there are always ladies on the Facebook selling pages who are happy to help out with the Disney parks charms too!

  2. Thanks! I didn’t honestly think that one would be so popular. Im not on any of the selling pages. Are you able to give me details? x

    • Yep sure – Pandora’s Tribe and Pandora’s Angels are the two I’m on, and there are a few ladies on there who are helping out with the disney exclusives :) it can take a while to get approved on the Angels page as they have a long waiting list I think x

    • I did, only briefly though! I absolutely loved the new Darling Daisy pieces – the clip is especially beautiful. The Graduate Owl, Guard my Heart and white Primrose Meadow were also so cute, and definitely on my wish list. I don’t know whether it was just the store lighting, but I didn’t like the pink Primrose Meadow so much in person, the enamel looked much brighter than the stock image… and I didn’t get to see the Petite Facets properly and my store didn’t have the murano in, which was really disappointing! :( Hope you get to see them soon, will be interested to hear what you think :D

  3. I went to check the spring collections today! I didn’t really care for the all-enamel butterfly charms or any other colored enamel pieces. The most stunning one is the darling daisy clip, with those white little daisies! I have one bracelet, and I am in need of a second clip; my bracelet is purple daisy themed, so it suits it just perfectly! Tried it on, and it gives light and detail to it. :) Soooo in love!

    I am waiting for next Thursday to purchase it myself (first charm from me to myself, haha) to celebrate my last lecture ever in my final year of BSc Project Management, only the hard part – exams, will be left, haha, but lets just say it’s a good enough reason to get that stunning charm! I went home smiling, knowing that next week I will be over the moon starting my Easter break with a new beautiful clip!

    • No, I wasn’t as keen on the enamel butterflies in person… I really wanted to love the Fluttering Butterflies, but the pink looked quite bright in store. I’m not sure if that was just the lighting, as I’ve seen some live shots of it which make it look absolutely gorgeous. And yes, I completely agree with you about the DD Meadow clip – it’s always been on my wish list, but it was even more beautiful in person! The little flowers are so cute. I imagine it looks perfect with purple charms, your bracelet sounds lovely! <3 What did you think of the white Primrose pieces? I absolutely loved the white Primrose Meadow openwork, that came home with me ^^
      Aw, that's lovely – you'll be feeling on top of the world on Thursday :D Well done for having the self-restraint not to just get it there and then, too. ;) Congrats on getting through your BSc lectures, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Spring charms <3

      • Yeah well I didn’t want to buy it just yet, as I have two coursework deadlines. I really want to feel like it’s a reward. :P I did like the primrose pieces. The one I would actually consider getting is the white primrose dangle, which would look great as a necklace. I am not a fan of dangles on a bracelet, however. They just seem uncomfortable to me for some reason and suit casual style more.
        I noticed that you were really loving the DD meadow clip too. It’s not a surprise, I mean it’s so detailed and pretty!
        I may come round to post a photo of my bracelet after I’ll get the clip. I really can’t stop thinking about it! :)

        • Absolutely – I don’t usually buy Pandora when I’ve got deadlines, I just don’t have room in my head to enjoy it ;) I get too stressed haha. It’s funny, as I never used to like dangles on my bracelets but now I love them! I just got used to the feel of them on my wrist – I know what you mean about it looking more casual though.
          Definitely, the clip is one of my favourites from this collection after seeing it all in person! And yes please do post a picture, I’d love to see how you use it :D

      • Here it is! I actually decided to wait until I got to Belgium on Saturday, where I’m visiting my boyfriend. It costs 49 euros here, so I saved roughly 10 pounds! First time posting an image like this, don’t know if it is going to work. :) I am planning to add another white based piece to britghten up the bracelet a bit more and to make it all come together. Loving it!

        • Ooh it looks so pretty!! The white Darling Daisy works really nicely with the purple faceted murano – another white piece would definitely look great! :) I really love all those delicate florals together – the overall look is very simple and elegant. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Thanks for the new pictures, there great. I think I have just added some more to my list, now I have seen better pictures. Can’t wait to go this weekend, I don’t know how I will choose which to buy first.
    Have you been today and bought any? Can’t wait to hear your reviews of your pieces you get.

    • Yes, some were even more beautiful in person! :) The Darling Daisy Meadow clip and the Graduate Owl were particularly lovely when I saw them in store today. Which have made it on to your wish list then?
      Yes I managed to go today, it was tough to choose which to buy in store today, haha. I now have a Sparkling Ladybug and a white Primrose Meadow! But… I also have the Darling Daisy Meadow clip and the wild flower murano on its way to me, as they didn’t have the murano in the store for some reason. Thanks, I’m looking forward to taking some pictures ^^

      • On my wish list is dazzling daisy meadow, primrose meadow in white or pink, think I like the white one now with these pics. I can’t make my mind up about the sparkling butterfly and the darling daisies spacer. I need to see them. There’s some on my list for the rest of the Mother’s Day release in April, as well. Think I’m going to get the heart clasp bracelet soon.
        Will there be any promotions in the UK soon do we know?

        • I much preferred the white Primrose Meadow to the pink version in person, but I’ll be interested to hear what you think when you see them! :) The Darling Daisies spacer was gorgeous in person, I thought. I’ll definitely be coming back for it at some point!
          Nothing confirmed for the UK, but going by previous years, we usually get a 3-for-2 rings promo in May next. :) No free bracelet promos until the summer and later in autumn, if it follows previous years.

  5. I can’t wait to see this collection in person; I am waiting till the free bracelet promo to go check it out. have you seen it live yet? Do you know if the mountain dog takes up a lot of space on the bracelet?Enter your comment here…

    • Yes I saw most of it yesterday in person, but only in the trays – they hadn’t put any out on display yet. :) I loved most of what I saw, the white floral pieces are absolutely beautiful! The Mountain Dog actually looked quite narrow to me in person, smaller than I thought it would be – so it shouldn’t take up much more space than usual on your bracelet :)

  6. Yep… My pocket is gonna hurt this month… I want two for my traditional bracelet and like 3 for my essence.. Oh My! Gonna take advantage of the free bracelet promotion :)

      • Just went to my store… They are saving me the charms till Thursday! The sad part is that here in Panama the promo is for $150.00… I’m getting 2 bracelets hihihi

      • Hi, I have a question, I’m considering getting the bangle bracelet in the promotion… But one of my cousins friend had one and it broke, not the clip, the same bangle. Have you heard of this happening? Or was this a 1 in a million?

        • Hi! So, do you mean that the actual bangle itself broke, and not the clasp? I have never heard of that happening before at all. The bangles as a rule are more durable than the snake chain bracelets, which are slightly prone to kinking. I wouldn’t worry about getting a bangle, as it is really rare that you hear about anything going wrong with them :)

  7. I live in Singapore, n I’ve just confirmed that the Asia exclusive pear is not out in stores yet :( In the catalogue it says it should launch in April. By the way I’ve tried to join Pandora’s Tribe but it seems like no one is approving me?

    • Same here. I know Pandora’s Angels takes a while, but I’ve been wondering about Pandora’s Tribe. Guess they both take their time? I guess that may be ok if it means that everyone in the group is legit.

      • I think they have quite a few requests at the moment, so it’s probably taking them a little longer to go through the list. They do a really good job of weeding out spam accounts etc so as you say it is a really safe and good group to trade on :) Hope you get accepted soon!

    • Thanks for the update Lina! :) I’ll amend the post. At least it gives us all a bit of time to catch up on the regular Spring charms we want. Sorry, I think that they’ve got quite a few requests at the moment so it’s probably taking a little longer :( I’m sure they will get to you though! :)

  8. Daisy clip looks gorgeous (I need more clips) and the Affection essence which is reasonable priced are in my sights. Haven’t been to the store yet – hoping there will be some sort of special promotion here to tie in with the new release.

    • It really is, I saw it in the store yesterday – even nicer than the original Darling Daisy clip :) I know what you mean about pricing, the average price for each collection just keeps creeping up! Very few at £30 or below here in the UK. I haven’t heard of any promo for Australia for Spring however :(

  9. I am really looking forward to seeing these charms but am just too busy at the moment to make it to the store. I’ll be travelling for work in a few days, does anyone know if there is a Pandora boutique in Heathrow Airport and/or Istanbul Airport?

    • Ah that’s a shame – at least you have it to look forward to :) I’m pretty sure that Heathrow has a Pandora boutique – Google seems to suggest that it does!

  10. I visited my favorite Pandora store yesterday and took advantage of the bracelet promo. I did pre-sale for the upcoming event. They had all new spring & Disney available for purchase. The spring is lovely, but I was surprised how lovely the Disney was in person. My sincere apologies to those abroad, as I know Pandora is not selling it there at this time. I hope they change this soon. I purchased the following charms: ladybug, graduate owl (impulse buy that I fell in love with), large daisy clips (I intended to buy the new darling daisy clips, but I by far preferred the old ones when I saw both in store), ballet slipper, looking glass,fascinating white and midnight effervescence muranos, Eeyore, Ariel’s dress & Ariel’s murano and the Mickey/Minnie safety chain. The spring new murano is very lovely, and I was tempted to get that instead of the white muranos, but I know the whites will prove more versatile. I had intended to buy the China Doll and Galaxy, but backed off when I saw the Disney items. It was so hard to choose. I was able to get 6 bracelets by breaking up my purchases (heart clasp, oxidized, rose (had to pay the difference on that one), essence beaded, silver bangle, and a regular silver bracelet for my mom. I have something to look forward to for pickup next week : ) Thank you so much for all your informative posts. It make my decisions so much easier. Happy shopping!

    • If someone can please help, the new spring Ladybug/Ladybird does anyone know what the name is supposed to be? some places I see say ladybird and some I see ladybug. if you see my screen name lol this is why im asking. My grandma used to call me ladybird when i was younger.

      • It depends on which country you’re in – in the US, it is ‘Ladybug’ and here in the UK it is ‘Ladybird’, for example. I expect that I don’t help with your confusion as I probably call it both names at different times, haha. It’s a very cute screen name! ^^

        • Well I’m in the US. But it’s going to be my sweet ladybird. And yes you have called it both quite a few times lol. And thank you.

    • Wow six bracelets! That is impressive :D just goes to show what a great promo you have over there, as that’s a wonderful range of different bracelets, too. Your picks are very similar to mine (I also LOVE the Graduate Owl, isn’t he cute in person!), but I actually really liked the new Darling Daisy clip, too. I didn’t get it at the time, but ordered it as soon as I got home haha. The clusters of flowers are so pretty <3 I have the original one from last year too, though – the whole Darling Daisy collection is beautiful. I prefer them to the new Dazzling Daisy versions for sure!
      I was really disappointed not to see the new Spring murano, as my store didn't have it in :( So I've had to order it online, and my fingers are crossed that I get a good one, as I hear they vary quite a lot. The plain white muranos are definitely more versatile though – I'm planning on wear my spring murano on its own on a grey leather I think. :)
      Thanks again for your comments on the spring charms, it's so much fun to read what everyone thinks of the new pieces! ^^

      • Hi ellie I went down to my local stone today expecting to see the new spring pieces and hardly any of it was displayed. I only saw the primrose open work,wild flower murano ,pink butterflies,lave day daisy meadow and the two petite facets. And they weren’t display on the bracelets, they had no rings or bracelts out ever so I was a bit disappointed. What I did see I liked though and I think my first purchase will be the wild flower murano it’s beautiful.

        • Hi Nicola! Yes my store had hardly any of it out either – apparently UK stores have been told to wait until after Mother’s Day tomorrow to put all the Spring pieces out on display. I suppose that makes sense though, but it was a bit disappointing not to be able to see all the charms on display. The light on the trays is quite harsh in my store and I wasn’t sure if I was seeing all the colours of the enamel properly.
          My store didn’t have the wild flower murano in yet, I’m so excited to see it! Glad to hear that you liked it, I have one on its way to me :D

  11. Very disappointed to find that the stores in our area haven’t received the Spring 2015 collection yet. They are saying that they hope it will be in by the bracelet promo. This is very aggravating!!!!

    • Ok thank you Ellie I will just have to go in again to have a look. Did you know that the Republic of jewels have got a mini sale

      • Yeah, you should have better luck next week :) Yes I saw that! Some really great prices there. I’ve already spent loads doing the North American promo and on the new Spring charms, so I’m not getting anything this time. Did you see anything you liked?

    • Eugh that really is frustrating! Especially as they’re not sure they’ll have it in for the promo :/ perhaps you could do a phone order with an online retailer if your store doesn’t receive it in time? You’d think Pandora would manage it a little better than that :(

  12. I’ve been to one of my local Pandora stores today, they had no spring collection out, there putting it out tomorrow. I asked to look at the collection and it was my favourite collection so far.
    I bought the dazzling daisy meadow (which I think was my favourite), sparkling butterfly, darling daisies and lavender daisy meadow ( this one is to go on my lavender multi strand fabric bracelet). I wanted the heart clasp bracelet from Valentine’s Day, but they didn’t have my size. I have found it from another authorised pandora retailer online, so I’m going to purchase from there.
    The White or pink primrose meadow was on my original list, but I didn’t like them.
    I did like the darling daisy meadow clip, which I intend to purchase another time. i did like the dazzling daisy ring and the triple dazzling daisy ring, they looked great if you put them together. I’m hoping they do the ring promo in May, then I can purchase them in the offer.

    • Yay, I’m glad to hear that you liked the new pieces! It’s one of my favourite collections too (nothing has topped Spring 2013 for me quite yet though ^^).
      Love your choices – the Dazzling Daisy meadow is one of my favourites, too. I’m focusing on getting hold of the white Darling Daisies first, but it’s definitely on my list! I loved the White Primrose though – thought it was very delicate and crisp in its details. The pink looked a slightly strange colour in store, though.
      Yes, fingers crossed they do the ring promo again! The Dazzling Daisy rings are gorgeous!

  13. I love your reviews and visit often!

    I picked up the super adorable graduate owl charm today and noticed that it feels lighter than some of my older charms and also doesn’t have a threaded core. Is Pandora moving away from threaded cores?

    • Thanks so much, I’m glad to hear you enjoy them! :) While Pandora isn’t moving away from threaded cores completely, they are definitely doing more openwork designs and pavé lately. Any charm that features a lot of pavé in it (like the Graduate Owl) tends to be unthreaded, so as to make room for the stone settings. This makes them feel a lot lighter and less substantial – I was quite surprised by how light the Graduate Owl is in person, as well. I hope that helps – and enjoy your new charm!

  14. I just love your reviews, so thorough. I visit often.

    I picked up the super adorable graduate owl charms today to represent my favorite uncle. He was a history teacher and died when I was young. I did notice that this charm feels lighter than some of my older charms and doesn’t have a threaded core. Is Pandora starting to move away from threaded cores?

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