Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for April 2015! While this month offers something of a breather after the excitement of the release of the Spring collections, there’s still the upcoming Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection to look forward to – there are some gorgeous designs coming out this month. I’m particularly excited for the Pandora Rose Spring 2015 collection and the new Asian-exclusive charms!


This blog post offers an overview of all the key releases for this month, plus some additional info and commentary! In terms of blog news, I have lots of reviews planned through April, encompassing the Spring, Disney and Mother’s Day 2015 collections! :)

Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 Release

The biggest event of the month is undoubtedly the global release of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection on the 9th of April. Unsurprisingly, the collection consists of a number of family and love-themed charms, with some accompanying pretty floral designs – there’s also a rather fun girls’ night out set, including a stiletto and a cocktail glass! For high-res images and live shots, please take a look through the Mother’s Day 2015 tag.

The UK have already had their Mother’s Day and so this collection will be marketed here as Pandora Spring 2015 Drop Two.

pandora mother's day girls night out

There will also be a number of gift set promotions for North America, which will run from the 9th of April until the 14th of May. These will include:

  • The Bouquet of Love gift set, which comprises two of the new Shimmering Rose clips, the Mother & Friend charm and the regular silver charm bracelet – this is priced at $200 USD.
  • The Full of Heart gift set will include the new LE Always in my Heart bangle and the Sparkling Love pendant for $125 USD.
  • The Mother’s Rose charm will be sold with a special gift box for $65 USD.

Pandora Asian-Exclusive Charms Release

In Asia, there will be three exclusive charms making their debut alongside the Mother’s Day collection on the 9th of April – the Lavender Fluttering Butterflies, the Green Pave Pear and the adorable Complete my Heart pendant.

These designs are – for now at least – exclusive to Asia, and will not be sold in other regions. Pandora retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their regions and therefore international collectors will have to find a friend in Asia to help them if you want to get hold of any of these charms. For more details, including pricing, check out my dedicated preview.

Pandora Rose Spring 2015 Release

The 9th of April also sees the debut of the Pandora Rose Spring 2015 collection in North America. I could only find a very low-res version of this campaign image for the collection, but it does look absolutely beautiful! The Darling Daisy Meadow charm is definitely on my list, and I’m looking forward to seeing some live shots of the new charms. For a full overview of the collection, please see my preview here.

pandora rose spring 2015

This is currently a North-American exclusive release, unfortunately. However, I keep hearing whispers that Pandora Rose will be making its way to the UK in some shape or form this summer :D I imagine it will be released in other territories soon, too.

My Comment

While I absolutely loved the Spring 2015 collections, and I may have overspent on them a teensy bit, I’m excited for these new designs, too. The new Precious Boy and Girl charms from the Mother’s Day 2015 collections are on my wish list, as is the Complete my Heart pendant from the Asian-exclusive set!

The highlight of this month for me, however, is the Pandora Rose Spring 2015 collection. The new pieces look particularly beautiful – I think Pandora’s tactic of going for pretty, more abstract designs suits the style of the Rose collection perfectly. I’m hopeful that the new Rose jewellery will also make it to the UK in the summer, as it seems a shame to miss out again!

What are you looking forward to this month? Will you be indulging in any of the new collections?

25 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for April 2015

  1. I am eyeing the LE bangle and the Mothers Rose charm. I am a new mother this mother’s day, so these charms have much meaning to me. Especially since my baby is a miracle I’VE baby. I also wish to buy the darling daisy meadow, the pretty filigree rose heart (love and devotion?) and the butterfly all in rose. The bracelet at the top would be perfect if it had a little more pave, right? I like the rose clips, but I do think Pandora went overboard on pave this time. It was fitting for girls night out though. Hopefully summer will provide a financial break. I only see one summer charm that I like.

    • Oh how lovely – many congratulations on your miracle baby! <3 I can see how these charms will have so much meaning for you, the Mother's Rose is particularly perfect. :) I'm also lusting after the Darling Daisy Meadow charm in Rose; the Love and Appreciation heart is also gorgeous! I'll have to see if my finances can take it, haha.
      Aha, yeah, Pandora have been over-killing on the pavé for some time now. There are lots of pavé pieces that I like (the Sparkling Ladybug and the Girls' Night out set, for example), but we don't need it on everything! Rumour has it that they are planning on toning it down for this year's autumn collection… it would be great if that were true.
      I don't usually go in for the brighter summer collections, so I'm also hoping for a breather then haha. Thanks for commenting Pamela!

  2. I would like to get the sparkling love knot and the sparkling heart pendant. Then I’ve got other charms that are already out on my list and some rings from the spring collection. It seems never ending. I’m just glad I haven’t seen any I like from the summer collection, it will give me chance to catch up.
    Can’t wait to read more of your reviews, I look forward to them or any pandora news.

    • Aha, I hear you – my list seems to get longer by the second. I’ve spent loooads on the new Spring and Disney collections so I’ll be indulging very minimally in this month’s offerings. ^^ The Sparkling Love Knot and Sparkling Heart are very lovely choices, though!
      Thanks, my Disney pieces arrived today!! They are so gorgeous in person – especially the muranos. Can’t wait to start getting the reviews up!

  3. I’m very much looking forward to the Mother’s Day release and have my eye on the Sparkling Handbag & Sparkling stiletto charms as well as the Precious Boy & Girl charms. I would love to get the Asian exclusive Complete My Heart pendant, it’s gorgeous but sadly I’m in the UK. If anyone is able to help me purchase one I would be extremely grateful. X

    • Lovely, the new Boy & Girl are on my list too! <3 Have you tried joining Pandora's Tribe? There are several wonderful ladies on there who are helping out with the Asian exclusives. If not, hopefully someone else can step up and help you. :) I do hope that you find one! xx

      • Hi, I have requested to join Pandora’s Tribe so fingers crossed I get accepted and someone would be willing to help! Hearts and pink are so me and the Complete My Heart would represent my two lovely children :-) xx

        • Sounds like it is rather perfect for you :) it really is very cute, which is why I’m surprised that they’ve limited its distribution to Asia! Hope you get approved soon! xx

        • Hi, I’ve been accepted into Pandora’s Tribe and a lovely lady is going to get me the Complete My Heart charm/pendant when they’re released. I am so excited and grateful. I’m one very happy person! Thank you for your advise, I love reading your blogs. Thank you xx

        • Yay, I’m so glad to hear that Debbie! :D You’re very welcome, it’s great that you found one! <3 Mine will be on its way to me on Tuesday too, can't wait for it to get here xx

  4. Hey Ellie, I have some information about a promotion in Australia :). My friend works for Pandora and every Mother’s Day we get a bangle free with any purchase over $150. This year is the new always in my heart bangle! The promotion is estimated to start on April 27th and runs until Mothers Day which is the second Sunday in May. I can’t wait!

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for that information – I’ll update my promotions post! I was wondering whether it would be running again this year, but hadn’t heard anything concrete. You’re a star. ^^

    • Hi Charmaine! I’m afraid that I don’t have the details on what’s coming later in the year yet :) I expect there will be new bracelet designs, but I don’t know what they will be just yet! What kind of bracelet are you hoping for? :)

  5. I’ve one of each at the moment. Silver clasp bracelet, heart clasp, Disney castle clasp and silver bracelet with gold clasp. I’m hoping to see a mickey & Minnie clasp silver bracelet. I was actually itching to get the oxidized bracelet but I kind of dislike it being not shiny. The five clips bracelet also had me contemplating till it retired in sg early this year.

    • It would be great to see another Disney design – the one that’s out is beautiful, but rather more of a Disney Parks souvenir. It would be great to have one that’s for Disney in general! Ooh you should try the oxidised bracelet – I absolutely love it. It looks great with so many different styles and colours. <3 When you first get it, the effect is beautifully shiny, although I suppose it does get a lot duller as the finish fades.

  6. Ellie!! Long time no chat!! Just an update on the Asia exclusive Pave Green Pear – you were correct. It got delayed to Apr 9, which is the date for the Mother’s Day’s release. My luck is out – my friend will be back in Vancouver BC by then. Now, I have to look for something to pair with the Red Pave Apple, with a bit of sparkles…:(

    • Hi Anne! :D Aw, that’s such a shame! Have you tried joining any Facebook groups to see if anyone can get hold of one for you? The Pavé Pear would be so perfect with the Apple!

      • Hello Ellie! Thanks. The only FB group I have joined is Pandora Crowned but it seems like most transactions are happening in North America and Europe. Maybe I should look further into a group that is just Asia specific…:( I added Cinderella’s murano (the store finally restocked it!), glass slipper, and Winnie the Pooh yesterday to my bracelet which already has Cinderella’s Dress, Snow White’s Dress, Pumpkin Coach, Anna’s Murano, and the Dazzling Daisy clips on. I was told Winnie the Pooh sold out very quickly as well (after the restocking) and the store only had 5 glass slippers left as well.
        I am going to try to upload another picture of an updated version of my fairy tale bracelet how it will look like once I complete it – this time with the Snow White’s Apple, to see if you think it is still too red comparing to having the Pave Apple instead…

        • Hi Anne! I’d recommend Pandora’s Tribe as a good one to join, as I’ve seen at least three ladies on there offering to help out with the Asia exclusives :) Pandora’s Angels is also good, but there’s quite a long wait list to get approved.
          I saw your bracelet on Facebook (so cute!) and I replied to you there :) It’s making me want Anna’s Dress even more, it looks gorgeous in your pictures!

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