Happy Easter everyone! ♥ Today’s post brings a little Easter inspiration with a review of the new White Primrose pieces from the Pandora Spring 2015 collection. I’ll be offering some detailed shots of the new white Primrose Meadow charm and Primrose Pendant, which are perfect for any spring or Easter-themed bracelet design!

pandora spring 2015 white primrose meadow

In terms of upcoming reviews, I have lots planned! All my new Disney pieces have arrived (so exciting!) and so you can expect to see reviews of those soon. Of the regular Spring 2015 collection, I have a few left to review, including the Graduate Owl, Coffee Lovers, Guard my Heart and the new Darling Daisy pieces – let me know if you have any requests as to which I do next!

The charms

In comparison to last year’s Darling Daisy pieces, all the Primrose pieces feature cubic zirconia detailing at the centre of each flower. I initially was a little sceptical about this addition, but the effect in person is not gaudy or bling-y. It adds a nice point of interest, I think.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Primrose pendant has a larger, single flower design; I love the way each petal looks like a heart! In person, it’s very light and delicate – it would be perfect on a necklace chain as well as on a bracelet.

pandora spring 2015 white primrose pendant

In contrast, the back of the charm is plain silver, with the Pandora silver hallmark engraved on it.

pandora spring 2015 white primrose pendant

However, my favourite new primrose piece is the lovely new white Primrose Meadow charm. While the bigger, statement florals – such as the Primrose pendant – are nice, I prefer the little clusters of flowers that you get in the ‘Meadow’ versions of the floral charms! I did consider getting the pink version of this one as well, but the shade looked more bubblegum than I’d have liked.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Primrose Meadow has bigger and smaller flowers alternating throughout the design. It’s really very beautiful!

pandora spring 2015 white primrose meadow

One thing to note is that it is really big in comparison with other charms. In this picture from my review of the Ladybird, you can see how the Primrose Meadow towers over it and the Darling Daisy clip.

pandora spring 2015 ladybird

My other reservation is that, if you are going to invest in one of these white enamel pieces, you should beware of the potential for discolouration. While Pandora have changed their enamel formula to prevent this from happening, it is still not perfect.

The white enamel pieces often do still yellow slightly, as you can see in this picture. On the left is my new White Primrose pendant – on the right is my Darling Daisy clip, which I bought a year ago. The Darling Daisy has a slightly yellow tinge, in comparison to the crisp whiteness of the pendant.

pandora spring 2015 discoloured white enamel

Pandora advise that you are particularly careful to keep pale enamels away from creams, sprays and perfumes etc – as this will add to the rate at which they discolour.


I am going to be wearing my new primroses with my Pandora Rose charms and bracelet; the white enamel charms look gorgeous against the pinker tones of the rose gold plating. This design is coming along rather slowly, mainly as I want to add more Rose charms and it’s rather time-consuming having to import them from the US/Canada!

pandora spring 2015 white primrose meadow

The white enamel looks great with darker colours, too. It’s perfect worn with the purple leather bracelet! I added the pink and blue Butterfly Kisses muranos to give that pretty pastel look for Easter; butterflies remind me of new beginnings, which seem very apt for Easter and spring-time ♥

pandora spring 2015 white primrose meadow

Finally, this is my Easter design for this year, which uses the white Primrose charms alongside some pearls and murano glass. It’s a little jumble of pastel colours, florals and animals (that’s the Hedgehog that you can see face-down!) – it still has symmetry, but I was going more for a fun, eclectic look! The Primrose pendant makes a nice centrepiece, too.

pandora spring 2015 white primrose meadow


Overall I am really pleased with my new Primrose pieces – the heart-shaped petals are really very cute, and the cubic zirconia centres are also a nice touch. While other charms from the new collection may be more exciting, the Primroses are wonderful at adding a touch of delicacy and prettiness to a bracelet design, and make a great complement to many of the new pieces. They’re particularly lovely when worn with pastels, I think, or with two-tone designs – whether that’s Pandora Rose or regular yellow gold!

The Pandora Primrose Meadow is £55 or $60 USD, while the Primrose Pendant is £35 or $45 USD. If you’re in the UK, you can buy them alongside the rest of the Pandora Spring collection from authorised retailer John Greed.

Have you bought any of the new white floral pieces, or are they on your wish list? Or, have you created any designs for Easter?

26 Comments on Review: White Primrose Meadow & Primrose Pendant from Pandora Spring 2015

  1. I’d love to read your disney reviews next. I’ve added another disney charm to my collection, I’ve managed to buy Cinderellas dream charm, can’t wait to receive it.
    On my spring bracelet so far is the sparkling butterfly which I got for Easter today, then I’ve the dazzling daisy meadow on either side, then the darling daisies spacer on either side of that, then I need something to go on either side of that, haven’t decided what yet. Going to look next month. Then I’ve got the old darling daisy clips. I love it and is my favourite design of mine, so far. Can’t wait till I add to it next month, to make it more complete.
    I do like the primrose pendant, i saw it as the centre of quite a few designs in the pandora store. I might get it sometime in the future. I like the matching ring as well for this.
    I can’t seem to stop buying pandora at the moment. I just love it and love creating my own designs.
    Thanks for the great blog and up to date news.

    • Disney reviews are definitely top of my to-do list! I am so in love with the Frozen muranos, they’re beautiful in person. ♥ The Cinderella’s Dream is lovely, too; I was very tempted by that one, but went for the Pumpkin Coach in the end.
      Your bracelet sounds beautiful! The purple of the Butterfly must look great against the white enamel. The Dazzling Daisy Meadow is one of the few Spring pieces left on my wish list. So pretty!
      I’ve been buying so much (too much! :P) lately, too; I’ve been really inspired by the latest collections. The new Disney pieces are just stunning, I’m so pleased with them.
      Thanks for commenting Sarah! <3

      • Yeah I like the look of the pumpkin coach. I hope to find it sometime to buy. Can’t wait to read your review of it.

        • It’s even prettier in person :D It’s an openwork, and lighter than you might expect, but the details are gorgeous. Reviewing it should be fun!

    • Sarah you will LOVE Cinderella’s Dream! It wasn’t even on my list when I went into my Pandora store for the bracelet promo but my Enablers (the staff) showed it to me and I was hooked by the beautiful blue!

  2. I bought two of the Primrose Meadow charms & the pendant this week end. They look beautiful on my bangle bracelet . I have been putting different color muranos in between them to accent whatever color I am wearing. I also got the new Wild Flower murano. It is beautiful with the Primrose Meadow beads!!!! I love the pendant. I would love to have another one to wear as a necklace with the bracelet. Want, want, want!!! But I can’t help it!!!!

    • Oooh I love your idea of switching out the muranos! The Primroses do look great with so many different colours. I’d do something similar, but all my muranos are being used in bracelet designs and I get tired of screwing the charms on and off bracelets. Re-arranging Pandora can be time consuming so I tend to stick to my set bracelet arrangements ^^
      Haha, I know the feeling! I just got a lovely haul of Disney Pandora from the North American bracelet promo – but it’s only made me realise that I ‘need’ more beads to go with them. My OH despairs. ;)

  3. Thanks for all of your great reviews! I love the white primrose charm also. I styled it as the centerpiece on a bangle, flanked by two inspiration clear spacers, the ladybug, and the floral padlock heart. It is such a great spring look.

    • I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy them, thank you! Your bracelet styling sounds beautiful; really fresh and pretty for spring! The Ladybird definitely looks great when worn with the white enamel, it really sets off the pink stones. :D

  4. Aww… It’s a shame that the white enamel is prone to discoloration! It’s so dry in my city that I’m always wearing lotions and creams so I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to get the white enameled pieces. Too bad since I quite like all the daisy and primrose charms.

    • It is a big shame! I will say that it’s not that noticeable (to me, at least) until you put a brand new piece next to an older one. :) The Darling Daisies are beautiful and I’m sure that any discolouration wouldn’t be that apparent in, say, the Meadow clip, as the flowers are quite small and clustered!

  5. Aww… It’s a shame that the white enamel is prone to discoloration! It’s so dry in my city that I’m always wearing lotions and creams so I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to get the white enameled pieces. Too bad since I quite like all the daisy and primrose charms.

  6. Another great review lol. I love the primrose meadow charm. I thought it was pretty from the first time I saw it.
    I thought I would say that the coffee lovers charm would be a review that I would like to go next but I’m quite interested in the Disney muranos and the Winnie the Pooh charm lol. Also any more information/ pictures of the Summer collection ? I can’t wait for that to come out. :-)

    • Thank you! <3 The Primrose Meadow is gorgeous. My favourites are the new Darling Daisy pieces, but it comes a close second :)
      Eeyore and the Disney muranos are most probably going to be my next reviews so you are in luck, haha! I've got a couple more posts planned too on the summer collection and the Club charm. They'll probably go up after the Mother's Day collection is released :)

  7. Great review Ellie, I love how the white enamel looks so elegant. I just ordered the Anna murano and would LOVE to see how you style yours! I am over the moon excited lol.

    • Thank you, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! Elegant is definitely a great word to describe these pieces. ^^
      I’m working on my review of the Frozen muranos now actually and I’m sure you will love yours!! They’re just beautiful in person, particularly the Anna murano – the glitter and the deep pink look gorgeous together. :D

  8. Another great review! I always particularly enjoy the section about styling. I should have said long ago that your designs have turned out to be very inspiring. Actually, this is how I got to like Pandora. That is true! You have a wonderful sense of colour and harmony and know how to bring charms together.
    Reading your posts is one of my little pleasures!
    I wish you all the best and… Can’t wait for upcoming reviews! :)

    • Hi Natalia, wow, thank you for such a lovely comment – it was so nice to log on and find it. It’s amazing to hear that they’ve inspired you to get into Pandora, that has really made my day. ^^ Wishing you the best, too. <3

  9. I am so in love with the purple leather bracelet stylings and leather bracelet looks in general, especially the ones that wrap around 2 times!!! You can pop on a few charms on it and it just looks so casual yet so pretty! Too bad I cannot get one, I am against leather use and strictly avoid it (having real difficulty finding a good pair of non-leather shoes, haha). Wish PANDORA had a fabric bracelet that you can wrap around 2-3 times around the wrist..
    I am really loving the first bracelet on this post, I have the daisy meadow clip myself on my purple bracelet, so in love with floral designs! Flower charms are just the prettiest! ^_^

    • Yes I love the look of the leather bracelets too! <3 It took me a little while to get into them; I had a single pink leather and a triple wrap silver which I didn't wear that often. But I've since got a couple more – including the purple leather bracelet – and now I wear them all the time! They are absolutely perfect for stacking and creating a pretty, casual look :) Pandora did do those fabric multi-strand bracelets, but I think the feedback was that they got dirty very easily and were difficult to look after. :( It would be great if they could develop something that worked as an alternative to the leather double wraps – I'd definitely be interested in those!
      That was my favourite design too! :D The flower charms are just gorgeous – the white daisies look beautiful with almost anything that you care to put them with. Thanks for commenting Karolina! <3

  10. Thanks for this post. Can you provide an update on the condition of your primrose hanging charm? Is it still as white as the day you purchased it? Thanks

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