It’s another exciting day in the Pandora world, as today sees the global launch of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection, which offers an array of sparkling flowers, cute hearts and some fun pavé pieces! And, as the icing on the cake, the Pandora Rose Spring 2015 collection is also being launched today in North America, featuring some beautiful Rose versions of some of Pandora’s most popular jewellery. <3


I’ll be celebrating the launch of the two collections with some additional live shots of all the lovely new pieces! For a full overview of the Mother’s Day 2015 charms and jewellery, plus live shots and other exclusives, please take a look through the Mother’s Day 2015 tag. :)

Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 

This year’s Mother’s Day release from Pandora features all the usual family and love motifs, but has a few pretty pieces with a more general appeal, too – including a beautiful Shimmering Rose collection and a really fun girls’ night out set! It’s worth noting that the UK already received part of the Mother’s Day 2015 collection back in February, so the new charms being released today are being marketed as Pandora Spring 2015 Drop Two.

As usual, retailers have been uploading some lovely pictures on to social media, which give us a great look at the new jewellery.

There are also some Asian-exclusive designs being released with the collection – these will not be available in other regions! They are an eclectic, but rather lovely, trio and feature a lavender version of the Fluttering Butterflies charm, a Green Pavé Pear and a pink enamel jigsaw pendant, called Complete my Heart.

If you have any live shots of these pieces, I’d love to see them!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Sets

There will be a number of gift sets available for North America, running from today until the 14th of May:

The Bouquet of Love gift set, which comprises two of the new Shimmering Rose clips, the Mother & Friend charm and the regular silver charm bracelet – this is priced at $195 USD.

pandora mother's day gift sets

The Full of Heart gift set will include the new LE Always in my Heart bangle and the Sparkling Love pendant for $125 USD.

pandora mother's day gift sets

The Mother’s Rose charm will be sold with a special gift box for $65 USD.

pandora mother's day gift sets

The two bracelet gift sets will come with this leatherette jewellery box, which looks rather a nice one. It has the Pandora crown logo set into the leather, if you look closely:

Image by Pandora Las Vegas
Image by Pandora Las Vegas

Pandora Rose Spring 2015

While the Mother’s Day 2015 release is undoubtedly beautiful, I’m most excited about the new Spring 2015 collection for the Pandora Rose line. The collection features some beautiful Rose versions of some of Pandora’s most popular pieces – including the openwork Crown and the Sparkling Bow series. <3 Unfortunately this new release is limited to North America only (I do have to write that way too often at the moment!), and is currently not available to purchase in other regions.  For a full overview of the collection, along with pricing, please see my preview here.

pandora rose spring 2015
Image by Pandora Bangor

As ever, retailers have been uploading some gorgeous pictures of the new pieces to social media and I’ve picked out some of them here. I love the look of lots of these pieces, particularly the Darling Daisy Meadow and the Love and Appreciation. :D The new pendants are also rather lovely.

My Comment

Of the regular Mother’s Day line, I already have the Always in my Heart bangle (which is absolutely gorgeous!) and I’d like to get the Precious Boy and Girl charms to add to my Valentine’s bracelet. <3

In terms of special releases, I have the Complete my Heart pendant on its way to me and I’m very excited to be getting that one! ^^ I have lots from the Pandora Rose Spring 2015 collection on my wish list, too, especially the Darling Daisy Meadow, the Love & Appreciation and the Interlocking Hearts pendant. It’s a really lovely release, and I’m loving the live shots that are emerging of the new pieces!

If you’re in the UK, you can buy these latest charms – alongside the rest of the Pandora Spring collection – from authorised retailer John Greed.

Are you excited for this collection? What pieces will you be purchasing?

32 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 & Rose Spring 2015 Collections Debut

  1. I NEED the complete my heart in my life! as my OH has aspergers, it makes perfect sense… Shame its limited to Asia (which seems a bit random but hey).
    That said, I also have my eyes on the handbag, stiletto and the love knot from the mother day, and I have overspent in the last 2 days so I shall have to wait a little longer haha! Got my grubby little paws on the queens guard and finally have bought an essence bracelet :) Pleaaaase review the heart when it arrives! Fab post as ever Ellie x

    • Ah, how perfect for you <3 have you managed to get hold of one? It's really weird that it is limited to Asia, seeing as a puzzle charm is so universally requested to represent Asperger's or autism :( I have to admit that I don't really know what Pandora was thinking there! I will definitely review mine when it arrives – I got a tracking ping yesterday to say that it was on a plane here so hopefully it will be here soon :D
      Yay you got an Essence bracelet! How do you like it? Aha I have overspent hugely on my Pandora Disney pieces – so I'll probably have to wait to get any of this collection. But the Disney pieces are absolutely gorgeous so it was definitely worth it haha.
      Thanks for commenting Rachel! x

      • No :( not yet, at least. hopefully in the next month or so when it dies down a little haha. I’m surprised by how much I love the essence range after ignoring it for so long.
        I need some Disney in my life! :) you lucky lady! x

        • I know, I did the same thing with Essence – I hesitated for ages and then when I finally went for it, I loved it! It’s so simple and elegant compared to the heavier charm bracelets, it makes for a nice change.
          You definitely do! ;) The Disney pieces are truly gorgeous in real life x

  2. Hi Ellie, I have a question. Can you buy the bangle only without the set. I ask because i went on pandora and seen the bangle (i think that was the one) it says cannot be purchase out side of the full of heart gift set and it was priced at $85 usd i thougt it was $75.

      • Hi! I just had a look online at some North American retailers and I can’t see the bangle listed on its own on any of them. It is listed on for $85 on its own, so it seems like it should be available on its own at some point – perhaps after the gift set promotion ends on the 13th of May. I’m not sure on that one. I’ll see if I can find out any more for you :)

  3. There’s some on my list from the second drop of the spring collection. I like some of the rose collection, but I’m waiting to see what the rose collection that I’ve heard is coming out in the UK soon is like, as I’ve heard it’s better quality and the colour is ment to be nicer.

    • Yes I’m intrigued by that info you had on the Rose collection! I’m very curious to know the details as to what exactly we’ll be getting. It’s been a long wait for Rose to hit the UK, I can’t wait :)

  4. I love the Asian exclusive charms I’ve just seen some live shots I also love that layered jewellery box.?

    • Me too, I can’t wait for my pendant to arrive! It should hopefully be here soon :D The box looks amazing – North America gets all the good box GWPs, unfortunately.

        • Hi Nicola, you have sharp eyes! Pandora UK have just announced that UK stores will be getting limited, one-time only stocks of the Aventurescent murano :) Once they are gone, they are gone!
          It’s a fab opportunity to get hold of one :) They’re beautiful muranos!

      • When you say ‘sort it out’, do you mean the production issues? I don’t think so, I think this is just Pandora getting rid of their remaining stock. They’re not going to be a permanent part of the collection unfortunately :(

  5. I got the Full of Heart gift set today, the gift box is pretty awesome. I also really like the new Handbag charm. That’s probably the only other item I’ll get from this collection.

    • Oh lovely, I am very jealous of that box! They did do a gift set for the UK this Mother’s Day in what was supposedly a special gift box – but it just turned out to be the usual white presentation box lol.
      The Handbag is really very cute! But I think I’m just going to stick to the new Boy and Girl charms from this collection. I’ve overspent massively on Spring, haha.

  6. Hi Ellie,
    I noticed in your promo lists, you have the “Always in my Heart” bangle as a GWP with purchase of $150AUD here in Australia. I am so glad I saw this because the bangle is not in store nor on their website. I will wait until this promo starts before I make my next Pandora purchase. It will be nice to get another free bangle – particularly this one.

    • Hi Lozzie, yes, it’s such a great promo that you guys get each year! :) This year’s bangle is particularly gorgeous, too – it’s a really great piece to get for free! And there are so many great pieces out this season, it shouldn’t be hard to hit that spend, haha.

    • I got the set for $145 Canadian plus 13 percent tax in Toronto with a beautiful box. It is a limited edition bangle with engraved words on it. I think the regular one is without engraved words.

  7. Perfect is the word, I would use for the mother’s day collection but then what else would you expect from Pandora.Exquisitely designed pendants and beads, when woven into a necklace would certainly present a jewelry piece, nothing short of outstanding quality.

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