Today’s post continues my Pandora Disney reviews, with an in-depth look at the new Frozen muranos from the Spring 2015 collection! These are part of the new Disney princess line, with each murano representing the ‘signature colour’ of a Disney princess. They also glow in the dark!

The Elsa and Anna muranos attracted my attention from the first sneak peek images, due to their lovely icy colour. I’ve been very excited to see these pieces for myself, as I think they represent something a bit different from Pandora. :D


In this review I’ll be offering some close-up shots of the new muranos, some styling inspiration and – of course – trying out the glow-in-the-dark effect!

The charms

Each murano corresponds to a Disney princess: the Frozen muranos, of course, represent Elsa (blue) and Anna (pink). It was so difficult only picking out two from the whole set of muranos, as there were so many beautiful colours. However, I was thrilled with my choices when they arrived – with a beautiful iridescent glitter and some wonderfully bright pops of colour, the pale blue and hot pink muranos are absolutely stunning in person.

pandora disney spring 2015 frozen muranos

I have seen Frozen a couple of times, and I love it, but I chose these muranos primarily because I loved the colours.


The iridescent glitter is particularly effective in Anna’s murano, as the contrast between it and the deep pink is just beautiful. I’ve heard from a number of people who have wanted a fancy pink or a hot pink murano from Pandora – and this is perfect! It’s a shame that it’s limited to North America.

pandora disney spring 2015 frozen muranos

In comparison, Elsa’s Signature murano is a more subtle colour, and so the glitter and the pale blue blend together pretty seamlessly.

pandora disney spring 2015 frozen muranos

Each murano is branded with ‘DISNEY’ on one side of the silver core. The other side features the regular Pandora hallmark, with ‘S925 ALE’. I’m glad that these muranos don’t feature the name of the princesses that they’re meant to represent – the dresses have them inscribed on the bail, which puts me off a little.

pandora disney spring 2015 frozen muranos

And, of course, one of the exciting things about these muranos is that they glow in the dark! It was very difficult capturing the effect on camera, but I did manage it, haha. When I first tried them after just exposing them to daylight, they didn’t glow very much at all and so, to get the muranos to glow as they do in this picture, I left them for an evening sitting by an electric lamp. I found that Elsa’s Murano glowed much more vividly than Anna’s, which produced a more subtle effect.

pandora disney glow in the dark muranos

Clearly the glow depends on which colour murano you choose – and I expect that each individual murano will vary, too. I think that I read somewhere that they glow more if they have more of the iridescent glitter in them. Unfortunately I can’t try them all out! Overall, I’d say that Elsa’s perhaps had more of the wow factor – but, up close, Anna’s murano had such a beautiful cosmic firefly look to it.


The Frozen muranos look great together and that’s how I prefer to wear them. Here I’ve styled them on the bangle along with the stunning Frozen Snowflake pendant. <3 As you can see, the glitter in the glass sparkles wonderfully when the light hits it.


I love the Frozen muranos against the darker oxidised bracelet; the contrast between the dark chain and the bright colours is amazing in person. I’ve tried to go for a mini-Frozen theme, featuring Anna’s mittens, a reindeer for Sven and the Black Friday 2013 snowflake. Unfortunately I don’t have a snowman charm to represent Olaf ^^

pandora disney spring 2015 frozen muranos

Moving away from Frozen, however, these muranos are delightfully versatile. I paired them with my favourite Butterfly Kisses muranos to create this fairy-tale bracelet. It’s hard to fit Anna’s murano in particular with Pandora’s regular glass beads, as the colour is so much brighter – but I quite enjoyed the contrast between it and the softer pastels of the butterfly muranos. They look great with a little two-tone, too.

pandora disney spring 2015 frozen muranos

Of course, you don’t have to wear them together – and they fit pretty seamlessly into any kind of design. The Disney branding is hardly noticeable and you can use them as you want. The blue Elsa murano looks great with other blue shades; here I’ve gone for white and teal muranos. This is a mini-travel design – but I wanted to make it a little more delicate than most travel bracelets I see, so I added a couple of floral charms too. :)

pandora disney spring 2015 frozen muranos elsa's

As I’ve said, Anna’s murano is a little harder to match with Pandora’s existing muranos, as it is such a gorgeous bright pink. However, I actually loved it with the purple Sea Glass murano (which has just launched worldwide) and the white faceted murano, which provided a nice contrast. The hot pink struck me as ideal for a fun girly theme, so I added the Pandora Shopping Bag charm and the adorable Scottie Dog (although he would NOT stay the right way up!).

pandora disney spring 2015 frozen muranos anna's


I am head over heels with these muranos, and I’d love to collect more from the set – particularly Tinkerbell’s and Cinderella’s! Although they do have Disney branding on one side of the core, it is not particularly obtrusive and you could easily use them in a non-Disney design. For this reason, it is a shame that they are limited to North America, as they offer some colours that the regular collection is missing.

The Frozen muranos are $45 USD or $50 CAD – unfortunately the Pandora Disney collections are exclusive to North America, so they are not available elsewhere.

Have you bought any of the new Disney muranos? If not, are they on your wish list?

45 Comments on Review: Anna’s & Elsa’s Muranos from Pandora Disney Spring 2015

  1. So far I only have the red Snow White murano. I love red and my boyfriend surprised me by buying it for me on the spot because I told him they’re new and they glow in the dark. Honestly it’s the exact one I wanted too. I have it in a Mickey bracelet with the new Mickey ears headband and the Mickey all around spacer along with the new white primrose bead and pave lady bug bead and some other black and red paves. ^_^ I wanted it to glow more but I understand that’s only possible with certain colors like Elsa’s. It’s still gorgeous and I love the sparkle effect in the sunlight. I hope they make more colors!!! Maybe Merida’s Teal which would be amazing with Ariel’s color.

    • Oh how lovely of him! I don’t have any red murano glass, but I love the contrast between the deeper red and the sparkles in the pictures I’ve seen. I imagine it looks great with the Lady bug too! <3
      Does your Snow White not glow much either, then? From what I'm reading, it seems like perhaps the lighter colours glow more in the dark. The whole of my Elsa murano seems to glow, whereas only the glitter in my Anna murano seems to. I completely agree with you though, I think that they're lovely regardless of whether they glow vibrantly or not – the sparkle effect is gorgeous in daylight.
      I'm also hoping for more colours! It would be great to get some Disney villain shades too; some darker purples and even black would be a great complement to these lighter shades. :D

  2. They are beautiful I love the colour especially the Anna one, and I love every single styling you have don. My favourite is the frozen theme on the oxidised bracelet, on eBay they are starting to have some of the new Disney collection up, I should really have a break from pandora seeing as I brought so much pandora on holiday. but seeing all the new Disney charms on there is making it very hard.
    I’ve been thinking what other Disney charms I would love to see them make and I would love simba from the lion king, rapunzel dress from tangled and also Mulan and also an Olaf charm that would be amazing.

    • Yay, thank you Nicola – I’m so pleased that you liked them! The Frozen theme was my favourite too – the muranos look so beautiful together <3 I haven't actually decided how I'm going to wear these beads permanently but I don't expect that I will separate them.
      Oooh I'd love something from Mulan! I'd love to put some Mulan princess beads with the cherry blossom collection – that would be perfect. Now that they've made Eeyore, the next cute Disney animal I'd love them to make would be Dumbo – or maybe something from Bambi! Can't wait to see what they go for next!

      • I know I’m so excited it’s going to be hard to beat this collection because they are amazing I love every piece.

        • I know what you mean – it was so hard choosing what to get from this season’s collection. I loved so much of it. I’m sure I’ll be back for more too! ^^

      • I really want them to have Jasmine, Rapunzel, Merida, Tiana, and Mulan. I would think they will have Mulan at some point since they are doing a live action remake of that movie. Same goes for Dumbo.

        • Yes they’re doing lots of live action remakes at the moment, aren’t they? I hadn’t heard about the Dumbo remake though – I’d be very excited to see a Dumbo charm! :D

  3. I was lucky enough to get the Elsa and Cinderella Muranos posted to me from a lovely lady who’s in Canada.I love the look of them and hopefully I’ll be able to collect them all :) Looking forward to seeing what else Disney/Pandora bring out!

    • Yes, there is that temptation to collect the set isn’t there? ^^ It was hard choosing just two colours. Now that I’ve seen how lovely they are in person, I’m even more tempted to go back for a couple more :) Cinderella’s seems like it has a slightly violet tinge to it, which looks just beautiful.
      Me too! I have a whole wish list of ideas that I’d love them to do for Disney ^^

  4. I’m so happy to see this review! I actually ended up ordering the Anna murano and I can’t wait to see how it looks next to the pave ladybird. Great review and I love each way you styled Anna and Elsa. I’m so tempted to get Elsa now! My Anna should be here in three days and I’m so excited to see what mine looks like :)

    • Ooh I’m sure that would look great! The pinks should go really nicely together :D If you’re thinking of Elsa’s murano too, I’d definitely recommend it – it has a really lovely colour which is easier to blend in with other Pandora glass. It looks great with Anna’s murano too! Let me know what you think of the Anna murano, I’m sure you will love it! :)

  5. Anna and Elsa represent the very best, Pandora Disney brand is renowned for, colorful, bright and they have added iridescence to it, which has made them irresistible. Loved their contrast with the dark band, a must have for me.

    • I’m glad to hear that you like them too! They’re just as pretty in person as they look in the stock images, and I love that they offer something a little different from Pandora’s other murano glass. And yes I loved them with the oxidised bracelet, I think that’s how I’ll be wearing them ultimately :D

  6. Hi! I was waiting to see Anna muranos……. I absolutly love them!!! I’d like to make my new bracelet in bright pink with those muranos and some charms with CZ from valentine 2014 like pink pavé heart clip, pink sparkling heart spacer, sparkling openwork heart charm and the sweetheart from this valentine. Do you think they should fit well? Before trying to find them I would like your opinion! Thank you!!!

    • Hi Maria! Yay I’m glad to hear that – Anna’s murano is probably my favourite, as the contrast between the pink and the glitter is particularly beautiful! Your bracelet sounds really fun, and that combo would look great I think. :D Especially if you had some pretty plain silver pieces between the hot pinks to provide a little contrast :)

  7. I love how you styled them with the snowflake dangle in the middle. Simple and yet the effect is stunning. I love the Anna (always a fan of pink). I also love Snow White’s red murano though I hardly have any red charms to go along with it, though I do have a red and black travel theme in my head. I have yet to start collecting charms for it though.

    • Thanks, I think you can tell that they’re designed as a set – they look perfect worn together! <3 I'm a pink fan too, so Anna's is probably my favourite, although they are both lovely. A red and black travel theme sounds beautiful! It would be rather striking, and a little different from the usual colour schemes that you see with travel themes. :D

  8. Another great review Ellie! Thank you!! And I love the various styling – very creative and beautifully done! I had written a little paragraph on your round up dates and review blog on my Disney additions as of late. You know what, I actually like the fact that the dresses have the princesses’ names on them. There are so many Disney princesses (I think 9 in total and they may make both Elsa and Anna princesses official soon) and to me, the labels (and I like the scripting fonts they used) have helped me to identify them and pair them with their own set of charms. I am too organized, I know, and so that’s just my humble opinions:)

    • Yay, thank you Anne! I’m really pleased that you enjoyed it <3 I just saw your bracelet on Facebook and it is adorable! I'm in love with your colour combinations :D
      For a dedicated Disney bracelet I think the names are fun and it's definitely great to have each princess's dress labelled. I just quite liked Anna's dress as a charm in itself and I wanted to use it in a non-Disney design. :) I think I will probably end up getting Anna's Dress anyway as it really is very pretty. You're right too that the font is really beautiful and that definitely doesn't detract from the charms <3

  9. Yay! Glad you got these Muranos and you love them! I’m also happy to hear that you aren’t turned off by the glow-in-dark effect; it’s actually quite lovely in person, isn’t it? :) Seems like everyone except me has at least one of these Disney Muranos… Why do I get the feeling that that’s gonna change. Bahaha.. ♥

    • Thanks, I do love them ♥ The glow-in-the-dark effect is really pretty, and I like how it’s different for each murano! Aha, I think that should definitely change! I think it was you who thought they were quite Chamilia-esque – it seems like one of them would go really nicely with your Chamilia pieces :)

      • LOL, I agree! Yeah, that was me who said the glow-in-the-dark muranos look like Chamilia. I think the Elsa murano would go really well with the new purple murano that I bought recently from Chamilia. ;-)

  10. So jealous of your disney charms :( just wondering if you know if these are sold in the Las Vegas pandora stores? Planning a trip next April and would love to get my hands on some of the disney collection.. Just hoping they have them there lol xx

    • Yes the Pandora stores in Las Vegas sell them! :D They’ve been posting lots of pictures of the Disney collection on their Facebook page. Sounds like an amazing trip and I’m sure Pandora Disney would be the icing on the cake haha! xx

      • Thank you so much for replying.. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to get my hands on some of the Disney stuff then :) hope they still have some of the charms they have out now.. Also looking forward to the future things.. Going to start saving my pennies now as I can see this being an expensive shopping trip. Ooh looks like I’ll have to follow them on Facebook then. Thanks again :)

        • You’re very welcome! ^^ They’re definitely worth a follow, the Las Vegas stores are particularly good at posting amazing shots of all the new collections! Lol, yeah, I can imagine it would be expensive – I expect I’d have to be saving for months beforehand should I ever manage to go haha. Hope you have a lovely time when you do go! xx

  11. Probably of all the charms Pandora has I love muranos most. At least the majority of charms I have are murano beads. Though I don’t wear them all at a time, of course- just a couple. For this reason how can I resist the muranos from this collection?! No chance!!! I am planning to grab the two you have as well as the dark blue one. Sorry, don’t remember the names. :( I very much like deep pink in accessories, and the blue ones are both associated with snow (in winter) and the sea (in summer).
    Perfect designs! Not surprised!
    Thank you for another wonderful post!

    • Muranos are my favourite too! They’re always among the pieces that I look forward to most from new collections, and I usually design my bracelets around them ^^ A lot of people don’t seem to be overly keen on them, so it’s nice to hear you say that :D Lovely choices – I’m definitely considering adding the Cinderella (darker blue) murano to my collection too. I’d also like Tinkerbell’s green murano to possibly wear with my new Wild Flower murano from the spring collection. They are just so lovely in person, the glitter effect is beautiful.
      Thanks so much for commenting, glad to hear that you enjoyed the review! <3

  12. I’m not usually a murano fan but these are beautiful, particularly Anna’s. Wish the Disney collection was world-wide, the conversion is a bit steep :(
    That aside, the pandora/disney line is so classy, I wasn’t sure at first but now… argh, the wishlist is never ending.!! I assume this time you didn’t but direct from disney though? Lovely styles! x

    • They’re lovely aren’t they? I do love almost all murano glass though as you know! ^^ The conversion isn’t so bad if you buy from Canada – it’s just the sales tax and customs charges that make it costly :( I’m going to try and not to buy so much from overseas for a little while haha. Having said that, my Complete my Heart pendant has just turned up – super speedy delivery and no customs charges! Very pleased with that :P
      Noo, I tried buying directly from Disney and ended up paying about double RRP, everything factored in. I got these with a little help from a friend in Canada :) x

  13. Do you have any idea when the next set of Disney charms may be released? Perhaps for Autumn or Winter? I just love Disney and I am hoping that they one day release a Marie from the Aristocats (perhaps with a pretty pink bow like Eeyore’s!), one of the 101 dalmations or even Tigger. There are so many Disney characters I’d love to see Pandora make that I remember from my childhood. I’m still waiting on my Anna murano but looking at the pictures of yours is tiding me over just for now haha

    • Hi Stephanie! I’ve not had any concrete details on the upcoming collections yet so I’m not sure when we can next expect Disney. I am hearing rumours of a summer release in addition to an autumn one, but nothing official :) I’m fairly certain we will be seeing an autumn release at least!
      Yes there are so many I’d love them to do too! Tigger and Piglet are musts for me, and I’d love some more cute Disney animals in general – in addition to the ones you mention, Bambi and Dumbo would also be lovely!
      Aha I hope your murano gets there soon! Waiting for Pandora post can be tough ;)

      • I’d love to see more Disney too! My Anna murano came and it is just so amazingly beautiful. I wanted to let you know also that I have confirmation that the Australian gift with purchase bangle for mothers day starts next week on the 23rd :). My local store and a few others are hosting an event for it so I can confirm that is the date!

        • Yay I’m so glad that you like it! It’s just as lovely as the stock picture I think. ^^
          Ooh thank you so much for that confirmation! That’s so helpful Stephanie – thank you. I’ve updated my promotions post!

  14. Hi Ellie, I’m a newbie here with the whole pandora thing that i just started during Christmas last year. And I’m so grateful to stumble upon your blog that has been like my holly book of pandora’s! Your blog has been speed fast my knowlege and understanding the concept behind pandora’s world. Your review and your styling has been superb and my most anticipated.

    At the moment, I’m loving these two muranos from Disney (Elsa’s & Anna’s). But I’m also considering the sleeping beauty one as well. If I can only choose one between the three, which one would be a more all round & easier to style with other muranos? I have so far have the tropical & shoreline sea glass and pink cherry blossom. And I’m thinking to add the flower garden in near future.

    Btw, does all the Disney collection (except Mickey & Minnie) are glows in the dark??

    Cheers Ellie!

  15. Hi Ellie!

    I know this post is quite old, but I would have a question about the these two muranos. I bought them recently on the sale. Elsa’s murano is much smaller and thinner that Anna’s. On your photos they have looked the same size for me. Is it just my eye? Or should they be the same size?:/ As I would like to wear them together, it looks a bit wierd to me.

    • Hi Mara! Murano glass is handmade and so two beads of the same design can vary quite a lot in size and even in detail. My two beads were a match in size, but they were picked out for me at the time by my friend in Canada. :) if it bothers you, you can always try and swap them? I’ve done this before!

      • Thanks for the answer! I’ve seen it only when I got home and compared them to each other and unfortunately that was the last one in my store :(

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