Today’s post offers another Pandora Disney review, with an in-depth look at the new Eeyore charm from the Spring 2015 collection! <3 Eeyore is a delightfully grumpy donkey from the Winnie the Pooh series and, if you are a regular reader, then you’ll be aware that I’ve been wanting a charm to represent for him for a long time! I am very excited that we finally have one. :D

pandora disney spring 2015 eeyore

I’ll be offering some close-up shots of this new charm and some suggestions as to how you could style him!

The charm

I love the pose that Pandora have gone for in representing Eeyore (Chamilia opted to have him standing) – it’s my favourite Eeyore pose, as it is appropriately pensive & depressed, and yet so adorable at the same time. ^^ On a personal note, too, my puppy (well, she’s one now…) plonks herself down in exactly the same way when she’s interested in something – like she doesn’t know what to do with all her feet – and I used to nickname her Eeyore. So I was thrilled that Pandora went for this pose, as it’s perfect to represent her, too ;) pandora disney spring 2015 eeyore

This is one of Pandora’s most detailed charms, and there are lots of cute things to notice when you get him up close. His ears and his nose are just adorable! However, he has quite soft, droopy eyes – as Eeyore should – which I love. Some representations make him a tad too cutesy, and I think Pandora have hit a good balance with this design. The bow on his tail is rather a bright, hot pink, detailed in enamel.

pandora disney spring 2015 eeyore

The back of the charm features his mane, and some beautiful oxidised detailing. <3 You can also just see the top of his tail, which has a pin at the top. ^^

pandora disney spring 2015 eeyore

The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was the branding on the base. His legs are entirely covered with writing. I expect there’s some kind of contractual issue that requires ‘DISNEY’ and ‘PANDORA’ to be written on each charm. They usually manage to make that pretty unobtrusive, but it’s noticeable here, and not in a good way. However, the stitching details are adorable – Eeyore is described as being stuffed with sawdust in the original books, and you can see the seams, with little stitches in them, in the charm. So cute! :D All the right details are there in this charm.

pandora disney spring 2015 eeyore


My stylings will inevitably focus a lot on pink, as he does have rather a nice pink bow (and I love pink anyway), but Eeyore also looks great with more neutral shades. Here, I’ve styled him with the new white florals from the Spring 2015 collection – ideally the new Pooh portrait charm would go where the Hedgehog is. ^^ pandora disney spring 2015 eeyore

The bow is quite a hot pink, so it looks fab with the new Anna’s Signature Colour murano, which is also from the new Pandora Disney collection. <3

pandora disney spring 2015 eeyore

Eeyore also works well with softer pinks; he blends in perfectly with the delicate pink cherry blossom collection, and a little hint of two-tone. It’s also worth noting that Eeyore is quite a small charm, compared to Pandora’s other silvers; these styling pictures make you notice how petite he is!

pandora disney spring 2015 eeyore

Ultimately I am adding Eeyore to the pink oxidised bracelet that I’m currently working on. It has a floral, forest-y theme on it, which seems perfect for Eeyore! Unfortunately, however, Pandora don’t do any thistle charms :P He has a lot of oxidised detailing, and so he fits in nicely.

pandora disney spring 2015 eeyore


Inevitably, Eeyore is already one of my favourite charms I own <3 He’s incredibly cute and Pandora have managed to pack so much detail into a very little charm. It’s just a slight shame about the extent of the branding on the base. I’d love them to do some more characters from Winnie the Pooh – especially Tigger and Piglet!

Eeyore is $50 USD or $55 CAD – unfortunately the Pandora Disney collections are exclusive to North America, so he is not available elsewhere.

Have you bought this charm, or is it on your wish list? Would you like to see more Winnie the Pooh designs from Pandora?

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  1. Eeyore is my favourite character too! I have a lots of things related to him in my flat so of course i bought this charm!!! It is lovely :) As i have only one bracelet, he is among all my other charms but i intend to have a disney bracelet so he will be on it ;)

    • Ah, how cute – I’m always tempted to start collecting Eeyore things, he’s just lovely. I only have a rather adorable Eeyore toy that I bought at Disneyland Paris last year, so this is the second Eeyore I own. ^^
      Sounds great – they need to bring out some more Winnie the Pooh charms to go on that Disney bracelet! ;)

  2. I was also super excited for the Eeyore charm and got it a couple weeks ago, but had to take him off my bracelet because his tail keeps snagging on my clothes. Already ruined 2 shirts. :( Waiting for them to get more in stock to see if this is just a bad charm or if they are all the same. Rather bummed…

    • Oh no, I hadn’t even considered that, as it’s usually the dangles that are lethal. :( I’ve only had mine a couple of days, so I’ve not had a chance to test him properly. I’ll be wearing it for the rest of the week so I’ll see if mine does the same :)

    • Well, put me under an extreme/rare example because my Eeyore’s tail was very sharp and it actually scratched my wrist here at work a week ago when I was using my computer mouse and the charm happened to rotate against my skin. Ouch! Because I have a background in jewelry design and have a lot of jewelry-making tools on hand, I took one of my metal files and lightly filed and polished the edge of the tail to remove the sharpness and to smooth it some more. Sterling silver in general is a softer metal and I wasn’t worried about ruining the piece, voiding warranties, or whatever because it’s my charm and I knew what I was doing. I do not recommend others do the same whose charm has a sharp edge. I took matters into my own hands so I would be more comfortable wearing my Eeyore charm. It still looks the same with the same finite little tail curves but now it feels softer at the tail edge and won’t scratch me again.

      • Oh wow, that sounds rather nasty! :( I just tested mine and the edge of the tail is not sharp at all, and doesn’t scratch much at my skin if I catch it. I suppose this could possibly be a manufacturing defect with some of them? At least you were able to sort it yourself though, that’s some ingenuity! :) Thanks for the info, Jennifer!

  3. I agree. I love the detailed charm of Eyore. Yes, I would love to see more characters of Winnie The Pooh. I enjoy your reviews of the charms. Thanks so much.
    Thanks, Paula

    • Absolutely, the detail is amazing on this one! All the little stitches and seams are there, right down to each of his feet. :) I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy the reviews; thanks very much for reading and commenting!

  4. My favourite character is Winnie. I just love him but in comparison with Eeyore, I did feel Winnie paled in comparison. I know it is difficult to makr Winnie in the same way (standing perhaps as compared to portrait) but won’t it look awesome for both of them to sit side by side. I will love to get Winnie but I think my heart went to Eeyore with your review. Great post, as always!

    • I know exactly what you mean – I’m not as keen on portrait charms in general and, in this case, it does mean that the Winnie charm lacks the amazing little details that Eeyore has. I’d have been much more tempted by a full-bodied representation of Pooh. Having them sit side by side is a lovely idea, and you could easily have Pooh sitting down with a pot of honey in his lap, haha. Glad you enjoyed the review, thanks very much for commenting Ariane! :)

  5. I was so excited for this review, and it didn’t disappoint :D He is absolutely adorable! I know I got to look at him in person when I went in for the spring bracelet promo, and he is just precious. He has always been one of my favorite Disney characters! Thanks so much for so many live shots of him and with so many different stylings; he’s one of the few Disney charms that I barely see any photos of on social media. He is definitely on my wishlist…I only have two spots left on my first bracelet and one of those spots is reserved for him :D Thanks for the review!

    • Oh good, I’m really pleased to hear that you enjoyed it – I was so excited to finally be able to write this one, haha. He definitely didn’t disappoint me either when I finally got my hands on him – and I’d spent a month waiting for him, so my expectations were high! ^^ It may be a small charm, but there are so many cute details… I just love all the little seams and stitches, and the pin on his tail is also adorable!
      I’ve also noticed that there aren’t that many pictures of Eeyore compared to the new Disney princess charms, which surprised me as he was the one I was most excited for! :S That’s one of the reasons that I decided to review him first. :) Thanks for commenting Kristen, hope you get your own Eeyore soon! :D

  6. I love how you have him styled with the flower pieces on the purple double wrap bracelet. I got the call last night that my Pooh and Eeyore are (finally!) in, so I’ll be picking them up this week. So far, I had planned for them to be on a plain bangle, but I may need a purple (or blue?) bracelet with the next leather bracelet promo now. :-)

    • Thank you, I thought flowers and forest-y things were appropriate for him! :) Although I did feel like a thistle charm would have been nice to pop in there, haha. I’d definitely recommend the purple leather – it’s one of my favourite bracelets I own. The leather bracelets in general are great, really – and the dark navy would also look pretty with Eeyore and Pooh I think! <3

      • I got my Pooh and Eeyore today. Yey!!! So cute, and I’ve been waitibg F.O.R.E.V.E.R. I have the Pooh Chamilia charm, which is similar in theory, but the Pandora one is much cuter, with pudgy sweet cheeks. Eeyore is just adorable. His little pink bow is sweet. I wonder how he would look with the lighter blue leather bracelet coming out this summer with a Sky Mosaic charm? I decided to think of his obvious butt branding as a bit of tattoo art. ;-)
        I’ve had mine on most of the day. No snagging at all, and I’ve had a sweater on today that snags easily.

        • Yay!! So glad to hear that you finally got them, and that they’ve lived up to expectation! I’m sure Eeyore would look gorgeous on the lighter blue bracelet (I’d actually forgotten about that one when I wrote my reply last night!). The little hint of pink should go very nicely with it, and the Sky Mosaic too. Aha, the concepts of Eeyore and tattoos are not ones that seem to go together immediately but I’ll run with that :P
          Oh good – I’ve been testing mine too, today. I put on my snaggiest knit jumper and I’ve also had no problems! ;)

      • We need to start a write-in campaign to Pandora for a thistle charm. Just think it could do double duty: represent Scotland for the Scots and be a companion piece for the Eeyore fans! Think it’ll fly??

  7. This is such a lovely little charm with so much detail, I was a bit shocked to see how much branding was on the bottom on him. I love your styling especially with the frozen muranos. Are you doing a review on the frozen muranos.

    • I know, the branding is so much more obvious on this charm than usual :( Luckily, he is just so cute that I can overlook it, haha. Thanks Nicola – I will definitely be reviewing them, they’re up next I think! The colours are just stunning in person. I’ve been really impressed with all my Disney charms so far :)

  8. Yayyyyyy. I’m so glad you finally have him. I agree he is very petite but that makes me love him even more. Great review as always. Now come on Thursday lol.

    • Aha, thanks, I was actually so excited when I opened that package – and he definitely didn’t disappoint ^^ I think his size just makes all the detail they’ve fitted in the more impressive!
      Haha, not long to wait now! ;)

  9. Great review. I have this one, but you pointed out 2 details I did not notice (stitches & pin tail). I should have bought Pooh, but didn’t & he’s sold out. I fully expect Tigger & Piglet in 2016.

    • Thanks Pamela! I’m sure Pooh will be back in stock, once the rush for the new collection dies down ^^ I’d be very surprised if we didn’t see appearances from more of the Pooh characters; Tigger and Piglet would be wonderful. And it would be great to see a full-bodied Pooh as well!

  10. I am so obsessed with this charm! Eeyore is my favorite <3 It's sold out and I've been waiting for weeks for it to come in to the local Pandora store. Thanks for all the photos, this is my first time seeing him from all angles, he's adorable! I cannot wait to get it, this review made me want it even more! I love the stylings you did :)

    • Aha, I am too – Eeyore is one of my favourite Disney characters and this charm is such a cute representation of him! <3 I've been wanting an Eeyore charm for a long time. You're welcome, I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed the review – he really is a gorgeous little charm. Thanks for commenting Ruja, and I hope you get your Eeyore soon! :)

  11. Your styling is better than the official Pandora stylers, imo.

    I love how you have matched him with the floral lock charm in the bottom photo. They look really good together. He really is the perfect fit for your oxidized bracelet.

    • Wow, thank you Lozzie :D I’m so pleased that you think he fits in there – I’m really enjoying building this bracelet and I’m anxious to get it right. Eeyore does look great with other oxidised charms. :)

  12. Wow, I didn’t know Eeyore is such a beauty! It somehow escaped my attention! Now I am beginning to think of ordering him from the US, as well as one of the muranos from the same collection. The only thing….. Will it be appropriate for somebody who is not exactly very young? Though I have got a bear charm….
    The designs are again so nice! Can’t say which I like most.

    • He definitely is a real cutie! I think he’s appropriate for anyone who wants him, regardless of their age :) He’s a very petite little charm, with just a dash of bright colour, so he should blend into your bracelet and not look too young or childish too as well :D I’d also really recommend the muranos – I have the two Frozen ones and they are stunning in person. The glitter effect is beautiful.
      Thanks so much Natalia! <3 Really glad to hear that you enjoyed these too.

  13. I love the eeyore one. I picked him up a few weeks ago and had to hunt him down here in PA. But only thing is the little guys tail seems to be sharp at the end and does occasionally catch on some articles of clothing. A few of my charms do that though. Overall, I LOVE him! By far my favorite charm yet.

    • It’s strange, as I’ve read a few comments now from people who have had problems with his tail being sharp. I’ve not had any problems with him catching on things so far (touch wood!), and his tail doesn’t feel too sharp to the touch, so perhaps it’s a problem with a particular batch of them. :( In any case, I totally agree with you – he is absolutely the cutest and one of my favourites too :D I’ve been waiting for an Eeyore charm for a long time and he definitely didn’t disappoint!

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