With less than two weeks to go until the launch of the Pandora Summer 2015 collection, today’s post features some tropical Summer updates – including some lovely live shots and campaign images of the new jewellery! Looking at Pandora’s gorgeous tropical stylings for the new charms and bracelets is really getting me in the mood for summer, and I’m increasingly excited to see it all in person. Also included is a little update on the Pandora 2015 Club charm – including some live shots! :)

pandora summer 2015

Offering some beautiful oceanic colours, tropical themes and lots of sparkle, the Summer collection is due out on the 28th of May.

Pandora Club Charm 2015 arriving into stores

While its official global release date is the 28th of May, the first item of news on the agenda is that the limited edition Pandora Club charm for 2015 has started arriving into stores in North America – which also means that we have a couple of live shots of it! Priced at $65 USD or $75 CAD, the charm is marketed as the perfect Pandora collector’s item. It features a classic heart design, accented with a genuine diamond on one side and engraved with ‘2015’ on the other.

pandora club charm 2015
Image by KingswayPandora

It does look rather beautiful here in these live shots – while it may lack the quirkiness of last year’s charm, it has an elegant, classic look that probably offers a more universal appeal.

Image by Pandora Southgate
Image by Pandora Southgate

Pandora Summer 2015 Live Shots

As I’ve mentioned before, live shots of this year’s summer collection have sadly been rather few and far between. However, as the release date has approached, some live images of the new jewellery have been popping up on to social media. :D

First up, we have a closer look at the new Tropical Palm ring and necklace! These seem like the perfect accessories for a summer wardrobe – pretty and not too fussy – but I can’t imagine wearing them all year round.

pandora Summer 2015
Image by Pandora Middlesbrough

The new Sparkling Snake charm and ring are pictured here! While both feature snake designs, they offer quite different aesthetics – the charm is much cuter than the edgier look of the ring itself.

pandora Summer 2015
Image by Pandora Middlesbrough

Finally, we have a couple more shots of the new blue and green leather bracelets. The cornflower blue bracelet looks brighter than I expected here; however, the green leather looks a rather pretty metallic pastel green.

Image by Pandora Middlesbrough
Image by Pandora Middlesbrough

Featured in this shot are the new Ocean Mosaic pavé charm, the green Petite Facets, the ever-popular Orchid pendant and the lovely gold Tropicana openworks.

Image by milionkobietpl
Image by milionkobietpl

Pandora Art of You Campaign

The Pandora Art of You campaign has been running over the last month or so in North America, and it offers some stunning shots of the new Summer 2015 collection jewellery! Here, the new blue Petite Facets look great paired with a little yellow gold; you can also pick out the new Symbol of Stability in the background of the picture.


Here you can see the new cornflower blue leather bracelet, the Orchid dangle, plus the new Sky Mosaic charms. The blue jewellery box they’ve chosen to showcase the jewellery is also a rather lovely shade – it would be nice if they genuinely offered some boxes like it!


Kingsway Pandora also posted this campaign shot, which gives a beautiful close-up of the new palm tree necklace and the gorgeous Orchid dangle. The palm tree necklace didn’t really grab me when the stock images first came out, but it actually has a lightness of detail that’s quite striking here.

pandora summer 2015 art of you
Image by kingswaypandora

I can’t quite decide whether I want to wear the Orchid on a bracelet or as a necklace pendant – it does look absolutely gorgeous here!


I have to say that I have really enjoyed Pandora’s #artofyou campaign, primarily because of its beautiful images. I think it’s great that they’ve decided to focus on the beauty of the jewellery itself. Particularly gorgeous are the Pandora Rose shots, too:

pandora rose spring 2015

My Comment

While I am still not sure what exactly I will be purchasing from the Summer 2015 collection, I am getting very excited to see the new pieces in person – and for summer itself to arrive! ^^ The cool ocean shades suit my style much better than last year’s bright teal and orange, and I’m hoping that the green leather bracelet might make it home with me. The Orchid pendant is another must-have for me too!

As for the Club charm, it mostly depends on the price – I have heard rumours that the UK price is going to be rather high (although I haven’t seen the UK’s price list yet myself). If that proves to be the case, I most likely won’t be buying it in UK stores at least haha.

Are you excited for the launch of this collection? Will you be buying this year’s Pandora Club charm?

37 Comments on Pandora Summer 2015 Campaign Images & Live Shots

  1. I am very excited about the deep green inspiration within spacer as well as the blue and green petit facets (I might even get the spring pink and purple petit facets as well). I think your review has convinced me to put the orchid pendant on my wish list as well.
    Thanks for the review!

    • Yes, I’m excited to see the green and blue Petite Facets too! I just got the pink one from Spring and it is so lovely in person that I think I’m going to get another one to go with it! ^^ I think they offer a great compromise for those who aren’t so keen on murano glass, and I’m hoping that we’ll see some more colours for autumn :)
      Thanks for commenting Christine!

  2. I’m waiting for the dolphin from the summer collection.

    I saw the club charm yesterday and do like it better in person. Last year’s was cute but I didn’t want a square charm with hidden diamond on my bracelet so this year’s is more appealing to me however the crown may prevent me from getting it, I would have prefered the heart without the crown to keep it simple.

    • The dolphin is really cute! <3 I'm not planning on getting it, but it is one of my favourites from this collection.
      Ah, lucky you! Unfortunately stores in the UK never seem to get releases ahead of the official release date. ^^ That was the dilemma of last year's charm – the concept was so quirky and fun, but at the end of the day, when the box was shut it was just a silver square on your bracelet haha. Consequently I now always wear mine with the lid open. I quite like the addition of the crown on this year's charm, as it does seem like a nice callback to the Pandora logo – but I can see why it might detract from the elegance of the design for you. :)

  3. I cannot wait for the orchid charm! It’s the one charm I’m looking forward to.
    The club charm is very similar to the “My Princess” heart from Fall 2014. I might be interested in the blue facets charm to go with the butterfly on my bracelet. I’ll have to wait to see then in person before I make any final decisions.

    • Yes the orchid is my favourite too! I’m thinking that I might wear it as a necklace pendant for summer – it really is beautiful. I’m also waiting to see it all in person before I make my final choices; I’m particularly keen to see how the new Petite Facets and the leather bracelets compare in person to the stock images!

  4. The color of the orchid doesn’t look as rich as it first was in the previews, but I’m excited to see it in person. The rest of the collection is just not for me at all and I think the club charm could have used some more inspiration. They should run a competition or something, like Trollbeads has the ‘people’s bead’ when fans vote for the charm they want. My wallet is very happy though.

    • I’m very excited for the Orchid too, and I’m hoping that it will prove a really deep pink in person. I think the lighting isn’t great in that live shot, so hopefully in person it will be more of a nice, rich colour than it appears there. :D
      And yes I completely agree with you about the People’s Bead! I have always thought that it’s a real shame that Pandora don’t run something similar. It’s a wonderful concept and people come up with really amazing ideas – such a good way to reward the fans and get them involved!

  5. The Orchid charm looks more fuchsia in the pictures and that is totally a bonus for me as my country’s national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim is purplish pink and I imagine this charm can also tie in with my current pink and purple Family Love bracelet. The petite facet charms look very pretty, need to see the blue ones in particular and oh yes, I need the pink and purple ones too.

    • Perfect! ^^ I’m excited for the Orchid, too; I love all things pink, and it should make a lovely necklace pendant! The pink Petite Facets is beautiful – I recently got mine and I’ve been admiring how the colour subtly changes depending on the light. The pink has a very pretty, milky quality to it and it’s very striking actually on the bracelet too. I think I’m going to have to get another at some point! ^^ It will be interesting to see how these new shades compare.

      • Will love to see how you style the petite facets. I am thinking of getting one of pink and one of purple and enjoy the option of wearing them on the bracelet or on the necklace with perhaps the Orchid dangle between them.

        • I’m about to start work on a Spring 2015 review round-up of all the charms I haven’t featured yet – so I will be featuring the facets in that :D I absolutely love your idea of pairing the facets and the orchid on a necklace. I’m sure that would be a beautiful combination. That would also look lovely on a bangle!

  6. I really love the green leather, green is my favourite colour but I don’t really like many of the pandora green shades they have used previously. I like the new facets and paves in the green too. The palm tree dangle will also be a must for me as I live in Africa! But I really love the orchid too. I think the I’d wear the orchid as a single dangle on a bangle or leather bracelet or I like how they had it as a necklace pendant. Gotta get me a necklace too then! :p

    • I completely agree with you – the green of the leather and the petite facets looks gorgeous. I do like the deep green forest shades that they’ve gone for before, but I’m much likely to wear these pretty pastel greens ‘Oceanic’ is the word I keep coming back to describe them. Very pretty!
      Aha, I recently got my first necklace chain from Pandora and I’ve been wearing my Frozen snowflake pendant on it. I really like the idea of getting the Orchid pendant and swapping them out depending on the season! <3

  7. The blue leather bracelet is a lot brighter than I was expecting, I love the green leather. The orchid charm looks really pretty on a necklace. Do you have any news on the rose gold collection coming to the UK.

    • Yes I originally planned on getting the blue leather, but the brightness has put me off slightly. I’m thinking the softer green leather is probably more something that I would wear! :)
      And yes I have! Pandora Rose is scheduled for a UK launch in the middle of next month. I would have posted about it but I don’t have the specifics – I’ve heard both the 12th and the 15th of June named as launch dates. I’m really excited to see what’s coming – I hope the latest Spring 2015 collection will be included in the launch as there is lots from that release that I still want :)

  8. Hi Ellie! There are only two things I loved about summer collection: the Orchid and your review! :-) Compared to previous collections (Spring and Mother’s day), the coming one seems a little bit boring to me… Although I had greater expectations on its design and I already own the similar Heart of Princess, I intend to purchase the Club Charm. I was told that its price in Greece will be 59€; rather tempting! After all, girls can’t easily resist to a diamond!!!
    Thanks again for your information! ♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I am never as excited for the summer release as I am for other collections, as I don’t really like to build bracelets around nautical or beachy themes. However I am really loving the refreshing green and blues of this release, so I’m still looking forward to seeing it all in person and maybe picking out a couple of pieces. It’s nice to have a breather in some ways, as there was so much from the Spring collection that I had to have! :P I’m glad that you enjoyed the preview though haha!
      Yes I have also heard 59€ for the Club charm in Europe, which is pretty reasonable! Rumour has it that it will be more expensive in the UK, which is something of a downer haha. :( I would really like to get this charm (like you say – there is that little diamond!), but I will probably get it from abroad if the rumours prove to be true!
      Thank you for commenting Chrysa! ♥♥

  9. I am super excited for the Orchid do we know if it will be available in the UK? If so prices? Everything is so much more expensive here! Haha
    Oh and will we be getting pandora rose in the UK?

    Thank you as always for the info!! <3

    • Hi Leanne! Yes, the Orchid should be available here in the UK too :) I’m afraid that I don’t have the UK pricing yet – most of the info leaks come from North America, so GBP pricing is hard to get hold of. Sorry! :(
      But on the plus side, yes we will be getting Pandora Rose in the UK and soon! It’s due to launch here next month. :D I can’t wait!

      • Eek exciting!! Having said that I can’t afford anything gold really speaking haha.. But if it’s the pandora rose – is that the silver or the gold? Lol! They have some lovely pandora rose in the U.S., the silver pieces.. But it’s a real pain getting overseas shipping all the time!! X

        • The collection due to launch in the UK next month is the Rose Silver – so it should be affordable! ;) I can’t afford Pandora gold either haha. I’m so thrilled that it’s launching over here – for one thing, it will be great to actually be able to see them in person before buying them too! ;) x

  10. I want the mini facets but I’m unsure which color I want most and how to wear them. I was thinking if I did get one I would put it alone on a leather bracelet but still not sure.

    • I think both colours are beautiful, particularly the green :) It’s a bit hard to tell exactly what shade it is from these images so it’s probably one to see in person! I think they’d both look good on the new Summer leathers, or on a nautical-themed silver bracelet perhaps? It’s hard to know what exactly they’ll go with until we see them in the flesh I think! I’m quite tempted by the idea of the new green leather, a couple of the green petite facets and then a silver charm in the middle perhaps :)

      • Ellie

        I remember reading somewhere that the pink/purple facets are made from cz but this blue/green ones will be made from synthetic quartz. Anyhow what happened was that while cleaning the bracelets and charms, I dropped my pink facets and guess what, it cracked! I’m so sad now. If it is indeed cz, I don’t expect it to crack so easily like this? I mean I had a couple (too many) accidents with glass murano charms and they are perfectly fine and scratchless. I am wondering if it is true that the new ones will be made from synthetics quartz, will they crack/break this easy?

        sad sad :(

        PS: That “always in my heart” bangle is sure to be difficult to wear, and even more challenging to remove. :x

        • Hi, sorry for the delay in reply – work has been a little busy over the weekend! :)
          Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your charm :( that’s such a shame! Have you spoken to Pandora about it? You’re correct about the materials of the Facets – it’s CZ for the pink and purple versions, but synthetic quartz for the blue and green. I have heard reports of a few of the big CZ charms breaking a bit more easily – I think I’ve seen a couple of cracked Morning Butterfly pendants too. It seems strange that they would be more fragile than murano glass, but perhaps some have manufacturing defects in them.
          I don’t know how the synthetic quartz will compare unfortunately, as I’ve never owned any jewellery using it as a material. :( You’d hope that it would stand up better to wear better than that. I’ve also dropped my bracelets a couple of times (I am clumsy!) but have never done much damage to my murano beads. I have two of the pink petite facets and will keep an eye on how they weather .
          Sorry about your charm again! :(
          And yes, I find the always in my heart bangle harder to do up – but mainly when I’m wearing it on my left wrist for some reason. I can just about do it when wearing it on my right for some reason! :S

      • Hi Ellie

        No worry, I have been busy too. :)

        I have a rose quartz bead from Thomas Sabo and it has been so far so good after 3 months of almost daily wear. Pink petit facets are really pretty so it is really a pity.

        I’m right handed so I prefer to wear bracelets on left hand. I do a lot of things with my right hand and I am afraid the bangle will get knocked into everything haha..

        Honestly the latest summer collection items don’t really appeal to me. I might just get one or two blue petit facet to compliment my blue theme bracelet but that’s about all. For some reason, I don’t really like how Pandora leather bracelet feels on my hand. The claps seems to make it heavy. I prefer Chamilia’s bracelet with lobster clasp which is much lighter.

        Having said that, I probably will spend more once the next Disney collection is released. I am hoping they release more charms for Frozen characters, in particular Olaf (for Christmas!).


        • Well, fingers crossed that the quartz will stand up better to wear :) I’ll certainly be very careful with my pink facets, as I’d be gutted if they broke!
          The Summer collection overall doesn’t appeal to me as much as Pandora’s other releases but there are a couple of pieces that I think I will get. The green leather bracelet looks beautiful from live shots, and the Orchid charm is also lovely. :D I am crazy about my Pandora leather bracelets and I wear them all the time, but I’ve never tried any other brands’ leathers – that’s interesting that you feel a difference with the Chamilia! I don’t really get on with the lobster clasps though as I just can’t do them up by myself haha.
          I’d love an Olaf charm for Christmas! :D Fingers crossed that that happens, haha! x

  11. I bought the silver Tropicana openwork charm tonight and I just love it! I looks super on the black leather bracelet. The green leather is a lovely soft colour in person and that orchid dangle is so cute! Love your blog, by the way!

    • Yay! All the pieces you’ve mentioned are the ones I’m most looking forward to – the silver Tropicana has become a last minute favourite of mine! ^^ I’m planning on wearing it on the green leather – I imagine it looks great on the black, too. Our stores aren’t selling the Summer collection yet, but I’m looking forward to Thursday! ^^
      And thank you – I’m so pleased to hear that! :)

  12. Nice review!! But what I’m really wondering is how to get that Pandora blue jewelry box :) looks beautiful!

    • Yes I thought that too! It’s a gorgeous colour. They should really release a proper range of jewellery boxes and accessories, I’m sure they’d sell :D

      • The 2015 club charm is a simple yet classic pieces, I ordered one to pick up on 4th June and one more item in order me to get the silver leather bracelet.

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