*UPDATED June 2015* Today’s post brings my first Pandora preview in a while, with an in-depth look at the upcoming Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 collection! ^^ Featuring a selection of travel and pet-themed charms, the Pre-Autumn release may only be small, but it nevertheless offers some cute and quirky pieces. Read on for high-resolution images and prices!

pandora pre-autumn 2015 collection preview travel

This collection is scheduled for release worldwide on the 30th of July. All prices are given in USD.


Pandora does nothing better than it does romance and, consequently, it’s no surprise to see them release a charm that represents both love and travel! The Travel Together Forever charm is perfect for couples who love to travel, with its soft pink enamel and hidden heart motif. It will retail for $70 USD.

pandora pre-autumn 2015 collection preview

I may already have the original silver camera, but the new Sentimental Snapshots charm is rather tempting. I love that they have used a gemstone to create the lens, while the detailing on the back and top of the camera is also pretty amazing! It’s priced at $50 USD.
pandora pre-autumn 2015 collection preview travel

The Around the World charm offers an openwork globe design, studded with a little cubic zirconia heart. It’s priced at $40 USD.

pandora pre-autumn 2015 collection preview travelThe Guardian of Travel pendant would make a rather lovely lucky talisman, with its Saint Christopher design and just a little dusting of cubic zirconia on the bail. It will retail for $45.

pandora pre-autumn 2015 collection preview travel

The Wish You Were Here charm features a cute postcard design, with the Eiffel Tower on one side and the words ‘Wish you were here’ on the other. My OH and I went to Paris last year, so this would have been perfect for us then haha. It’s priced at $45 USD.

pandora pre-autumn 2015 collection preview travel*UPDATED JUNE 2015* This last stock image was not included in the North American catalogue, but it looks to be up for release in other regions, including Europe and Russia. It’s a rather cute ice cream cone charm – although I’d have liked to see some pastel enamel detailing for this one.

pandora pre-autumn 2015


While we have had numerous new dog charms over the last few collections, the Curious Cat finally offers something for those with feline friends! This charm is nicely affordable at $30 USD.

pandora pre-autumn sneak peek 2015

We also have a cute canine portrait, with a cheerful smile and rather sweet floppy ears. It will also retail for $30 USD.

pandora pre-autumn 2015 pets

Alternatively, the adorable Woof charm is a more universal charm for dog-lovers. I absolutely love the detail of the little pawprint and heart engraved on it. This is priced at $35 USD.

pandora pre-autumn 2015

Of course, there will be a corresponding version for cat lovers too! ^^ The Meow charm will also be sold for $35 USD.

pandora pre-autumn 2015

The Paw Prints charm offers a more sparkling option, and is correspondingly more expensive at $65 USD.

pandora pre-autumn 2015

For those who like their pavé detailing a little less full-on, the I Love My Pet charm features a rather cute pavé paw-print on one side of the heart and some engraving on the other. It will retail for $50 USD.

pandora pre-autumn 2015 pets

Finally the I Love My Pets charm will retail for $55 USD.pandora pre-autumn sneak peek 2015

My Comment

This collection, while small, seems to me rather an improvement on last year’s Pre-Autumn selection of cubic zirconia pendants. It has a great deal of quirky, sweet designs, and both the travel and pet collections are sure to be winners for Pandora, I think.

I’m particularly fond of the new Woof and Devoted Dog charms, but I already have the Dog House, Zodiac Dog pendant and the dog bone pendant. I’m not sure that I have room in my collection for another dog charm, no matter how much I adore my puppy. :P As for the travel pieces, I really love enamel detailing, and so I’m greatly tempted by the new Sentimental Snapshots camera, while the Wish You Were Here postcard and the Travel Together Forever are both very sweet. I’ll have to see them in person before making any final decisions! ^^

What do you think of these new charms? Will you be adding any to your collection?

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  1. I love the new pet charms. People who have dogs and cats as pets have enough charms available to create a pet only bracelet :D
    Not sure about the new camera though… I like the silver one better. I hope they aren’t retiring that one soon ’cause I still have to buy it.

    • Yes there are definitely enough pet charms for that now haha! I have my three dog charms on different bracelets, but an entire bracelet dedicated to your pets would be very cute :D
      I am hearing rumours that the original silver camera is up for the chop unfortunately :( while I like many of the new versions, it’s sad to see them replacing so many of their classic silver charms.

      • I usually prefer plain silver charms but who knows? Maybe when I see the new camera on a store I’ll fall in love with it. Sometimes I don’t like things as seen from the catalogue and then when I see them live I love them (and also the reverse), so… ;)

        • I know the feeling! I’m terrible for impulse buying when I see things in store haha. Some charms you have to see in person to truly appreciate how pretty they are ;)

  2. I absolutely ADORE the Wish You Were Here Travel Charm! It’s a must buy for me. So exciteddd for it now! The camera charm looks pretty unique. Would love to see a Polaroid camera version though.

    • Yay I’m glad you’re excited! I really like that one too, especially as I was in Paris last year :D I will also third your request for a Polaroid camera! I’d love to see a vintage collection of some kind from Pandora. I’ve wanted a typewriter charm for years!

      • A typewriter charm would be splendid. Oh yes Ellie, I noticed that there isn’t any new bracelet for this collection.

      • How much is the ice-cream cone charm? It’s pave I believe. Would prefer it in enamel though.

        • Yes, it is pavé – I would much have preferred it in enamel as well! I think it had the potential to be much cuter than it is. I don’t have US pricing for this one, but the European catalogue lists it as 39 euros, which might give you some idea!

      • Thanks, Ellie! Hi5 on sharing my sentiment. I believe it’s going to be yet another pricey pave piece when it hits SG stores.

        • Haha yes, high five! Pavé charms are also super expensive here in the UK. The average price of charms in the new collections are getting up to £50 or more now :(

  3. I travel alot for business and personally. Before I never worried about air turbulence but as I get older, a fear or turbulence is steadily growing upon me so I would definitely be interested in seeing the St Christopher charm. However, the ‘protect me’ wording is abit cheesy though

    • I empathise with you on the turbulence front – I was on a really bumpy flight back from Antigua a couple of years ago and it absolutely petrified me. :P I’m still nervy about the thought of flying now, so I can definitely understand the appeal of taking all things lucky on your flight :)
      I often dislike the wording that Pandora adds to charms, just as it usually leans too much towards the sentimental for my tastes. Their advertising campaigns are the same haha.

  4. I can not say I am impressed with most of these charms.They look repetitive.I hope the Fall 2015 collection will have some more nature themed charms with leaves,etc

    • They certainly aren’t particularly original, but I do rather like their execution – but then I am quite a fan of enamel detailing! ^^ I’ve heard a lot of people request some more florals for Autumn 2015, and it’s something I’d really like to see too. Fingers crossed! :)

  5. I like the dog bowl, and even though I bought a dog bone dangle I’ll likely get that one. My daughter and my best friend are both very into photography, so they may get the camera charm for a gift at some point.

    I really loved the evening floral designs from last fall, and have an oxidized bracelet with a few of them. I’m really hoping it’s a theme Pandora plans to expand on for this year.

    • The dog bowl is very cute and it’s probably the pet charm that tempts me most. I just don’t have a place for it in my collection right now… I have a couple of months to try and work out where it might go though, haha!

      Yes, I’d also love to see that – my Floral Heart Padlock and black enamel Mystic Floral are among my favourite charms I own! Floral charms are always popular so I’m hopeful that we might see some in the next release. :)

  6. I love the camera charm and the postcard the pet charms are also very sweet. I also love the original camera charm it is so detailed the new one also looks very detailed. I was in town today and I had to look in pandora and they had the graduation owl on display I couldn’t believe how detailed he was I love his big bright eyes. I would love to put him on my new blue themed bracelet even through I haven’t been or planning to go uni. ??

    • Yes, both the old and new cameras feature amazing detailing! I love that they’ve used the cubic zirconia for the lens on this version as well ^^ I absolutely love the Graduate Owl too – you’re right, his eyes are just adorable! I’m actually working on a review of him, seeing as it’s exam/graduation season :D It’s of my favourites and I think he’s cute enough to get even if you aren’t planning on going to uni haha :)

  7. I absolutely love the curious cat ! I can’t wait to get it!
    I hope we’ll see it soon in Belgium ?

  8. It was a really nice surprise to have your news so soon! With Autumn Collection I think Pandora designers got into my mind! My first bracelet is travel-inspired and I absolutely loved all travel charms in this collection. I adored the “Travel together forever” (are both hearts the same?), the new camera and the glamorous “Around the world”! Can’t wait to see them in person and give them a place in my bracelet! I wish Pandora would dedicate more charms to Italy, which is my favourite destination, although the wonderful designs related to Paris, such as this great postcard, enlarge my wish to visit France someday! Thank you so much for the preview! ♥

    • Hi Chrysa, it’s so nice to hear that you’re excited for this collection! I really like this travel set, too – the charms are a bit cuter and quirkier than their usual travel offerings. I’m not sure if the hearts are the same on the Travel Together Forever – and it also looks like the two halves come apart, possibly?
      Yes, they do tend to focus on Paris and London a lot with the travel charms don’t they? I know that they are releasing a range of country flags for Summer, but it would be lovely to see them focus on making some charms that reflect more of the flavour and character of each country, including Italy :) I think Trollbeads did a World Tour collection, Pandora should do something similar!
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa – glad you enjoyed the preview! ♥♥

  9. I think the travel charms are just so lovely! I’ve never been overseas before but they are so tempting to buy as a sentimental piece once I do get to go on an overseas trip. I love the curious cat face and I think that will be the piece I will buy :) I hope Laura is right about an icecream charm, that would be quite cute I’m sure.

    • I completely agree regarding the travel charms! They’re very sweet and I’m sure they’ll be popular – I particularly love the Camera! I’d love to see an ice cream charm too – I’m sure that would be very cute. <3

  10. I love the travel charms. I am working on a travel theme for my second charm bracelet so these are ideal plus its my birthday in July – so good timing too!

    • Ooh excellent timing! ^^ The travel charms are probably my favourites from this set, too – I love the enamel, and the quirky feel to them. I have a teal-themed summer/travel oxidised bracelet already, but I could imagine a couple of these new charms would look nice together on a leather bracelet!

  11. I adore the travel charms and foresee myself getting a number of them. Too bad the complimentary leather bracelet promotion was shelved.

    • I have actually just heard that the free leather bracelet for North America is back on, and is now scheduled to run in June. :D There seems to have been a lot of shuffling with the scheduling this year haha. I’m very tempted to take part myself, as I’d love a black leather bracelet to put a couple of these travel charms on :)

      • That is absolutely great news! Thank you for letting me know. It is time to start that travel bracelet then. :)

  12. Btw, here in the Netherlands we do have a free bracelet promotion, when you spend €99 you receive a free bracelet, I suspect it will be the discontinued fabric string in 4 summery coulours

  13. Pandora will have leather bracelet free promotion from 4th to 14th June in Canada, shop lady told me this afternoon, what a big surprise!

  14. Awww! I love the Woof and Meow charms! What caught my eye in your post is the new camera charm! Love the detailing on the back! I think I’ve had enough of the heart detailing though… but on the dog and cat bowl… adorable!
    Thanks for another great post Ellie! =D

    • Yes, the new camera is gorgeous! I love the cubic zirconia for the lens, and the detailing on the back is really fun. :D Pandora have done enough heart charms for a lifetime I think, but I do like the way that they sneak little hearts into other designs – like their own Easter egg haha.
      Thanks for commenting Suzy! :D

  15. Hi, sorry this doesn’t really have anything to do with this post in particular but wanted your opinion on something, I just got my son christened and wanted a charm to remember his special day and wondered if you had any suggestions? There are so many options and I can’t choose x

  16. I just saw on one of the Pandora pages that there is an ice cream cone coming out in the pre autumn collection. Do you know anything about it. I wanted to get the cat charm but now I may have to change my mind. Lol

    • Hi Linda! I just added a stock image about an hour ago haha. That charm is listed in the catalogues for Europe and other regions but not in those for north America, so I’m not sure what’s going on with that one yet! It may not be available in the US. I’ll let you know if I hear more!

    • Lol my fingers are crossed for you! I wasn’t interested in the cat charms, as I have always had dogs, but now we might be getting a kitten :D if so I’ll definitely have to have to curious cat haha.

  17. I particularly love the ‘All Around the World’ and ‘Guardian of Travel’ charms, but I’m not sure about the new camera, I think I prefer the old one, I don’t suppose you have an idea of roughly when it will be going? I’ve been after it for ages and I might treat myself to it as an end of exams reward:)

    • I love both versions of the camera – they are so incredibly detailed!I would imagine that the original will be retired on the second retirement of 2015, seeing as the new camera comes out in July. I don’t think that they will be offering both versions, although I could be wrong :)

  18. I work for Fujifilm (a company that specializes in photographic products among many other things also), so the Sentimental Snapshots charm would be rather fitting for me. It will likely make its way into my collection. As for the rest of the collection, it does nothing for me. Therefore, I will wait for the Autumn release.

    • Ah, that’s perfect! I’ve heard from a couple of people who have managed to see it in person already, and apparently it is a real highlight of this release. At least you can save up to get what you really want from Autumn. :)

  19. I went to my local store today and all the pre-autumn release was for sale! I did not buy any from the collection, but I did contemplate the camera. I actually liked the pet bowls. The enamel is nice on the I love my pets charm. I liked the stone on the camera. I saw the Pandora’s Box charm and thought about getting it. So feminine and lovely.

    • Ah you’re so lucky! We have to wait until the release date here in the UK (although I have managed to get the travel heart pendant early thanks to the Facebook selling pages!). Thanks for sharing your thoughts! The Camera is top of my wish list – I’m loving the look of it from the live images <3 The pet bowls are adorable but I think I'm going to go for the Curious Cat, depending on how it is in person! Did you see that one? :)
      Is that the two-tone jewellery box? If so, I have it and it's one of my favourites. So elegant and classic – I miss when Pandora made two-tone pieces like it!

      • I don’t recall picking up the curious cat. I’m not a cat person. I did pick up the dog and thought it was cute. The two tone moments box you mentioned is what I did indeed end up buying. It was nicely affordable for two tone, being an older Pandora charm. I agree that it is elegant. The travel heart is nice. I like the one dangle instead of two halves on the dangle.

        • I’m a dog person too but I might be getting my first kitten in a couple of weeks, so I think I’ll need a charm to commemorate that! ^^ Glad to hear the dog is cute too though!
          Yes, it’s kind of odd how the Travel heart is in two pieces, isn’t it? Especially as they don’t clip together at all and they’re exactly the same!

  20. I’m quite disappointed that Pandora charms are beginning to look a little ‘cartoonish’ (if that’s a word!) which Is why I never liked Chamilla charms as I found they were a lot like that also. I liked the realistic looking older style of charms, but they will all be retired soon no doubt :( though I should reserve judgement until I see them in person :)

    • These are definitely a little more cartoon-ish in style, I agree. I find them quite cute nevertheless, but I have noticed that they’ve been doing a lot of ‘portrait’ charms instead of their old full-bodied style. It would be nice to see both, really, as like you I really love the detail of classic Pandora charms. <3

  21. The Curious Cat charm is so adorable, and I’m a big cat lover with two kitties at home. My bracelet needs a cat charm, I’m almost out of room but I can probably fit that cute kitty face on there, and it’s cheap too! I already have three travel charms: the airplane, the passport and the suitcase, which is enough.

    • I have a few travel charms as well, but I absolutely love the new Camera and heart dangle so I am adding them to my collection anyway, haha. I am just about to get my first kitten, so the Curious Cat will be my first cat charm! ^^ I’m sure it will look very cute on your bracelet!

      • I planned to get some of the travel charms but I have just seen the collection in store and I am disappointed by them. The postcard is the only one I would consider buying. However, the pet charms are surprisingly cute and well done. I think the pet charms will be popular.

      • Thank you. I’m surprised how cheap the Curious Cat and Devoted Dog are, but then again they don’t have any gems, gold or colour so maybe that’s why they’re cheaper. I have a few murano charms that were as low as $40. I know it’s just a kitty’s head but I have a feeling it’s going to become popular with cat lovers, but lucky for me I found it on Charm Junction and ordered it. (it’s an authorized Pandora retailer if you don’t know about it) I’m sure it’ll look super cute on my bracelet, because I remember looking at it and it’s such a cute charm!

        • Yes, the plain silver charms do tend to be quite a bit cheaper which is why it’s a shame that they aren’t making so many at the moment! I’m sure you’re right – I think the cat charm will be very popular. :) It’s not out for me in the UK until Thursday but I can’t wait to get it!

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