Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for June 2015 – plus a couple of sneak peeks at the Pandora Autumn/Winter 2015 releases! There are no new Pandora collections due out this month (the next one will be the Pre-Autumn 2015 collection at the end of July), but there will be a couple of promotions to look forward to – and the UK will finally be getting the Pandora Rose line midway through.

pandora rose spring 2015 darling daisy meadows

In terms of blog news, I’m planning some Summer 2015 reviews soon – so look out for those! :)

Pandora Autumn/Winter 2015 Sneak Peeks

Kicking off the round-up for this month, we have our first little sneak peeks at the upcoming Pandora Fall and Winter collections for 2015! These images popped up on social media a couple of days ago and have been published here with kind permission, so please do not reproduce these images.

Angel wings and feathers appear to be an upcoming theme for AW15:

pandora autumn winter 2015 sneak peek
Image courtesy of Raquel Lopez – please do not reproduce

In addition to the two charms, we also have shots of a new angel-wing necklace and some earrings:

pandora autumn winter 2015 sneak peek
Image courtesy of Raquel Lopez – please do not reproduce

There is also an angel-wing heart pendant pictured on this bracelet styling. However, the elegant pavé swans and the dragonfly openworks are what catch my eye – the dragonflies in particular <3.

pandora autumn winter 2015 sneak peek
Image courtesy of Raquel Lopez – please do not reproduce

It looks like Pandora will once again be offering some Christmassy reds this season, including an adorable Rudolph charm, complete with an enamel red nose. Those who have purchased Pandora’s existing Reindeer pendant are probably well acquainted with the way its hooves and antlers snag on everything, so it’s nice to see another reindeer option, haha.

pandora autumn winter 2015 sneak peek
Image courtesy of Raquel Lopez – please do not reproduce

In addition to Rudolph, it looks like there will be a new red enamel version of the Sparkling Present charm and another pavé Christmas tree.

pandora autumn winter 2015 sneak peek
Image courtesy of Raquel Lopez – please do not reproduce

Icy blue spacers also make an appearance, alongside a new murano – it looks a lot like the blue faceted murano, but it seems slightly sparklier.

pandora autumn winter 2015 sneak peek
Image courtesy of Raquel Lopez – please do not reproduce

Pandora look to be continuing their trend of changing up bracelet clasps, as the regular charm bracelet is pictured here with a new sparkling barrel clasp! On the bracelet itself, we can see some abstract winter-y charms and an icy blue Petite Facet charm.

pandora autumn winter 2015 sneak peek
Image courtesy of Raquel Lopez – please do not reproduce
pandora autumn winter 2015 sneak peek
Image courtesy of Raquel Lopez – please do not reproduce

Additionally, Pandora have been showcasing their upcoming collections for 2015 at the jewellery convention JCK in Las Vegas over the last couple of days. However, there has been rather a lack of live images from the event in comparison to last year, when we got some great pictures of the upcoming jewellery.  They have, however, teased the event on Twitter:

Image by Pandora NA
Image by Pandora NA

Pandora UK Summer Sale

The Pandora summer sales in the UK are set to continue this month until the 14th of June, the day before the launch of the Pandora Rose collection. The sale offers discounts of up to 50% on retired or soon-to-retire jewellery, and is available both online and in-store! Authorised UK retailer John Greed are offering the Pandora sale online, and still have some great bargains left, including some of the lovely Birthday Bloom charms and a selection of rings.

pandora boxing day sale

I’ve picked up a few bargains myself, including two of the retired moonstone cabochons (so so pretty in person!), two silver Rock Star clips and the Chinese Love Heart charm. :D I’m considering going back for two of the Birthday Blooms as well, haha.

Pandora Rose launch for the UK

The Pandora Rose collection is finally making it out here in the UK next month, with a release date of the 15th of June! From what I understand, this is set to be exclusive to concept stores. For more info and to read my thoughts on the collection, please see my review here.


If you haven’t already seen them, the prices for the Rose collection are listed in the latest Pandora brochure for the UK:

It’s worth noting that the Pandora Rose Light as a Feather charm appears to be missing, as is the Rose Love of my Life clip. On the other hand, the Big Smooth Heart, which was retired in North America, is listed in the UK release. Strange!

Pandora Leather Bracelet Promo for North America

Pandora NA will be offering a free leather bracelet promotion this month for the US and Canada, running from the 4th – 14th of June.  The GWP includes leather bracelets up to $55 USD (up to $60 CAD), which means that the single, double and triple wrap bracelets all qualify! This is well-timed, as I always find leathers particularly great for summer, when you might want something a little lighter and more casual when it comes to accessorising. ^^

pandora bracelet promo us canada

Another interesting tidbit of news is that the annual September bracelet promo for North America is apparently not running any more this year and will instead be replaced by a free charm GWP – spend $100 USD and receive a $65 charm. I saw one store describe this June leather bracelet GWP as the last bracelet promo for North America in 2015, so this rumour is looking increasingly likely!

My Comment

While there are no collections launching this month, there are still some fun promotions; the Summer collection only just launched, too, and I’m still working on my wish list from that. I’m also really excited for the UK launch of Pandora Rose and I’m also considering trying to get help with the North American bracelet promo, as I’m hankering after a navy leather to wear my Frozen muranos on. ;)

In terms of the AW15 sneak peeks, it all looks a tad on the sparkly side for me so far – however, the little Rudolph charm is really very cute!

What are you looking forward to this month? What do you think of the A/W sneak peeks?

83 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for June 2015

  1. Im really looking forward to the Autumn collection!
    Any ideas when the UK will be getring any promos? Weve had nothing this year :(

  2. Thanks for the post! I find myself looking forward to your email updates almost everyday!

    Rudolph and the sparkling swan will come home with me for sure. :D

    I might need your help again for the noble splendour as it is also listed as discontinued in the US… Would it be possible? ^_^”

      • I’m new to Pandora and may be way off here. Is the noble splendor you’re looking for a crown dangle, #791376? I still see that as being for sale in the US for $35. Hope that helps and sorry if I’m wrong.

        • Hi Susan, thanks for helping out – you are spot on in that it is the crown pendant that we’re referring to. However I think fluffyby is referring to the Pandora Rose version. It just retired in North America I think :)

  3. The AW preview looks gorgeous! Love the angel wings! I hope the pendant doesn’t come on a 90cm chain like they’ve been doing recently.

  4. I notice it says the US free leather bracelet promotion doesn’t include the pandora estore. Do you know if any online retailers will be running it? I have a friends address in the US who is willing to receive the packages for me but she can’t get to a pandora store.

      • That’s true. Here in Canada online retailers, we have two authorized to sell Pandora, can’t advertise promotions on their websites, nor can they offer the promotions for online orders, they can only offer the promotions by phone order. We can also get the club charm by phone order, not by online order.

      • I’ve emailed a few stores off the official pandora retailer list and they have said they could order by phone for the promotion but my problem is then I guess I can’t pay by PayPal.

        It’s frustrating as I’m English but live in Sierra Leone and my family wanted to do the leather bracelet promotion for me in the UK and then ship it to me, but now people are saying UK won’t be getting the leather bracelet promotion, so I asked my friend who is in USA but coming back to Sierra Leone to let me use her postal address only to find out it’s not an online offer :(
        If I phone in an order I think would need an American card

        • Hmm, that’s a predicament. You could ask around and see if any stores will take an international credit card – the retailer Elisa Ilana offer international shipping on other brands, so they might be able to accept your card.
          If not, could your friend not pay for you, if you paypal her the money?

  5. Hi Ellie!
    It’s always a pleasure to receive your news!
    I liked the Swan of the autumn charms; really nice for a fairytale bracelet! And of course, since I’m obsessed with Christmas :-) I loved everything related to it!!! The Chr.Tree, Rudolf and the Sparkling Present are all wonderful and cutter versions compared to those of past collections, I think! Oh, you woke up my Christmas spirit, and it’s only June!!!
    What do you think about those blue and pink(?) oversized -in my opinion- crystals? I liked their little hearts, same as in summer’s bangle, but didn’t like the shape of those charms…
    Thank you for your great post! Looking forward to admiring your summer reviews and styling! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      The Swan is one of my favourites from the Autumn sneak peeks too, along with the Dragonflies. I already have a fairy tale bracelet, but it really is rather tempting! I will definitely be having Rudolph as well, aha. I don’t have a Christmas tree charm in my collection yet, either – so that should probably be rectified, as well. :P It is strange to be thinking about Christmas in June!
      I quite like the crystals; the heart detailing is cute, as you say, and they look like they might potentially have quite a classic look about them. The colours they’ve chosen are pretty, too. However I’m put off by the fact that they will be made out of synthetic stones and be very expensive!
      As ever, thank you for commenting! Hopefully the reviews will be appearing soon; I hope you enjoy them ♥♥

  6. I can’t wait to see more of the Fall collection. I do notice a charm with a large blue stone. I also saw the same charm with a pink stone any idea what these are. I love the color of the blue facet. I read that there is also a white and pink one. Can’t wait to see more. Lol

    • Me too! I’m hoping for some more classic silver and two-tone pieces :) Those big charms are new for Autumn (pink) and Winter (blue) – not genuine gemstones though. I’m surprised that they have gone for more blue and pink for the Petite Facets, seeing as we already had those in Spring and Summer. Some darker colours would have been more interesting I think!

        • They look a bit old-fashioned to me, too, but I quite like that haha. I probably won’t buy them though as I imagine they’ll be pretty expensive and there are other pieces for the sneak peeks that I like more! :)

  7. Do you know if and when more shops will sell the Essence range please? I am frequently disappointed at airports or Pandora shops in other countries who do not stock it or are not even aware of it!

    • I’m not aware of any plans to launch Essence in more stores, unfortunately – I think they want it to be reasonably exclusive. Plus Pandora seem to be moving away from their shop-in-shops and prioritising the concept stores; I think limiting distribution of special lines is part of that unfortunately. It’s funny that there are stores that haven’t even heard of Essence line though, that’s kind of bizarre!

      • Yes you’re probably right, can’t have exclusivity and availability I suppose! Was a member of staff at Stansted Airport who didn’t have a clue what Essence was!

        • Ah right, I’ve found that airport staff are a little spotty in terms of their Pandora knowledge before. I guess they have to moonlight between brands more!

  8. Enough with the pave! If I wanted my bracelet took like a chamilia I would have gone that route in the first place :( obviously pandora isn’t reading the blogs and forums where most people express the same distaste for the cheap looking (yet expensive!) sparkle, or they wouldn’t be releasing a tacky bracelet encrusted with the stuff. Also a big bummer about not having the sept free bracelet promo

    • Yes, there is quite a lot of bling in what we’ve seen so far, which isn’t exactly to my tastes either – however I’m hoping that there will be a decent amount of classic silver that we haven’t seen yet to balance it all out. Pandora will go on whatever sells well/makes them the most profit so I guess all the pavé is selling well, even if original and long-term collectors aren’t so keen. It is a shame about the free bracelet promo, but you could always buy the bracelet to make up the spend and just get a charm free instead :)

    • In North America, some shops are allowing upgrades on the June 4 to 14 leather bracelet promo because there won’t be a September silver bracelet promo. For an extra 10.00 USD (110.00 spend before taxes) or 15.00 CAD (140.00 spend before taxes), you can upgrade from leather to silver. My local shop-in-shop confirmed the upgrade to me by email last night. I can’t say all shops will allow it, but do ask, if you’re interested.

  9. The autumn charm look lovely they look so different and unique I love the swan and the angel wing charm. Is it true that the essence collection is retiring I really hope not I’m yet to get a essence bracelet but I would love one.

    • I really like the Swan as well! I have not heard that about the Essence collection, and I was under the impression that it was doing okay. They are planning new releases for it at the moment, so it would be weird if it was up for retirement imminently.

      • It seems to be doing okay here in the UK as well, Melissa! I recently read an interview with a CEO where he said that the Essence launch had been one of the brand’s success stories of the last year. That could have just been PR but I wasn’t under the impression that it was failing.

  10. I’m actually a bit disappointed with the new collections that are coming out! There is so much bling, and while I love my sparklies it’s like the charms don’t have the classic detail that the silver charms used to have. I think this Christmas I will buy the new rudolf but he’s really the only one who has taken my fancy. I was excited to see some pink charms but they aren’t what I had in mind. Hopefully this means I’ll save some money this Christmas :p

    • I’m hoping that we will see some more classic silvers yet! All the bling is not exactly to my taste either; I like pavé in certain charms, such as the Swan in this collection, but I don’t like it on everything. I only ever have a couple of pavé charms on a bracelet design, as a rule. Rudolph is my favourite from the sneak peeks so far, too – that enamel red nose is adorable! :P

  11. Hi
    Thanks for the sneak peek. I don’t care for all the bling either. Would love to see more silver or two tone charms. Very excited for more petite facets, hopefully orange and black for halloween and as a fall add on. I hope they introduce more because i wasn’t a big fan of the size of muranos. Saving my money to get all the petites.

    • Hi Donna, I am a big murano glass fan, but I’m loving the Petite Facets as well! I’d have loved to have seen black and orange versions for Halloween (some Halloween charms full-stop would be excellent!), but I think the new PF colours are going to be more blues and pinks for Autumn/Winter 2015 unfortunately. However if they continue to be popular then I’m sure they’ll keep making more colours :D

  12. Hi Ellie

    About the leather bracelet promotion. I would dearly like a pink single leather one, as I’ve seen how you styled yours. Just wanted to know if the leather will get dirty from the charms rolling around it? Do you prefer the single or double leather?

    About the AW15 collection, I love the dragonfly, but everything looks so blingy! Do you know if the icy blue petit facets is the same one as the current blue petit facets? I want the blue ones so I might wait to see which blue to get.

    Thanks for your blog and advice, which I enjoy reading immensely!

    • Hi! :) I have had my pink leather almost three years now (wow!) and it’s still looking pristine to my eyes. I have three charms on that one. I have a few leather bracelets, in various colours, and all of them have held up really well! I like both the single and the double leathers, but I prefer to wear multiple charms on the single leathers – I find it more comfortable for some reason :) I do love the casual look of the double leathers though, but I tend to just string a single pendant or charm on them.
      No, the icy Facets pictured here is a new shade! It’s lighter and cooler than the Summer 2015 version I think.
      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog – thanks very much for reading and commenting! I appreciate it <3

  13. bling bling is selling well in Asia market this is why Pandora keep bling bling on everything and charge more for just cz. I like silver and semi precious stone for my collection, cz is for costume jewelry.

  14. Thanks for sharing the pics of the Fall/Winter Collections Ellie, I’m always excited to see what Pandora has coming next! I like the swan and the dangle wing heart with what looks like a pink stone in the middle, and I saw another picture online with a fairy sitting on a mushroom (looks to be all silver) that I really like! I really don’t care for the CZ stoppers, giant CZ flat round charms in various colors, and Christmas charms that are just different versions of previous (another present, another tree, another snowflake, etc). I guess there is only so much to do for Christmas/winter.

    • You’re welcome Natalie, I’m glad you’re excited! I really like the swan as well – I’ve also seen the Fairy and I just love that too. I already have a fairy-tale bracelet design, which has the retired Toadstool on it – the new Fairy charm would be perfect to go with that design, if I can find the room! ^^ I quite like the big CZ charms, as they have quite an antique-y, vintage feel to them – but not enough to pay the price for them. I’m sure they’ll be expensive!
      I agree that there are a lot of rehashes. As a rule, Pandora does just tend to remake the same motifs for their Christmas collections, so I’m resigned to that haha. However the new Christmas tree is rather pretty I think!

  15. My mother has wanted to start me a Pandora bracelet for years and I finally let her this past April. It didn’t take me long to find your blog and I’ve loved reading back over your posts and comments. My favorite part is your stylings. Our tastes are so similar that there isn’t a bracelet you’ve designed that I wouldn’t wear. In fact, my first bracelet started with Eeyore and the three cherry blossom charms. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into this blog, it’s an inspiration.

    • Hi Susan, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment – it has honestly made my day! The reviews and stylings are by far my favourite posts to put together, so it means a lot to hear that you are enjoying them. Your taste does sound incredibly similar to mine, as I love the sound of your Eeyore/Cherry Blossom combination! I have my Eeyore paired with the pink enamel Cherry Blossom clips; they go just perfectly. ^^
      Thanks again for reading and commenting – I appreciate it! <3

  16. I need to see the next Disney charms so bad lol
    I love the Rudolph he will be going on my Christmas bracelet and I think I will be getting the holly murano too
    Ellie on Pandora’s Angels there are lots more pictures from this release with prices too

    • Aha, I’d love to see some Disney too! My Eeyore needs some more cute Disney animal charms for company haha.
      Ooh thanks for the heads-up Carla – I just took a look! The puppy is pretty cute and Rudolph is definitely on my list. Not sure on the Holly murano from the stock image but it may well be prettier in person!

  17. Got my club charm and orchid total can$125 and pay extra $15 for silver moment bracelet. Outlet store has all the leather bracelet 30% off. Oh ! Vaughan Mill Pandora concept store grand opening tomorrow spend $150 will get abeautiful leather collector jewellry box plus free leather bracelet, good deal!

  18. I love the new autumn collection with the feather theme, I will def get the swann and the heart with wings charm. I also loved the pictures of the 6 new Essence charms for autumn/winter, although I´m quite disappointed that they haven´t come up with any new values, but just took 6 existing ones. I am also hearing some rumours that Pandora will stop making the Essence collection, I really hope that isn´t true! In the Netherlands it is quite popular!

    • I really like the feather pieces too – the Swan is particularly beautiful! <3 Oh dear, I did think that the Essence line was doing okay – I'm surprised to hear that they are thinking of discontinuing it! :( I am pleased with the pieces I have, but I do always look forward to seeing what's next. It seems popular here in the UK too!

  19. I bought some real gold jewelry when I was in Bangkok, the jewelry shop there are selling Pandora style items but in real gold. Pandora over charge the two toned, rose plated and 14k items.

  20. In case anyone is interested, I bought my first bracelet today and the store let me get the silver bracelet instead of the leather, I just had to pay $10 difference. Yay!

    • I was able to do that, too! The Pandora store did it easily. Von Maur department store did it after manager approval, and they ship for free in the US. The local jewelry store of a small chain of stores would not do it, however.

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