Today sees the start of the Pandora free leather bracelet promotion for North America! Running from today until the 14th of June, the promo includes single, double and triple wrap leather bracelets in your choice of colour. This is set to be the last bracelet promo for North America this year, so that’s worth bearing in mind if you’re deciding whether or not to take part. :)

Some stores are letting customers upgrade to the silver charm bracelets, if you pay the difference, so it is worth checking with your store to see if they will allow it!

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The Promotion

The promotion rules are as follows:-

  • Spend $100 USD ($125 CAD) in a single transaction and receive a free leather bracelet of up to $55 USD ($65 CAD) in value.

I have recently fallen in love with the Pandora leather bracelets and I’ve been adding them at rather a rapid rate to my collection. They are great for injecting a little colour into a bracelet stack, or showcasing a particular charm that you like. You can read my original review of the Pandora leather bracelets here, too!

pandora valentine's 2015 together forever

My Comment

I was considering trying to get help with this bracelet promo but, for once, I’ve decided to be good after my spending in the UK sales. :P Nonetheless, this is a great bracelet promotion and it offers the perfect opportunity to try one of the new Summer 2015 leather bracelets, which have just launched in green and blue. Personally I have already indulged in the green leather, which I love! It’s a beautiful shade of pastel green, with a metallic shimmer:


Will you be taking part in this promo? If so, what will you be getting?

33 Comments on Promotion Alert: Leather Bracelet Promo for North America starts today!

  1. Would like to get the promotion but would need someone to buy for me in the US/Canada. Anyone can help?

      • Could you help me too Valerie ? I have a US adress but I am afraid they don’t understand me so well if I try to order per phone… I am french and leave in France

    • I see Valerie has very kindly offered to help, but if you are stuck then I’d advise joining a Facebook selling group like Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels. There are usually ladies there who can assist you :)

  2. I managed to do the promotion with using my friends USA shipping address and UK card payment :) After emailing their customer services I was able to put my order through on email or by phone.

    Can’t wait until it arrives! I’ll be getting the green one too and it looks beautiful on you Ellie :)

    • Yay, that’s great news! I was pretty sure that they did international orders, I’m glad to hear that they managed to sort it for you.

      Thanks so much! :) Glad to hear you’re getting one too – it is really lovely in person. ♥ I’m sure you will love it!

    • Thank you for sharing this link. I am outside of US but do have a USA shipping address. I was just fretting how I can participate in this promotion as POA does not accept international credit cards and Precious Accents sent me wrong orders twice. : (
      I will try elisailana instead. : )

  3. Spend $150 get two circle of love clips and one bible in order for the longest 3 wraps black leather bracelet and one leather cream pandora jewelry box. Wow! Mirror inside, 51/2 by 10 inches 2 inches tall. What a good deal! I will use the leather bracelet either for 4 wraps bracelets or as a necklace ( the sales girl gave this good suggestion ). No more shopping for Pandora for a while, over spend already but happy.

  4. Hi Ellie!
    Although I cannot participate in this US promotion, I would like to inform you about another one running in Greece from 5/6 until 15/6! This is the relevant link:\Bracelet_CAmpaign-20150604-145547-OptInd9e93933-16db-4b91-b61c-3a0dca3c6871&_np_c%3dem%2cBracelet_CAmpaign

    If it seems kind of …greek to you :-)), the translation is as follows:
    For every purchase of 69€ (excluding Essense and Club charm), you get a 50% discount on the classic silver bracelet, so you pay 29.5€ for it!
    I thought this information might be useful to you or someone else! It would be a pleasure to help anyone who would like to participate. Mail me in:

    By the way, I loved the beauty of simplicity in the styling of yours with the leather bracelet and the “Always in my heart” bangle! Thank you for this idea! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention, I will go and update my Promotions page with that one :) That’s a nice little promotion; I wish the UK would get something similar! It’s very kind of you to offer to help out as well! <3

      And thank you! :D The leather and the bangle do look surprisingly great together. The pavé and the shimmer of the green really caught my eye. Glad you liked it too! ♥♥♥

  5. I wish to get the purple leather bracelet as purple is my favourite color. At the same time, I am smitten with the gray bracelet too as it seems very versatile and gray is my second favourite color. Too bad the promo is restricted to one bracelet per customer.

    • The purple and the grey are the two favourite colours that I own! If I had to choose one, I’d probably go with the purple; it’s quite a dark purple, so it’s also quite versatile, but it adds just a dash more colour than the grey. Did you get anything in the end? :) Could you not try doing the promo with different retailers to get more than one bracelet, perhaps?

      • I have just managed to get the purple bracelet with Elisa, along with the Teddy Bear Hug and Mother’s Rose charms. Hooray! Yup, will try to place orders with alternative retailers as I will still like to get either a oxidised bracelet or an Essence bracelet… hmmm, or BOTH? :)

  6. I wasn’t going to do this one but after hearing it was the last chance to get a free bracelet this year I decided to get the new orchid and sparkling primrose. I upgraded $10 to get a silver bangle as I don’t really wear the 2 single leathers I got last year much so didn’t want any more right now. I wanted to try a medium sized bangle, the 2 I already have are both small (1 silver and 1 two tone) so I think this will be good for wearing more charms on it. For some reason I don’t want to have any duplicate bracelets, I want to always get either a new version or new size.

    • Sounds great! The Orchid is top of my wish list – it’s just beautiful.
      I don’t like to get duplicate charms (aside from clips and the occasional murano/spacer) but I do have multiples of the silver charm bracelet. :) I can understand you wanting to change it up though – it’s funny how different a bracelet can feel by just getting a different size, especially with the bangle! Enjoy your new purchases!

      • Thanks, I am loving what I got! You will love the orchid, it’s a beautiful magenta color and the pave hanger is a nice touch. I was surprised it wasn’t threaded as most charms of this style were in the past but it doesn’t bother me. Yeah, I don’t have any duplicate charms either except my set of 2 elemental flow clips and 2 darling daisy clips. I do like the size of both the small and medium bangles, small is perfect for me to wear just a few charms, and I’m wearing the medium today all filled up even with 3 large Muranos and it fits fine. I like not having the clip stations in the middle when I’m wanting a full bracelet, although recently I’ve even not worn clips on snake bracelets and just positioned open works charms over the clip stations instead and that worked out well when the bracelet was full. I get frustrated when I have it just how I want it, then go to bend the bracelet to put it on and the middle section is just a little too tight between the clips.

        • Ooh good, I’m glad that you love yours – mine is on its way to me now too! Now I just have the Club charm to get, too, lol. The pavé charms never tend to be threaded – I guess it’s to make way for the stone settings?
          That’s a great idea to have the openworks over the threads. I hadn’t thought of doing that – definitely a solution for a full bracelet! :) I am familiar with the problem of having too much in the middle section – it can be rather frustrating when you have spent a long time building up a bracelet only to find that your original design idea doesn’t fit, haha.

      • Oh good, I can’t wait to see what you do with your orchid! It really is pretty and a good price for what it is, I could have seen them charging more for it compared with prices on some of the other charms.

        Yeah, definitely try a non-threaded charm over the clip station, it really does work well on a full bracelet since the charms won’t really move anyway and it’s a way to squeeze a couple extra charms in a design if you’d rather have certain charms on a bracelet rather than wasting space on clips. Or if you don’t have the right clips to match a design or color scheme. My problem seems to be wanting too many charms on a bracelet so often I end up making 2 to wear together or putting the extras on a bangle and stacking.

        Another trick I just remembered-if you are using clips on your bracelet and having trouble closing the bracelet because it is very full but you know it will be fine once it’s on, remove the clip closest to the open end of the bracelet, slide charms over so there is more free bracelet at the end, clasp on your wrist, then move charms back now that bracelet is on your wrist. Put clip back on original position while on your wrist. Helps a lot if you are trying to put a bracelet on by yourself!

        • Thanks, I’m not actually sure what I will wear it with yet! I have an empty black leather that I may end up wearing it on, but I’m definitely going to experiment with a few different stylings for the review :)
          Ah, thanks for the tip! I do have trouble doing up the full ones sometimes, especially if they are new and stiff. I will definitely try that ^^

  7. My friend and I asked if we could upgrade to the silver bracelets and they said yes so I may be treating myself with this promo since I couldn’t do the last one!! :) my store is getting a big shipment tomorrow so I will check back Monday to see what came back in stock! I am just wondering if anyone has seen a price increase in their stores lately? My store still has all the old prices labeled on the charms but when I looked at the spring 2015 catalog today most prices went up around $5 and some Disney charms went up $10 :( I didn’t notice in store or else I would have inquired about it. It doesn’t make sense to me because for example the pave turtle just came out and it already went from $60 to $65 in the new catalog. I don’t mean to be picky but I am a little embarrassed to ask in the store now and I am on a tight budget for this promo so every little bit helps!! A few of the disney parks exclusive charms went up $5 in price as well, but it seemed to be some of the lower price point charms like the $30 mickey swirl charm. I hope some of the Disney charms price increases are to help speed up production to fit the demand so more people are able to find the charms they want! Thank you so much for the post and the tip to mention upgrading to the silver bracelets!! :)

    • Oh no, price increases are never good :( The only thing I have heard is that the Disney Parks charms are increasing by $5 – other than that, I haven’t heard anything about price changes in the US. Here in the UK we have just had a £5 increase on some charms, it’s rubbish lol. I went in to buy one of the new Petite Facets on the day the Summer collection came out, expecting to pay £35 but they had gone up to £40 that morning! When you looked in the catalogue, someone had crossed out the ‘£35’ and just written 40 instead. That’s how last minute it was haha. Perhaps Pandora are just putting up their prices for everyone :( I like your positive spin on it though – perhaps it will slow down the demand for Disney charms a little!
      In any case, you’re very welcome and I’m glad you were able to upgrade your bracelets! It’s a great promo ^^

  8. At my local pandora in Canada they are running a promotion that if you spend an extra $20 you can get a silver bracelet! Not too sure if this is world wide!!

  9. I called in and the shop allowed an upgrade (with price difference topped up) so I am going to be a proud owner of my very first Rose clasp bracelet! Woohoo! :)

    • That’s great! The Rose collection is officially launching here in the UK too, so I’m v excited to go and see all the Rose pieces in person soon too! Love my Rose bracelet ^^

  10. Anyone managed to get details of the sept free charm promotion?? Missed the last bracelet promotion :(( I was wondering if we could choose any charms.. Hmm..

    • Hi Michelle! Yes, I have seen Pandora’s briefing on the promo… it looks like you can choose any charm, so long as it doesn’t exceed the $65 USD value :)

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