Following yesterday’s sneak peek of the upcoming Pandora Autumn 2015 release, today’s post covers the charms coming out with Pandora’s Winter 2015 collection! This selection offers the usual mix of dramatic frosty Winter motifs and cheerful Christmas reds, and is set for release on the 29th of October.

pandora winter christmas 2015

These pictures are published with the very kind permission of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page (and a little extra editing from me), so please don’t reproduce these images without crediting them. :) All prices given are in USD.

Additionally, the Angels page has revealed the Black Friday 2015 charm will not be marketed as ‘Black Friday’ any more, but will instead be labelled as a regular limited edition piece. It would be nice if this meant that all markets will be receiving the charm this year!

LE Bracelet

First up for the Winter 2015 collection, we have a new version of the traditional charm bracelet, with a sparkling pavé barrel clasp! This will be a limited edition, retailing for $80.pandora winter christmas 2015

Ribbons & Bows

Ribbons are a key feature of the Winter 2015 collection, employing a sweet feminine motif that also plays on the idea of wrapping and unwrapping presents. The Heart & Bow pendant, priced at $80, is quite an unusual design, and I think I’d have to see how it actually sits on a bracelet to judge whether it works or not.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Sweet Sentiments charm is an openwork bow design, accented with pastel pink enamel detailing. It is priced at $50.

pandora winter christmas 2015

If the pink enamel is not your thing, there’s also a clear pavé version of the same charm, entitled Shimmering Sentiments. It will cost a fraction more at $60.

pandora winter christmas 2015

In addition to the Family Ties safety chain for Autumn 2015, there will be a new Dainty Bow safety chain for Winter 2015 too – collectors have been asking for new designs for over two years, so it’s wonderful to finally see something new! The bows have a little dash of pavé detailing, putting the price for this one at $65 USD.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Finally, there will be a matching Dainty Bow clip, priced at $50.

pandora winter christmas 2015


Unlike the Fascinating Blush from Autumn 2015, the Fascinating Blue Iridescence, priced at $50, is a murano glass charm, and not a crystal. It seems like this collection’s answer to the retired Fascinating Aventurescent from Winter 2014, which was ultimately retired due to production issues.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Radiant Hearts charm, priced at $80, will also be released in blue for Winter 2015.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Next, we have a series of snowflake-themed decorative pieces. The Crystalised Snowflakes openwork is not dissimilar to the 2013 Black Friday charm, with the addition of some icy blue crystals at its heart. It will retail for $70.

pandora winter christmas 2015

There will be an accompanying pendant, which is slightly cheaper at $65.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Ice Crystal would make a nice centrepiece on a winter-themed bracelet, and is priced at $75.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Inner Radiance will be $400.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Mother’s Day 2014 Abundance of Love charm is being re-released for Winter 2015, with a pretty iridescent white enamel instead of pink. The white enamel and the 14kt gold heart go really beautifully together and this has the potential to be prettier than the original, I think. It’s priced at $65.

In North America, this charm will be a concept-store exclusive.

pandora winter christmas 2015

There will be an accompanying Abundance of Love spacer, priced at $35 USD.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Starshine spacer is a nice callback to last year’s Winter collection, which featured various cosmic and starry designs. It will cost $40.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Braided clip is pretty in its simplicity, and is affordable at $35.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Three new shades of the Eternity spacers will also be out for Winter; they are each priced at $40.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Finally, there will be three new colours of the Geometric Facets; I particularly like the bright red and the opalescent shades! These are all priced at $50.

pandora winter christmas 2015

pandora winter christmas 2015

pandora winter christmas 2015

Festive Fun

Much like last year, this year’s holiday selection from Pandora focuses on cheery red enamel and cute festive designs. My favourite of these is definitely the Red-Nosed Reindeer, priced at $30.

pandora winter christmas 2015

A close second is the Christmas Puppy, with its red enamel hat and eager expression. I’m hoping this one is cute in person! It will retail for $45.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The red enamel hat makes a reappearance in the Christmas Stocking charm, which is priced at $50.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Priced at $65, the Twinkling Christmas Tree represents Pandora’s third Christmas tree charm to date. The top of it should have a star, I think, but it looks like the stock image has been cropped a bit.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The All Wrapped Up charm is an openwork version of last year’s Sparkling Surprise charm, and is priced at $60. I have to confess that I’m not sure on this one; surely the whole point of something being ‘all wrapped up’ is that you can’t see inside?

pandora winter christmas 2015

This charm will also be available in 14kt gold, retailing for $375.

pandora winter christmas 2015

In addition to these openworks, there will also be a red enamel version of the 2014 Sparkling Surprise, retailing for $75.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Divine Angel is a nice two-tone offering, retailing for $65.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Family-themed charms are obviously selling well for Pandora at the moment! The Family Heritage is priced at $65 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2015

We have another family-themed charm with the two-tone Heart of the Family charm. It costs $65.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Finally, we have the Christmas Holly murano, priced at $45.

pandora winter christmas 2015

My Comment

The Dainty Bow safety chain will definitely be coming home with me (deciding which bracelet design to put it on will be hard, though :P) and I love the cute Red-Nosed Reindeer. The Christmas Puppy is also sweet, although it is harder for me to fit brighter red enamels into my collection.

Overall, there is a lot of sparkle, but the bows are rather sweet and the Abundance of Love pieces look great in white. The constant re-tweaking of existing charms is getting a little much (three new versions of a present charm that already exists in three different forms!), but there are some nice original designs, too, including the Holly murano.

What do you think of these Winter sneak peeks? Is anything going on your wish list for the holidays?

88 Comments on Pandora Winter 2015 Collection Sneak Peek

  1. I’m so disappointed. I was dying for Pandora to release a red petit facet and I was hoping for one on the Christmas/Winter collection and they release that geometric facet that looks nothing like red to me. People see colors differently but that looks nothing like red to me – it looks more like some shade of pink like hot pink or something. It’s a cute color but not red… I wonder if they will release a true red one but now since they call that red I think they won’t release. Boomer.

    • The description of that Geometric Facets lists it as ‘intense red’ – the picture posted here is actually a photo someone has taken of a catalogue, so it might just be that the colour is off. It does look really pink there, so it would be odd to describe it as red! Hopefully it’ll be more of a true ruby red in person for you – that would certainly be great for Christmas! :)

  2. How cute is that Christmas puppy!! My daughter will love it, so it’s on my list. Aside from the pup, only the angel will come home with me for sure. I have the pink abundance of love, so I might get the new one, depending on how it looks for real. I love the two-tone work though, generally; most of it is just so well done.

    • I know, it is really very cute! I got the Christmas Bear with the red enamel hat last year, but now I kind of wish I’d waited as I would probably prefer the puppy in the hat, haha. The Abundance of Love looks gorgeous in white; I’ll be interested to see that one in person too!

  3. Not crazy about this collection, I love the new bracelet and the bow and snowflake themes are nice, but I don’t think I will buy anything from this collection.
    I agree with Angela, chrismassy red and green petit facets charms would have made a great addition to the collection.

    • Although most of this collection isn’t for me, I do have a couple of pieces that I will probably get – which is probably the best case scenario, haha. That bow safety chain is a must!
      Hopefully that Geometric Facet will be more red in person – it looks hot pink here, but that could just be due to the picture quality. :)

    • Yes, that’s one of my favourites too! It’s difficult to stop the safety chains doing that unfortunately without filling up your bracelet – some people opt to put little silicone stoppers either side of the safety chain to hold it in place.

    • Funny how everyone looks at things differently. Personally I want my safety chain to stay on the bracelet and not on the threads and I find it is always sneaking its way back. LOL!

  4. I love the Christmas puppy! I also agree with Angela, the “red” petit facet does not look red, looks like dark pink/hot pink to me… But maybe in person it is actually red? I really wanted the fascinating adventurecent and was sad they retired it so early but this new “replacement” for it seems almost aw nice as the original! But again, will have to see it in person!

    • I’m hoping that you are right and that it is redder in person – the picture posted here is actually a shot someone has taken of a catalogue, so it is possible that the colour is a little off. It is definitely described as an ‘intense red’ in the caption for the charm, which would be strange if it looks very pink!
      Yes, hopefully the Blue Iridescence will stick around a little longer than the Aventurescent, haha.

  5. I’m disappointed in this release. Somebody needs to yank their Bedazzler machine away. It’s just too much glitz. Seriously, we don’t ALL live in Vegas. And make them STOP with the recycling of charm ideas. Bows are also not my thing. Of the charms here, I see exactly one that may come home. The little reindeer is very sweet. I like his little face, and faces are often something I haven’t liked on Pandora charms.

    The holly murano is unique. Maybe it’s the coloring of my screen, though, but it seems very muddy to me. Plus something I would get limited use from. I think I’d have to see that one in person, but sadly, I doubt it will make it into my collection.

    • Haha, I agree with you! Overall, it’s all a little bit too sparkly for me, as well- even though there are pieces here that I like. Their collections would benefit from more original designs; a lot of the new releases just seem to be re-workings of previous silver charms, but with added sparkle. I like a little sparkle, but not on everything! Plus, it does serve to make collecting a lot more expensive ;)
      The Holly looks muddy to me too but, again, it could just be the quality of the pre-release image. I think they are camera shots of the catalogue. :) The Holly reminds me quite a lot of the Spring 2015 Wildflower murano in style actually!

    • I have to agree about the bedazzling and bows. I like the new blue murano and also the blue facets. My taste calls for silver charms that can be considered unique. There isn’t much that I find of interest. Maybe seeing some in person would make the difference.

      • I imagine that you are right and some of these will look much prettier in person. Pandora are known for their details and some of those are best appreciated live and not in these pre-release images :) Having said that, I would like to see some more original designs too! And more murano glass ^^

  6. The dainty bow clip and safety chains are definitely on my list this Christmas! Will there be an upcoming Disney collection and what about the USA Black Friday Charm for 2015?

    • I think that there will be more Disney before the year is out, yes, although I am not at all sure on the specifics yet! ^^ I mentioned the Black Friday charm at the top of the post – it seems that there will be a Black Friday charm but it is going to be marketed as a general limited edition charm and not called ‘Black Friday’. There’s speculation that this could mean that it will be available in more markets :) I’d certainly love that, haha.

  7. I shared in a prior comment that I love hearts. Well, I simply adore bows too. I find them endearing in a simple way. The bows definitely call out to me in this collection. I will like the bow clip and the ice snowflake. It does not snow in my country but will do as a fond memory of spending Christmas in Munich where it was snowing non-stop. I couldn’t think of any other charm to represent my two trips to Munich. If only there was a beer charm. Haha.

    • If you like hearts and bows then you are pretty much good to go with the Autumn and Winter collections, haha! I like bows as well, and I think they’re great for Christmas – festive and feminine at the same time. The bow safety chain is my must-have from the ribbon range :)
      A beer/tankard charm would be really rather fun! They made the wine charm after all, haha. :P

  8. I do like the reindeer and think it’s cute, but don’t have anything to match it to. I do like the crystallised snowflake and the starshine spacer, think these will be on my list. Interested to see what rings they have for the collection.

    • That is my problem with the Reindeer and the Puppy – I think they’re really very cute but it’s so hard to fit red enamel into my collection! I did have a pink and red bracelet but that’s now full, and I don’t want to start a dedicated Christmas bracelet for now. I’ll have to think about it ;) The Starshine spacer is really pretty, too!

  9. I like your post very much! And they are all very informative.
    Recently, I placed in orders with Republic of Jewels ( UK) and the day after I changed my mind and want to cancel the orders. I sent a email to order@ and requested cancellation. But their Online Customer Care replied me back very rude and said ‘no’ for orders are in the process. I replied and asked that the orders are not dispatched or on delivery yet, so cancellation shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, I live in Canada and it would be expensive if I sent the parcels back and forth. But to my surprise, they didn’t reply back any more and even spammed my email. Could anyone can give me some advice? Does Ireland has a Consumers Protection Service Department, so I can resolve this matter?
    This is the first time I encounter this kind of customer service, and I wouldn’t order anything from them since.

    • Oh dear, that’s a shame. Their website says that they cannot cancel orders that have been processed for delivery so perhaps it was already out of their hands :( I can understand your frustration though, especially as it is going to be a major headache to sort it out from Canada. Unfortunately they get very busy in sale time and their communication can take a while. Have you tried contacting them again? Do you mean that they’ve blocked your email?
      I imagine Ireland will do; I’m not sure on the specifics. Perhaps try looking at this?

      • Thanks for your reply. I think those orders are not dispatched or still in delivery because I did not receive the mailing tracking number. However, they refused to cancel my orders, and they even blocked my email to stop further conversation with me. Their business methods are extremely impolite and unprofessional to the customer as they are renowned company in Ireland. I will try to check out the link that you gave me and I will let you know the result.

    • There are two Pandora outlet stores in Ontario, one at Cooktown and one at Niagara on the lake, 30% off for the recent retired item and 50 % for the previous retired item.

      • Michele, do you know where the Pandora store in Cookstown is located? Also, do you know when the 30% off for recent retired item and 50% for the previous retired item will end?

      • They have retired items all the time, I started collect my Pandora charms there. Cooktown one is in Ontario Hwy # 400 inside Targer Mall, exit # 79, very easy to find.

      • Thanks Michele for your information. I’m glad that I could be able to purchase the Pandora charms locally at Cooktown so that I do not need to purchase those charms from Republic of Jewels again. Republic of Jewels charges me with an expensive delivery charge and exchange rate, but in return they provide me poor customer service.

      • I start collect Pandora since March, I like it reasonable price and interchangeable for fun compare to Tiffany and Link of London. I only purchase discount retired item in Cooktown outlet and promotion period. Why not?

      • Is there a way to shop online at the outlet store for retired items?
        I live in mass- USA, thanks

  10. I’m in trouble now. LOL!!! 1 of my bracelets is in shades of blue. Have you heard anything about problems with the clasp closure on the new bangle? I went to the jewelry store here that carries Pandora because my S Clips kept falling off my bracelet & no longer made the click noise when closing the clasp. Glad I noticed each time one fell off. They adjusted the clips & so far so good. The clerk was wearing a bracelet that had the clasp on it she said it was the only other one she has seen problems with besides my s clips. The repair guy adjusted it like he did my s clips. I paid $110 for the Twinkling Night clips so if one of those fall off I won’t be happy.

    • Do you mean the Always in my Heart bangle, with the pavé clasp? I have heard from people who have found it hard to do up (I find it a bit tricky myself), but I’ve not heard of any problems with it undoing.
      However I have heard more than one person mention having problems with the S clips before; they seem susceptible to that problem :( I have never had a problem with any of my clips coming undone so far (and I have quite a few, although not the S clips), so I think the majority of them should be okay. My Twinkling Night clip has always been fine. The key is to check for the click as you say I think! :)

  11. Hi Ellie!
    It’s so exciting to read your news almost every day, or even twice a day! You’re so devoted on this thing and I really admire you for that!
    Well, apart from Christmas charms ( the cute Rudolf and the Red present will definately end up in my Christmas bracelet, along with a chr. tree- not sure yet which tree out of 3 to choose), I can’t say I found so many “temptations” in this collection! So much sparkle I would only allow on my Christmas bracelet, but they seem to promote it for every day’s bracelets! It’s not the first time they overdo it, but this time they’ve managed to make a highlight on bad taste with those Wrapped up charms!
    On the other hand, it’s good news, we see new designs in safety chains; hopefully it won’t be too long again before making some more!
    The Abundance of love charm is the one that stands out for me in this collection and I’ll be really happy-as already mentioned above- if the red facet turns out really red! I’ll wait to see everything in person before making up my mind!
    Thank you for this informative post, your comments and all your great work here!♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Haha, I don’t usually update every day but at the moment writing the blog is a very effective form of procrastination ;) and it’s always extra fun during the preview seasons! Glad you’re enjoying the regular updates anyhow!
      Yes, Pandora are really living up to their slogan of ‘make it pavé’ at the moment :/ I do like quite a few pieces from here, and I am not averse to the enamel detailing, but overall I find all the expensive sparkle a bit much. Lol, the openwork Wrapped Up charms don’t make any sense to me at all. What is the point of having a present that you can see into? :P
      I know, I was rather surprised and pleased to see not one, but two, safety chain designs out for Autumn Winter! :D I’d love it to be the start of a trend – I have four bracelets that need safety chains, haha. I also like the Abundance of Love in white – more than the pink version, potentially – but I don’t know how I’d use it!
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! It’s a pleasure! ♥♥

  12. Dare I say it I am a tiny bit disappointed but saying that there are still a few I like my favourite is the angel. The dog and the reindeer are quite cute the stocking I feel we have already seen as well as the presents. I also like the small murano said and the glass murano it looks a lot like the adventure murano which had stocking issues. I also like the safety chain.

    • Ah, at least there are still a few that you like! :) I also feel like there is a lot of repetition in their Christmas releases – but I guess they go with what is guaranteed to sell. The safety chain is my must-have from the collection and I expect the Reindeer at least will also come home with me! ;)

  13. As others have said I am a sucker for ribbons and bows so probably some of those will come home with me. I also like the snowflakes with blue accents; I find them wintery rather than Christmas-y and as much as I love Christmas and my 2 (yes, 2) Christmas-themed bracelets it’s nice to have something to wear after December.

    I find it very interesting that many of the comments I read here and on some of the Pandora Facebook pages are negative when it comes to the increased use of CZs. One would think that Pandora would not keep producing more if it was not popular. Perhaps that just means that those who are unhappy are more vocal than those that are happy. As I have said before I actually like sparkle in my daily life and therefore on my bracelets so I don’t mind more CZs.

    Keep up the great work, Ellie!

    • Bling bling is very popular in Asia market, ladies there buy Pandora as a affordable fashion jewelry. Pandora target Asia market now, there is no Black Friday there so that cancell the Black Friday charm.

    • I love bows too and they are so perfect for a Pandora Christmas collection, I think. Suitably festive but also wearable all year round! ^^ I’m very excited for the Bow safety chain; I can’t believe they are making two new safety chain designs after two years of nothing haha. I’m hoping that maybe this is the beginning of a trend, as I need another two new designs at least ;)

      I think you are exactly right in your analysis ^^ Pandora’s customer base has expanded rapidly in the last few years and obviously their new style must be selling – their profits are booming and they have never been more popular. The long-term customers who preferred the older style are obviously in a minority, dedicated and vocal as we/they are :( Pandora are a business and they will go with whatever sells best, while being affordable to produce.

      Thanks for commenting Chris! <3

  14. Love your posts. I know I say that a lot lol. Is there an olive green murano coming in either the Fall or Winter collection ? Would love to see a picture if you know anything about it. Thanks

    • Thanks Linda – and I appreciate it every time that you do, haha! <3 I know which murano you are talking about – it's faceted like the Fall 2015 Fascinating Blush, isn't it? I don't have a picture for it but I will keep an eye out for one :) I think it is meant to be an Autumn 2015 release.

  15. Those bow clips!!!!! ♥♥♥ I’m a sucker for bows so I think those clips will be at the top of my X-mas wishlist. :D

    • Yay! ♥♥♥ I love the bows too – the safety chain is my must-buy :D The bow clips would definitely suit the pieces you already have… they’d look lovely put with something like that gorgeous styling you had on the charcoal leather bracelet! <3

  16. I absolutely fell in love with the Christmas Puppy Charm! I will be getting him, the red present, the two toned angel, and the bow safety chain all for my Christmas bracelet!:) Overall I quite love the new Christmas collection, more so than the autumn collection. I love the sparkles!

    • Aw, he is rather cute! I’m hoping that he’s as adorable in person. :D Glad to hear that you like the sparkles, you’ve picked out some nice pieces! The bow safety chain will definitely be one of my first buys from this collection. :)

  17. I love the idea of the holly murano but will have to see it in person. In photos the colors look more autumn-ish, orange and brown. If it’s more red in person, I’ll want it for my Christmas bracelet. Definitely want Rudolph!

    • Yes, it’s hard to tell what the colours should be from these pictures – they are photos someone has taken of a catalogue so they might not be true to the original stock images. I’m hoping it’s more of a proper holly red!
      Rudolph is also on my list. So cute!

  18. I am truly getting disappointed with Pandora’s cheapening their line with the use of so many cubic zirconia’s in everything. I have a 14k gold bracelet and charms, everything they now produce no longer screws on, and have no real gem stones or diamonds. The sterling silver charms are laden with cubic zirconia’s as well. They add very little two-tone charms to the line any more. I feel like they have become like everyone else that produces charms now, and have lost their premium quality. I wish they would go back to the old way of designing or make it an even balance.

    • I do understand how you feel, and I especially feel for all of you gold collectors, as every single new 14kt gold charm seems to be full of cubic zirconia. Some of them are very pretty of course, but it seems to me like there should be more of a mix between the old style and the new. I guess they will go whether the profits are, however; it must be selling, even if long-term collectors are disappointed. :/

  19. Nancy, Atlantic City, New Jersey Targer Mall has Pandora outlet #609-344-0285, you can call them to find out how to order from them.

  20. Ellie do you plan on reviewing the blue or green facets ? I have the blue and was wondering how you felt about it. Also I was also interested in your thoughts of the Tropiciana and the Orchid charm if possible. I’m not even sure if you have them lol. Thanks.

    • Yes I am! I’m working on a review of the green and pink ones!
      I don’t have those two, but they are on my wish list! I really loved the Tropicana when I saw it in person – it’s simple and not that attention-grabbing from the stock image, but it is rather pretty when you see it on a bracelet – especially the new leathers! The Orchid is absolutely gorgeous imo, although it doesn’t match much with the rest of the collection. When I do get my paws on them, I’ll definitely review them for you!

  21. I’m making a blue themed bracelet and I was hoping that the winter collection will have nice ones to add to it.. but everything’s so shiny and sparkly :( I miss the old Pandora.

    if at all, I think I’ll be getting that Fascinating Blue Iridescence murano since I wasn’t able to get the retired Fascinating Aventurescent. But I have to personally see it first! :)

    Thank you for the updates Ellie!

    • I miss it a little too, although there are definitely pieces here that I like. I’d like to see more murano glass sets, like they used to do. There is the blue Iridescence as you say – I’m hoping that will be as pretty as the Aventurescent in person :)
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  22. I love your posts Ellie!! Like a lot of other ladies on here, Pandora is my favorite jewelry line and I love seeing the new items and getting the sneak peeks!! It’s more than just jewelry; it’s a hobby for me that I get to enjoy by wearing every day!!

    I am more impressed with the Winter collection than the Fall. Although I think the new glass rose colored murano and the angel wings go well together, they won’t go with anything I’m building. Hopefully I won’t see them in person and want to build a whole new bracelet!! I just got the heart clasp bracelet for my birthday and I’m going to build a Cinderella/icy blue bracelet with it. I’m thrilled to see a lot of the Winter charms will fit my theme nicely. I also love the new CZ barrel bracelet they are coming out with and I’m tempted to get it and use it instead of the heart clasp bracelet. I feel like the heart clasp doesn’t quite lay right and it’s harder to put on than my other bracelets for some reason. Does anyone else experience this problem?

    Speaking of Disney, any word if there are going to be new Disney charms coming out this Fall or Winter?

    • Thanks Jackie – it’s great to be able to find like-minded Pandora addicts, haha. It’s definitely a hobby for me too, especially with the blogging as well! ^^

      Yes, the new icy blues are perfect for all those new Cinderella themes people are building! <3 I like the CZ bracelet but I feel like I should resist the urge to get every single limited edition clasp they release, haha. I managed to resist last year's pavé star bangle, so I'll see if I can be good again this year. You are not alone in your issues with the heart-clasp bracelet – I wrote about it in my review of it here:
      The combination of a very stiff new bracelet and an awkward-shaped clasp makes it hard to do up. However, in the months since writing that review, my bracelet has actually relaxed and softened a lot. It's not so hard to do up and the clasp does lie flat either way round now. You just have to wear it in a little, which doesn't take too long :)

      There should definitely be some more Disney pieces for this season – however I don't have the specifics on them yet. Rumour has it that there will be some limited edition pieces for Christmas but no confirmation on that so far.

  23. I got one more heart clasp bracelet as a upgrade bracelet ( canadian $15 more during leather promotion now ). I wear 2 heart clasp bracelet together without any charm on it, it looks very nice. I like to wear simple and classic style.

  24. You can just wear silver, 14 k gold and the rose gold barrel clasp bracelets without any charm and see how it look. Cartier has a line with white, yellow and rose gold earring, ring and bracelet. I am collecting Pandora bracelet in order me to have the 3 gold style, I have silver and the rose gold barrel clasp after 2 promotions. The 14 k is Can $395 +13% tax! I don’t have the budget now, have to wait for the next spend $550 to get the free 14k one. We are already very lucky in Canada have all kind of the good promotion.

    • That sounds beautiful! Three-metal designs are definitely in vogue right now. :D I will definitely try mixing and matching some plain bracelets, especially as they’d look nice and light for summer!

  25. Oh! Cartier trinity line now I remember the name. Pandora is just so wonderful to allow me spend a fraction of the money to get a similar effect of the high end jewelry. I am a big fan now!

  26. I would love to get my hands on the LE bracelet. But I’m really trying to stop myself from buying more! I’m so addicted to it have 4 bracelets already in the span of 4months talk about addiction. I have 2 more coming but the Xmas bracelet is so pretty! Here in the Philippines we don’t get the promos that you guys have its a shame? this blog is so helpful.

    • Haha, I know the feeling! I have convinced myself right now that I don’t need another bracelet, limited edition or no, but just watch my resolution start to crumble as October approaches. ;) Four bracelets in four months is impressive – it’s always exciting when you are just starting out with your collection! ^^ We don’t get many promos in the UK either, but luckily there are lots of lovely ladies in the US/Canada who are prepared to help out :D

  27. I got 2 rose bracelet, 2 heart shape bracelet, 1 paved heart bangle and 1 double purple leather during 2 promotion since March. I like Pandora bracelet but not the charm, kind of different taste. Pandora bracelet is a good deal compare to other brand name ( Tiffany, Link of London ). I will get the winter paved barrel bracelet for sure.

  28. I can’t wait for the new facets to come out! I am keen to see the Winter blue in person. I was a bit disappointed with the blue released this Summer, it seemed quit dark and see through compared to the beautiful shades such as the pink, green and purple. Do you have any idea or any other photos of the new blue geometric facets ?

    • I quite liked the blue Summer 2015 Facets but the colour did seem a bit flatter than the others. I went for the green Facets from Summer as the colour is just so vibrant and beautiful in person. <3 I am publishing an updated look at the Winter 2015 collection soon, which will contain some clearer versions of the existing stock images and campaign shots that we have of the new blue Geometric Facets charm. It looks like quite a bright, light blue to me! :)

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