*UPDATED with more pics* Today’s post looks forward to the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection, with some sneak peeks of the upcoming charms! As has been typical of Pandora’s recent style, the collection offers numerous heart designs and a lot of sparkle. However, there are also a few classic silver designs, some rather lovely feather motifs and classic decorative pieces! The colour scheme for this collection is a delicate ‘blush pink’, which goes beautifully with the angel wing pieces.

pandora autumn winter 2015 sneak peek
Image courtesy of Raquel Lopez – please do not reproduce

These pictures are published with the very kind permission of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page (and a little extra editing from me), so please don’t reproduce these images without crediting them. :) There are still a few stock images missing from this selection, but these pictured give a great overview of the overall themes and feel of the Fall collection.

The collection is due for release on the 29th of August – all prices given are in USD.

Nature & Animals

Wings are a key motif for the Pandora Autumn 2015 release, and we have some beautiful silver designs! The Angelic Feathers offers a detailed plain silver design, and will retail for $50.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Priced at $60, the Angel Wings pendant was one of the most popular from the initial AW15 sneak peeks. It features some CZ pavé detailing and a delicate pink enamel core.

pandora autumn 2015

The Majestic Feather pendant offers a slightly simpler take on the feather concept, and is priced at $60.
pandora autumn fall 2015

The Majestic Feather pendant has an accompanying charm, which is rather similar to the existing Light as a Feather charm. It’s priced at $60.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The picture is a little blurry for this one, but the Feathered clip is possibly my favourite of the feather/wing charms. I love its simplicity and it reminds me of the Pandora’s original range of plain silver clips. It’s reasonably priced at $35.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Moving from feathers to the birds themselves, we have the Red Robin charm, priced at $55.  It’s cute in theory, but I’m not sure about its execution here.

pandora autumn fall 2015

However, the Majestic Swan I do love. The pavé detailing is used perfectly to accent the swan’s wings and the whole effect is very pretty and elegant. It’s a little pricier at $70, but this one is worth it I think. ;)

pandora autumn fall 2015

Now we have my favourite of the Autumn 2015 sneak peeks – the Forest Fairy, priced at $35. Offering a solid silver design and some whimsical detailing, this charm stands out for me from the rest of the collection.

pandora autumn 2015

The Dragonfly Meadow is an openwork design, featuring clusters of sparkling dragonflies picked out in pavé detail. This is one of my favourites of the charms unveiled here and I’m sure it will make its way into my collection come Autumn! ^^ It’s priced at $60 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Playful Pig seems to be this collection’s oddball offering (remember the Alligator pendant from Spring 2015?), but it’s rather cute nevertheless. It is $30.

pandora autumn 2015

To accompany the Playful Pig, we have also the Peaceful Panda, also priced at $30.

pandora autumn fall 2015


The Radiant Hearts and Radiant Splendour are two new statement pieces for the Autumn collection, featuring blush-pink crystals. I particularly like the vintage-look of the Radiant Hearts, with its large gem and cut-out heart detailing.

pandora autumn fall 2015

They are both priced at $80.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The notable thing about the Fascinating Blush is that it is not actually a murano glass charm – it’s actually made from blush-pink crystal. I’ve noted that Pandora seem to be moving away from their murano glass ranges; this seems to be a continuation of that trend, with faceted gemstones replacing their traditional glass offerings. It is priced at $50.

pandora autumn 2015

The Radiant Hearts will also be available in a deep purple:

pandora autumn fall 2015

In addition, there will be two new mini-faceted charms – in royal purple and blue! These are very similar to the existing Petite Facets, but are called Geometric Facets. They are priced at $50 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Timeless and Classic Elegance pendants are priced at $65 USD each:

pandora autumn fall 2015

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Forever PANDORA charm, retailing for $50, is another option for those who want to further represent their love of Pandora on their bracelet:

pandora autumn 2015

The 14kt gold Floral Brilliance is priced at $400 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Finally, there will be a new range of pavé spacers, each priced at $40.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Family, Love & Occasions

Pandora’s original Birthday Bloom birthstone set are now being replaced for Autumn 2015 by this Signature Heart collection, which features a range of natural and synthetic stones to represent each month of the year. They are priced at $55 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Hearts Tiara is rather reminiscent of the Disney Princess tiaras that were released earlier this year, and offers an intricate pavé design. It will retail for $45 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Birthday Wishes charm is priced at $50 USD.

pandora autumn 2015

This Love & Appreciation charm was one of my favourites of the Pandora Rose for Spring 2015, with its filigree detail and delicate pavé detailing – it now makes an appearance in 14kt gold! It’s a pricier option in $375.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Magnificent Heart pendant offers a rather pretty two-tone option and is priced at $120 USD. I absolutely love the heart itself, but the cubic zirconia on the bail detract from the design for me.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Lace Boutanique is similarly pretty and is priced at $150 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Majestic Heart is slightly reminiscent of Pandora’s ‘O’ logo, with its little 14kt gold crown. It’s priced at $90.

pandora autumn fall 2015

My favourite of this selection of love/family pieces is this beautifully-intricate two-tone piece. I already have a lot of hearts in my Pandora collection, but this charm is lovely. It is expensive, however, at $90.

pandora autumn fall 2015

In addition, we also have a two-tone heart clip, with the word ‘love’ written on it in 14kt gold. It will be $70.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The hearts continue with the Daughter’s Love charm, with features a sweet pink cubic zirconia heart. It will cost $50.

pandora autumn 2015

The Best Friends charm is very similar, but with a clear stone. It will retail for $50 also.

pandora autumn 2015

The You are so Loved charm is slightly cheaper at $35.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Finally, we have our first new safety chain design since Spring 2013 (excluding the North-American-exclusive Disney line)! The safety chain is another family-orientated one, with the words ‘Family’ and ‘Forever’ written on it. It’s priced at $40.

pandora autumn fall 2015

My Comment

I am not bowled over by this Autumn selection, but there are a couple of pieces that have definitely caught my eye. I absolutely love the sweet Forest Fairy charm, and the simple silver Feathered clip. Of the extensive range of pavé charms, the Dragonfly Meadow and Majestic Swan are just lovely, and I am not averse to the classic look of the Radiant Hearts charms.

In general terms, the wing/feather motif is a great choice for Autumn and I think they’d look great with the existing Light as a Feather set, which has always been one of my favourites. It’s great to see a new safety chain design too, even if its family theme doesn’t really apply to me! Briefly touching on the negative side, however, there is rather a heavy use of synthetic stones; I’d have liked to have seen a greater number of plain silver charms to counterbalance all the sparkle.

What do you think of these Autumn sneak peeks? Is anything going on your wish list?

86 Comments on Pandora Autumn 2015 Collection Sneak Peeks

  1. I love the blush murano. However I did notice its a bit more expensive than others in the past maybe because of the difference of what it is made of. I thought the spacers were actually the silicone stoppers that I saw in pictures lol. I believe that there were a few Christmas charms that were posted as well. Thanks for another great review.

    • Yes, I imagine that the crystal makes it more expensive. It looks like quite a pretty colour, but I already have so much pink in my collection haha. The Eternity spacers are identical to those silicone stoppers; they just don’t have the silicone. They obviously encountered production issues with the stoppers and have decided to release them as regular spacers for AW15. That’s my theory anyway! ;)
      Thanks for commenting Linda!

        • Yep, you’re right – I have listed them with the Winter 2015 collection in this post :)

      • I think the whole collection is just amazing, love the angel effects is the charms good job. The only thing I have never been to keen on are the animal charms but to each their own. Still a stunning collection, my mama is going to be happy when she gets a few of these.

        • Oh good, I’m glad you’re enthused! The angel motifs are sure to be popular, I think – the heart and the clip are particularly pretty I think. I have always been a fan of the animal charms, but I tend to go for the ones that are cuter rather than the more cartoon-y ones (like the pig pictured here). I’ve always loved the level of detail that goes into Pandora’s silver animal charms ^^

    • There are two new colours out with this collection (I have just added the pictures in) – although these are called the Geometric Facets. There will also be some more colours for Winter :)

  2. An Autumn sneak peak so soon!!! My dear Ellie you are a goddess!!! ♥
    I totally loved the Forest Fairy charm! I think it’s by far the cuttest of all fairytale-related charms and my first choice in this collection!
    I also liked the January’s Signature Heart, due to its red detail, although I was born in August! I think Pandora lacks red colour, especially in hearts, and they mainly use it in Christmas collections! Can’t understand why they’ve related pink colour to love; I always think of love in bright red!
    Thank you so much for this post! I’m so excited each time I receive your news! ♥♥♥

    • Aha, I’m pleased you’re pleased! The Forest Fairy is really adorable; I love that it’s plain silver, but still full of detail. I already have a full fairy-tale bracelet, but I will make room for this charm somewhere in my collection haha.
      I like the Signature Heart collection a lot, but I think I still prefer the original Birthstone Blooms – just! ;) It’s nice that you don’t have to use them to represent your birth month; they are pretty charms in their own right. I’m planning on getting the February Birthstone bloom soon, just because I really like the purple! ^^ I think you’re right that we need some more bright reds, though. There will be some for Christmas of course, but there isn’t much red that isn’t festive. It would be nice to see some more red for the next Valentine’s collection.
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! ♥♥

  3. I like the colour of the blush pink and deep purple, just not sure on the charms. I think I need to see them, to make my mind up. I’m interested to see what jewellery they bring out with this range. I love my pandora rings and would love to see the blush pink and deep purple on some rings.
    I have seen a charm I like in the winter collection, that would go with some of my Disney charms. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the charms and rings for that collection as well.
    Will you be posting pictures of all these soon? as I can’t access pandora’ angels page to see the pictures.
    I’m interested to see what Disney charms they release this time as well.

    • I really like the blush pink too, but I have so much pink in my collection that I feel guilty whenever I buy more, haha. There are some pretty rings and pendants, but they are more in a pavé style I think – I can’t remember seeing any blush pink in the rings but I will have to check :)
      Yes, I will be posting more pics in the next few days! :) Hopefully there will be some sneak peeks of what’s next for Disney as well soon.

  4. I absolutely love this collection, but mainly the feather/vintage themed charms. I love how detailed eg the swann is and I don’t like the cartoon-like simplicity of the pre-fall collection or pieces like the new panda and pig heads. happy to see new birth stone charms (I tend so sell them to custormers looking for zodiac moments charms) but I regret to notice that Pandora keeps using less natural precious stones and more crystal/CZ/synthetic stones, eg in the new Essence charms for next winter.

    • The feather and vintage-themed charms are definitely what catch my eye most too, along with the Swan and the Fairy, although I do have quite a weakness for the cuter charms too. I wouldn’t buy the Pig or the Panda, but I do think they’re quite fun!
      I am also saddened to see the lack of natural stones. I’d prefer a less valuable stone to synthetic ruby or sapphire etc. However I don’t think at this stage that we are going to see any change in that tactic, as I imagine it’s more profitable. :(

  5. I love the collection it’s a shame the safety chain says family forever on, I love all the feather piece I love I piggy charm.

  6. Thanks for the pictures! I agree with you about not being bowled over by this collection but I’m happy as my wish list has been growing so long recently so it’s nice to have a pause. I like the dragonfly meadow one and I’ve seen a picture of a dull green cut glassine elsewhere which I think would look nice in a forest themed bracelet. I think the collection looks too blingy and a bit tacky overall though. I’d like to see some more plain silver charms with pretty designs. I’m pleased we have another dragonfly option other than the very expensive two tone one (on my wish list!). I would like an openwork cut out dragonfly too, to go along with the butterfly one.
    Thanks for another excellent post.

    • I agree; there are enough pieces that I like from this collection to keep me going, but overall it doesn’t wow me. I’d like to see a more even balance of plain silver and pavé. The Forest Fairy is lovely and proves that they still know how to create beautiful, solid silver designs – it would be great to see more of that! ^^ Cut-out dragonflies would be gorgeous. Maybe we’ll some more of them for next Spring (as far away as that seems!).
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  7. Oh my this collection is heavenly, pun intended. Wallet is groaning as we speak. Love, love the the fairy, dragonfly and robin. The purple radiant hearts looks luscious enough to eat. On the other hand way too many heart variations, no new muranos and a big thumbs down to the “fake” gems. Just started financially breathing from the summer spend and now this collection of awesomness. Need to get a job lol

    • Aha, nice pun ;) Your thoughts are very similar to mine; the Fairy, Dragonfly and the feathers/Swan get a thumbs up from me, but I find all the hearts rather repetitive. The lack of natural stones is rather sad, but I think we will have to go hunting for retired charms if we want those in the future. :( Glad to hear that you’re enthusiastic overall though, haha!

  8. I think I’m skipping the leather bracelet promo to save up for the two tone locked heart and the radiant hearts in blush :’) it seems like Pandora’s getting more and more expensive XD

    • Aha, I’m also being good and skipping the leather promo – but mainly as I want a Pandora Rose charm when they come out here in the UK this month ^^ The two-tone Locked Hearts is really beautiful – if I didn’t already have the Vintage Heart, I’m sure it would be on my wish list!
      Pandora is definitely getting more expensive, haha. We need more plain silver :P

  9. I’m loving the Angelic feathers, dragonfly meadow, geometric facets, the signature hearts are definitely on my list! Pandora is destroying my wishlist with all of these new collections! Thank you so much for keeping us updated! <3

    • Oh good, that’s a decent-sized wish list! ^^ The Dragonfly Meadow is also on my wish list and I’m looking forward to seeing the Geometric Facets in person too. You’re welcome, thank you for commenting! <3

  10. im really looking forward to the Signature Heart birth stones. I have the previous one :). Do u have any idea why some of the stones are natural and synthetic? Luckily garnet isn’t synthetic.

    • I imagine that it’s to do with cost – the synthetic stones are probably used where the genuine ones would be too expensive – i.e. they will use natural garnet, but synthetic ruby. I like the Signature Hearts too, although I’m rather fond of the original Birthstone Bloom line as well! :)

    • No, the Eternity spacers do not have the silicone inserts, from what I understand.
      The spacers that the FB pages are referring to are a very similar range that were due out for Spring/Summer 2015 – they had silicone inserts in them and were designed to be used on bangles/leather bracelets. However they never made it out, and I imagine there were quality control issues with the silicone. Consequently what I think has happened is that Pandora has chosen to release them for AW15 without the inserts :)

      • Thanks for your response. That’s a shame…I was hoping Pandora would come out with its own stopper beads to keep charms from sliding around bangles and leathers. I guess I will have to keep buying stoppers from Amazon!

        • I would really like some silver silicone stoppers as well! They’d be so useful on the bangles; the clip inserts are good but I’d like an option that’s a little less bulky too.

  11. Again, I’m not captivated by this collection but the swan does look exquisite and totally reminds me of Swarovski. The pig made me laugh. The panda charm is a little fierce looking but would be perfect for people to get in countries with pandas. SG should consider placing the charm in the Roger Safari where it showcases the Jia Jia and Kai Kai pandas, food and merchandise included in the park.

    • The Swan is beautiful and I was also struck by how very similar it is to Swarovski! That’s definitely one that I want to see in person. :)
      That’s a great idea with the Panda! I’m sure that the other safari charms would do really well there too. Unfortunately they are rather exclusive these days about where and how they sell the brand :/

      • Yes I totally agree with you, Ellie. Actually, to be honest, I would rather they be exclusive. Say for instance the Disney collection, if they’re easily available worldwide, it loses the thrill of owning them.

        • Haha, I agree that exclusivity is important to maintaining the brand name – but I would love to see Disney available for everybody! It would be nice if each country had their own special collections; that way everyone has something special and exclusivity is maintained ^^

  12. Some pieces are wonderful. Others reflect the trend of ‘make it pavè’ that i’m not a fan of!!! I’ve seen images of a lime green muranos (or crystal)….it goes with this collection or with winter one?

    • I agree; I really like the silvers that are here, but ideally there would be more of them! I imagine the Fascinating green bead will be an Autumn release but the stock image for that one hasn’t been released yet :) I suspect that there are a few stock images to come out yet for these collections!

  13. The pig is adorable, but I wouldn’t want to look at it on a bracelet all day long. It may work for a young girl’s bracelet. The only charm I’ll be taking from this batch is the mushroom fairy. I think the Pandora designers should be tossing away their bejewel kits now. It’s just too much.

    My local shop-in-shop owner was at the Vegas peek show, and when I went in yesterday to get my club charm, she told me the collection is stunning and I’ll love it. I don’t think I will, but she knows what I like, so maybe there are things coming out that we haven’t seen yet, maybe more classic silver charms. I hope so.

    • Ha! Lola, I just said they need to have their Bedazzled machines taken away in another post. I totally agree with you. I’m guessing this is so they can charge more for a charm, but I really appreciate a well designed silver charm much more.

      • Bedazzled! That’s it. I was thumping my head trying to remember the word. Lol. Awful stuff. And the trouble is, too many of the tiny stones are falling out and women have no recourse; they’re stuck with holey charms. The workmanship on these charms just isn’t there. Maybe they need a new brand of jewellery adhesive.

    • I agree; the Forest Fairy is beautiful, and shows that they can still produce the goods when it comes to classic silver pieces, but there just aren’t enough of them. A healthier mix would be much appreciated!

      However that comment from your store owner is encouraging :) often these collections look much better in person than they do in the first pre-release images – and I suspect that there are more stock images to come. Fingers crossed for more classic silver, anyhow!

  14. There’s a lot that I like from this collection, beginning with the Angelic Feathers. I like the fairy, swan and dragonfly for my oxidized bracelet, and also really like the panda and the family heritage charms. There isn’t a lot here that I DON’T like. I do wish they would have continued last year’s evening floral line. I was really hoping to see a few more pieces from it for this year to expand on my collection. I’d also like to see Pandora slow down a bit with all the hearts. There are a LOT of them in this release. I’d like to see them add an award of some sort. A blue ribbon, or a medal charm to mark an achievement. When I was looking for something like this last month, I ended up purchasing a retired spacer with red stones to mark a hard one second place finish. I see there are new spacers out that I could use in the future, but a ribbon would be nice. All in all it’s a nice release, and probably my favorite this year.

    • Your picks are very similar to mine – and, on the plus side, I think the Fairy, Swan and Dragonfly would all work really well with the Mystic Floral line from last year’s autumn collection. They have that lovely edgy fairy-tale quality to them.
      I agree with you about the heart designs! I still love the more original hearts – such as the Angelic Feathers charm from this collection, or the Floral Heart Padlock from last year – but the more basic hearts are a little repetitive to me, pretty and nicely-designed as they are. :) Anyhow, I’m glad that you’re enthused for this release overall – there are some lovely pieces here I think!

  15. Just when I am still struggling with my Spring wish list, here comes sneak peaks of Autumn. Oh Ellie, I am running to catch up with you. *pants…. I adore this collection and imagine myself wondering which to get first. I love hearts, in anything, I like the intricate locked hearts charm, the signature hearts (getting the purple although I am a December girl), the family ties safety chain, dragonfly meadow and radiant hearts in purple. I am tempted to get the dark purple petite facet charm too, to wear on the necklace. Oh dear…. I can hear the wallet groaning.

    • Aha, I’m sorry Ariane! At least you have a few months to plan out what you’re going to get ;) I’m pleased that there’s so much that you like; this collection is rather perfect for you if you like hearts! The purple facets would look great on a necklace too, I like that idea.

      • I wish there is a purple flower clip for next Spring collection. Oops, I am running beyond myself. I love the white Daisy clip that I have but hoping for a purple one so that it looks more harmonious with the purples in that section.

    • I know what you mean about running to catch up, after waiting a week for the June 4, 2015 Thursday start of the Leather Bracelet Promotion I came home from my local Pandora Shop with all my beautiful new Summer 2015 charms and bracelets, logged on my laptop to update my Wish List (I was so proud to only have four charms left on the list) checked my E-Mail and BANG wish list is now right back up there. There are several in the Autumn and Winter Collection I would love but like others have said there are many I will have to wait and see in person before I decide. Thank you for all the great updates.

      • Aha, it never ends does it? Glad to hear that there are pieces that you like from both collections! And you’re welcome – it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying them :)

      • Looking forward to reading your preview. Your posts are the best. In a recent survey carried out my Pandora Mall of America, I was asked for my favourite blogger and I indicated your site straight away. Thank you for all the hard work. I used to run a nail polish blog and it really is a lot of work trying to take good pictures, editing them and then writing the blogpost, amidst life. So, a big Thank You. Really appreciate your work and enabling. :)

        • Wow thank you so much Ariane! :D It is a little hard keeping up with it sometimes, but it is a labour of love and so rewarding, especially when I read lovely comments such as this one. <3 Thanks again! On a side note, how fun that you ran a nail polish blog – I get quite into collecting my nail polishes too! ^^

  16. Funny, I am really on the fence about this release. I do love dragonflies though, so in all likelihood I will get that one. I am quite impressed by the look of the two-tone charms although I am not sure that will translate into ownership. Maybe more will grow on me. Eek! I hope not.

    I recently started collecting the long-retired animal charms from Pandora’s early days. I was very surprised to see a new version of the old Piggy head charm! That really has me scratching my head.

    • I am also ambivalent towards what we’ve seen so far. I have charms that I really like (the Fairy, the Dragonflies, the Swan etc) but overall it doesn’t really wow me. Perhaps it’s a grower, as you say!
      Yes, the Playful Pig is a slightly oddball inclusion I think! On the plus side, I always found the original pig head a little creepy and this one is a bit cuter ;)

  17. Hey Ellie!
    I love that Forest Fairy and it’s so nice to see that it’s quite affordable. I’m really diggin’ the Signature Hearts too even though I usually don’t like birthstone charms and I already have too many heart charms, LOL… It’s never enough! The two-tone Locked Hearts was the first thing that caught my eye when I first looked through the autumn collection, but I think I’ll pass since it’s too pricey for me.
    – TIa

    • Hi Tia! The Fairy is beautiful and probably the piece I’m most excited for ^^ The Signature Hearts are also very pretty, but I probably prefer the classic Birthstone charms – I’m considering getting my stone (September) in the UK sales :) I like that the originals have natural stones, too! I thought exactly the same about the Locked Hearts; it’s lovely but I just couldn’t justify it, especially as I already own the two-tone Vintage Heart ^^
      Thanks for commenting! <3

      • Vintage heart is puffy heart style, I like it more than the two side flat heart style that why I returned the mother day always in my heart.

  18. My must have picks are swan, forest fairy, and angel wings pendant. I’m kind of glad there isn’t too much I want. I agree with the others, kind of an overload on the hearts and I love hearts!

    • I know what you mean – sometimes it’s a relief to have a more manageable wish list! The Swan and the Fairy are also on mine. And yes, I have enough heart charms from Pandora to last me a lifetime, haha.

  19. It’s too bad that the picture of the feathered clip is so blurry. I love birds, and I desperately need another clip on my bracelet (I just have the stardom clip and Pandora retired the Showered with Love clip before I could get it) so it might be the perfect clip for me. I also like the angelic feathers charm, but I love bird, heart & star motifs, so it’s kind of inevitable : ) But I feel that there’s also too much sparkle in this collection & not enough plain silver charms to provide a break.

    • Yes, I’d love to see a clearer picture of it too! It really reminds me of some of Pandora’s classic silver pieces – I’m sure it will be lovely. :)
      On the plus side, I don’t think this is all of what’s coming – and my fingers are crossed for some more plain silver pieces. The plain silver that’s there is rather lovely, so it’s a little sad that there isn’t more of it!

  20. I don’t really like the autumn/winter 2015 collection… Well, I guess this collection is okay, but I will not buy anything. I just like the feathered clip, and maybe the peaceful panda.

    I am planning on buying the spring 2015 pink petite facet, the summer 2015 green petite facet, and maybe the tropicana bead and the curious cat. So I guess I’m lucky that I don’t like the autumn/winter 2015 collection ! x)

    When I’ll do an another bracelet, I think that I’ll buy the feathered clip *-*

    • The collections as a whole don’t appeal to me so much, but there are individual pieces that I really like from both. Which is probably the ideal scenario – I remember that there was so much from Spring 2013 that I wanted, I just couldn’t keep up haha!
      Sounds like you have lots to keep you occupied from Summer and Autumn :) I have just got the pink and the green Petite Facets myself actually (a review is upcoming) and they are just lovely – like little jewels in person. I’d definitely recommend them!
      The Feathered clip has really caught my eye too! I love feather motifs and it also reminds me rather nicely of Pandora’s classic range of plain silver clips :)

  21. I am sad to say but… I don’t like anything from this collection. Anything at all. :( I was so looking forward to these sneek peaks, I tried to like the collection, but I just hate all of these charms. :( I hope I’d like something in person when it comes out.

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. :( It’s so disappointing when new pictures come out and there’s nothing at all for you. Hopefully something will grab your eye in person (they often look much better than in the stock image) – or perhaps there will be something that we haven’t seen yet for you! :)

  22. This collection is very Thai look especially those heart and two toned. I got one pair heart shape stud earring and one necklace with big heart pendant in real gold not 14k or plated look exactly like this collection.

    • I had to scroll up to see what you meant by “very Thai look”. I am a Thai and I couldn’t pick that up at first. Now that you mentioned, it’s perhaps due to the slight filigree design?

      • I got one big heart shape pendent with necklace set and one pair of heart shape stud earring when I visited Bangkok. They are made with real solid gold and very beautful. I really like the delicate design. My sister got her wedding sets from Bangkok too, we like the real gold jewelry in Thailand. Pandora copy the design but use 14k gold and charge high price, I would rather buy real gold there. Pandora should keep more Danish design and has original their own.

  23. Hi Ellie,

    I know this is a bit delayed, but I noticed you said the birthstone hearts are going to replace the blooms; are they going to retire the blooms in the near future or will both collections be an option? I was just wondering if you knew for sure. Thanks! :)

    • Hi Kristen, I think that they will be retiring the original Birthday Blooms unfortunately. They are all in the UK summer sale at 50% off, which indicates they will be retiring here soon at least. I expect other regions will be following suit shortly. If I hear more I will let you know! :)

  24. Hi Ellie!

    the two tone locked hearts is beautiful :) is it gold on the back side too? or just the front? thinking of getting that with the free charm promo come September..


    • Hi! :D It is rather beautiful – the delicate detailing is lovely. If I didn’t already have the Vintage Heart, I’d be very tempted! I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s double-sided. If you look closely at the stock image, it looks to me like you can see a second gold heart through the gaps in the first:

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